First name: Fred Jayson
Last name: Smith
Age: 40
Location: Nigeria, Ibadan
Address: 10 bisi daudu streetdizengof
Phone: +2347032841521
On websites: yahoo
Report: Pretends to be from US,OHIO. Has a son 13 year old, widowed, has a sick mom in UK who takes care of his son. Needs to send money to take care of his sick mom, but recently lost his credit card so can't really send the money so asks to borrow the money so he he could send it all back as soon he gets back to states... interval for asking money is each week around 500 dollar
First name: George
Last name: Brown
Age: 48-49
Location: usa Virginia/Nigeria
On websites:
Report: protrays to be a widower looking for love. suddenly has to travel to nigeria and starts asking for you to open a checking account for money to be deposited into then asking for you to send him $4,000.00
First name: johnny
Last name: gericault
Age: 55
Location: Chattanooga, TN, and Teshie-Accra, Ghana
On websites: Facebook,
Report: I've dealt with this man who is extremely good at what he does. He claims to be a jewelry designer, and is as sweet as they come. I didn't want to care about him as I've been so hurt by people in my life, but he managed to make me care. Make me feel like I am special. Until the wire transfer he made into my account turned out to be fake. The one thing I can honestly say is that I hope I made him feel guilty because he knows I don't trust easily. We've been talking for MONTHS!
First name: marlana
Last name: ottinger
Aka: ibadan ,nigeria
Age: 53
Location: ibadan, nigeria
On websites: ymessenger
Report: asking money for flight back to the USA
First name: Robert
Last name: Moran
Age: 54
Location: Baltimore, MD USA
Address: 411 Bretton PL, Baltimore, MD 21218
Phone: 240-347-7962
On websites:
Report: This Scammer say, his name is Robert Moran , Education : PhD , a Mineral Scientist/Geologist and a Mining Expert , Lived in 411 Bretton PL , Baltimore, MD 21218, his cell phone is 240-347-7962 , email address is and, I met him in , he said he is in China to purchase the tools, he win a contract in Brazil and will go Ghana to get the golden and sell to the Brazil company and will win 2.5 million, he even had linkedin site to set up with the picture on it , after went to Ghana for 2 weeks, he claimed that his expensive mac laptop has been broken by one of his workers on the site, because it is impacted by his project, he asked me to purchase an exact same apple mac laptop listed at Apple website $2400 to mail to him via FedEx or DHL to Ghana and promised to payback after he come back US on 30th June, I realized that it is a kind of scammer immediately, refused and he turn around to ask me to send any computer to him immediately because it is really hurt his business in Ghana. of course, I refused too, he finally admitted to me, his name is not Robert Moran, he actually live in Ghana, unable to pay his rent, and try to scam from me to cover his rent. This person is a scammer, I posed here to remind all of you be careful this guy.
First name: Marcus
Last name: Pharell
Age: 50-53
Location: lagos, port h, abuja Nigeria... sometimes in Belgium
On websites: Match, facebook, my space...
Report: This man contacted me on saying that he was very interested in having a relationship with me... he said he was in a business trip to Belgium then west africa, nigeria to be more specific. He claimed owning a heavy machinary business. I suspected him being a scammer from the beginning because a dear friend of mine was the victim of a scammer and i saw the similarities from the beginning... fist of all he made sure I knew he did not use any banking aids all he used was cash, his mom and dad were dead and he had no family, his ex wife cheated on him with two of his best friends so he was a lonely man... not to make the story any longer after a week of romancing me and on the day he was supposed to comeback to the states he contacted me saying he was having a big problem... custums was charging him way more of the amount he had planned to pay and needed $2800.00 I asked so what r u going to do now? He said I will have to sell my watch. day later he contacted me again but said after selling the watch he still needed $900.00 i said i had just used all my savings to get my car fixed plus other unexpected expenses, he was not happy about this and asked me to please try to get the money from my friends because if he did not pay it by saturday they were going to confiscate the goods. Knowing that he was a cammer i came up with a plan,.. i told him
First name: Robin
Last name: Brooks
Age: 55
Location: USA Brooklyn, NY, Nigeria
On websites:
Report: He is a civil engineer, widowed, with a child, who travels with him to project sites. He is awarded a contract in Nigeria and goes there. He is madly in love with me and thanks God that he finally found me. He requests that I buy 2 highend Blackberries and ship them to him because his credit card doesn't work in Nigeria. We didn't get into shipping/repayment because I said no. He said I didn't trust him and was a liar.
First name: Bruce
Last name: Walter
Age: 52
Location: Spanaway Washington
Phone: 1-619-387-8243
On websites: As nowliving2012 on Christian Mingle
Report: This man is asking me for banking information claiming he needs money for a permit of some sort to work with a children's hospital. Research shows me a connection with Ghana Africa and a similar scammer information posted. He has called me at my home, and his phone number which he claims is a cell phone is actually a land line in San Diego California. His Christian Mingle information claims he lives or resides in Spanaway Washington. I have not yet received further investigation information to prove he resides there. I've also turned in my suspicions to Christian Mingle online dating site.
First name: James
Last name: Haggard
Age: 55
Location: Texas
On websites: Yayoo
Report: He told me if i didnt send money i would be dead the next day. Twice he said that And said he would never be caught.
First name: collins
Last name: smith
Aka: accra
Age: 83
Location: accra
Phone: unknown00233201445513831
Report: collins smith accrathis man wants stopping he is now running his own phone system by english company why are you so slow people are suffering very badly he is also on face book . i think he has got every body where he wants them please help us he is wanted by all police forces just contact me urgent 01337868635 or 0971893542 very urgent
First name: Daniel
Last name: Carlin
Age: 59
Location: Bristol, RI
On websites: zoosk
Report: Contacted me through Zoosk dating site. Once we connected, he was no longer on site.
First name: andrew
Last name: jackson
Age: 46
Location: pakistan
On websites:
Report: i was chat this guy once after a lady email me say that he is scammer to ask all lady money
First name: Dewitt
Last name: Orlov
Age: 46
Location: Atlanta Georgia
On websites: Tagged
Report: He scammed me for 450.00 dollars using ronda griffith as alas
First name: michael
Last name: fillmore
Age: 49
Location: ontario canada
Phone: 0012185062702
Report: he wants to meet me in the Philippines and we waited for him in the airport,he did not arrive,then he called up that he was hold in kualalumpur airport by the customs because he was carrying a bag with full of money,he informed me that he was asked to pay $5000 so that he can get his money,i told him, ask the custom people to open your bag and pay them after that he did not call anymore
First name: Fadi
Last name: Chaiban
Aka: Vincent Moretti, Eddie Moreno
Age: 48, 51
Location: Pacific Beach, La Jolla, San Diego Cal. USA
Phone: 202/681-3481, 858/222=7331,
Report: He extored alot of money from me and l other woman. We need to find other victims. There is a police investigation in progress.
First name: Morgan
Last name: Phillips
Age: 47
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Address: Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL
On websites:
Report: Tried to scam airline tickets, said he is a importer and was stuck in India and his credit card information was stolen so could not access funds to fly home to the states
First name: Harry
Last name: Sorenzo
Age: 45-55
Location: London, Raleigh NC, Baltimore, MD
On websites: Yahoo, hotmail,
Report: Phone numbers are: Uk-447940513313 Nigeria-2347036385694
First name: bobby
Last name: mcglothlin
Age: 53
Location: uk
Email: bobbymcglothlin@yahoo,com
Report: there guys name bobbymcglothlin,and rodgerpearmanjr,,there from facebook,datesite,bobbymcglothlin,say he works on oilrig,rodgerpearmsn jr,,he out of country he needs money ,he lost his walles,bobbymcglothlin,,,say he need feed his girl,janet care,watch out ladys they scammer women,,,they might be cute but they are scammer,,,,
First name: Michael
Last name: Marlin
Age: 45
Location: Benin , Cotonou
Report: He found me in a web site, Badoo, he is chassing from may/10/ 2012. He said that is widow, and others lies
First name: James
Last name: Smith
Aka: Captain Smith James Massingale/US ARMY/E-9/01/2125
Age: 49
Location: Alice, Tx, Maryland, Iraq
Phone: 443-228-6861
On websites: yahoo messanger, dating sites
Report: Pretends to be in Iraq, gave me a phone number listed above saying it was secured. Asked me to get him a loan and help him get a volunteer leave, he would email me the paper work. Flags went up and I checked out a web site and knew he was a scammer.
First name: Dino
Last name: moore
Age: 43
Location: nigeria/wilmington delaware
Phone: +112348064816078
On websites: zoosk/my year book
Report: He is not the person in the photo's he was posting and after a month of conversing he asked for money for his father who would die without recieving the money. I did not fall for it.
First name: David
Last name: Gregoris
Age: 52
Location: UK London
Email: david
On websites: unknownfacebook, msn
Report: meldet sich mit my sweetheart, i miss you and love you...............wollte 2011 mir ein Paket von Australien senden mit angeblich: Laptop, ParfA?m, Kosmetika und 25.000.00 Euro fA?r einen Urlaub den ich buchen sollte in die Karibik A?ber X-MAS und New Year 2011/12 und mit dem Geld bezahlen. Das Paket kam jedoch nie an, dann schrieb er mich an, daAY ZollgebA?hren anfallen in HA¶he von 300Euro und ich diese an eine Adresse in Kuala Lumpur bezahlen soll. Alles Schwindel, also Frauen aufgepaAYt!
First name: Stanislav
Last name: Lukashov
Aka: Stas-??N‚?°????N??»?°?? ?›N????°N?????
Age: 20
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Phone: 7-911-959-1729
Report: I met Stanislav Lukashov from St. Petersburg, Russia at a webcam site where he was a model. When he found out I was a doctor, he befriended me. He made me feel special and gave me his personal information and photos. He quit the job and covinced me to pay his salery. He got me to buy him a car after promising to come to the US and spend his life with me. Of course he never came. He deceived me and manipulated my emotions for ten months. He got me to send him money every month. He always told me how wonderful I was and how much he loved me. He was always full of kind words and promises, except when I failed to give him everything he wanted or when I questioned his sincerity. The delivery of money always made things wonderful again, and he somehow made me feel like I was the luckiest person in the world. He lied and told me the car had been wrecked beyond repair in the summer. Recently, I found photos of the same car taken in October and November, three after it had supposedly been wrecked. The next spring he wanted another car. After a number of manipulations and intimidations, he finally convinced me to give him the money for a car. He professed that he would stay with me indefinately regardless of money. I took out a loan for $28,000 and sent a total of $42,000. A week after the $42,000 arrived, Stanislav said he wanted a new life and would send the money back. When I sent him the bank information, he disappeared from the American internet. A week later I found evidence of a $44,000 Mercedes C55 AMG that was purchased with the money. Scammer: Stanislav Lukashov 20 yrs old, Model, Student (Economics), 5 feet, 8 inches tall, 65 kg weight. Light brown hair, blue-gray eyes. St. Petersburg, Russia. Former addresses-Vladimirski Prospect 8, Room 52 Bakunina St. Former closed after a trip to Spain. Former phone number-7-911-959-1729
First name: Richard
Last name: Johnson
Age: Forty-four
Location: New York, New York & London, UK
Address: LU1 2AP, LU3 1AY
Phone: Four-four-seven-four-zero-four-five-two-five-six-one-eight, seven-nine-five-eight-four-four-two-one-
On websites:, other dating sites
Report: This person romanced and said all the right things. Claims to be a wealthy cardiologist in Manhatten, NY as well as work for UNICEF often traveling to London, UK. Sent a check, $44,500,(which looked real from bank of America)supposably sent from a lawyers office in Canada. Wanted funds sent to him, and a friend that was sick, also money sent to him to purchase medical equipment, etc., The Federal reserve put a stop on check. Continued to text, IM and claimed all was a mistake and would resend check. Asked why he never spoke by phone, said wanted to be a surprise when together, never have spoken to by phone.
First name: Steve
Last name: Bryant
Age: 48 (probably a lie)
Location: Carlsbad, CA
Phone: 760 200 7460
Email: Unknown
On websites: Steve Bryant
Report: This guy is using Steve Yzerman's photos on Mingle2 online dating site.
First name: martins
Last name: rogger
Age: 57
Location: ghana
Address: 233
Phone: 2078673972
On websites:
Report: i want you to update me with the new scam information on daily bases
First name: kelly
Last name: Taylor
Aka: Kiki Assanti/plus his family name....
Age: 25/30
Location: Ghana/Japan/Belize
Email: /
Report: stole 15,000.00 from me plus computer and credit card......i hve phone numbers and the person's he used in Japan and the phone and email of the man who gave him a false visa from Japan.....
First name: dannie
Last name: anderson
Age: 60
Location: accra ghana
Phone: 233549700965
Report: also uses phone # 2132602275
First name: Joe
Last name: Ken
Age: 51
Location: London, New Jersey
Report: I met him on a dating site and I knew he was a scammer. He fits the profile travels a lot, has a son, widowed anyway I stopped talking to him but he has constantly im'd me with prescribed text on messenger. I have had a lot of exposure to scammers I have saved almost all of their pics too many to name here but I would like to help if I could.
First name: Nourdine
Last name: Merai
Age: 28
Location: Tataouine, Tunisia
Address: Post Ksar Mguebla
Phone: 2 372 7406
On websites: facebook and skype
Report: Sweet talked his way into my heart. Broke down my resolve because he said we wouldn't be able to talk anymore on Skype so against my better judgement I sent him $200.00 through Western Union. He kept the charade up for a week than no connection from skype, nor on facebook or by phone.