First name: Kennedy
Last name: Keith
Age: 53
Location: kentucky
Report: Kennedy, asked me for money to pay a lawyer. I didn't send.
First name: David
Last name: Scott
Age: 42
Location: Nigeria
On websites:,, Chemistry,Eharmony,
Report: David Scott, a Nigerian scammer is tenacious and patient. He presents himself as a widower, whose wife died in car crash, one daughter, no other family. Supposedly lives in Alexandria Va. Won large contract with Shell Petroleum, traveled to Dubai to buy equipment, then on to England to build a refinery. Has small construction company called Scotley Engineering (no such company)Professes undying eternal love in under 3 months. Wants to relocate home from Virginia to my hometown. Daughter needs a mother. Had one affair with woman who he eventually dumped because she had sex with his so-called best friend. Experienced identity theft in his life, but person was eventually arrested. Gets deathly ill in London. Has to go to hospital for treatment. Gets antibiotic called Fandisar, (which I found out is banned in Uk since 2008, and is for Malaria). Doesn't have enough money to pay hospital for treatment. Asks me to send money via Western Union. Gets upset when I decline to do that. Gets verbally abusive and does not understand why I won't send money if we are destined to be together forever. He has been scamming since 2005.
First name: James
Last name: Thornberry
Age: 51
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Address: Will not give me address over there he gives me address here in the states
Phone: says he does not have a phone number
On websites: Match.Com, Plenty of fish, BBPeopleMeet
Report: I have photos, emails, chat conversations from yahoo, IPS addresses, a love affair for 8 months so he thinks, I just have not sent him any money but he asks for it every week. I have text messages too.
First name: Robert
Last name: Wood
Age: 55
Location: Ghana
Phone: 233-543282625
On websites: hotmail, yahoo, Badoo for dating
Report: I have photos, address, & conversations where he has ask me for all amounts of money. DECLARES HIS FAITHFUL LOVE FOR ME, LOL
First name: John
Last name: Donald
Age: 51
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
On websites: Hotmail Windows Live Messenger
Report: Gyspy Sarah Rose says: ok i think you are busy, so i'm going back to yahoo messenger says: helle am hereok Gyspy Sarah Rose says: ok I finally got this thing to pop out says: ok you are from where Gyspy Sarah Rose says: Tennessee You should know you contacted me says: how old are you Gyspy Sarah Rose says: Why did you not do your homework? How old are you? says: 51 Gyspy Sarah Rose says: I'm old enough to know better if you are under 21 says: and you Gyspy Sarah Rose says: 56 Go back to Badoo & click on my profile says: am not there again i have deleted my self there ok Gyspy Sarah Rose says: You don't have to have a profile to go look says: can you tell me how old are you Gyspy Sarah Rose says: Just don't want you to be talking to someone that you do not know I did 6 sentences above 56 I'm 5 yrs. older than you, ok says: yes but age is a number ok love is the best ok Gyspy Sarah Rose says: What name were you under because I do not see you on my list of friends says: john Gyspy Sarah Rose says: Is it john donald or donald john? says: john donald Gyspy Sarah Rose says: Where do you live? says: and you Gyspy Sarah Rose says: Gyspy Rose Wallace says: texas Gyspy Sarah Rose says: Gyspy Sarah Rose (Wallace) is a maiden name What part of Texas did you hang up says: carrollton ok Gyspy Sarah Rose says: ok never heard of it What is it next too? Are you a cattle rancherman says: you are from where Gyspy Sarah Rose says: Tennesse Hills, Tn got mapquest look it up 7 I'm about to do with your city Ever been to Tennessee Mountain country Do you always think this slow? or are you chatting with 5 women? says: why are you talking like this Gyspy Sarah Rose says: I'm just trying to fine out something about you says: what Gyspy Sarah Rose says: I'm not here to waste anybody's time but hey man I don't have all night Can't you see what i've asked? It is just simple questions says: how long have you be in dating site Gyspy Sarah Rose says: I just know there are some guys that pick a bunch of people to talk with all at the same time, & I will come back later when you have time for me, ok I've been single for 9 yrs. why? says: please you can go if you want to go ok Gyspy Sarah Rose says: I just don't understand why it's taking you so long to answer, that's all says: what Gyspy Sarah Rose says: I know it's not your fault I have the older verson of messenger I like attention that's all I'm worth it tooo Can't take the heat baby says: i need love ok Gyspy Sarah Rose says: I need love too you got some to send me says: can you give to me Gyspy Sarah Rose says: love yes Honey I have another friend over there too that's how I know where you are ok if that is how you want to be, then you don't need my love nor my money says: you will be telling lie ok Gyspy Sarah Rose says: I will be telling a lie, please explain yourself I have several friends over there What do you mean? Why would I lie to you or anyone else? says: please go i dont want you ok Gyspy Sarah Rose says: Now you are hurting my feelings I have only been honest with you That is what you said you wanted was a honest woman says: can you send me 60 dollars for my calling card if you love me Gyspy Sarah Rose says: yes where do i need to send it? says: i dont want your money ok you a NIGERIA scamm ok Gyspy Sarah Rose says: Good I was not going to send it anyway, ytou are not from Texas are you? says: thay are many here Gyspy Sarah Rose says: That's ok you were reported 10 minutes ago says: i no them NIGERIA scamm Gyspy Sarah Rose says: Why do you think I kept you online???? says: i dont want your money ok Gyspy Sarah Rose says: You have still been reported says: to who Gyspy Sarah Rose says: Yahoo, Romance Scam
Last name: MORGAN
Age: 45
Location: California - Holland - Turkey
Phone: 00316861119528 (Holland) +905488766873 (Turkey)
On websites:
Report: Dating scammer....making wemen to love him and steels there money afterwards. American pasport.
First name: John b.
Last name: Mason
Aka: John b. Mason
Age: 47
Location: Nigeria/ USA
Address: Nigeria
Phone: +214-815-342-0976
On websites: /
Report: He say that he is from the USA and he is in the army and he is staying in Nigeria . He ask for 400.00 and I sent it to him. And he said that he need it for foods and now today he is asking for 1700.00 to come to the USA. But I thought he was in the army and the 1700.00 is for a benefits claims form. He said that the army own him 22000.00 and he want me to have it. So we could get marriage.
First name: floyd
Last name: Humphrey
Aka: william brad scott campbell
Age: 58
Location: kuala lumpur malaysia 47100 or .Los Angeles California 90001
Address: 7412 maire st.Los Angeles California 90001
Phone: 011-601-36325547 or 253-274037
On websites: face book ,
First name: larry
Last name: chesky
Aka: larry
Age: 46
Location: united kingdom
Phone: +447045746731
On websites:
Report: stupid person same tactic use there pic..
First name: Harry
Last name: Colman
Age: 44
Location: UK
Report: he is scammer .. he try to playing the game with me.. and ask me to send money for help when he had been arrested in Malaysia
First name: Majeed
Last name: Mahama
Aka: Time Tells
Age: 38
Location: Leeds, UK and Accra, Ghana
Address: Ghana, Africa
On websites: facebook, yahoo messenger
Report: He travels for work in construction. Falls in love but does not commit to share any personal information and is very evasive about where he lives. Promises to marry or come to you, but doesn't and asked for large sums of money. I've lost all my savings.
First name: Peter
Last name: Philips
Age: 45
Location: Fleming Island, FL
Phone: 904-410-1127, 447-440-365129
On websites: and
Report: Tried to become very romantically attracted to me extremely quickly.. Then 2 weeks later asked for money. I felt it was a scam from the beginning.. Did mess back with him, was given this western union address if it will help.. Uk London, Manchester, M13 OXT... Claiming to be in England for work and spent all his work money.. He is bald headed, wearing a cross, claiming wife died in wreck 8 years ago, and has 12 yr old son Anthony...
First name: Ferdinand
Last name: Randy
Aka: Adie Basil, Philip Moore,
Age: unknown
Location: Malaysia
Phone: 60122144923
On websites:
Report: Internet dating scam. He contact me via My space in the middle of March 2011. He told me work as a plastic surgeon of American Red Cross Society in Baghdad. During his working in Baghdad, he received 4million USD from the relations of Saddam Hussien for the reward of saving them. Then he will relocate to Japan after termination with Red Cross, then marry me and open the clinic using that money. So he asked me to pay his luggage's tax hiding money inside, but he told me later had to stop in Malaysia on the way to Japan for Malaysian Custom's insisting. Request for sending money for these kinds of reasons, total three times. I paid USD20000 for him. Since found he is scammer, have reported Malaysian Police right away, and have stopped to communicate with them since then. However, they seems reactivated in the Facebook in July 2011.
First name: david
Last name: frank
Age: 39
Location: UK
On websites:
Report: he sent me email last month (june) and said that he wanted to know me more. We started chat 2 weeks after... But he couldnt spell english very well so i asked if he was lie. He said he gt trouble typing fast when chatting... I try to trust and asked him for video cam. And ya,, he is real on cam. He also call my mbile number 2 times. We chat continuosly for 2 weeks,, then he said he will go to new zealand for business trip. When it should be he is in NZ,, we chat again,, but he made mistake,, and i know that he was lie,,, he still in europe never go to NZ. He said he works at Daewoo company in manchester. When i asked if he really in NZ or not he gt angry and said that its not good thing that I didnt trust him, its not good for our relationship. Then I sent him fake email using my 2nd email. I pretend as other girl. And then I gt replied... He sent me same email for both email address.. I sent both email with diffrent question, but he gave me same answer and he wrote good english in email than he did in chatting. Thats all the mistake I found on him. I dont want to give more attention to him.
First name: robert
Last name: Baer
Age: 42
Location: jacksonville fl
Report: met on, requested money, 3 weeks into for daughter in boarding school wanting to transfer funds via moneygram or western union. have not talked on phone, still have only IM, IP address checks out to Nigeria. Civil Engineer. Has professed is love for me and have never meet.
First name: Khalid
Last name: Amzat
Age: ??
Location: Nigeria
Phone: +2348136594060
Report: steals all your money and never delivers your products. stay away from him
First name: Alex
Last name: Marcus
Age: 64
Location: Pakistan
Report: said he got my name from a dating site, said he works for N.A.T.O in Pakistan in the army and concerned with finding out about drugs and crime, would like to know if this is a bona fidi person, would like your help as I have no one else to ask for help, said he was born in Sydney Australia, on the 1-10-1946, then at 10 years old he went to Canada with his mother to live, also said his wife died 15 years ago, hope you can help me, thank you
First name: Ricardo Dante
Last name: Albertini
Aka: Festus Edike (Italian Name---with Photo's
Age: 48
Location: Beni, Nigeria
Address: Living in A Hotel (several
Phone: unknown----He did Call Me Several Times From Va. & Nigeria...
On websites: is Now on (BeNaughty)as-hezafireman)...& on ?....
Report: I Sent Him Some Money, I hear 1 Lady Sent $3,000.(Her Saving)..Another Lady is still Chatting with Him in Burlington, VA.>>online at (merrycruis17)using Yahoo Messengar..He Will Not Chat With Me !
First name: Bradley/Gregory
Last name: Satchfield
Age: 50
Location: Irvine, CA and Ibadan, Nigeria
Phone: 0112348160788334
On websites: various dating websites
Report: This man operates under two names. All of his info isn't adding up. Claims to be Native American but his accent is African. He's really freaking me out.
First name: keo
Last name: orris
Age: 43
Location: manchester, UK
Phone: 011447045765413
On websites: yahoo
Report: met this man six+ months ago,on a dating site he sell me the story that he went to the UK to work and that he ran out of money, i did sent him 500 us dollars after which he sent be a bogus itinerary from Britis Airways, that was months ago, he later give no reasons exactly why he did not get on that supposing flight, but only that he needs more money, for some reason i kept in touch with him had he fastly become apart of my everyday life, and you would believe he to now would tell me that i am his soon to be wife, in the feb of 2011 i sent him a waping 1000 us dollars ,, of which he claim he was using to pay up some bills and although he supposingly went to the airport, that feb, feb 23, 2011 he called me later that day to say he was detained at the airport for bring me back a pricey object, thus took another 4 more months for his visa and passport to be returned to him. His latest quest is that he need a plane ticket and BTA leave the UK and insisted that i help with this process in the simply fact that he is coming back for us to have a wonderful live together,,, this needless to say has spark alot of arguements between us on the online chat and on the phone has i have called him out to be a con man and a scammer, if which his argueing to me is how could me the woman he will have had wife see him that way,, please i have taken this has a hard lesson learned and would like to see him posted had a scammer as i no doubt thinks he is.. He have one hard-luck story after the other and one mishap after the other has to what is why he cannot leave the UK, when he is not hungry, he is sick and needs medicine, so much stories
First name: Steve
Last name: Perry
Age: 57
Location: Accra,Ghana
Address: Kojo Beedu Post Office, Winniba, Ghana
Phone: 233541363785
Email: steveforever44@YAHOO.COM; STEVEFOREVE44@GMAIL.COM
On websites: MATCH.COM
Report: He has received over $16,000, promised to marry me, sways that he is investing in the oil wells in Ghana, is a jeweler wo is buying propery to mine the minerals. He says that he has a daughter named Sarah. He asked for clothes and a laptop as well. I gave him money to get back to the states. I waited at the airport until 1:30 am. He also wrote a check that I cahsed for him for $9,250, which bounced. I am now paying back a total of $16,250 because of him. He is a low life scum. I can supply pictures that he emailed me as well.
First name: David
Last name: Haller
Aka: 52
Age: 52
Location: USA Moody Dr ,alabama
Address: 661 Ashley Dr Moody,AL 35004 USA
On websites: girldateforfree
Report: this guy he work in Iraq bagdad his name is Captain David Haller I.D A 07891 E US Military Base Iraq Bagdad i know him on the girldateforfree about 1month and he send the retired document to show me he want see me that he ask me to send money to help him pay for shipping his artwork in nigeria he very good talking make me fall in love with him.and want to see him i have been send money to help him a lot about 10,000ponds i look very stupid i know i can't tell any friend about i send money to help him.i have been chat to about 3 months now.Now he not contact to me because he go to airport to booking the flight to uk.i think he lie it pleause help to find he is scammer i want to know who on his picture he send it to me.and i want to send this picture to you.
First name: Cole
Last name: Taylor
Aka: Coletay
Age: 41
Location: Belfast, UK but work assigned in Nigeria
Email: coletay022
On websites:
Report: We have meet in a site. After that we get committed and Make promises that he will come to see me. He said he is from Oklahoma and currently working in UK. After one week in chatting told me he assign to work in Nigeria. He works as a geologist and a widower. He has seven years old daughter name Rosemary. I am just so stupid i believe him and given my love and trust. But when he ask me money because his daughter had an accident and he is pressuring thats the only time I suspect he is a scammer.
First name: James
Last name: Reik
Aka: DJJazz
Age: 47
Location: Eureka, CA
Phone: 1-707-441-1778
On websites: Yahoo, various dating sites
Report: He tells a sob story about his Mother dying and leaving him with all the funeral expenses. After he gets you to feel sorry for him, he borrows money for car repairs and/or food with the promise he will repay it within a few days. Then he disapears and does not answer his phone or respond to any of his emails. If and when you are ever fortunate to get in touch with him, he will make excuses about his finances; i.e., medical bills, etc. He lives off of his friends until they grow tired of him and then he moves on to the next. He is a liar and a looser!
First name: Justin
Last name: Michael
Age: says 55
Location: Sacramento, California
Phone: 1-916-554-8169 also 011-447-024-071739
Email: Welcome123@PlentyofFish also
On websites: Plenty of Fish & Yahoo
Report: This guy approaches you with words of finding love and then a trip to London to collect a debt for his deceased father..then yeah it's being transferred and oops I need $2000.00 to finish the deal will you help me please honey?? I have all the emails and a bogus transfer slip.
First name: henry
Last name: eric
Aka: david flesher
Age: 45
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Address: 162 Balgreen Road Edinburgh, Scotland
Phone: 447031846288
Email: or
On websites:
Report: I met this man Henry Eric on an online dating website, He told me he was from Edinburg, Scotland. He said he was 45 years of age and worked for British and Australian airways and had his PhD in aviation engineering. He said he studied at Oxford University for his graduate degree and graduating for a college in Canada for his doctrine. He said that is were he met his prior wife who died in a car accident 4 years ago. He told me he had a son who was 6 years old named flesher. After weeks of talking he professed his love for me and wanted to meet me. We had video chatted several times and I really thought he was legit. He then told me he wanted to come and visit me in the US but he had to go to Australia to work for a few days before he could come. He proceeded to tell me he was sending his luggage ahead of time so it would be there for his arrival. He said he had a gift for my child and later on told me he had 50k in USD in the suitcase. He gives me a website that i could track his parcel. If you click on tracking then enter username:nancy password:nancy you will see where it looks legit. I then receive and email from and agent at all time courier saying I owe 2654.00 in charges before they can send it. Well of course I do not have this kind of money so I sent half. Then he begs me to pay for the rest so I do. Then after all of this the
First name: Peter
Last name: Judd
Age: 55
Location: England, Australia
On websites:
Report: takes a few months to build trust, love, etc... then hits you up for money. He used this name of Peter Judd, used someone elses photos and copy and pasted letters from all kinds of romance and scam letter sites.
First name: Clement
Last name: Andrade
Age: 52
Location: Chilton, WI
Email: pedro
Report: Came from dating site. Widower. one son, said was in import/export business. Asking for money even though was supposedly wealthy.
First name: mark
Last name: Rivers
Age: 46
Location: Says California on profile but is from Forth Worth Texas
Phone: 214-628-3239
On websites: Military pen came from other site as well unknown
Report: Says he is a structural engineer and waits about 2 months and then says he is going overseas Malaysia. After being there supposedly for 5 weeks sends a glorious love letter and says he is going to by you and mom gifts. He then says he can not come home because he can not pay for the courier to send the stuff. Asks for $3,250 and if you don't have it asks for half since his friend will pay half. Usually uses the friends name as Tony. When he does not get the money he stops communicating immediately. Pic on site has him with a dog named Becky. Tall 6'2 black hair , fair complexion. Sends a pic of him in a hotel with a dark blue flannel jacket with work logo on it. Then one of him in jeans and a pink dress shirt standing by the hotel bed. Always mentions his mom and she is in Michigan
First name: David Jones
Last name: Martins
Age: he states 51
Location: Anderson, SC USA
Phone: (864) 556-0268
Report: This meeting took place on seniorpeoplemeet website. We started corresponding by our email address. He claim to be a single father (daughter 14years old) name Sisi. He states that he is a geoligist (oil and natural resources). He had a job to do in Nigeria (his daughter travels with him & home schools her). His daughter became sick, he couldn't get money with his debit card, he didn't have his credit card with him and had no one else (no family) to help him out for money. So as the story goes I believed him and he scammed money out of me. He claimed that he had money and promised to pay me back. He had a client that owed him for a job that he had done and had the client send me a cheque so I could send him money. The cheque was no good. I have reported this all to the police but wanted to report this further to help others from being scammed. I would greatly appreciate my name be kept confidential due to my report still being under investigation. Thank you