First name: William
Last name: Wooten
Aka: William Eldon Wooten
Age: 60
Location: Dallas Texas
Phone: 469-415-2139 214-444-6574
On websites: Yes Mingle2
Report: Claims he?s from Dallas TX. Petro Chemical Engineer. Oilfield. Minot No. Dakota. Says him and his crew repaire oil pipe leaks. Wants you to make a money transfer to pay for broken machine parts. He sends you his bank account information and passwords. It does let you log in. Transfer doesn?t go thru so wants you to help pay back taxes and COT code using BitCoin because bank locked his account and internet on remote oil field not good. He uses a supposed bank secretary as a go between to help you get COT Code. I refused when I started investigating the fake bank, fake account, fake bank secretary/accomplice. There?s no such thing as a COT code. He acted so surprised and worried and said he?d take care of it when he got home when contract over. then he asked me to use my credit card to go buy IPhones for his crew for Christmas bonuses so they could talk to their families and a new one for him since he supposedly broke his so we could keep texting and finally video chat. I went and bought 7 iPhones and sent them to an address in Dubai where a contractor was coming from to help him fix his machine. I did give him my credit card password. He said his company would pay me back. Someone DID make a payment. I was relieved and thought all was okay. Then he needed more IPhones because other workers wanted them too. I got a total of 15 iPhones in 3 seperate trips to Apple store. The balance WAS paid off. 3days later all payments were reversed for insufficient funds. He blocked me and I?m stuck paying $19,500
First name: Michael
Last name: Levin
Age: 55
Location: Ottawa
Phone: 613-604-6711
On websites:
Report: Met in on match dot com and shortly after we began to text back and forth and after talking about meeting in person he texted me with a story about going to Africa as he won a contract to build school and hospital. The emails are the same and identical to the one
First name: James
Last name: Stewart
Aka: stewartjames
Age: 60
Location: Australia
On websites: hangouts
Report: Met this man on Facebook initially but account is no longer active. Requested we talk in Hangouts and romanced me there. Scammed out of thousands of dollars on the premise He sent me money, Kept asking for more and more money including itune cards and gift cards to pay his internet bill. Have deleted my account on hangouts and blocked all of his emails
First name: MARK
Last name: FITZHUGH
Age: 61
Phone: 1-747-210-0691
On websites: Instagram - Facebook
Report: I met Mark Fitzhugh on Tinder on January 26, 2017. Said he worked in Gulf of Mexico on an oil rig. As a private contractor engineer .. a petroleum engineer . Zenith oil and gas company in that period of 3 years he scammed me out of $100,000. I have also heard from women who he scammed as well.
First name: Caspar
Last name: Morrison
Age: 64
Location: Hampton, Virginia
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: His photo is accurate but his real name is...FLAVIO BRIATORE. Served 2 prison sentences in Italy for Fraud.
First name: Harry
Last name: Smith
Aka: Berwick
Age: 45
Location: New York USA, Germany, Brooklyn New York & Kent, Washington USA
Phone: +1 859 577 8342
Email: harrysmith1402@gmail.ccom
On websites:, WhatsApp & Hangouts
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a American man who lives in New York USA, as a Network TV Producer and Talent. Emmy Award Winning Sports Anchor, and former ATP Tour World Ranked Tennis Player. WNBC, NBC Sports. This scammer lives in Brooklyn New York USA but at moment now he is working in Germany on a contract for maintaining & servicing ships. He said to me in Whatsapp online that he works for a private shipping company, and he maintains & repair ships. He has been a widower for seven years.
First name: Ethan
Last name: Rodriguez
Age: 48
Location: Africa, Nigeria USA Georgia
Phone: 13522346856 19542481866
On websites: Hangouts, Gmail, Messaging, Messages
Report: He asked me to send him an American Express Gift card for 100 plus 6 fees for his business. He claimed to not have access to funds because of the virus. After that he asked for 450 in Bitcoin to conduct his business. At first he asked for 13,500 to conduct business. He also sent me a fake check via gmail for 250,000 in the form of a picture. He claimed he did not have access to his funds in his bank account. He claimed he wanted to buy a house in my state of Louisiana and live as husband and wife and marry me. He called me his Queen and I would be asked to call him my King. I am out 106 for an American Express card he later said he used to stream.
First name: Carlos
Last name: Arnold
Age: 49
Location: Ukraine
Phone: +1 (276) 522-0573 (803) 380-6634 (424) 272-5092
On websites: Ok Cupid , MeetMe , Facebook, POF
Report: We start talking on ok Cupid he gave me his phone number we start texting He send me some pic of him and his kids and we start making plans to meet On the 3 month he start telling me that he will send me a box and I will need to track The shipping information and let him know I track the box and I did the track was coming From a company name speedy delivery services. Someone contact me with a phone call And told me I had to pay $ 2.500 dollars to have the box delivered I told the person On the phone that they need to hold the box and contact the sender to give back to him . I contact Carlos and I told him that I will not get the box because I will not going to be scam like that he say no is not a scam You have to trust me I say no I never send money to get the box . Last week I was ask again to contact the company to get the box and I did I told them I will go personally to pick up the box Because I knew there is no box is all a scam they told me I can?t go that the agent will bring the box to my house I never answer to them back I block them I got a email yesterday was saying if I don?t pay$2000 dollars they are going to release a videos of me to 8 people I know and they will ashamed me I blocked them
First name: Ernest
Last name: Miller
Aka: Donald Lukas
Age: 62
Location: Australia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey
Phone: 856-315-2674
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: Ernest Jay Miller contacted me on Plenty of Fish. His profile said Single, but he told me he had been widowed 8 years ago & was ready for love again.We communicated for several days, & then he gave me his phone number. He texted me multiple times a day, emailed me romantic poems, & then occasionally called me. He did not want me to talk about our ?relationship ? with friends or family. He gave his residence as College Hill, PA but said he owned Miller Construction &was presently completing some roadwork in NJ.. He said we would meet when the NJ job was finished. Then he mentioned ?one more job? that he was awaiting the contract for that was in Istanbul, Turkey, South Africa, or Canada. After that job was completed he would sell his company & then settle down, presumably with me. He told me he would send me a link to his website, & when he didn?t I began my own search. I could not find anything, so I typed Miller Construction Ernest Miller in the search bar & a scam report popped up. The woman described so many of the same techniques that he used on me. He did send a link to his website & I went to Facebook and found the other name on his company website was Donald Lukas. He has several FB profiles with that name, & they all have different info. Photos that match his POF photos are there. He is a total con artist. BEWARE!
First name: jasper
Last name: leslie
Age: 57
On websites: UNPEZ
Report: Contacta diciendo que es marine, que trabaja en un barco, de origen Canada y residente en USA, VERMONT, ciudad BURLINGTON. Escribe cartas de amor que habilmente copia y modifica de varios sitios de cartas y de poemas romanticos. Dice que tenia una esposa e hija que murieron, que no tiene familia y pocos amigos. Al final pide los datos privados para supuestamente enviar un paquete de sus pertenencias porque el barco en el que van hacia Japon va a ser asaltado por piratas de Somalia. Ruega y suplica los datos de su victima con la promesa de ir a recogerlos despues. Una de las pruebas que utiliza para enganar son multiples fotos y un video que ha robado de un verdadero marine jefe de maquinas de origen hindu que logre descubrir en Facebook y en Instagram gracias a un descuido de este estafador que no se percato que en el casco del senor que suplanta figura su nombre y lo pude ubicar en Instagram y Facebook y otras redes sociales. Curiosamente el senor que esta siendo suplantado tiene entre sus fotos avisos de que ha sido hackeado y sus ID que el ha descubierto que son un ID FAKE.