First name: Jarvis
Last name: Williams
Age: 50
Location: Miami Florida Atlantic Ocean Rome Italy
On websites: Instagram
Report: I met Jarvis Williams on Instagram. We also communicated on Gmail but not too often. Said he loved me after two days and I said it too,but he doubted me because I wouldn?t take sexy pics for him. I changed my mind but not really and we got back on track. He wanted pictures but I didn?t send them. I put him off.He wanted to do it again this am but he got mad at me because I unfollowed him. He added me again but I got tired of his bs and blocked him for good. I did some research and found that he is indeed a scammer on a scammers site. I?ll send pictures of all this. Thank you.
First name: Richie
Last name: Nana
Aka: Raymond, Desmond Christian, Christopher, Frank, Jason Kercheski, Kim Chun Mun, Luis, David Armstrong, Alan Doyle, Adam Halid, Richard Pablo, Frank Osborn, Imram, David Davis, Stefan Gunter, David Barich, Amos, Kevin Scott, Scott Donald, David Chung, Brian Alvin, Alfred Marshall, Ronald, Andreas Thomas, Jurgen Louis, Steve Morris, Levi Jayden, Chris, Frank Robert, Nelson, Joshua Dwayne, James Toretto, Raymond Fred, Kenneth Wilsbach, Kyle Weeks, Mark Milley
Age: 58
Location: Houston, USA; Frankfurt, Germany; Hunan, China; Austin, Texas, USA; Santiago del Estero, Argentina; New York, USA; Miami, USA; Seoul, South Korea; Jakarta, Indonesia; Lagos, Nigeria; Malacca, Malaysia; Dallastown, USA; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Singapore; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Berlin, Germany; Vicenza, Italy; Wyoming, USA; Dubai, UAE; New Jersey, USA; Dublin, Ireland; Luxembourg; Sacramento, USA; Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: 13219991039, 18134193218, 15182945739, 17069019828, 2136002586, 447732657666, 12522763298, 17799390174, 12139297295, 12533755723
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Aron
Last name: Norbert
Aka: Aron M
Age: 37
Location: Accura Ghana
Address: Accura, Ghana
Phone: 7867138301
On websites: Hangouts
Report: Has been doing fake unemployment claims and put two of them in my name from states that I never lived in. I was able to report the fraud but he kept on lying about having children and used a fake picture with that story about the dead wife etc. Kept saying he needed money for food for the kids and medicine. Wanted money for plane tickets etc, Then has just disappeared. Stole almost $3000 from me over the last year by google play cards and visa gift cards also through cashapp and venmo. Was using a fake picture of a 66 yr old man when he is african and 37 yrs old.
First name: Jamie
Last name: Walter
Aka: JaredReillyRP
Age: 39
Location: Birmingham, England; Aurora, Colorado
Report: He contacted me on Instagram. Perfect English but subtle word choices seemed ESL. Within days left the United States. We spoke on the phone and his accent did NOT match his background story. Very, very strong accent for a supposedly English speaking, England-raised person. Professed liking me very very early on. Got angry once when I was asking basic follow-up questions and accused me
First name: bernie
Last name: broedriek
Aka: bernice
Age: 30,s
Location: uk
Address: cardiff
Report: bernice a gay sissy who likes to beg people for help and con money out of people for his transition to being a woman so he says and for his womans clothing etc , and needs to be named and shamed and more known by people
First name: leon
Last name: franciszek
Age: 52
Location: Malaysia and Fort Worth Texas
Phone: 518 617 1882
On websites:, tinder
Report: pretends to be a drilling engineer for shell contractor in the china sea off the coast of malaysia. says the irs ha locked down his account and he needs funds to finish the project and get home.
First name: Denis
Last name: Morgan
Age: 54
Location: Uk , London , daubi , new York, england
Phone: 414-238-7991
Report: Says people in England are holding his travel documents hostage for money owed and a woman named Katrina Lopez Moore was trying to buy his travel documents
First name: Michael
Last name: Harris
Aka: Oneplusonemorefun
Age: 62
Location: Westwood California
Phone: 2137664457
On websites: Plenty of fish
Report: Asked me for Amazon gift card from Walmart to help buy fabric for business in Dubai Reporting a man
First name: Brian
Last name: Dyson
Aka: Brian Dawson
Age: 61
Location: Liverpool, UK; Edmonton, AB; Capetown, SA
Address: 60 Brampton St, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 1E3, Canada
Phone: +27 63 591 6127; 5876516349;
On websites: Our Time; WhatsApp; LinkedIn
Report: He approached me on Our Time, we exchanged a few notes. He stated he was moving to Edmonton because he had just picked up some construction contracts here. He wanted to meet up, but had to fly back to the UK to complete the sale of his home. Following that, he went to Capetown to finish up a project he had underway there, then once he would return to Alberta and buy a home here. He asked me to look at houses on his behalf and 'we' would then select the best one. Following the week, he had another project starting in Brampton, Ontario. He then spoke of retiring following completion of that project. He phoned me two days ago to say his last shipment to finish the Capetown project was being detained by customs due to some import regulations and would not be released until he paid a fine originally assessed at 45% of the value. He stated he was unable to arrange a bank draft from his UK bank, due to stricter regulations now in place. He could not complete a direct wire because he did not have a 'hard token' to authorize the withdrawal. He then asked me for a loan of $$50,000 British pounds, following sending me a promissory note that would be repayed by Aug. 30th. After we spoke, I noticed some irregularities in the bank form he forwarded to me. A search for the bank, did not locate it on the web and none of the phone numbers associated with this bank (Greenstone Private Bank) were in service. Searching the executive leadership team on LinkedIn, they are all employed by Gateway Bank. When I went to that website - Greenstone has copied every detail, down to the logo and just changed the name in all fields from Gateway to Greenstone. The Gateway phone numbers are in service. He called me this morning to say money is the root of all evil and he doesn't understand my concerns and he really didn't want my money, he has enough of his own, he just can't access it, and he will be penalized by his current contract if the job isn't finished soon.
First name: Anthony
Last name: Chandler
Aka: Lewis
Age: 34
Phone: 15053730968
On websites: Hangouts, WhatsApp
Report: Gained my trust over the course of 4months and told me he was in the United States Air Force in security force on assignment in Africa. I unfortunately believed that and told him everything all my personal info to which he opened an account with my knowledge sent the checks to my home and wanted me to write a check for 5780$ to withdraw of course I didn?t I knew I would be liable for it and don?t have that kind of money! I had to close my bank account!!!
First name: Justin
Last name: Field
Aka: Justin kerry
Age: 56
Location: Canada. Orem urah
Phone: 4053109247
On websites: Pof facebook instagram messanger
Report: Met him and said he was in canada needing to get home. Sent 700 in gift cards and bitcoin. Still continues to try to get money out of me. Lots of pictures
First name: Charlie claude
Last name: Fox
Aka: James mesult hudson
Age: 48
Location: Millcreek, Utah
Phone: 424-405-6078
On websites: Plenty of Fish. Facebook
Report: I was scammed by James mesult hudson who said he was an investment consultant and lived in millcreek, Utah. He had to travel to the UK for a deal that was started before covid.
First name: Justin
Last name: Field
Aka: Justin kerry
Age: 56
Location: Canada
On websites: Pof Facebook messanger instagram
Report: Met him in march on pof. Said he was stuck in Canada gave him 700 between gudt cards and bitcoin.
First name: Alan
Last name: Pedro
Age: 50
Location: United Kingdom
Report: Good day, You were recommended by a mutual associate. I write you regarding an investment of bearer bonds I made on behalf of a client. The investment was made in 2009 and has been under my management. The said investor is deceased. The window is now available to assign these bonds to any name or company of my choice. I have all the necessary information to achieve this within 10 banking days. The total value of the bond is 50million pounds sterling, in a million pound denominations. If you can handle this, do reply my email at your earliest convenience. I know you are very busy person; I will appreciate your reply so we can discuss the finer details Allow me to apologize for any delay so far in communicating with you. Thank you, Alan
First name: Anthony
Last name: Parker
Age: 50
Location: Germany
Report: Benötigen Sie einen Kredit, um Schulden abzubauen oder Ihre Rechnungen zu bezahlen? Benötigen Sie einen Haus- / Auto- oder Geschäftskredit? Wurden Sie von einer Bank, Freunden oder einem Partner abgelehnt? Wir bieten alle Arten von Krediten von mindestens 1 Million Euro bis maximal 500 Millionen Euro an Unternehmen und Einzelpersonen Volle name________ Land:__________ Mobile number________ Benötigte Kreditsumme: ________ Leihfrist: _________ Ansprechpartner: Mr. Anthony Parker Position: Manager
First name: Thomason
Last name: Wilcox
Aka: Kyle Weeks, George Brain Tracht, Darren Cody, James Williams, Ryan Richard Hilton, Christopher Mason, Anthony Mason, Matt, Alberto Jimmy Lee, Alex Mark, Gabriel, Jerry Mack, Graham Bentley, Marius Moreau
Age: 53
Location: Istanbul, Turkey; Florida, USA; Austin, Texas, USA; Santiago del Estero, Argentina; New Jersey, USA; Houston, Texas, USA; Kachia, Nigeria; Oslo, Norway; Lagos, Nigeria; Incheon, South Korea; Paris, France
Phone: 2139297295, 6174681986, 2346507994, 1431804700; 13069927161, 48732121982
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Gary
Last name: Ellis
Age: 55
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Phone: (202)945-0522
Report: I am Dr. Gary Ellis, Head of Inspection Unit Agency. in the Harts field-Jackson International Airport Atlanta, GA. During our investigation, We discovered An abandoned shipment through a Diplomat from United Kingdom. which was transferred to JF Kennedy international Airport. To our facility here in the United States, and when scanned the boxes it revealed an undisclosed sum of money in 2 truck Consignment Package. weighing approximately 110kg each. The consignment was abandoned because the Content was not properly declared by the consignee as stated. Right now you need the consignment inspection permit or allow us repatriate it back to the (place of origin) as we were instructed. Like I did said again, the Agent/diplomat abandoned the package. and ran away most importantly because he gave a false declaration, you have to get back this packages provided you will also give me something out of it (financial gratification) and the full trust. Contact Email Address: ( Sincerely, Dr. Garry Ellis. Call (202)945-0522
First name: Daniel
Last name: Jeson
Aka: Maxwell Dave Clark, Mickon, Mark Yao, Brandon Burleson, Moore Fleshman, Anderson, Jord Gary, Andreas Thomas, Ronald George, Frank Magnus, Zhang Weili, Marc Philippe, Scott Leonard, David Jackson, Herbert Ricardo Piemont, Randy Dustin, Hudson Martin, James Mark, Mike, Roy Benson, Gadson Alyssa, Philip Parker, Phillip Hallar, Scott Brandon, Ryan, Randy V Muller, Mack Anderson, Alexander Kane, John Murphy, Micheal Lee, Chang Jewon, Jang Je-Won, Harry Logan, Joe Tony, James Robert, Chen Ajiad Wang, Alex Lee, Micheal Kim Wu, John Chin Lang, Donald Nguyen, Micheal Deson, Fabio Soares, David Muller, Richard Scott, Mark Davis, Andrei, Maxim, Gideon Donald, Chris, Anthony Lucas, Roberto, Wes Miller
Age: 58
Location: Los Angels, USA; Pago Pago, American Samoa; Allenwood, New Jersey, USA; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; New York, USA; Sacramento, USA; Hunan, China; Toulon, France; California, USA; Miami, USA; Oklahoma, USA; Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA; Fluvanna, Texas, USA; San Mateo Mexicaltzingo, Mexico; Stuttgart, Germany; Auburn, WA, USA; Addison, TX, USA; Alexander, USA; Ottawa, Canada; Ashford, Alabama, USA; Fuzhou, Fujian, China; Tongzhou, Beijing, China; Munich, Germany; Lagos, Nigeria; London, England; Chestertown, USA; Mersa, Arizona, USA; Austin, Indiana, USA; Kovoco, Albania
Phone: 13239896958, 13152273337, 17194189717, 17183135831, 447523421317, 66631160551, 18135632915, 2349034939939, 447821721498, 233573100850, 2348164865805, 1264658681, 14373702064
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Dave
Last name: Weber
Age: 60
Location: Sheffield also cypress
Phone: 07428149924
On websites: Facebook dating
Report: Met him on Facebook dating. Soon swapped to WhatsApp he was very romantic and sent little quotes and loving messages. Also long emails. Said an architect working on last project in cypress Got called away suddenly as accidents on site. Was to be gone 10 days.he was gone longer as had to get machinery from turkey Had problems getting to pay the export tax. By this time been chatting since the beginning of June. I really fell for him and he was even upset and crying which made me feel awful he then video called to reassure me who he was but it was only a picture that is on this site not even him. I was so taken in by him. He says wife died 4 years ago from cancer has a daughter Elaine in the states aged 21. I was heartbroken to see him on here and that whilst he was with me he was also with other ladies on these reports.
First name: David
Last name: Sanders
Age: 70
Location: Vero Beach, Fl Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 305-205-1968
On websites: Our Time , POF
Report: I have kept the entire email correspondence as well as texts. Unfortunately I was naive enough to initiate contact. I've also kept the report from the private investigator I used to do a background check on him.
First name: WhatsApp Admin
Age: 50
Location: USA
Report: WhatsApp Admin Congratulations Your email has won $1 million United States Dollar ($1,000,000) in the 2021 WhatsApp lottery and you are expected to claim it as quickly as possible or your lottery will be transferred to the second runner up. Its a way to appreciate your commitment to WhatsApp and the impression you have given other people about WhatsApp. For Security reasons your winning number is (WHTZPPX9) please keep this information very confidential to avoid being hunted by hoodlum when you finally claim your winning. Your Name Your Address Age Your country Your winning number Your Telephone numbers Yours Sincerely, WhatsApp Admin
First name: Raphael John
Last name: Diko
Aka: Mason Edwards, Bradley Steve Fisher, Phil Anderson, King James, Roberto Roel, David Berg White, Robert Gray, Hoffman Steve, Torrell Moore, Adam Williams, Fabian Mortiz, Alexander Kelvin, Hampson M, Oscar, Greg Cuppett, Jamie Alister, Henry Savitree, Williams Andy, Joe Chance, Joe Chancellor
Age: 56
Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Fresno, USA; Texas, USA; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Bonney, USA; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; New York, USA; Austin, TX, USA; London, England; Brighton, England
Phone: 19045854271, 18648100099, 13074070176, 14406587946
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Colins Chris
Last name: Weir
Age: 54
Location: Nigeria
Report: My wife and I have awarded you with a donation of £1.5 million Pounds from part of our Jackpot Lottery of 161,653,000 Million Pounds, send your name,address, phone for claims. View We await your earliest response and God Bless you. Best of luck. Reply
First name: James
Last name: Fox
Aka: Dennis Brantford
Age: 50
Location: Nigeria
Report: Dear Beneficiary I am happy to inform you that due to pressures from me to my friend who works in IMF, because he told me about a confidential IMF program called Debt Cancellation and Reconciliation Program, that is going on since 3 years ago, to pay out sums of money to victims of internet frauds, i slotted your name as a plan B to raise the funds you are looking for, I am deeply surprised that your name have been slated for this payments from IMF. my friend called me now to inform me. You are to appear in the Debt Cancellation/Reconciliation Committee office in Ecuador, you are to sign and bring original copies of the documents to the European Releasing officers in London for immediate release of the Payment Order, which you will send to me and the funds will be released automatically and immediately to your current designated account, Travel arrangements will commence today, so get your passport ready, your travel tickets will be sent to you accordingly. You are to send us a current copy of your International Passport which we need in processing your documents accordingly and in line with the provisions of the act guiding the commission, Furtherance to this instruction, you are to strictly adhere to the process and policy of the commission, you are advised to state the total sum you are expecting and payments you have done so far in any transaction that you have been victimized up till date with details and reasons why you made the payments. this exercise is very important for you to be able to reclaim all payments you have made in the course of this transaction from the first day you started. The commission will pay you back all payments you have made and as well as send you your expected funds if verified and authenticated after you have sent this information. You will be mobilized to go for the signing of the classified Debt Cancellation documents in Ecuador and return the originals of the documents to the Resident Releasing officers in London , to and fro tickets will be provided for you back to your country.Your travel allowance will be sent to you before you embark on the trip for your minor travel expenses. This Trip is at NO COST to you, for being selected as a beneficiary of this IMF program, IMF have undertaken all expenses that you will make until you get back home, of course your funds, according to their records which will be transferred 48 hours as you return home. After verification of the documents by the Resident Releasing Officers in London , your funds will be transferred to your account immediately.This is a rare opportunity and you are expected to adhere strictly to the instructions to be successful in this exercise. Contact Mr.Dennis Brantford the IMF Coordinator in London with below email address. Name: MR Dennis Brantford E-mail: Make sure you use as Subject I Am A BENEFICIARY, and also include this REF NO: XCBTYH16 in the email message you send to Dennis Brantford He awaits the documents requested from you to proceed. Yours Sincerely, Mr. James Fox International Remittance Department
First name: Gabriel
Last name: Fernandez
Age: 43
Location: EEUU
Address: Arcadia, California, USA
On websites: Tinder
Report: I met Gabriel on Tinder at first everything seemed normal, unlike other profiles he did not want to give a phone number initially and we began to write to each other almost every day by mail, he told me that he was a private orthopedic doctor in Arcadia, California, USA, that he was divorced and that I was looking for a woman of my nationality to have a serious relationship like me. The first two weeks we told each other about our experiences without going into excessive details, he never asked me for money or anything, the last two weeks he began not to answer the questions I asked him about his daily life and he responded by sending me songs of love and philosophy , then I realized that I did not really know anything about him and he knew some things about me so I sent an email exposing this and he never responded again so I started to track the IP of the mail and the photos that he had sent me And coincidentally, one of the photos corresponds to an aesthetic doctor from Brazil (dr Gabriel Ferraz @gabrielferrazcirugiaplastica in facebook) , I began to inquire about this doctor and I saw that he has facebook and that from that same facebook he had taken each and every one of the photos that he sent me to try to scam me in some way. Please be careful.
First name: Wilson
Last name: Churchill
Age: 70
Location: Accra
Address: New Jersey
Phone: 2016492212
On websites: WhatsApp
Report: This man scammed me for over 100k over a period a year. He will never say he is in Accra or very seldom. Claims to live in NJ but has google phone numbers. He is very very good and shows you pictures of his ?fake? passport and many pictures of himself. If that is really him. Claims he has a son Jerry and that he has bought a lot of gold and diamonds but needs your help to pay customs taxes, pay off people who have helped him, ?bad men? who have swindled him . He claimed that he worked for the United Nations as a supervisor in their sea men which is how he was able to buy the diamonds and gold and was going to retire. But then ran into all kinds of trouble that prevented him from getting back into the States. stay away!!!
First name: Thomas
Last name: Boldman
Aka: Wales
Age: 57
Location: New Jersey, Melbourne, sydney
Phone: +44 7947 147357
On websites:, WhatsApp
Report: Thomas and I chatted for a month before he needed money. His profile said he was from Springwood NSW. When suggest a meet he said he thought he had told me that he moved to Melbourne for work. Engineer working on project that he was rapping up to retire early. Then he needed to go to the site in Dubai before he could come to Sydney. Once in Dubai everything started to go wrong. He needed a lot of money for customs. The amount kept reducing as he found people to help him. Eventually I was his last resort. I got a copy of his passport and other Documents The passport was confirmed a fake by Sydney ACS I went back to Match and found he had added a new profile under the name Wales, age 52
First name: Richard
Last name: Raymond
Aka: Richard Franklin Raymond
Age: 38
Location: Chicago, Ill and New Mexico
Phone: 812-307-8655, 505-695-1330
On websites: Woo Plus, Instagram
Report: This guy will help you invest money and also try and use your Paypal account to send money
First name: Brad
Last name: Walter
Aka: Cheemeng, Jesse Nawrock, Joe, Richard Scott, David Dosier, Micheal, Kim, Jackson Roms, Lester, Clement Osoria, Jonas, William Holtz, Nick Marshall, Ali Khazar, Ivan Alekhin, David Townsend, Franklin Wood, Goto Yukiko, Jonald Brian, Benard Steve, Teddy Cooper, Ian Bennett, Dan, Jeff, Leroy Davids Swartz, Eric Bao, Alexander Helge, Mike, Jason Charles Mayo, Frederick Marler, Gabriel Johnson, Jackson Richard, Edward Brian, Denise Lyles, Anthony Bennett, Christian Rodriguez, James Louis, Wang Lee, Joe Kelvin, Kendall Juris, Seong, Wong Tain, Eric Ferguson
Age: 56
Location: Bin Tong Park, General, Singapore; Los Angeles, California, USA; Bangkok, Thailand; New Jersey, USA; Atlanta, USA; New York, USA; 6880, Khalil Mardam Bekki Street, Abou Roumaneh Damascus, Syria; Texas, USA; Chiba, Japan; Salt lake, USA; Springfield, Missouri, USA; Barnwell, USA; Trenton, USA; Ottawa, Canada; Brighton, Colorado, USA; Barberville, Florida, USA; Fresno, USA; Piekary, Poland; Marion, USA; Alameda, USA; Bonnybridge, Central, England; Sankamphaeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand; Asaba, Delta, Nigeria
Phone: 2347068967069, 13155397919, 2348038674948, 12064008308, 14057637591, 61488874040, 12017780172, 17273008617, 18604005498, 17327123753, 6786617580, 9046248902, 4708870784, 12143080602, 447418339988, 15595494517, 3233754561, 2348054276569, 17077863367
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Leonard
Last name: Francis
Age: 42
Location: South Africa
Phone: 216-358-0441
On websites: Facebook
Report: Contacted me on Facebook dating. We were suppose to meet but his bank account was frozen and he had to wait 2 weeks for it to be released. Then had to go to a job in South Africa. After he arrived was robbed and everything was taken. Would not video chat would send altered pictures of the person he stole the identity from. Needed money for food, for his daughter back in the states, etc. He would become very angry if I would not comply with his requests. Then he had to pay for materials to complete the job. This went on for 3 months. He said he was finally coming home to see me . All money needed to be sent by bitcoin as that is how everyone he said works in South Africa. Every time he provided a different wallet number and when I questioned it he said that is how it works. He finally texted he was on his flight to come home and would meet me soon. I didn't hear from him for 2 weeks. Then he said he was home and if I wanted to meet him I needed to send him $100 for an Uber to come see me. I had actually opened an account for him in my name. He had $2400 deposited in there that was for me but then he quickly needed it. He had a woman deposit $1500 in my Venmo but the reason on it didn't make sense. I contacted her and then she told me she was selling a dresser and he had said to send me the money as I was the mover. I returned her money and confronted him. He also had checks sent to my house with a real account number and my name but it was with a different bank. I contacted their fraud department and they alerted the account owner. He finally came clean and told me he had an uncle that lives in the Cleveland area and was trying to come here and wanted to really have a relationship with me. I asked then why did he risk me getting arrested for the checks and I never heard from him again after I told him I would never send another dime to him.