First name: James
Age: 61
Location: Alexandria, Ohio
Phone: 646-651-4083
Report: I believe he is scamming me having met on the dating site
First name: Don
Last name: Johnson
Age: unknown
Location: Sequim WA & Jamaika
Address: 230 W Prairie St Sequim WA
Phone: 876-723-4682
Report: they call and want you to wire money or get a money pak card and tell you that I won 3.2 miillion dollarsand a car before its payed and they are near to my home and it has to be paid before delivery.
First name: Simon
Last name: John
Age: 57
Location: nigeria
Phone: 2348027967479
On websites:
Report: Asked for $750.00 Emailing for 3 weeks. Said he was from Germany and was hoping to get contract in Nigeria. Told story about being beat up by Nigerians and had no money..... I immediately deleted his email address.
First name: John
Last name: morrison
Age: 50+
Location: uk
Report: he is also on dating site saying he is from uk same phot as on here
First name: Steve
Last name: lopez-leonad
Aka: James Brown
Age: 50+
Location: usa?
Report: this man sent to emails from 2 email address stating a different name but srent the same photo
First name: patrick
Last name: weather
Aka: unknown..collins willam,Benito Ambrosini,michael anderson,sydney rodman
Age: 45
Location: uk
On websites: unknownfacebook
Report: he is a romance scammer ..I know several women who have been scammed by him including myself..
First name: donald
Last name: Williams
Aka: Alberto reed
Age: 59
Location: Scottsdale arizona
Phone: 4242498881
On websites: Tagged
Report: Claims to be an architect on a job site, in Ghana. Needs a quick loan for various reasons. Askes you send it western union. He will also hack your bank account if he knows which bank. Be careful what you say.
First name: David
Last name: Addo
Age: unknown
Location: Accra - North Ghana/West Africa
Address: PO Box KT 352 Kotobabi
Report: I am not sure that he is the one that is part of the scam .. but I met his partner in crime a Sergeant Daniel Moore of the US Military. (if that is his real name)on within the week he has asked me to send money or PS3 to this David Addo. He also spoke about paying a lawyer to put my name in some
First name: John
Last name: Jay
Age: 50
Location: Toronto Canada
On websites:
Report: Classic Internet dating fraud, claims to be an antique buyer stuck in a Malaysia and needs cash to get his goods out and cannot acces his funds as his bank accounts were previously compromised
First name: Barry
Last name: Morress
Aka: skinlong from PA on christian mingle
Age: 63
Location: boca raton, fl, and currently No 27 Bin Rashid street, Jumeirah Beach Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirate.
Address: No 27 Bin Rashid street, Jumeirah Beach Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirate.
On websites: christianmingle
Report: he is asking for money several time now to complete business transation with some lumber. He has my aunt fallen inlove with him. I have to report this
First name: Alexis
Last name: Woods or Woodrowe
Aka: alexiswoods
Age: 42
Location: libya, tripoli where he is stationed
Address: alabama
Email: or
On websites: netlog
Report: alexis is in military as a lieutenant pursued me to get married and made a proxy marriage. I was told that I have to pay my share of the application which I did. After payment we I was told that I have to help him pay the lawyer's fee for arranging marriage certificate $845US and he will reimburse me when he gets all his entiltlement when he goes on leave. But another problem came up the army sent email stating that I am entitled for the marriage leave payment but to get these I have to pay for the processing fee of $535 but i refused until I havent heard from him and until today he is blaming me for not paying thats why he can't come to be with me.
First name: Derek
Last name: Handle
Aka: Dee boxofchocolate1
Age: 62
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: OKcupid
Report: says retiring from military wants to find lady to spend retirement with. Started talking about some investments made in secret in Afghanistan... never got around to asking for money because I figured out was scam... Used pic of high ranking officer in Army.
First name: Michael
Last name: O'Neil
Age: 43
Location: oyo Nigeria
Email: Michaeloneil15@yahoo. com
On websites: yahoo
Report: Always I'm need of money trying to get back to USA so we can meet. Looking for true love. Live i Mexico family in UK. Right now in hospital can't leave country until bill is paid $520. State his plane ticket is paid for.
First name: Michael
Last name: Lemmons
Age: 57
Location: Dallas, TX, States originally from Germany
On websites: Was on
Report: Was on and got off quickly. I gave him an email address that I seldom use. His English was a little broken. When questioned told me he was from Germany. Only talked to him a couple of times on IM's. Each time he asked if I believed in God and each time I had the offline setting on. Then about the 3rd time he caught me in the middle of the night and started telling me he was in Africa to buy gold and they wouldn't take a credit card for the gold and/or hotel room and he and his son had no where to sleep. Wanted me to send him money and explained how I could go to Western Union to do it. I told him I would pray for him or better yet for the women that would be foolish enough to fall for his scam.
First name: Clifton
Last name: Hubbard
Age: 51
Location: Adromache QLD
On websites: Was operating on Evow dating site
Report: This scammer spoke to me on yahoo and within one week asked me for money to pay for medication for his sick son because he lost his credit card etc. The night before he asked me for money he said it was his son's birthday in 2days and he wanted me to send him small change & a psp computer game device. I have kept a hard copy of his conversations & profile off the dating site as I'm sure he will operate under another name or use this name on another dating site.
First name: Robert
Last name: Watkins
Aka: peter schiff
Age: 52
Location: Seattle, Tuscon, Connecticut
On websites: Zoosk
Report: Typical ghana scam, professes love quickly by 3rd or 5th contact asks for money fro a child's birthday. This ona actually sent me roses and a pizza dinner.
First name: Kelvin
Age: 53
Location: ??London
On websites:
Report: Last seen on ok.cupid,now on badoo -dating sites
First name: Joseph
Last name: Baker
Age: 40
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 2348068004981
Report: Joseph contacted me via email. He then started sending pictures and emails , love letters. Things did not add up as he was asking the same questionsover and over, he refused to take a picture of himself with his cell phone and send with me so I could match the date and picture with other pictures. When I questioned him he blamed me for not trusting him and said
First name: agent slim
Aka: agent slim
Age: around 30-35
Location: kuala lumpur malaysia
Address: kuala lumpur malaysia
Phone: +060162674091/ +060143610775
On websites:
Report: He sent email that there is a package for you and that it has a big amount of money insisde the package and to get the package he will ask you to pay a big amount and when you pay the amount he will ask you again a big amount that there was another problem about the package so he will ask you again another big amount of money and he will he will pretend again that the package is ok but he will ask you to give your complete address and your business address to deliver the package and after giving the info he will call you again and he will make a threat against you, he will tell you that he will post a video about you where you are working and where you live that he is going to ruin your life and he will ask you again a big amount of money so that he will stop from doing the threat.
First name: Richard
Last name: Grey
Age: 41
Location: Basking Ridge N
Phone: 310-431-9386
Report: Tries to win you over and get personal information. He tells you he is on a business trip in Thailand and will be coming home in two weeks. HE emails you everyday with bits and pieces of his life and tries to get personal information about you. When time to come home he asks if you can pick him up at the airport. You wait for the trip from Thailand to NEwark INternational. At 5:00PM he text he is stuck in UK and his passport has been taken away and needs $950.00 to pay the customs man to get to leave UK. If he does not get the money he will loose his flight home. He tries to pressure you to no end but do not give in. This guy seems new but I found out he is a scammer because the text message had no roaming charge and took place in same area. The flight ticket is a fake and the customs receipt is fake too. He lays if thick and heavy but do not give in. Warning to all about this character.
First name: daniel
Last name: smith
Aka: danielseeklove
Age: 56
Location: michigan,usa, africa, spain
Report: gets your yahoo address then changes your profile information and pass word on dating sites. so the you cant access your own info.
First name: Eldom
Last name: Kelley
Age: 52
Location: united States / malaysia
On websites:,,,
Report: This man makes you believe he is in a lot of trouble and ask for money to get out of it. He says he is Irish and that he lost his wife of cancer. he says he has a son named Terry and that his mom is ill.
First name: Celino
Last name: Lason
Age: 43
Location: London U.K.
Email: and
On websites: FaceBook
Report: This man has been sending mails to me and several other girls I have managed to contact with love promises even without knowing us. Announces visiting us and ofering love and a relationship, etc. He never answers questions but only keeps asking. Sends romantic mails and things of the sort. Declares to be widow with a girl of 7 named Irene. To another girl his daughter was 6 and named Jenny. We fear it be an organization and can locate us either to commit robery or even be of terrorist nature.
First name: chris
Last name: burke
Age: 55
Location: nigeria
Report: he says he has a daughter of 5yrs. says he works for Unesco and Unitar. captin in army work is everything to him. shows pictures of him daughter and his mother. told me his mom died last yr.
First name: Donald
Last name: Perry
Age: 54
Location: USA, Houston
On websites:
Report: I met this person online on 3/3/12. I was skeptical from the beginning because he was 'in love' with me in like a day and I could not find his name associated with his alleged job, Independent Geologist Consultant (which happens to be a real job). By day 2 1/2 I was extra skeptical and did an online search for some of the phrases he was using in his messages and was immediately taken to the website and to another website. I would estimate that 95 percent of the stuff he types is totally lifted online somewhere. He claims to be a widow with a young son named Sam...he never asked me for anything...I wasn't gullible enough and caught on too quickly.
First name: Bentley
Last name: Alexander
Age: 54
Location: Kandahar Afghanistan
Report: Bentley Alexander sent a message through the inbox on my facebook account. He introduced himself as a British soldier serving in Afghanistan. In an email I received he said that he had assets of $ 1 million in cash that was seized during the raids on NATO troops in the home former president Ghadaffi Libya. He said the money would have to get out of Afghanistan before his term ended in December 2011. He asked that I would accept the money and keep it until January 2012 he came to Indonesia. He said the money would be taken out of Afghanistan by courier diplomatic immunity and I have to send money for cleanup at the airport in 7600 dollars to the agent Luke. Two days later a man called me and asked me to immediately send the money.
First name: thompson
Last name: wisdom
Aka: jhon water
Age: 50's
Location: united kingdom
On websites:
Report: first, he introduce himself working in an oil rig in u.k.. and his luking 4 a serius relationship online.. he wants mw to go to him and be with him for the rest of his life.. and he promised me to process all the stuff needed in going out of the country..he even send me letters that he had contacted his lawyer and started processing my papers..there he started asking me to pay for my medical certificate which cost 350usd. and be submitted to the british embassy and assuring me to pay as s0on as i can t0 mke the pr0cessing as early as possible.. he also send me a copy of the application letter from the british embassy.. and when i ask him about his fullname and address he told me it's not even neccessary.. when he gave me his address i immediately checked it n the internet and i found out that there's no place like the address he had given me.. and even the add of the law firm he have told me wasnt true..
First name: Miller
Last name: General
Aka: Joe miller general
Age: 49
Location: Says Afghanistan but is not
On websites: Skype, yahoo messenger
Report: Poses as an American soldier in Afghanistan and will promise women access to his Box which he will give you the code so you can get money out of it but he only takes. He is scum and needs to be stopped or killed. He wants you to wire money to Nigeria but will never call you direct or video chat only works on Skype or Yahoo messenger he works with several men with middle eastern names Mohammed ,for example he needs to spend the rest of his life in prison
First name: David
Last name: Icenogle
Aka: Dave
Age: 42
Location: USA Springfield
Address: E Chestnut St., Chatham, IL
Phone: (217) 572-7596
On websites:,
Report: David Icenogle is on several dating websites and is in a full-time relationship with someone. He claims to be
First name: Barry
Last name: Clanton
Age: 47
Location: Malaysia
Address: JalanUSJ3/7 Subang,Selangor.Malaysia.47600
Phone: +60162869315
Email: Barry Clanton
On websites:
Report: he in also in the same place or group as Wesley Englund