First name: Chris
Last name: Bemald
Aka: Benson
Age: 50+
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Address: 27Jalan Razak, 50400
Phone: 0060103611512
Email: Chris2K4good
On websites:
Report: This scammer goes by the name of Chris Benald aka Chris Benson. He operates from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. His scam is romancing some lonely lady. After he has her confidence then he'll ask for her to send him $950 to pay his back taxes so that the bank will release his money he has in his bank account which is $950,000. Of course he keeps asking for more money cos the bank charges other fees etc. The scam goes on and on till this lady finally is fed up and opens her eyes to what's really going on. This is happening to my fried. I have tried to wise her up but she insist that this guy is for real and that he is going to come to the USA to live with her.
First name: arthur
Last name: sundquist
Age: 437
Location: ogun state nigeria
On websites: yes
Report: I was contact via email regarding a add I put on craigs list looking for a ltr fwb. We started exchanging emails then moved to im each other. He stated he was in the army and sent a picture and was in nigeria for a peacekeeping mission. He soon started asking for money to come viset claiming he had feelings for me, he then stated he needed money for internet to keep in touch due to not having acces to his account. I saw the scam site and warnings and it is the exact scenio
First name: buttler
Last name: brown
Age: 40's
Location: nigeria
Report: has been scamming my cousin for a year plenty of money sent to him but she's too stupid to realize it
First name: mark
Last name: kremer
Age: 55
Location: england london
Phone: 00447045789080
Email: kremark 55 @hotmail. com
On websites: connecting singels
Report: this scammer used the photos of one priest from USA Texas, and wanted, asked for the money in order that he has to pay operation for his son Douglas. His wife died in car excident with another son/ twin. He said his name is Mark Kremer, that he lives in California and that he came to London cos he is having contract for a work. He is also colecting and selling antiques .So take care if zou meet such scenario. Check all details carefulz
First name: Mark
Last name: Burrows
Age: 40
Location: possibly Ghana
On websites: skype; yahoo; msn
Report: Male scammers says he is divorced with 10 year old daughter - says he is stranded in Ghana and cannot get back to his ship where he supposedly works. He had scammed someone else who saw he had added me as a friend on facebook - she had sent him money and warned me about this person. I did not send him any money.
First name: Travis
Last name: Tovia
Age: 41
Location: USA or UK San Antonio or London
Report: i no sure Scammer or not please i need help
First name: ben
Last name: williams
Age: 54
Location: new york, new york,ontario. phillipines
On websites: tagged, badoo, facebook
Report: he is currently trying to get money from me,plus i have also sent him 800.00 over the past months and wants more. i just found out he is a scammer on a website i found called male scammers.
First name: antonio
Last name: cavaro
Aka: unknownfrank
Age: 54
Location: birmingham,u.k.
On websites: unknown badoo,facebook,yahoo messenger,
Report: this man has scammed over 10,000 dollars from me,with promises of coming to ontario, canada to marry me.
First name: edwards
Last name: preston
Age: 50
Location: united states
Report: said was miltary captain in army. ask for money so stupid gave it to him.said he was from louisania,station in afagan.
First name: Bradley
Last name: Bolton
Age: 50
Location: UK (Italy, England)
Phone: 7872 282313 (UK #)
Report: I know for a fact this man is a scammer. Very, very charming.
First name: timmy
Last name: williams
Age: 46
Location: hollywood
Report: this guy is been asking for money since july and claims to be stuck in south africa
First name: David
Last name: Hanson
Age: 52
Location: ghana
Report: This man has his photo posted on face book saying hes from fresno Ca and he owns a jewerly store, hes a big time scammer and very good at what he does. Ladies beware of this man
First name: Collins
Last name: Parker
Age: 53 or 54
Location: USA
On websites: Bear search chat room
Report: he tells you how much he loves you and thatyou mean the world to him and he dreams about you and so forth. he says that he is in Afganistan and he says that his Brigadier General Collins Parker, andthen you would ask him if you can call him his reply is no youcan not you need to register your number first by going tothe american telecommunication to regerstir your number then you need to put down $433 into a Nigerian bank account before any contact may be done. so if any woman out thier comes acroos this person please be advised that his a scamm
First name: Eddie
Last name: Brown
Age: 40
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Tagged, Myspace, Matchdoctor
Report: I have been in contact with this person since May of this year. Claimed to be at Nigeria on Business he is a software engineer. He is working for a client with opening a school in that area. He is an only child his parents died in a car accident when he was 5 and has no one else, no family and friends. He scammed me out of money because I have never heard of these types of scammers before. I was leary at first but never went with my gut....He has had so many bad problems being there. He got sick, his workers got sick and needed care, he broke his door and the cops were after him, etc.....Every week or two something happened to where he needed money. I was sucked in with his poems and I didnt find his name under the scam listing so I thought I was safe...
First name: thomas
Last name: jeffery
Age: 55
Location: maleisie
Phone: 60149680530
On websites:
Report: he's on that dating site and many more looking for woman i hace a picture from how knows?
First name: jason
Last name: wall
Age: 46
Location: brooklyn, new york
On websites: facebook, mostly yahoo messenger
Report: yeah this guy here has been talking to my sister for a few months now, just found out he really lives in nigeria and of course he just started asking my sister for money, and her being kind hearted and a lot foolish she sent this guy 500$. now she is going to be out the money so i just figured id report this guy before she sends him more. or hopefully stop 1 more person from getting scammed. thank you for your attention with this matter. sincerly mr.odell
First name: JORDON
Last name: MYERS
Age: 33 years
Location: United kingdom Southampton
Report: This man contacted me from Tagged and after speaking a few times told me that her son, David of 11 years suffered a heart condition and needed surgery for 2500 euros. After sending the money through Western Union, I swore eternal love to all those letters just listed on their website, one by one. I fell like a fool. After two weeks, I suddenly said to be a friend of his and that he had an accident and is in the hospital. You need 5000 euros for surgery, that his life depends on it. At first I thought, but I asked what hospital was because I wanted to see him, and did not answer my questions until after more than 24 hours, to which I replied that I did not believe such lies and knew the true healing in UK was free, he immediately disconnected
First name: Christopher
Last name: Baker
Age: 46
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
On websites:
Report: Posing as an Engineer in Lagos Nigeria. Asked for money to reinvest in a project.
First name: sgt. chris
Last name: jordan
Age: 35
Location: iraq
On websites: yahoo messenger and facebook
Report: He uses facebook and yahoo. He gets to knw u at first. Then he starts talking about a relationship with you. Then he wants to meet you and your family. He suppose to be a Marine. Also says he's a SUS. Also states he never been on leave. He doesn't have no family. His parent died in a car wreck. His little brother died a couple years later of lung cancer. The reason he didn't go on leave. His family disown him, after his parents died. He also stated, he has a home in Defiance Ohio. He needed money to leave. He wanted to get out. But it will be a lot of paper work to do. So he will want to marry you. He said by law. They have to let him go on leave. For any personal matters. The reason you have to pay. For him to get on leave. He stated, he works for a different part of the government. But before all this. He will tell you. Not to let a third party know. Because of his Special unit. Oh he said he's a sgt. First class. Its a lot of this situation with him. Too much to write. Well anyway, you get the picture.
First name: Carlos
Last name: Perez
Age: 42-45
Location: Dakar Senegal
First name: jimmy
Last name: joe
Age: 38
Location: africa
On websites: yahoo and facebook
Report: this man pretends to be an american solider from florida miami storys are not consistent says he loves you and wants to marry you spelling bad lying constanley cant answer questions any american citezen could
First name: david
Last name: harris
Age: 50
Location: Detroit Beach-uSA
On websites: facebook
Report: He first aproached me on facebook, sending a message that he was a quimical engineer, working in Aberdeen, his wife was dead by a car accident and had a daughter that was leaving with her sister in Detroit. He was to retair and his boss gave him a contract to that him went to Malaysia to buy quimicals. He was invested 800,000.00 in this business, but when he was brought the quimicals, the company said him the price was 850,000.00. Then he needed to get 50,000.00. But, after that was, i love u here, i love u there all the time. And then, passed 2 months he started talking about the money, and i said him to ask your sister, ur friends, ur father, and he was becoming ungry with me. I told him that i couldnt help him, and he stopped talking to me.ahahah
First name: Philip
Last name: Hagan
Age: 57
Location: north carolina
On websites:
Report: He 57, with a 12 year old son at home. Of course wife of 23 years is dead from a car accident.(drunk driver) He buys and sells computers. He smart if you ask personal questions about kid or family or job he runs away! He only on yahoo messenger late at night! BUSTED YET ANOTHER DUDE!
First name: Mr Darren
Last name: Bent
Age: unknown
Report: sends me this email which is to me obviously a scam to get bank details-
First name: lucky edward
Last name: ehiaguina
Aka: benedykt diederick
Age: 35
Location: benin city
Address: 2 oghogho street off dawson road 30001
Phone: 002348062504201 002348181990898
Email: benedykt 4 bless @ ymail . com
On websites: www.tagged . com
Report: sent him money for visa and presents with a promise of his arrival in england
First name: anthony
Last name: nnublosa
Aka: jason freddie
Age: 30-40
Location: lagos
Report: I think is scamming a friend of mine
First name: Shen-Chen chris
Age: 45
Location: bradford, uk
Phone: +447415216254
On websites: facebook, google+
Report: i got scam rm2895
First name: Martins
Last name: William
Age: 40 y 50
Location: Malasia
Phone: +60108358680
On websites: oasis y facebook
Report: i knew this man in that it is oasis in other places.he asked and i sent 4 times money.almost $2000,00 dollars.he cheaped, robbed and i discovered they are an organitation of scammers.have friends in england, italia, usa and others parts od malasia.and other day a different man connected and chatted with the same imail.
First name: charles
Last name: rodgers
Aka: michael howard
Age: 50
Location: riverside, CA
Phone: 951-286-6422
On websites: FB, Mantek Engineers Ltd.
Report: I met Charles on OK Cupid. We exchanged emails, then ims, then telephone conversations. He stole $1,000 from me. He says he is American, raised in Norway, and returned to the U.S. to bury his father. His wife, Joanna, also from Norway, died in 2004.
First name: robert becher
Last name: mattew
Age: 45
Address: 12 Leiters smithburg rd baltimore 22123
Report: SUPPOSE TO BE A MILITARY MAN WHICH HAS A SON AND HIS FATHER LOOKS AFTER AND HIS FATHERS NAME IS JOHN MATTEW AND SONS NAME IS DAVID WHICH IS 10YRS OLD i have no money left because of robert about $6000 i have nothing to feed my kids because of him last time i heard from him he was in DABUI