First name: Paul
Last name: Ramos
Age: 36
Location: San Diego
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: Paul Walsh Ramos jr supposed US Marine Corps. Looking for serious relationship.
First name: Steven
Last name: Terry
Aka: Military
Age: 58
Location: NY
On websites: Facebook
Report: i want to know if he is for true
First name: FRED
Last name: VINCENZO
Age: 61
On websites: google chat
First name: Joe
Last name: Henry
Aka: James Taylor
Age: 58
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
On websites: Words with friends
Report: This man is known by multiple names, including Alexander Palmer, Jerry West, Joel Newton and many others. I first encountered him on words with friends in 2021. He asked for stream cards, as well as google cards and apple cards. In December 2021 he claimed that his good name was under threat unless he got $6000.00 to buy ?his men? jackets that were suitable to wear inside on the oil rig they were working on. In December 2022 he wanted $20000.00 to ?repair a drill for another oil rig. On both occasions I refused his request and he just stopped contacting me.
First name: Jason
Last name: Spencer
Age: 51
Location: Germany, USA
Phone: +13203056617
On websites: Telegram
Report: He promises to send 5000 euros in exchange of 50 euros
First name: ben
Last name: louis
Age: 55
Location: adan yemen
Phone: 351910713606
On websites: facebook
Report: nothing but a liar n even when caught he still lies and tries to make you feel guilty for what hes doing!!!
First name: Daniel
Last name: Saengsuwan
Aka: Dan
Age: 38
Location: United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7577716829
On websites: Instagram
Report: Instagram account: sae_ngdaniel Claimed to be a single man by the name of Daniel Saengsuwan. Father is a Malaysian and mom is a Thai, but since father passed away, he followed his father?s side and moved to London as his father?s side hates his mother. Claim to work as a PT engineer and also doing a side business of import/export of air vent products.
First name: Ryan
Last name: Reyes
Aka: Morrison Declan
Age: 40
Location: Santa Monica, California
On websites: Instagram
Report: Instagram account _ryan_reyes_davis.
First name: Scott
Last name: Arnold
Aka: Skort or Arnold Baby
Age: 51
Location: Brooklyn New York
Phone: 1-650-646-5643
On websites: What's app
Report: claims to be part of the USA military which I believe is true as he video called me and I saw him in person and he actually has a room with 8 single beds. Maybe he is board in the military. I did on him and he is listed on all kinds of sites all over the world on that page. I told him about this and he still pursued me. Then he had his GENERAL in the military message me and say he needs money for the REPLACEMENT for him to leave the military. He claims to have a son named Kelvin and a sister named Temeka that is in the Michigan. His parents are deceased. All stories I knew were fake. The email used by his general was clearly not military as it was a google email and he wanted money sent through Biticoin. He went as far as to create a facebook profile near me and then join a facebook dating page and he even had likes from my area including a realtor in Norwood. He picked the wrong women to fool and I called him out the whole time but he kept on trying. LOL
First name: Donald
Last name: West
Age: 63
Location: canada
Phone: 1 (807) 789-3340?,1 (778) 924-0406?
On websites: Whatsapp, Zoosk
First name: james
Last name: alex
Age: 58
Location: DUBAI
Phone: 315-232-8460
On websites: upward dating site
Report: this scammer wanted to log in to a fake bank account which was supposed to be his account and transfer money to a company for him to buy materials. His bank account was fake. there is no such thing as swithenplc.
First name: James
Last name: Kennedy
Age: 52
Location: Arizona USA
Phone: 4043003235 and 5402986941
On websites:
Report: I meet this gentlemen on when I confronted him he total denies that this is him. He said early in our meeting that someone has used his identity to make new profiles.
First name: Robbie
Last name: Newman
Age: 47
Location: US California Los Angeles
Phone: +1 (408) 518-0386
On websites:
Report: Pretends to be a pilot for the Vista Jet Company. Uses photo of real person Robbie Schaefer ( The main theme of the scam: in order to meet him, you need to pay for his flight on a private jet to your city ($1900) by contacting his
First name: Peter
Last name: Morgan
Age: 50
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Phone: +234 813 723 8071
On websites:
Report: Pretends to be a widower marine engineer from Los Angeles. The phone is registered in Nigeria. Son Felix in a boarding school. He fools around for a week, then sends a
First name: Airbird Anthony
Age: 46
Location: Taiwan
Phone: +886 913 196 377
On websites:
Report: Hangs out on dating sites. Uses photo of pilot Jonas (JONAS_SOFLY). Contacts by whatsapp +886 913 196 377. Was exposed by me within 5 minutes. After that, he disappeared from the correspondence. I could talk him into a full legend, but he is too primitive.
First name: Frank
Last name: William
Age: 59
Location: Houston, TX, USA
Phone: 301-683-7330
On websites: Instagram, Google Hangouts
Report: This person contacted my mother on instagram pretending to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses and saying he was looking to fall in love after the death of his wife 3 years ago. Without a single call or facetime he said he was falling in love with her and saw a future with her; apparently she had made him smile after years of grief. He said he was an only child and that his parents had died when he was very young, then he was raised by an aunt in Spain who had no children of her own. Claimed to live in Houston, TX and work in forestry. Told my mother he had been awarded a contract in Alaska for $5,000,000 USD to be executed in four weeks (even sent some bogus document through email to prove the contract lol). Then suddenly things started to go wrong in Alaska and he was starting to hint at the fact that he was going to need money from her (all while professing to be completely in love). He asked many personal questions (such as where she lived, how many properties she owned, what car she drove) which my mom did not answer. He even called her on the phone once, and had a very thick accent and sounded very far away. Eventually I ran a reverse lookup online on his picture and saw the many reports on here at which point it became obvious he was a scammer. If you are talking to this person please know all his words of
First name: craig
Last name: hong
Age: 50
Location: florida
On websites: instagram, google chat
Report: A doctor is writing to me who is in Iran and cannot get home because he signed a contract for 5 months and the UN extended their contract. If he wants to get home before his contract expires, his wife must send money to his superior to buy him out of the contract. So he was asking me for $10,000 to pay his ransom. When I wrote to him that I didn't have money, he sent me a package in which he said there was 200,000 dollars and I was supposed to take 10,000 from that package and redeem it. He sent me the package and I was contacted by a shipping company that I should pay $3000 for the package to have it delivered to my door. The shipping company sent me a package tracking code where I can check where the package is on their website. They also sent me a photo of the package with my address and a QR code. I haven't paid for the package yet. The shipping company has had him for 2 months now and the doctor is still pressuring me to take his package. What would you do in my place?
First name: Steve
Last name: Diego
Aka: Steve Diego
Age: 37
Location: Sryia
Email: Steve Diego
On websites: Tick tic. Goggle chat
Report: We meet on tick tock and told me he was marine and change he mind and told me he was in army. Told me in in sryia for peace keeping mission .and inform about a week ago he was going on a mission and he returned from this mission with a bag full of money and some gold plus some document. And wanted me to keep a box safe for him once he returned home. He paid for delivery fee and claim s he didn't know their was insurance fee to pay. He wants me to pay 2,7 40 for insurance fee that I don't have or will I pay.
First name: Hrubes
Last name: Sanderson
Aka: Bruce
Age: 52
Location: Charleston, SC; Miami, Fl
Phone: +1 (973) 355-5985
On websites: Telegram, Facebook, instagram
Report: Hrubes Sanderson reached out to me on telegram. We started a conversation. He is an orthopedic dr working in Ukraine as a peace keeping operation. Unfortunately I heard orthopedic surgeon and thought how crazy fate was. My idea was to become friends and then maybe I can ask him about my last 2 full knee replacements. I a few weeks I was having a full revision of one of the knees. He would reach out to me in the morning and then in the evening. We would talk about a lot of stuff and I asked specific questions on where he went to med school, etc. he was very nice and polite. I then had my surgery and I was put on some very heavy pain killers. The medication really messed with my head. Anyway, he starts telling me how the bombs are getting closer and another evening they were attacked and one of his colleagues was killed. He originally told me he would be leaving soon, but then they renewed his contract for another 6 months. He said he wanted to leave because he is afraid for his life now. If I pretend to be his fiancee I can request he comes home but there is a charge. Then they tell you the jet to fly him home has to be paid a ridiculous amount. Then he gets the Turkey and oh btw, the jet was just for flight to turkey not US. Then he says he needs money to buy a ticket and get a hotel for the night. Then he stops all contact with you for 2 days. Then I got an email from Turkish Customs that he has been detained for drug trafficking. Luckily, that?s when I started waking up from all the pain pills and realized I had been scammed. The real person?s picture is plastic surgery doctor in California. He stole everything I had.
First name: Thomas
Last name: Richter
Aka: Tom
Age: 69
Location: Swindon, Wiltshire, UK
Phone: (44) 078402 76422
On websites: Match UK
First name: Zouhdy
Last name: Batshon
Aka: Zouhdy
Age: 48
Location: Sydney, Australia
On websites: Eharmony, Instagram amd Facebook
Report: Absolute scam. Has been evicted and is looking for a place to stay, take over the lease and kick out the women. He has tried it on me.
First name: Reed
Last name: Smith
Age: 56
Location: Queens,ny
On websites: plenty of fish
Report: Met on date site Plenty of fish in August 2019. He was going for engineering job in Africa. Needed money for expenses then to bring crane from NYC to Republic of Benin. Then money for son with sister in Canada. Ex wife a drunk ,gambler. He needed computer 2 ,iPhones air buds and 2 watches for job Grand total he scammed me for was 132thousand in credit card and 45 thousand of my hard earned money. And I see he was using same stories on someone else at same time. Getting mugged for his money ,passport taken. I have pictures of money sent on his behalf to people all over. My money. And the bitcoin receipts ,apple cards. Thousands. He just attempted to contact me today after 3 weeks. He got mugged in Canada with his sister.
First name: Chuck
Last name: William
Aka: Dylan Jiminez
Age: 58
Location: Alaska, Texas
Address: 102 Woodbriar Rd
Phone: 301-683-7330
On websites: Intagram
Report: This man saying he is Chuck William contacted my mother in law in August of this year. Saying he was a Jehovah's Witness and perused her on Messenger. He stated that he was from Spain and his parents died young, he came to Texas and was adopted by a nice family. Sandy my (MIL) is a widow of one year and one of Jehovah's Witnesses and fell in love with this man. He said he worked in the Forestry and was in Alaska for one last job before he retired. He said that his wife died of cancer and he was in love with my 71 year old MIL. She told me about this relationship and I got on this site and did a reverse on his photo. All kinds of scams and names came up. He ended up telling her that someone stole his picture and was hurt that his family didn't believe him. Something happened in Alaska and he asked to borrow $300,000 from my MIL. She only had $29,000 in her savings. She went into the bank on 10/26/22 and withdrew the $29,000 and got a certified check to send to a Sandra Crook at a Cardinal Financial Services at 102 Woodbriar Rd, Ponte Vedra Florida 30281. I daughter in law, Cherrise Clarke, didn't find out about this until Nov 9, 22. A little too late. I thought she believed me when I told her that he was a fraud. I dug a little more by searching a you tube video that you had in your data base under Dylan Jimenez. The video didn't exist anymore, but the names of all 4 guys were there and one happened to be Bob Byrum!! Started googling Bob and Found him and his wife (very much alive) is Katrina Byrum. He has a real face book, no accent and a real wife. Although my MIL finally believes me 11/10/2022. She is still in contact with him. He is wanted her to take a loan out on her house through Rocket Mortgage or go to a loan shark that he knows and borrow more money for him. He is there in communication if anyone can do anything to find him and stop him. Please help.
First name: Christopher
Last name: Dakota
Aka: Dakota Kaya
Age: 45
Location: Vietnam
Phone: +1 (312) 768-8095
On websites: Facebook dating
Report: He asked me to transfer funds within his account and then the transactions were blocked by the bank? And he needed money to do things so I sent money to help him out. I?m about $5K in debt right now and he states he needs another $15K to help him get home. He?s very believable and I do like him. I just don?t know if this is a scam or not. Please help me with this?
First name: Briggs
Last name: Marcella
Aka: Edmund Bennetts/Paul Gilbert
Age: 56
Location: USA - New Zealand
Phone: 1320288-0351
Email: marcella424@gmail.c0
On websites: Facebook Linked In as Paul Gilbert/Edmund Bennetts/robert scott 483
Report: Romance scammer = started off asking me for money then used fake Cargo address for his luggage - needed 1500 dollars now he's in a hospital in New Zealand and he no doubt will need money to get him out of hospital also known as Flores Robert - medical doctor Air Freight Cargo - Hull fake address fake website
First name: micah
Last name: imama
Aka: Heston Zhang, Micah Heston
Age: 42
Location: Benin Nigeria
Phone: 6152468180
On websites: face book. twitter,
Report: He ia a police officer in Edo state Beninnigeria badge number 509587 . I don't think he lies about himself but he does tries to scam women out of money and cards. He is a devil in sheeps clothing so lades be aware of this man.
First name: Keith
Last name: Hoffman
Aka: Jude Zevadero, Ryan Walter , Arrigo Antonelli,
Age: 65
Location: Seattle, WA
Email: hoffkeith@
On websites: POF
Report: He contacted me on POF September 2022, name Keith Hoffman, living in Seattle, Wa , originally from Germany , inStates 8 years . He ask soon to move to texting on Google chat . He said he Works as furniture maker uses only certain wood available in Canada , now has job in Canada to collect trees to ship back to work with in the US , After 1 week of work he got robbed , reported to police ,he did not give me any more info on subject of robbery . He ask for my help ,I told him I have no money to help out . He was trying to make me feel guilty , I stay cold because I was scammed in 2018 and never again will it happen . After I located 2 photos of the same man I deleted and blocked this scammer . I know the man on the photos is an innocent victim , photos possibly stolen with intent to profit by some unsavory , bad person .
First name: Victor
Last name: Siwik
Aka: Gerald Herman
Age: 60
Location: Boston, MA
Phone: 617-313-7368
On websites: Plenty of Fish & Turkey Personals
Report: I didn?t know about scammers and how they operate. I heard of something called law bombing, but I didn?t understand that either. Anyway he managed to get 24,000 Adamy and a whole bunch of iTunes cards that he said was to keep in touch with people, but never said all the people were there was a whole elaborate story about being stuck in turkey and being in jail being locked up as he put it he never said jail for being locked up and need it all this help so that he can get home and all this other stuff has my address had my banking information but I sense close that. Yeah it was a whole long thing that lasted about six months a lot of ladders from him. I really thought that I had somebody I?m 62 years old. I felt rejected most of my life and I really thought I had someone for real only to find out later I have been taken. I have a lot of pictures of him. He presents a story of his wife dying in 2014. Showed me a passport and just had a whole storyline that made a lot of sense to me. There?s more to the story than you would ever know it left me, suicidal broken, broke and feeling like I?m never gonna recover from this.
First name: Rick D
Last name: West
Aka: Donald West
Age: 63
Location: Persian Gulf
Phone: 18077893340
On websites: Honestheart West
Report: Mr. West started talking to my through After several days he asked if we could switch to What's App. Which I did. We talked on this media for 1 week at which point he asked me if I could please help him, it was urgent. His son had fallen down the stairs and broken his arm. I asked him what he needed he said 5-10K immediately the flags went up and I thought scammer. He is a very smooth talker and very romantic. I have a lot of e-mails from him which shows this. I told him I would have to check with the bank in the morning. Next day I told him that I could not give him these funds that the executor of my estate went ballistic and said this guy is a scammer block him. Unfortunately, I did not listen, I continued contact with him. He tried to get me to reason with the Trustee. I told there was no way on earth I could get any funds. He said ok Honey no problem do not stress. That night at 1:30 a.m. I get a video request I answer it and it is him from the ship he is supposedly on in the Persian Gulf. He told me that he had been recalled to duty when his wife died of Cancer in 2017. And that he was on a peace keeping mission in the Persian Gulf and would be returning in 2 weeks because he then would officially retire from the Navy, and we can meet and then continue our relationship in person. He said he owned a house in California, but that he had purchased a home in Queenstown, Niagara on the Lake Ontario prior to his deployment. I started getting really nervous after that and I started researching Commander Rick D West and I just lucked into a video on the US Naval site when I played it, I absolutely knew that I was being scammed. Because the real Commander Rick D West has a Georgian accent and the guy, I was talking to, had a Greek accent (he had told me he did since his father was from Greece mother from Rising Fawn Georgia. He even sent me a picture of himself and his mom along with many photos of him on the ship and doing peace keeping duty. As of yesterday evening, when I confronted him via text on What's app and basically told him he was a fraud and that I had the proof. He is such a smooth operator that he had the nerve to call me again that night and basically told me that I had a trust issue and that he did not want to spend any more time developing this relationship with someone who did not trust him. I told him he was a louse and that he needed to go to jail for doing this to women and in the best tradition of the navy I leave him with my departing greeting HOOYAH! which by the way he had no idea what I was talking about. He then texted me again on What's saying what a wonderful life we could have had if only I trusted him. I ignored him and blocked him.
First name: Brenny
Last name: Jones
Aka: Richard
Age: 58
Location: Nigeria
Report: I?ve been texting with Brenny and it?s the same person as Richard