First name: Mark
Last name: Johnson
Age: 61
Location: portland. Oregon
Address: SE cora St
Email: markccp4040@gmail
On websites: hangouts
Report: I met Mark on Words with friends..We started talking for months and he ended up telling me he loved me, wanted to marry me, etc. Over the course of a few months, I would ask him personal questions which he always avoided or got upset and wouldn't answer. I finally asked for a picture of his driver license. It took him 3 days to supply but he did. A few days later I asked for him to take a copy of his mail and send it to me, which he didn't. A week or so later, I suggested that we video chat, he declined. A week later, i asked for his phone number, which he wouldn't give me. All during this, he kept telling me that he loved me and he was coming to visit me. When I searched the web with his name and birthday (3/21/59) nothing showed up. So I search for a match with his picture. He is using the picture of Coronel Telhada in Brazil. The pictures I saw on the coronel were some of the same pictures he sent to my gmail account. He's definitely a fraud.
First name: Benes Erik David
Age: 58
Location: London
Phone: +447723739197
On websites:
Report: I am 100% convinced that this person is a scammer. I know this after three e-mails, because he put the same text, he had poor English, and his texts to be found on the Internet, but I kept it with the correspondence for a month, until he wanted to send me valuable documents. Maybe wasting time on me, he didn't pull on someone else. I have a photo, e-mails and correspondence on Whats app. Unfortunately, I don't know how it can be published here.
First name: Donald
Age: 56
Location: Lubbock
Phone: 312-205-9778
On websites: Pof
Report: Met on pof, claims to be an engineer asked if I lived alone red flags
First name: James
Last name: Frankly
Aka: Lebukgang Mace Mashigo
Age: 43
Location: San Francisco California USA, Cape Town South Africa & Johnnesburg South Africa
Phone: +1 209 314 6097
On websites:, WhatsApp & Hangouts
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a Brazlian man call Doctor Luis Eduardo Oliveira who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as a Medical Doctor I met this man call James Frankly on a Dating Site call Zorpia/Twoo, and he lives in San Francisco California USA, as a Medical Doctor and a Dentist. (Specialist). He also told me he owns a clinic in Cape Town South Africa. I talk to him on WhatsApp Online and he told me he was a Dentist Doctor so what a mixed up. He also told me he is a widower with one daughter and he started to ask for money. James Frankly and he's daughter in South Africa Hospital etc:
First name: James
Last name: Ramirez
Aka: James Oros
Age: 45
Phone: 970-305-4900
On websites: WhatsApp, Hangouts
Report: Says he is a Sgt in the Army stationed in Norway...
First name: Mark Eric
Last name: Scott
Age: 50
Location: Reno Nevada, Dubai, Nigeria
Phone: +1 (707) 405-0398
On websites: Plenty of fush
Report: Asks for money to fix his truck because he is stranded in Sacramento with his 16 year old daughter. Also said he need money because she is sick. Can?t get money from his parents because they died is car accident two months ago in South Africa. I blocked him
First name: David
Last name: Russo
Age: 71
Location: Kanas and Texas
On websites: Pof
Report: Looking to see if he is a scammer
First name: Martin
Last name: Wilson
Age: 64
Location: Orlando, FL, Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412-532-8097
On websites: Sugar Daddy Meets
Report: Met him on Sugar Daddy Meets. He said he is 64 but his picture looks to be in his late 40s or early 50s. Says he loves to travel, dance and every year tries new hobbies. Romantic, Loving and caring heart is open to sincere feelings and you might find in me a truly devoted partner. Says he is honest (LOL) open and friendly. 5ft 7in, hazel eyes and black hair. These specs matched the pictures on the site but when he sent me more pictures they were of a much older man with solid white hair. When I questioned it he said the site pictures were some years ago. But when you compare them the nose, chin, eyes and eyebrows are not the same guy and those things don't change with age. He quit messaging after I called him out on these pictures.
First name: Bourgeois
Last name: Desmond
Age: 53
Location: Illinois, Boulder, CO, Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: 217-931-7471
On websites: Facebook Dating
Report: Met Bourgeois on Facebook Dating. Says he lives in Illinois presently but moving to Boulder Colorado in September and wants me to wait for him. Originally from Serbia but moved to Illinois 9 years ago. Has a 14 year old son in one of the pictures, LOL He called me and I couldn't even understand him. Found his stolen pictures on the net. So tired of dealing with these guys. They think we are Stupid.
First name: Andrew
Last name: Lee
Aka: Chao
Age: 41
Location: London
Phone: +447902190351
On websites: Kinder
Report: He met me in kinder to say hi and politely by using a Korean guy photo said looking for serious relationship and I make him think about his late gaining my trust sent a lot of sweet Korean couple photo. After that he said he award a contract in Cyrus and need help for settle the deposit for the supplier. And send all look real evidence such as what's app live to show where he is. After I sent 2 k he pushing me send money in few days. Then today I sent another 3 k. Talk about marry and stuff. But since last minute I talk to him still doubting his scammer. Because I am Buddhist, so I think thing happens for a reason. So I send those money. Since first day I know I have been searching difference scammer check website and google and stuff get none of his information so I do have 30% of trust of him. If he did need help for business as he said will pay me back. Beside he is using a Chinese company NRA account to received money and a Chinese guy personal account in China to received the money But I find out someone post this information, of true detail of him on your website: On websites: & WhatsApp. Report: I met this man call Curtis Greg aka Chao on a Dating Site call ... He is originally from Lavtia but now he lives in London UK as a Managing Director at Lee construction.