First name: Joel Ben
Last name: Yusuf
Aka: name above is known name - probably not his real name
Age: 46
Email: or
First name: jetro
Last name: samson
Age: 41
Location: Manchester United Kingdom
On websites:
Report: jetrosamson email address Claims to be from Manchester UK and was found on I have reported it to them also. Romance scammer. Claiming immediate attraction on first message and undying love after second message. When I looked the address up I discovered what I suspected to be true, that he was a scammer. I got scammed a few years ago so recognised the signs.
First name: David
Last name: Moore
Age: approx 48
Location: northamptonshire - traveling in South Africa
Phone: +2348022317166 and 07024020625 and +2348082760306
Email: and
On websites: dating sites
Report: hi briefly - this guy clicked on me on a dating site called
First name: Philip
Last name: Elofson
Age: 40ish
Location: greensburg,indiana
Report: says he is in the army and needs money to come home
First name: JOE
Last name: MOOSE
Age: 59
On websites: did do Oasis
Report: I was contacted by Capt Joe Moose who was in the US Army posted in either Iran or Afgasistan. He orginally contacted me via a dating site, but went over to emails and then always by chat. He seemed genuine, and said he was actually English and said where he had a house still here which was somewhere I knew, after a couple of weeks he asked me to do him favour he had found a lot of Gold Dust and wanted to get it back to England, I did say I would not do anything illegal which he said thats was fine. He then told me he had a Diplomat he knew who would get it to England and deliver it to me, so that when he was home after Christmas he would get. He gave me the name of the Diplomat and then a couple of days later I had a email from the diplomat who was called Maxwell Mensah. saying he was on his way to England and that he would be in contact once here. All was well until 9th january 2012 when I got an urgent email from the diplomat saying he was in Ghana and the customs needed to issue certificates and it would cost money, i emailed capt Moose, who asked if I could send the money. I did tell him I was a single mum and had no money he was worried about this Gold so i said I would use my rent money but had to have it returned by end of week, he said okay and he would request this from the Pentagon as they dealt with his funds and he said he would send me 4000$ to cover the money and some for me. I sent the money as per the instructions via a moneygram this was for A?700. all was well till the 11th January when further money was needed by customs I then had to pay A?350 which left me penniless with no money, but i was expecting this 4000$. I did not here anymore from this Diplomat !!!!. I informed Capt Moose who was worried, and I kept chasing him about the money he was sending he then had two excuses to do with paperwork from pentagon, I was by now late on my rent and very worried. capt Moose said he was leaving for LA on sat 22nd January 2012 and was heading to england a couple of days later and i was going to meet him at Heathrow and we were going to start a new life, well i have not heard from him since the 20th january 2012 when he last spoke to me on Google mail Chat. I sent him emails and chats of which he was picking up but not replying this was when i realised that the gut feeling I had was real and I had been Scammed. I feel so stupid that this has happened. I have contacted the US Army and the Diplomatic services. But I do say to ALL you ladies BEWARE and make a note of these low life's names. I know I will never get this money back and it was a very hard lesson to learn, but I will never use a dating site again.
First name: Jeff
Last name: Bradley
Age: 45
Location: London Englans, Wakefield Rhode Island
Phone: 011447423698228
On websites:
Report: Scammed me asking me to send him an iphone and he would send me the money. Sweet talking BS artist. Stopped contact once I refused to send phone.
First name: Alex Patrick
Last name: Morrison
Age: 41
Location: London ohio
Phone: 447011139114
On websites: yahoo rsvp fare share dating sites
Report: he has scammed one woman out of $40,000 me out of $500 who knows who else and how much he is nigerian i think but his mobile number id based in england says he's a financial banker has a daughter called Laura who lives in Liverpool and says he's a widow .. gets u to contribute to the airfare to come visit then uses bullshit excuses why he can't come ..
First name: Garrett
Last name: Bryson
Age: 41
Location: uk
Phone: +447010056197 and +447864361058
On websites:
Report: This man is dating scammers online I meet him on web site since 8 october 2011 upter that I've communicate with him by email and phone some time we have relationship about three month he plan to visit me on his vacation 1 month but his father was sick he has to take his father to surgery in carifornia heart center i America before come to visit me in laos he told me that he don't want to travel to America with his luggages so he has to sent his luggages direct to me to keep for him in laos before he go to America he has sent the luggage via INTERCOURIER LINK COURIER COMPANY IN UK but the luggage was not sent direct to my country laos the company inform me that the luggage was pending on Malaysia under custom custody for clearance and they demanded money to pay for asia delivery tax and cearance fees amount: 5oo USD and the company contact me through email and phone to to send money to the officer of the company throuhg western Union send to MR HUMZA BERAHIM Address:10/2ND FLOOR JALAN SENTUL KUALALUMPER,MALAYSIA 52000 PHONE:+60102954280 and I've sent money on 21 decemder 2011 through western Union and sent slip payment 500 USD to the company through email but the luggage still not sent to my country on 22 december the company inform me about stop oder from INTERNAL REVENUE INSPECTION COMMITTEE CUSTOM DEPARTMENT under MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIR THE pacel will not until an Insurance certificate from them and I have to pay 1,500 USD for certificate and I've contacted to the sender MR GARRETT BRYSON and he ask me to settle with the copany beause he can't help him selp he still in the hospital he concern the items inside the luggage he told me inside he hid 15,000 USD so on 23 december 2011 I've sent money to the company in malaysia again through western Union and sent slip payment for the company 1,500 USD but but the luggage still not sent to my country because the final clearance they found total of money inside the luggage 70,000 USD and I've to contact back to MR GARRETT BRYSON again to filed the form for approval on 27 december the company inform me again the high court have approve the international Monetary certificate filled and submitted by MR GARRETT BRYSON but I have to pay 1,100 USD for the official and the luggage will sent direct to my country,so I've suspect about in formation the company has sent to me and information from mr garret bryson about money not correct 15,000 usd and 70,000 usd and last email the company sent wrong email to me about approved of high court in the paper sender is MR GARRETT BRYSON and the receiver MS BOUNKONG MINGBOUPHA NOT me MS SOUKSAVATH KEOAMPHONE and i ask for the company they told they give wrong information to the high court so i don't sent money to them and try to contact back to MR GARRETT BRYSON but until now i still can't contact with him because he avoid to pick my call and don't reply my email until now and still no any contact from the company until now I think MR GARRETT BRYSON and this company cooperate to scam my money
First name: Donald
Last name: Johnson
Age: 48
Location: Malaysia
Phone: +60163189402
Report: I am writing about what I believe to be an Internet dating scam. I was on the site Senior People Meet on Friday night and a chat window popped up. I began chatting with this man and after we chatted for a while on the site he asked me to switch to instant chat and I did. This man claims to be a construction engineer currently working in Malaysia. He cannot spell for a highly educated man, he uses weird words in the wrong context. I have received a few emails from this person that seem to have been writtem by a different person everything is spelled correct His profile states that he is from Dayton Ohio. He told me he owns his own company that does work overseas. Things seemed to progress rather quickly which began to worry me, to good to be true. I began to do some online research and found a lot of information on on-line dating scams. After learning of potential scams and how they occur I have realized that he seems to fit this profile exactly. I did find his email listed on a dating scam website.I searched for Donald Johnson in Dayton Ohio who owns a construction company, and all I found were a few small contractors named Donald Johnson His email is He has been sending me text messages from +60163189402. His screen name is CoolJohnCV. I reported the potential issue to the dating site and he is still an active member.
First name: michael scott
Last name: edison
Age: 41
Location: los angelas
Phone: unknown818 453 7475
Report: cheat money with love story cheat about usd.2.000 - usd.10.000
First name: Doyle
Last name: Vance
Age: 61
Location: Wisconsin
Phone: 920-785-3320
Report: My concern is he might scammer. Too nice to me. He have strong accent.
First name: paul
Last name: smith
Age: 51
Location: birmingham
On websites: dating
Report: to good to be true
First name: James
Last name: Bruce
Age: 54
Location: Germany (2 years) England
Report: James was on a dating site for only 2 days when he wrote me a letter asking for my email address. His profile looked exactely the same of another scammer i met on the same site. I just ignored him after I told him that he's a scammer. When i received his first letter i went back to the dating site to read more about him, but his profile was taken off.
First name: Jan
Last name: Wilbanks
Age: 52
Location: Baghdad Iraq
Report: Very Supicious
First name: lawrence
Last name: smith
Age: 54
Location: london uk
Address: 41 payne road deptford uk
Phone: 0011233201166206
Report: been in contact with this man, divorced said his xwife took all his money, works as a land surveyer and currently has contract in ghana. Is asking for money to pay lawyers fees for this new contract his has got. Sent photos of himself and also his mother. Rings very frequently and then asks to come on chat. He first contacted me thru oasis dating site.
First name: Dipen
Last name: Patel
Aka: Anil
Age: 48
Location: London
Address: 55, 55a,57,57a Langford Road, Fulham London SW62LF
Phone: 07905117311
On websites:, Badoo,,POF,craiglist
Report: Like many other unsuspecting people I signed on and found that there is this person who is constantly bedding woman in the name of getting to know them. Having said this, it is especially easy for him to do this since he flashes the money and treats them nice for unsuspecting women to fall for him. Then he moves on to other unsuspecting woman constantly creating fresh profiles claiming that he has not met anybody compatible. Recently, his profile id has been DELECIOUS, BodilyFun, Heavenly, Get Married and he is known by different names such as Anil, Dipen Patel etc etc etc. He claims to be a brrister, Lawywer, dealing in agriculture land, Restaurant owner, multi millionaire etc etc etc. He has no qualifications, no job, several CCJs...a never ending list... Please be aware all those women out there...Do not get tempted by dine and wine....
First name: Luis
Last name: Ciro
Age: 52?
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
On websites: Yahoo messenger
Report: This man claims to have been raised in Rome, Italy but does not speak Italian. He says he's 62 years old and is a petroleum geologist for Exxon. Works in Nigeria and said he was recently in Aberdeen, Scotland. He supposedly lives in Hialeah, Florida with his 80 year old mother, has a 12 year old daughter that goes to school in London, but won't say where. His English is horrible and his spelling is worse. He's a smooth talker and good at what he does. Says he's a multi millionaire, owns 1-2 homes in South Florida and one in DC. Will ask you to send money via Western Union in the name of Jeffrey Dedekuma. He says he is in jail in Lagos, Nigeria for buying stolen art work (NOK). His attorneys name is Sylvia Williams. He's very evasive and avoids personal questions.
First name: peter
Last name: frost
Aka: sweetdaddy2
Age: 48
Location: illinois, usa
Email: mr peter
On websites: smooch
Report: i was conned out of A?250, said he needed money to save a buisness deal and was out for more for us to be together. All this happened over period of 20 mths, ive been left mentally exhausted and totally heartbroken, im devastated
First name: shank
Last name: esperanze
Aka: double
Age: 21
Location: ghana,tema
Address: 0233
Phone: +233570403622
On websites: no
Report: hello,my name is emmanuel mensah ..................
First name: david
Last name: richards
Age: 48
Location: South africa Camps bay
Email: davidrichards7732
On websites: badoo (reported)
Report: He first contacts you, and then starts sending you all these love letters. Tells you his wife was 6 months pregnant when she died in carcrash. He then tells you he is in UK on business and needs money for his luggage which is overweight.
First name: samson
Last name: rossi
Age: 44
Location: nigeria
Phone: 2348138306832
On websites: plentyoffish
Report: ask for money, said engineer from voorhees, new jersey working in Nigeria, received check but wouldnt go through till was in the states needed money to pay hotel to get passport to come back to US.
First name: Jaburg
Last name: Wright
Age: 41 He says
Location: Calgary Alberta
On websites: Seniormeet .com
Report: Contacted me from Seniormeet .com, very romantic talk, wouldnt answer questions directly. Noticed in the third letter it was poetry, sounded false from a guy who said he was an engineer. Looking for a MOmmy for his seven year old and a soul mate for himself. Said he owns a Global Contracting Company, and has a house In London England. But his office is in Calgary supposedly. WOuldnt tell me the name of his company. I looked up the address he gave me and its the Calgary Historical Park. Hasnt asked for money yet. I havent given him identifying information. Blocking him now.
First name: Smith
Last name: Williams
Aka: Jack Williams
Age: 46
Location: 30 Grosvenor Square London, W1A 2LQ United Kingdom
Phone: +447031745585 +44773244601
Report: he will send parcel on my address, and i just saw that there's a scammer named smith williams.
First name: james luis
Last name: McCain
Aka: Martin issac
Age: 45
Location: Philadelphia ms and Dubai
Report: Requests 1500. to help him get home from Dubai gold buying trip. Said his passport is being held due to his not paying full amount of customs
First name: mady
Last name: lemley
Aka: maduy gifty
Age: 34
Location: Ghana west africa
On websites: facebook
Report: this so called mady gifty has obtained close to $5000 from me claiming he needed money for a stay in the hospital and needed more yesterday he had me buy an expensive watch for him send him all kinds of stuff all i want is my money back and all of it
First name: Johnson
Last name: Cole
Age: 33
Location: Kabul, Afganistan
On websites: facebook
Report: Says he's from USA but serving in Afganistan now. Claims he loves you and then when he thinks he hooked you up, sends tragic letters about his mom illness and asks for money. He works with other people who pretend to be his family, they may write to you too.
First name: Agent Craig
Last name: Donovan
Age: not sure
Location: USA
On websites: hotmail, google talk, yahoo
Report: Agent Craig Donovan worked together with Michael Quigley and Patrick Morgan...they in Nigeria, All 3 of them work together... Agent Craig Donovan & Michael Quigley were suppose to be from the USA Military Army...Transfer money by Western Union....
First name: Michael Henry
Last name: Quigley
Age: 51
Location: Chicargo, USA
Address: 47 West, Randolph Street, Chicargo IL, 60606
Phone: +447024049125
Email: micelquigley@gmail
On websites: hotmail, gmail
Report: Scammed me out of +_ R26,000 ZARs he said he was on his way home from Afganstan out of the war zone...and wanted to meet me in South Africa...That money was to be for flight ticket...then he was caught for drugs at the airport in Nigeria for carry US flu tablets which was illegal...after paying the second time he was kidnapped..then I never heard anything from him again...
First name: Ronnie
Last name: Cummings
Age: 51
Location: Illinois, Ireland
On websites:
Report: Ronnie claims to be Australian descent but from Alden Illinois and an interior designer in Ireland. Has a 12 yr old son that lives with sister in law in Germany, his wife died in auto accident 6 yrs back. Son needs surgery but he gets pd on 01/16/12 and can return funds when he arrives in the states on 01/17/12. Looking for life mate and very smooth in his romancing-very convincing. Phones:011 234 708 777 3364 and 011 353 858 033 040 he even has contact me on facebk
First name: Tony
Last name: Johnson
Aka: SSGT Anderson Young
Age: 44
Location: Nigeria
Address: 23 Anaye Street, Lagos,
On websites: Girlsdateforfree dating site
Report: Have been asked to send 400 dollars to the above address as payment for phonecalls to be made via a phone company, to make calls from his base. He has told me he is the US Army on deployment in Pakistan, and lives in New York, USA, but he has no bank card so cannot call me. He has told me to do this transaction via Western Union.