First name: richard
Last name: cirsalli
Aka: Chinedu Mmoka Clement
Age: 46
Location: Nigeria
Report: scams ladies on web site and be2 website then ask to borrow funds for his project and all sorts of drama and that funds will be paid after he gets his pay cheque but apparently the project is fake and non existing
First name: Simon
Last name: Wills
Aka: Nicolas anning. Max Rendarine
Age: 56. He claims..but voice on phone sounds more like
Location: Ghana. Accra
Address: 15th prime street Accra. 15 palm drive spintex accra
Phone: +233246491489 simon wills +233245322302 +447035914826
Report: Simon. Has scammed me for over 40k aust. Dollars. He claimed to be a German born 56yr old man.. Who was widowed. Has a son by name of richard carl wills. (21)yrs. old. Simon says his late wife was from USA, where he married her.and resided there with her for a number of years.her name was sandy... She died when son was 10 yrs old approx. . Simon son was raised by his grandmother and family living in Britain. Simon says he travelled for business and was in the commodities market.. Says his business is called Simo consults. With offices in Indianapolis Indianan USA. Also has a house there. Plus house in cat ford London England.. Whilst in Ghana he bought a Cnsl factory (cashew nut).. And claims to now have sold it.. Says he is coming to Australia to marry me.. And has repeatedly asked for monies of me for various things.. Tickets to Australia, etc etc etc. I have asked him several times to get on web cam.. But he never has done this. I asked for scan of his passport.. Sent me blank scan.. The man is a pathological liar.. And very dangerous manipulative person..has anybody come across this simon wills.. He has sent me photos of a white man..who he claims to be... Also have photos of his so called cashew factory.
First name: Dodson
Last name: leslie
Aka: dodson ado leslie, Leslie E Dodson
Age: 50
Location: Iraq, New York, Oregon, Afghanistan
On websites: badoo, Facebook
Report: Says he is in the army and coming home soon has a son. Wife left him. Has no parents. A grandmother in London taking care of his son.
First name: Albert
Last name: Moore
Age: 50
Location: Niageria
On websites: unknown many but yahoo for one
Report: picked up on this scammer by thing he did not know about his line of work
First name: Richard
Last name: Dennis
Age: 41
Location: Not sure
Email: /
Report: I am a victim of this person known to be Richard Scott Dennis whom I met online dating I want to know if he is from Nigeria posing as a USA army military currently serving in Pakistan that's what he says Richard also has a son Wilson and a sister Lisa David whether it's true or false I have no idea this person has to be stopped please help me. Regards Rangi ( victim)
First name: Johnson
Last name: Smith
Age: 56
Location: Ibadan. Oyo, Nigeria. This is where the money has been sent.
On websites: Yahoo messenger, Facebook
Report: He pretends to be in love with women and gets them secure enough in the relationship to think that they will get married and send him money. He also claims to have a daughter named Mary. I have sent him quite a bit of money which I know that I will never see again. It is heartbreaking. I also found out that he was starting to do this to someone else. I would like to see him stopped along with whomever else us in on it with him. I would love to see this person arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Robben
Age: 53
Location: England Nottingham
Phone: 07924545297
On websites: dating mature free and single
Report: I came across this person on the mature free and single web site, a dating & friendship site for over 40s. Straight away he gave me his email address. It was all too easy & perfect (if only I had realised at the time).He stated he was Danish and after about a month of him emailing the typical romantic line etc type emails, and the usual story line of planning a trip abroad (Maylasia)as he was self employed. We emailed and also used instant messaging whilst he was in supposed Maylasia purchasing goods. Then came the emergency, he didn't have sufficient funds to pay customs to package his bought goods and send them back to the UK. So he asked me to help by sending money. He couldn't ask his mother as she was sick (surprise surprise)and didn't seem to have any friends to help him out. He had a Barclays bankers draft but couldn't cash it. He could give me his addresses in UK and Denmark, passport details, proof of goods purchaed and value certifcate of goods (3 million dollars!!). At this point I smelt the 'RAT' (if only I'd done it sooner). I didn't send any money and stopped communication straight away. I received one last email from him apologising for involving me in his problem (very big of him!)- but would still like me to help in his hour of need! Hence to say I didn't reply. If only I had done my homework and had the foresight to think about scammers. I would have stopped it straight away. I am now more aware of the process these people use and will not be so trusting and taken in, in the future! Hope this helps you in your compilation of your list of Male Scammers. Regards
First name: Micheal
Last name: Rodriguez
Age: 52
Location: Fresno, CA; Benin, Africa
Report: Says he is a widower and sends very sweet emails and will even send roses. Will then start to ask for money and cry and say to trust him he has never loved anyone like you before
First name: Jeffrey
Last name: Martin
Age: Unknown
Location: UK as per scammer
On websites: just google his email add. and it'll show many job search sites
Report: He will post that he needs a nanny for his kids will chat with you thru YM but intends to scam money from you, will also email you after many months about lending him money cause he left his wallet in his country.
First name: scott
Last name: hicks
Age: 50?
Location: 335 amanda northern rd nw
Address: lancaster, ohio 43130
Report: wants money sent to B15 AGodi G.R.A. CITY: Ibadan, State: Oyo zip 23402 country: Nigeria send by western union also asked to pick up lg ticket items at Walmart for foster kids (gifts)
First name: Daniel
Last name: Jones
Age: 43
Location: Baltimore in profile but says in Nigeria for work
On websites:
Report: Met on Match, started sending love emails, then started asking for money.
First name: jason
Last name: dauglas
Age: 46
Location: Pennsylvania
Report: Jason told me he was in the us army and he need money to send to his mother he got 50.00 off of me until I caught on he have his son Jason Christian they was on my facebook but they have removed their sell off. Jason dauglas still come on my yahoo messager and still asked for money
First name: Benito
Last name: Bore
Aka: Ronald Denson
Age: 55
Location: Brookfield, Ohio {fake }
Phone: +22995362049
On websites:
Report: This person gave me a phone number to call him--it is not the area's number--in fact this same person--using a different profile name and info--- gave me this number 4 yrs ago--it is in Africa He told me to give a message to the hotel clerk when I call
First name: evan
Last name: moore
Age: 37
Location: milwaukee, wi.
Phone: 14146179762
On websites:
Report: I have talked with him for a few months. he stated he wanted to come for a visit here in PA. to see me. I sent him some money to help out with the train ticket. When i went to pick him up at the station, he wasnt there and i had the desk check for his name and they stated he wasnt listed. I attempted to call him several times after this and no answer from him, just keep getting his voice mall.
First name: Philip
Last name: Anderson
Aka: andersonphilip38
Age: 30s-40s claims to be
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Fotochatter,yahoo messenger,dating websites
Report: This man poses as a US military soldier in iraq. Claims to be from Dallas,Texas. Claims to have either a daughter or a son(age varies 8-11yrs old) who is currently living with his mother in US while he is in iraq. Requests/demands u to pay for his military leave. Or for food or even so he can see a doctor due to malaria which he seems to get quite frequently. Whichever scam works.
First name: Andrew
Last name: Patrick
Aka: andrewpatrick73
Age: Late30s-early40s
Location: Unknown
On websites: Fotochatter,yahoo messenger
Report: This man poses as a US military soldier in iraq. Requests $s either for fone, leave, for food. May have other scams. Claims hometown is Dallas,Texas.
First name: Bradley
Last name: Bolton
Age: 50?
Location: Selangor, Malaysia, UK, Italy, Nigeria
Phone: 44 7872 282313 (UK) or (940) 604-6469 (US) if not disc.
Report: I have pages and pages and pages of conversations and emails from this man asking me for money - with all kinds of scenarios that I can scan and send to you, if need be. Also pictures.
First name: Franklin
Last name: Anderson
Age: 52
Location: San Francisco, USA
Phone: 415-992-6974
On websites: (was)
Report: Real nice guy with the tragic story about his childhood, parents and family killed in a car accident, stories about identity theft, kidnapped wife and 15-year old daughter he has to hide. Claimes to be in ornamental business, selling gold and diamonds. Goes on a business trip with his clients and then asks for $4,000 to help him finalize the deal. Insistant, very attentive, but his love letters were all taken from Internet.
First name: peter
Last name: smith
Age: 36
Location: houston.tx pretoria south africa
Phone: 277-872-25036
Report: he will carry on a romance saying he is in the states and then wants to do one more job before he connects with you then he will be working in south africa for 2 weeks. claims he is a civil engineer. once he is in south africa is when the drama begins and he has many problems one after another and needs your help so he wont be living on the streets. over a period of months and much drama he owes me about 20000 dollars. told me he won a lawsuit because of his fathers death and wants to deposit 2.5 million in my account to be his beneficiary. claims hes italian from samborie which actually is not a town but a football team in ligouria region and when you speak italian yo him he doesnt know what you said. when you wire the money to him you have to send it to his friend enilari abimbola because according to him you have to have an account to recieve money from western union
First name: Chris
Last name: Bemald
Aka: Benson
Age: 50+
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Address: 27Jalan Razak, 50400
Phone: 0060103611512
Email: Chris2K4good
On websites:
Report: This scammer goes by the name of Chris Benald aka Chris Benson. He operates from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. His scam is romancing some lonely lady. After he has her confidence then he'll ask for her to send him $950 to pay his back taxes so that the bank will release his money he has in his bank account which is $950,000. Of course he keeps asking for more money cos the bank charges other fees etc. The scam goes on and on till this lady finally is fed up and opens her eyes to what's really going on. This is happening to my fried. I have tried to wise her up but she insist that this guy is for real and that he is going to come to the USA to live with her.
First name: arthur
Last name: sundquist
Age: 437
Location: ogun state nigeria
On websites: yes
Report: I was contact via email regarding a add I put on craigs list looking for a ltr fwb. We started exchanging emails then moved to im each other. He stated he was in the army and sent a picture and was in nigeria for a peacekeeping mission. He soon started asking for money to come viset claiming he had feelings for me, he then stated he needed money for internet to keep in touch due to not having acces to his account. I saw the scam site and warnings and it is the exact scenio
First name: buttler
Last name: brown
Age: 40's
Location: nigeria
Report: has been scamming my cousin for a year plenty of money sent to him but she's too stupid to realize it
First name: mark
Last name: kremer
Age: 55
Location: england london
Phone: 00447045789080
Email: kremark 55 @hotmail. com
On websites: connecting singels
Report: this scammer used the photos of one priest from USA Texas, and wanted, asked for the money in order that he has to pay operation for his son Douglas. His wife died in car excident with another son/ twin. He said his name is Mark Kremer, that he lives in California and that he came to London cos he is having contract for a work. He is also colecting and selling antiques .So take care if zou meet such scenario. Check all details carefulz
First name: Mark
Last name: Burrows
Age: 40
Location: possibly Ghana
On websites: skype; yahoo; msn
Report: Male scammers says he is divorced with 10 year old daughter - says he is stranded in Ghana and cannot get back to his ship where he supposedly works. He had scammed someone else who saw he had added me as a friend on facebook - she had sent him money and warned me about this person. I did not send him any money.
First name: Travis
Last name: Tovia
Age: 41
Location: USA or UK San Antonio or London
Report: i no sure Scammer or not please i need help
First name: ben
Last name: williams
Age: 54
Location: new york, new york,ontario. phillipines
On websites: tagged, badoo, facebook
Report: he is currently trying to get money from me,plus i have also sent him 800.00 over the past months and wants more. i just found out he is a scammer on a website i found called male scammers.
First name: antonio
Last name: cavaro
Aka: unknownfrank
Age: 54
Location: birmingham,u.k.
On websites: unknown badoo,facebook,yahoo messenger,
Report: this man has scammed over 10,000 dollars from me,with promises of coming to ontario, canada to marry me.
First name: edwards
Last name: preston
Age: 50
Location: united states
Report: said was miltary captain in army. ask for money so stupid gave it to him.said he was from louisania,station in afagan.
First name: Bradley
Last name: Bolton
Age: 50
Location: UK (Italy, England)
Phone: 7872 282313 (UK #)
Report: I know for a fact this man is a scammer. Very, very charming.
First name: timmy
Last name: williams
Age: 46
Location: hollywood
Report: this guy is been asking for money since july and claims to be stuck in south africa