First name: Wesley
Last name: Englund
Age: 56
Location: Malaysia
Address: JalanUSJ3/7 Subang,Selangor.Malaysia.47600
Phone: +60162869315
On websites: contrator
Report: Wesley is asking for more money and when I called the Embassy in Malaysia to ask if they had Wesley passport on file they didn't and all the other things he said did not come to be the truth ether.I wish it wasn't true but it is a scam
First name: Larry
Last name: Gaius
Aka: Sainte, Saint
Age: 51
Location: Michigan, Detroit, London, U.K.
Phone: 248 677 6150 and 011447045792350
Report: Supposely lives in Detroit, Mi. Was on Match.Com - says he is a engineer and owns his company. Travels a lot out of state. Claims he is only child, his parents killed in car accident, wife died four years ago, he is raising a nine year old daughter, claims she travels with him, he hires a tutor for her, when home he has a nanny. Claims to love you immediately, Said he was raised in Germany, has a very deep Accent. Spelling is very bad. Ask me for money within a week of being in London, needed $4,500.00 - said I didn't have he ask me to get him what I could - he tried for me to get $1000.00 and than ask for $800.00 CLAIMED tax people came to his job site and shut him down because he needed to pay their tax bill. After he came up with money for that he told me he needed money because his daughter Sandra and him had no money to eat.
First name: Thomas
Last name: Nelson
Age: 56
Location: Ft,Lauderdale, Florida
Phone: 19543789634
On websites:
Report: I met him on the we chat on IM at yahoo from 02/20/12 he write beautiful messages that got me suspicion so I did some research I just want others to be aware of him
First name: Darrell
Last name: Carter
Aka: Tristan
Age: 48
Location: NYC
Address: 324 E 108th ST
Phone: 6469125595
Email: g-mail, hot-mail, aol, yahoo
On websites: Senior People meet, BBP Meet,
Report: This man come across like a great guy. Good job, has a daughter 9, gets you involved, may even meet you. He is a black male, average. Has a fake picture on his dating web pages. After he has enough information on you, his side kick Sabrina calls you and starts harassing you. Say she is his woman and to leave him alone. He will ask for pictures. Naked which they use to black mail. She is very sweet at first then turns evil.. They play Good Cop, Bad Cop, then she goes after your job and family. Looking for money. I did not go that far because when she went after my job, I went to the police. There is a report in the Cayuga County police dept.
First name: Kent
Last name: young
Age: 47
Location: Los Angeles
Email: kentyoung14
Report: He sends letters through email. I found pieces of the letters on other scam sites. He says his mother is in the hospital and had open heart surgery.
First name: Herbert A
Last name: Hansen
Aka: Antonio Salvatore
Age: 50
Location: Gurnee Il
Address: W Westwood pl Gurnee il
Report: Met this person on asking for money for a donation for a friends funeral.. who had just been killed the day we met...
First name: James
Last name: Krot
Aka: James David Krot; James Alexander Krot
Age: 48
Location: Madison, WI; UK; Dallas, TX
Phone: 214-628-5598 (this is the Dallas landline, it is a
On websites:; facebook;yearbook
Report: I met this man on dating site.
First name: Brian
Last name: Hebbe
Aka: bhbh17
Age: 42
Location: Lake Cathie Australia
On websites: RSVP; girls date free; are u interested
Report: Avoid this man at all costs, He iis a serial conman with many devastated women left in his wake. He avoids introducing to family as they well aware of his nature with women. Generally dates women in the medical field , financially stable , with children , occasionally hospitality. Follows distinct pattern. Is unpredictable and dangerous. Please. Beware!
First name: felix
Last name: dowels
Aka: harrisonjdowels
Age: 42
Location: manchester england
Email: felixdowels@yahoo,com
On websites: unknownfacebook
Report: he wants to marrie me then say he going to send me a packace said i had to pay 350 $before it can be delivered then when i said i didnt have the 350 i got blocked
First name: David
Last name: Schafer
Age: 61 yrs
Location: Selangor, kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 47500
Address: 1 Sunway Hotel Rd
On websites: msn
Report: Emailing lovely love letters,says he lives in Nelson, New Zealand, then starts asking for money(ringgits) sent him money but very persistantly keeps asking for more. Says he is contractor on road and bridge. Sent photos with first email, very convincing. Asked for money for tax bill, then air ticket, then hotel bill, I will not give him more money, but he still persists. I dont know where to find help to help others.He supposed to come to nz today
First name: Shawn
Last name: Robert
Age: 50
Location: USA uk
On websites: Lava
Report: Supposed to be a self employed oil consultant with petrofac. They don't know him. He asked for A?1200 to purchase a work contract. Had lots of photos and was on the Internet search as a consultant with genuine photo that matched him on web cam.
First name: Steven
Last name: Segura
Age: 51
Location: Columbus, GA or Atlanta, GA but said is working in the Philipines
On websites:
Report: I was asked by this man awhile back for money and he has come back to the site and is trying to contact me. Stated a mn was killed on the job and that the governemnt there said he and his group had to pay 75,000 or they would be arrested and put into jail. He asked me for 1500.00. When I declined he calleda few times but gave up. I found him back on the site and have reported him as a money asker to have him removed.
First name: Christoven
Age: 50
Location: Nigeria
Report: Contact me when you have this finished, I can supply you with lots of MALE scammer photos, IP addresses, phone numbers and lots of emails! I want to help end these crazy men that steal from lonely US citizens! Thank You!
First name: John
Last name: Pauliano
Age: unknown
Location: Lagos,Nigeria
Address: Pauliano Chambers, Ghana
Phone: +2348134711010, +2348094323450
On websites: yes
Report: This man scammed me money in pretending to award contract of healthy life foundation to supply food to their orphanage homes and charity homes in africa
First name: Craig
Last name: Cozzens
Age: 47
Location: La Jolla, CA, USA
Report: Tried to scam me on
First name: james
Last name: hocker
Age: 43
Location: england
Phone: +447031831617
On websites:
Report: he told me that he sent a parcel for me but i have to pay $300 to 24/7 int'l courier services ltd. in malaysia customs.
First name: John
Last name: Raymond
Age: 44
Location: Kentucky U.SA
On websites: yahoo
Report: Say's he's a Staff Sargent in the U.S Army But has been in London U.K foe nearly 2 years now. He says he needs money for his VAT fee to be able to have access into his pay cheque as he cannot leave the U.K to go home to the U.S To access into his bank account there. He says he will lose all his pay thats been froze if he leaves the U.K I also have pics and a certificate of deposit pic of a large amount of money he says is his in his London bank account which is on freeze hold I have a story thats so long to tell about him I just need proof he's a legitament man and not a scammer..
Last name: LAUGHNER
Age: 52 12/24/1960
Address: 2824 96TH AVENUE CT MILAN FL 61264
Phone: 309-798-7019
On websites:
Report: He is everywhere I was also a victim. I am trying to spread this information everywhere
First name: terry chris
Last name: Bruce
Aka: Bellywine
Age: 46
Location: texas
Phone: 07024030948
On websites: facebook, myspace,fubar,zoosk,
Report: he was lovely to start then asked me for money and got nasty when i refused and continued until i blocked him totally, he also says he has a daughter called sheena.
First name: John
Last name: Luk
Age: 40
Location: Nigeria
Address: 10 anwai road asaba Delta state Nigeria
Phone: +23-470-36401694
On websites: facebook, yahoo
Report: contacted by facebook message, liked my profile, would like to know me better, has 5 yr old son named Ben, wife was killed in car accident, was born in Sweden, went to College in UK, lives in Denver, Colorado, working in Africa as a Civil Engineer. Son gets sick and is sent to Africa because nanny can't deal, her mom just died. Son gets sick, needs money for food and hospital surgery, son is going to die if I don't send money, wants me to transfer money from his UK account to US account and wire money, keep money myself in account for him later. Becomes angry, threatening, continues to call non stop and send messages. Total scam!!!!!
First name: dave
Last name: morris
Age: 49
Location: fairbanks alaska
Address: 99701
Phone: 907 457-1240
On websites: arctic alaska guide serice
Report: this guy david morris he have a contact in negeria scammers he was creating fake mariage contract to be pretending that he loves me for the last part it's all fake and he have bad intentions to for me, he wanted to scamm my money.
First name: samson
Last name: peterson
Age: 41
Location: nigeria
Report: ive been asked by this man to set up a go pay acct, when i did , he told me his mom friend put money in to travel to see me , it was 1400 dollars , i western union the money, now i have to pay it back, he sent me a cheak to put in my bank for 4000 dollars, thank god i did not, it wasnt any good, my email i need help, i have a pic, i and alot of phone numbers, i just need help amber
First name: John
Last name: Donnad
Age: 50+
Location: says Ohio
On websites:
Report: We spoke several times on yahoo instant messenger and he called twice, once he has gained trust, he will wow you with compliments etc. He says he has a son who is 19 and went to Africa with a class and got shot and his girlfriend beat up and he needs money to get back to the states.
First name: cliff
Last name: ojiemen
Age: 27
Location: Nigeria
Report: the person that is using this email address is a scammer
First name: Wilson
Last name: Scott
Age: 56
Location: Miami Beach
On websites: Match
Report: He asked for money. Wanted me to cash a check and wire him the money after i told him i wouldn't send him money. I declined and never heard back. Contacted me on Match. Com. Said he lived in Miami Beach. He had to fly to Malaysia for work and needed money after he got there.
First name: albert n.
Last name: kirwan
Aka: arlene edwards
Age: 65
Location: silsbee,texas
Address: p.o. box1328
Email: Andrew owns u
On websites:
Report: claims to work for F.B.I.Catching casino winners where abouts.
First name: Alexander
Last name: Bill
Age: 50
Location: Colorado, NJ, Rome Italy
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Enviromental Engineer, Avon Colorado. Widorer with teenage daughter. Portrays to be a godly christian man. Sends expensive gifts then ask to borrow money because he is out of state cannot connect to his bank acct because his computer is not working but promises to repay. When I said I could not send him money he stopped talking to me.
First name: ethan
Last name: joyce
Age: claiming to be 55-60
Location: claiming to be australian, but very doubtful
Report: Claiming to be robbed in Malaysia and needing cash to come back to Australia.
First name: james
Last name: glaser
Age: 41
Location: Plano TX
On websites: jango
Report: He claims to be in Afganastan and he need to hear your voice so you can make this a deeper connection. He wants you to get a
First name: Ron
Last name: Walker
Age: 62
Location: Malaysia
Phone: 601-464-20281
Report: Mr. Walker scammed me for $2200.00. Had to pay his hotel bill before he could purchase ticket and come to states to cash his payroll check of $1,850,000.00. He also scammed another lady in Nova Scotia with the same story and the same check. I believe I have the emails of other ladies as well!