First name: stefan
Last name: good
Aka: ken koskinen
Age: 50
Location: turkey/ nigeria
Phone: 617-702-4813, 346-787-2049,858-859-0208
On websites: linkedin, whatsapp
Report: I made a report about the man listed above and u emailed me a complaint number and this email was deleted by mistake. Please resend this to me. I have all the information that u need to see he is a scammer, and he is already listed on here 2x. He, obviously has done this for years.
First name: Maurice
Last name: Brooks
Age: 43
Location: Chelmsford, United Kingdom
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer who sent me a friend request on tagged ? images stolen
First name: Jeffery
Last name: Wilson
Age: 50
Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Atlanta, United States
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer His about me: ?I am a responsible Man. i enjoy my job and I strive for success in everything I do. I?m a fun loving man, jovial, lovely and passionate. I think of myself as being clever but harmless. I am supporting, caring and have a loyal and tolerant character, humble, honest, understanding and truthful. I'm a very passionate, physical person that would want the same in a mate, deeply romantic, optimistic, hopeful, wise, & smart, I have a big honest heart and don't like being lied to.
First name: Vin
Last name: Mc
Age: 65
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on tagged
First name: Alfred
Age: 49
Location: Munich (Germany)
Phone: +14355549199
On websites: Tinder
Report: Met this man in Tinder yesterday...telling me he works offshore for a project Siemens Gamesa. This project exists but will start in 2023:-) I just found out that he uses the pictures of Seregei Pritula ( a moderator)...he is fake!
First name: Sam
Last name: Johsay
Aka: Salvatore Buzzurro, Payne Johnson, Adam Smith, Ferrell Connor, James Williams, Gideon Hannet, Michael Lawton, Kay Kershaw, Jay Elson, Walsh Brain, James Harry, Jordan Pleasant, Kenneth, Bernard Johnson
Age: 57
Location: Aignay-le-Duc, Bourgogne, France; Alderson, Oklahoma, United States; Nigeria, Anambra; Colorado, USA; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Madrid, Spain; Texas City, United States; Grizanon, Trikala, Greece; Hansville, Washington, United States; Amatan, Chiapas, Mexico; Moscow, Russia; Nigeria, Delta
Phone: 17077236260, 447482868407, 12567331647, 12522202369
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Miles
Age: 52
Location: Salzburg, Yemen
On websites: Tinder
Report: Met this man this morning on Tinder telling me he is from Austria (Salzburg) He asked me if Munich is in Germany:-) That is 80 km away. After short conversation he told me is working as a doctor in Yemen. I know these phrases from others...deleted him..
First name: Martin
Last name: Josh
Aka: Dr. Alex Mason Maxwell
Age: 50
Location: Aden. Yemen
Address: works for UN
Phone: 631 528-5278
On websites: Hangouts & WhatsApp
Report: Handsome Dr claims to be born in Turkey and speaks fluent Turkish. He lives now in Seattle with his son, Kevin. He wants to come home from Yemen and asks me to write to the UN and ask for Vacation leave for 7 months. He has also told me that he's shipped a box with $5 million in cash and all his legal documentation. he wants me to receive the box for him but fails to mention that I will have to pay for shipping. I paid some but not enough.
First name: Billy
Last name: Howward
Aka: Barry Hayes, Michael Owen, Ryan Jaxon, Billy Howards
Age: 52
Location: Florida, Afghanistan
On websites: Facebook Words with Friends Google Hangout
Report: This dude was playing the word game on FB Messenger with a friend of mine until he decided to try chatting with her. He said he lives in Florida but is a Master Sergeant in Afghanistan on a peacekeeping mission. He wanted her to go to Hangout, so I told her to give him my email address that I use to catch scammers. I would pretend to be my friend. I have the conversation between them and am submitting those screenshots with this report, along with screenshots from Hangout. The name on his Gmail address was Billy Howards, not Billy Howward. When I did a reverse photo search on his avatar, I found other pictures of him with names he uses. Two of them are ones he sent as extra pictures of him. This guy is a real dirt bag! I told him I would message him during lunch at work the next day, and later he started talking while I was ?taking dictation? and had to type it all before I left work that day. He insisted upon talking, and he even placed a video call while I was taking dictation. I am 81 years old and am nowhere near an office in reality, but he did not know that. His scam was that he wanted me to buy him a $500 stream card, whatever that is. He begged me to get it tonight and send the numbers to him. He had a lot of nerve, considering that he was after something of value. He is demanding, self-centered, stupid, and a scammer. My friend reported him and blocked him on the FB game, and I reported him and blocked him on Hangout.
First name: Frank
Last name: Webber
Aka: Flavienne Marseille, Mark (Make) Williams, Barr Hoffman, Mark Ferguson, Mark George, Kevin Robert, David Smith, Gareth Jordan, Alex, Matthew Ethan, Gabriel Benjamin, Richy Alex, Stewie, William John Brandy, Bill Williams, Alex Ukwu, Alfred, Franklin Wood, David Mark, Garth, Denny Jason, Peace Chaffey, James Wilton
Age: 62
Location: Ontario, Canada; New York, Washington, USA; Marseille, France; Also Ivory Coast Africa; Boston Heights, United States; East Florence, United States; Brooklyn, New York, USA; Mississippi, Maryland, USA; Houston, TX, USA; London, UK; North Carolina, USA; Toronto, ON, Canada; Alberta, Alabama, United States; Bay City, Michigan, United States; Earth, TX, United States; Crowell, Texas, United States; Australia, Brisbane; Spain , Catalunya; Miami, United States
Phone: 12138063643, 16612285111, 2349051804862
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Mendoza
Last name: Wu
Aka: Mark Addison, Wang Laxmi, Jamie Liang Malone, Chris, Adam Flut, Michael Walker, David Mark, Robert Jason, Derick Douglas, Harrison Allen, James, Jaylen Buffet
Age: 58
Location: Dayong, Hunan, China; Dallenwil, Nidwalden, Switzerland; Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada; Ikeja, Nigeria; Michigan, USA; Ghana , Greater Accra; Odense, Denmark; Hamburg, Germany; Los Angeles, United States
Phone: 12138733551, 16512125453, 2348075346536, 12138733551, 4915228905013
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Mateo Allison
Last name: Funtas
Age: 42
Location: Iraq
On websites: Tinder,Hangouts
First name: Daniel
Last name: Britty
Aka: John Stevens
Age: 43
Location: United States Lafayette
Address: 1000 Main St
Phone: 2167503942
On websites: Facebook dating
Report: This guy try to get me to send him cash for Internet connection. He got me to download cash app so that his commander could send his allowance in a form of a check to me so that I could deposit it into my bank account then I was to put it in cash app then by bitcoin. He also got me to download coin me app and set up an account for him to cash it when he got back home. He said he?s originally from Ohio. I deleted change passwords change passcode deleted apps. He was on WhatsApp Talking to me since November of last year. He?s also sent sexual pictures. I have pretty much all the proof in picture form from our text, photos and including his bank account information
First name: Mathew
Last name: Ward
Aka: Paul, Ward, Dustin, Robert James Miller, Alexia, Jordan Clinton, William Kelvin Mark Ramos, David James, Wesley Watkins, Paulson Smith, Mark Clinton, Mike Josh, Eric, Mark David, Porter Jeffrey, Benjamin Roland, Maneim Murphy, John Alex, Bull Anderson, Joe David, Paul, Gage George Xander, Moulds Morgan, Davis Garth, James Robbert, Carl Diego, Bojing Cheng, Calvin Garret, Role Brown, Jabber Vannie, Andrew Greenwood, Chris Louis Ken, Micheal Stefan, Alex Macdonald, Grylan, Thomas, Thomas Steve, Liwei Bojing, Billions Isaac, Smith Morgan, Nicholas Larry Jose, Kim Wei, Liu Wei, Calvin Williams, Andre Morea
Age: 60
Location: Absberg, Bayern, Germany; Nigeria, Delta; Houston-TX, Texas, United States; Peoria, IL, USA; Tours, France; Denver, USA; North Carolina, USA; Moscow, Russia; Kansas, USA; Jersey City, NJ, USA; Shakopee, Minnesota, United States; Meliana, Valencia, Spain; California, United States; New York, United States; Hamburg, Germany; Madrid, Spain; Los Angeles, USA; Cleveland, Ohio, United States; Trenton, New Jersey, United States; Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Phone: 19543721201, 19099654013, 233505267170, 18053034106, 8037927258, 2349026958153, 233557572627
Email:,,,, JordanClinton833@gmail,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: ROBERT
Last name: WILLIAMS
Aka: henry 569 robert thomas hunter36
Age: 53
Location: TACOMA
Address: nicosia,cyprus
Phone: 18032816037
Email: williams53922@gmaIL.COM
On websites: pof, badoo twitter, tinder
Report: Widow no kids wife name lisa died of cancer ..robert henry williams is the name he gave me hes 53 from tacoma ,wa lived in south carolina texas born in netherlands parents died in car crash when he was 14 uncle raised him but has too passed . HEs a civil engineer private contractor working in cyprus turkey for last 10 mnths sweet talking said he love me with in two weeks sent me a bank account fake showed he was loaded but something went wrong his bank got frozen wanted money to fly home hed pay me back I didnt send him any money he bacame angry When I googled him he doesnt exist. calls me his wife. meet on pof which first talk we moved to whatsapp, i have lots of pics . has no hair a beard nice looking guy clean cut thick accent
First name: Chris
Last name: Ward David
Aka: Matt, Austin, Sue, Alexia, Steven Chanza, Maxwell Mietus Smith, Jackson Owusu, Raymond Glover, Anderson Taylor, Rafael Wang, Kevin, Harry Potter Smith, Salvaloza Esuyos Porterfield, McGrew, Michael Carlson, Martin Michael, David James, Jurgen Williams, Gabriel Fanelli, Nathan Fair, Ekun Money, Allen Andrew, Henry Brian, Frank Marcus, Kelvin Owen, James Collins, Kelly Logan, Ray, Pete, Benson Smith, Smith McGee, Joshua O?Brien, Justin, Rollins, Leo Walcott, Robert Daniel, Michael Brenth, Bran Davis, Morris Jackson, Zoe G., Michael Lee, Charlse Thomas, Donald Michael, Gevorg, CJ Williams, Raymond Walter, David Kim, Sang Hoon, Luca, James Wilson, Fang Wang, Denny Jason, James Eckert, Michael Jordan, Daniel Abel, Mark Corpar, James Pumping, Brandly James, James Whitehead, Ferdinando, Thomas Ackerman, David Scott, Micheal Smith, Donald Pedro, Peter Strong, Leo Harrison, Derrick Mark, Owen Ramos, Walter, Anthony Black, Gabriel Luis, Block, Davis, Donlad Wagner, Li Jun, Nico, Marco, Seth Collins, Leo Smith, J McDonald
Age: 57
Location: SanDiego, California, USA; Las Vegas, USA; Absberg, Bayern, Germany; Kabul, Afghanistan; Adelberg, Germany; Los Angeles, United States; Baghdad, Iraq; Liangxiang, Beijing, China; Bayerbach, Germany; Addison, Alabama, United States; Houston, Texas, USA; Hamburg, Germany; Benin, Porto-Novo; Phoenix, United States; Dallas, USA; London, UK; Roana, Veneto, Italy; Bakersfield, USA; Moscow, Moskau, Russia; Washington, United States; Atlanta-GA, Georgia, United States; Zurich, Switzerland; Atlanta, Idaho, United States; Tottenham, London, United Kingdom; Denver, Colorado, United States; Inowroclaw, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland; Gdynia, Pomorskie, Poland; United States, New Jersey; OHIO, UNITED STATES; Charlotte Amalie East, Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands of the United States; Ghana , Western; Berlin, Germany; Frankenberg, Hessen, Germany; Yonggwang, Chollanam, Korea South; Annone Veneto, Veneto, Italy; Jiulong, Hongkong, China; Brookyln, Indiana, USA; Ha Tinh, Khu Bon Cu, Vietnam; Nigeria , Delta; Cambridge, Ontario, Canada; Lancashire, United Kingdom; Civic Square, Australian Capital Territory, Australia; Nigeria, Imo; Affing, Bayern, Germany; Tours, France; Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Lemon Grove, USA; Nigeria, Kaduna; Ghana , Greater Accra; Whites City, New Mexico, United States; Toronto, Canada
Phone: 86085225566, 19099628123, 22897745087, 17549008943, 14703108575, 15852832479, 18184576588, 12622462184, 2706812211, 14806968362, 34631564270, 2349055116781, 12516353129, 14137290292, 17256660604, 447719111570, 15872068055, 2330209572656, 14169077119
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Marc
Last name: Swift
Age: 66
Location: whshigton DC
On websites:
Report: he wrote First of all,I want to thank you for taking your time to write back. I appreciate that. secondly,I want you to know that nothing can stop me from travelling for vacation because i resigned from working at George Washington Hospital due to Covid-19. Thirdly,I see what you mean about romance not being a goal,but i want you to know that romance is not something we attain like a goal,instead it's something that develop when two people are inclined to each other naturally. Having said that,it would be nice for us to get to know each other more and see how it goes,you never know what will happen until we try to give it a change. Best regards!
First name: Michael
Last name: Pline
Aka: Michael Joseph Pline, Mike Pline
Age: 59
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: 973 16199481; 27 62 2902099; 972 52 5421921; 289 8063939; 972 527 405438
On websites: Match
Report: For over 2 years (2016 - 2018), this man claimed to be in St John's Newfoundland, Anchorage, Cape Town and finally Bahrain where he got stuck with a job he was working. He claimed to live in Toronto and stated he had a home in Montreal and Vancouver as well. He stated he was widowed as his wife was killed in an automobile accident and had been pregnant with their first child... He also claimed that her family lived in Vancouver and that he was estranged from them due to their blaming him for the car accident. Within a few weeks of speaking with him numerous times a day, numerous emails exchanged, the first request for money came. As we had established a connection (and I was in an extremely vulnerable state after a nasty 6 year relationship ended), I succumbed to the lies and deception. Although extremely reluctant and after numerous pleads to help, I finally gave in with the first amount requested. $4K USD... Most of our conversations were not about money but the work we both enjoyed doing, our families, etc. The requests just kept coming in and before I could stop I was in way over my head. I had a great job and made good money and was now sharing my hard earned funds to someone I didn't really know. While the nagging feeling inside the pit of my stomach never went away, he always knew what to say to quell my fears. We started spending more time speaking about the fact he would never deceive or deprive me of the money I worked hard for to keep my family going (single Mom with one child). He last plea was to help fund broken down drilling equipment and provide funding for the family of the engineer who got hurt in an explosion... For a few months, he had me believing he was being held captive by the government because he owed almost $500K for taxes on the job he completed... The people he worked for decided to send him to Bahrain to work off the debt he created with the job in Cape Town and that was the last place he said he was. When he finished the job in Bahrain, he claimed he was stuck there as well being detained from making too much money. He even had hired a 'lawyer' who reached out to me on behalf of Michael to provide 'legit' info on the case. The story gets more in depth with the pleas for money just to eat, etc. It is too painful to write more about this as I shake my head in disbelief. I have not heard from Michael for 2.5 years now - the scam went on from 2016 through into 2019 Our last call was in April 2019 where he had called just to hear my voice. No request for money just that he needed to hear me so he could go on living. I was so angry inside, I barely spoke as I knew by this point I had been scammed beyond all belief. I am utterly ashamed of what I did to help someone I thought legitimately needed help - I have been repaying a huge debt over the past 4 years which isn't going to go away anytime soon. It makes me feel physically ill to think about how this horrible person could sweet talk his way into my life and cause me to do things I would never normally do (sending money to someone I never met!).
First name: Haskins
Last name: mitch
Aka: Schwng
Age: 57
Location: Texas or Florida
On websites: Singapore love links
Report: Romance scam .lucky i copy and paste his love letter and bingo i see some part hes copied and paste
First name: Bryce
Last name: Charles
Aka: Paul Landon
Age: 53
Location: Afghanistan, Miami
On websites: Badoo, WhatsApp and Hangouts
Report: Said he a surgeon with UN. Stated he had two daughters. Was enroute home said he was aprehended by customs as he was carrying a black diamond. For months these people became involved Judge Francis Philip Benard Gates (said he used to work for Interpol). If you tried to pull away they made you feel you was wrong for doubting. They took ?8,000 when they said they needed another ?12k I finally pulling away and blocked them. Found his photo on Yandex that?s why I want it on here as you?ve saved me a lot. In fact before I talk I do a check first
First name: carlos
Last name: diego
Aka: Michael Weller
Age: 46
Location: cyprus
Address: 235 west 200 south
Phone: 8722126185
On websites: tinder
Report: states he is a cronstructional engineer. very much in shape and is supposedly coming home in a couple weeks.
First name: Victor Badie
Last name: Francies
Aka: Doctor victor badie francies
Age: 61
Location: New Cairo Egypt
Phone: +20 127 8886312
On websites: facebook, match me, plenty of fish, bottled
Report: This man contacted me on match me telling me he is a surgeon and he works in oman ministry of health hospital. We started chatting and he told me he's searching for a wife as hes alone. He is apparently in egypt looking for a big villa in new cairo egypt and said to me that he wants to start a family with me. We talked for 1 year and yesterday he messaged me saying that he has been shot in the leg and urgently needs 20,000 Egyptian pounds to cover his medical bills. I told him i don't have this type of money to give him and he got angry at me saying i dont care about him and dont love him and i want him to die because i wont give him the money. He then blocked me telling me im dead to him.
First name: stefan
Last name: good
Aka: lucas koskinen
Age: 50
Location: turkey
Address: 4 seasons hotel in turkey
Phone: 617-702-4813, 346-787-2049,858-859-0208
On websites: linkedin, whatsapp
Report: He contacted me on linkedin. we talked back and forth, and later went to whatsapp. And Botim. He told me he was working on a project in turkey and will be going there soon. he went and claimed his debit card would not go through because of the ember season. he asked me for money. I sent 1300.00 via nordstrom cards. he wanted me to send bitcoin, but i did not know how. I did not feel good about sending money to him and started to watch him, just hoping he was real. He claimed to contact typhoid fever from the water there, he asked for money for his treatment, 1700. i refused. But i cared about him and could not pull away. he became extremely rude and mean. even had his friend, Michael garrett call and and try to rough me up over the phone . I saved the voice messages from whatsapp, they are pretty rough. he calls me everything but a white woman. I began to see what is going on, and texting less and less. he text me yesterday , and i had nothing to say. I immediately told him that i had no money to send him. it made him mad. I believe he has blocked me now on whatsapp. i fell hard for him and was completely heart broken, even though i tried not to be. I would like to see him prosecuted , as I belive he has done this for years as his pictures show age, to an older graying of the beard. he is already listed on this site 2x
First name: Butcher
Last name: Robert Johnson
Age: 46
Location: Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire
On websites: tagged
Report: Military scammer ? image stolen
First name: Bob
Age: 40
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: tagged
Report: Military scammer who wanted to meet me on tagged ? images stolen
First name: Fernado
Last name: Mendz
Aka: Fred
Age: 49
Location: America Saltlake
On websites: Tinder, Plenty of Fish,
Report: I met this man on Tinder and Plenty of Fish. He told me he was Italian he had a son who lives with his mother. He is 18 and in Australia. He mother is still alive but his father is pass away. I started talking to Fernando 20 months ago. We where suppose to meet up but he rang and said he was going to visit his mum. whilst at his mothers he was going away to work. He is a Genealogist working with Gold and Diamonds. He said he would be away for a month then when he got back we would meet up and go out. Second week of being away thats when things started to change. He said he tried to take money out of his account but because he was not in one of the countries his bank knows he travels to the bank froze his account. Fernando rang me on Viber telling me all about how he had couldn't get money out to pay his bills and could i help him out. He had showed me what he said was his bank account and how much he has in it so could afford to pay me back with interest. I sent him via his Agent ?2,000 which he was thankful for. He said his agent would sort everything out and he would be back within the month. But 20 months later he is still in South Africa and i am ?51,000 worse off. This man makes you feel like your his everything and really gets into your head and heart. Please be don't be like me and suckered in report him now and shame him. I don't think i will ever get my money back now .
First name: Hyeook Gyu
Last name: Park
Aka: Jerryson Smith, Yong Glee, Shumphrey, Dunfordfrancis, Hungong, Kimhee,
Age: 39
Location: Coreia do Sul, Seul, Busan, Portugal, Acbul, Afeganistao
Phone: +447830326488, +14706735635, +821050087358, +15015570040
On websites: MEEFF, Instagram e Pixwox
Report: No dia 09 de janeiro de 2021 eu tive o desprazer de conhecer esse homem, ele se apresentou como sendo Hwang Young Park, soldado oficial da Coreia do Sul a servico em Cabul. No dia 17 de fevereiro ele veio com uma historia que de havia recebido um dinheiro por servico prestado no Afeganistao, e que so podia enviar isso para mim, pois ele e orfao. No dia 19 o inferno comecou em minha vida, comecei a receber emails de uma empresa de transporte, essa tal empresa fazia cobrancas absurdas, e esse homem comecava a pedir, para eu nao deixasse o dinheiro dele sumir, resumindo gastei 17 mil euros com esse ladrao. Agora que descobrir toda a armadilha que ele criou para mim, ele comecou a me ameacar de morte e os meus familiares. Cuidado esse homem e perigoso
First name: Ryan
Last name: Wilson
Aka: Kojson, Law Miller, Bryan William, Marc Jan, Ramos Flores Micheal, Santos Bolante, Douglas, Mike Luis, Anderson Luwis Lucius, Kevin, Leon, Lumor Marvin, Vincent, Mike, Bruno, Steven, Mike Johnson, Mike Terry Johnson, Michael, Roland Kyle, Scott Rios Brown, Gregory Shank, Donald, Bryan Jolly, Joseph Stevens
Age: 56
Location: California, New Jersey, United States; Nigeria, Delta; Albertson, New York, United States; Burnt Ranch, United States; Cave Springs, United States; Houston-TX, Texas, United States; Floral Park, NY; Adger, Alabama, USA; Berlin, Germany; Ah Soo Garden, General, Singapore; Nigeria, Abuja; Switzerland , Zurich; Brussels, Belgium; Lagos, Nigeria; Long Beach, USA; Acton, USA; Addison, New York, United States; Gurun, Kedah, Malaysia; Las Vegas, United States
Phone: 447542817982, 447732148170, 5168565310, 12512613110, 4072160625, 2347069495455, 6106156980, 13393004127, 69172925685
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Andrew
Last name: Mendes
Aka: Arvid Gabriel
Age: 65
Location: UK WIndsor
Phone: +447451273662, +447404202604
On websites: eharmony, whatsapp
Report: Andrew first contacted me October 2020. When we spoke I thought the voice did not fit the picture, so kept that in mind. Shortly after he had to go to Canada to work on an oil rig. We messaged many times a day and he was very intense, which concerned me. He was a widower with 2 children. His mother was Austrian and father was Portuguese. He seemed very kind and caring. In November he suddenly disappeared with no trace. In February he reappeared just as suddenly. He said there had been an explosion, both his phones had been damaged and he had been in hospital. I did not believe this for one minute but with Lockdown I was happy to talk to him. After a few weeks he showed his true colours and asked for money to buy a new piece of equipment that had been severeley damaged. There was no way I was going to send any money. He sent me a copy of his passport as securety for the loan, definitely a fake, the signature did not match his name. I started to investigate and found him on this website. I then reported him to the police. I am still in contact with him while I wait for the police to tell me what they are going to do. I'm sure he will ask for money again as he wants to come home. He is a very clever and skilful man. I hope this man will be caught, he seems to have been doing this for a very long time.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Meyer
Age: 55
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 289-275-7772; 27-(73)-425-8938
On websites: Plenty of Fish; WhatsApp
Report: I sent the first message end of February. It lasted online only for 4 weeks. He had to rush to Capetown South Africa to sign a contract for work and then had to stay for extra weeks to get the project up and running. Sent a page of a contract and said to keep it confidential but it looked suspicious. Kept saying things that he had to send pictures of things I requested to prove he was in South Africa also wearing a mask. Got defensive when I mentioned the change from text message to iMessage and called the questions childish and irritating. No money changed hands but requested a purchase of laptop and phone to be sent to him since his were stolen today.