First name: Michael
Last name: Stephen
Aka: Shellby Knight, Shell Kenwood
Age: 57
Location: Winnipeg, Canada and Argentina
Phone: +447045728310
On websites: Meet Me
Report: Purporting to be a Spanish male contractor who immigrated to Canada after a broken heart. Son is in training in Afghanistan. After emailing and chatting every day for 6 weeks the request finally came for $3,800 for the delivery charge on construction equipment he was waiting for in Spain for an orphanage. He even send me a copy of the cheque he was supposed to be receiving on completion. Just a loan till he got to my place of course.
First name: Richard
Last name: Barnes
Aka: Richard Ray Barnes
Age: 56
Location: Bird Island Minneota USA, may actually be on east coast of US
On websites: Zoosk
Report: Met on Zoosk; emailed several weeks back and forth. July 24, 2012 he emailed me from
First name: bright
Last name: miller
Aka: david,patrick
Age: 51
Location: afghanistan
On websites: skype
Report: romances and wants money. says hes a major general.
First name: Thomas
Last name: Mends
Aka: Bruce Morgan
Age: 55
Location: Ghana Zip code 00233
Phone: 07500654649
On websites: plenty of
Report: Tried to get me to send A?2,200 for a metal box he wanted to send to me for safe keeping,supposedly contained 2.5 million pounds. Called himself Bruce Morgan said he was US army soldier serving in Afghanistan, due to retire next month. within three weeks of starting to chat on line he asked me to marry him, sent photos. Found out his real name on another web site. Had skype conversations with the guy in the photo, possibly a Stephen Murphy. A woman know as Elizabeth Teddy sent me scanned copy of her passport. Passport number is 420365588. dob 26/10/1975. I have more information ie: photos emails etc.
First name: Shawn
Last name: Michaels
Age: 41
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 011233549713400
On websites: Facebook, Yahoo, Datahookup, BBWCupid, Irish Times, and Netlog
Report: Shawn claims to be a 41 years US citizen who traveled to Ghana on business, and ran into some tough times. He got in accident, was kidnapped, thrown in jail and his daughter was raped. With all of this he refused to go to the American Embassy. He went to Ghana on business to buy gold, because he designs custom jewelry. He always states that he will pay the money back. Age: 41 Height: 5'10 Born in: Italy Living in: North Carolina He has made several death threats against me including: YOU ARE A BIG FOOL AND I WANT BOTH OF YOU TO KNOW THAT YOU BETTER ENJOY YOUR LAST DAYS ON EARTH BECAUSE THEY COMING FOR HER AND IF THEY SEE YOU I WILL PERSONAL PUT A BULLET THROUGH YOUR FUCKEN SKULL.
First name: Jose
Last name: Osuna
Aka: Jose G Osona
Age: 46
Location: Litchfield Park, Arizona
Address: 12510 W campina Dr
Phone: 602-518-7334
On websites: BBP
Report: Warning to All Women This man preys on Lonley heavy set Women. He will charm you then take your money. He will tell you it is for you that he is investing the money on properties..He will tell you he works at a warehouse and lives there also working all different hours, when in fact he is living or jumping from 1 up to 4 women at a time. He comes off as being very spiritualy and positive but that is part of his charm and that he just wants to keep pushing forward he has a very strong spanish accent! DOB 8-5-1965 also celebrates St. Joseph day on March 19th has a daughter named Emma and a son Daniel with his current wife Maria, Drives a 98 white dodge full size truck that is falling apart. has a realtor licence #SA575778000 exp 5/31/2014
First name: michael merino
Last name: norce
Aka: capt micheal norce
Age: 46
Location: Afghanistan
Email: michael
On websites: badoo michael46
Report: I meet in may On the badoo Notice first he had spell michael wrong He was a single father of a 13 year old daughter named jane usar Center in north carolina Was in the army in afghanistan Originally from colorado Said he had a big compound with 3 bedrooms and a pool there Wanted me to email fpr leave to come see me told me to use the name captain michael marino norce E205 In afghanistan I told him I couldn't I wasn't given out my personal information He acted like he was mad Next day he tell me he had arranged to leave but he needed the money from me to pay it wanted me to even borrow it if I had to got mad because I wouldn't mind the money hasn't replied since
First name: scott jonson
Last name: williams
Aka: captain williams, jonson
Age: 52
Location: afghanistan
On websites: badoo
Report: First contact was may18 he was using the name jonson on Badoo said he was captain williams in the u s army deployed in afghanistan for peacekeeping said he had a daughter living with his mother in miami gardens florida he was looking for a wife he first said his name was scott williams I asked where jonson came in he said his name was scott jonson williams he send pictures of him in uniform but the name on the uniform was chipman and insignias were not for a captain I asked about chipman he said it was a family name his last name was actually chipman - williams he never replied after that
First name: Allen
Last name: Hughes
Age: 55
Location: US or UK
Report: i want to know if he is for real
First name: Steven
Last name: Alejandro
Age: 50
Location: Us new York
On websites: Badoo,,
Report: Money scam
First name: John
Last name: McNamara
Age: 40
Location: Lethbridge/Calgary Canada, Alberta
Phone: 403-604-8916
On websites: Plenty of Fish (POF)
Report: This individual seeks out women to con and use for money, places to stay, phones. He steals credit card numbers, company PO numbers and uses them to create his profile on dating sites, to rent hotel rooms. He harasses women and damages property. He is a danger.
First name: Farill
Last name: Smith
Age: 51
Location: Kengton, New Jersey/stuck in Nigeria
Report: Met on said he was working in Nigeria, courier service holding his check he needed 1500 to get his check from the courier, so he could come back to the states. Calls constantly for money now. 234-815-159-9078
First name: Harlem
Last name: Cuppell
Age: 50
Location: New York New York
Email: or
On websites: Netlog Facebook
Report: this man when you type his name into yahoo or google search comes up with sites that he has been scamming other on with pictures he uses on his site that have been stolen
First name: lucas
Last name: mancini
Age: 48
Location: nigeria
Phone: 2348124966753
Email: thesupermancini
On websites: tagged
Report: i sent him at least 5 thousand dollors he said he needed because he was robbied by two guy at gun point and he was in the hospital he was in a bad crash down there he sent me a check by fedex it was no good so please help me stop him
First name: Andrew Larry
Last name: William
Aka: Muhammad Aymaan Aymaan
Age: 43 yo
Location: London
Phone: +44 2081238758 ; +44 7564163855 ; +65 84902071 ; +447031873565 +447031940138 ; +447031870657 ; +447
Report: He's so seductive, i regretly sent him around US$3400 to his and his friend's account
First name: John
Last name: Hilton
Aka: Ogunseye Oluwatoyin
Age: 48
Location: Chikago ASV or Nigeria
Phone: +2348156112971
On websites:
Report: Claiming to be a heart surgeon John Hilton 48-year-old from Chicago who is currently the mission in Afghanistan. Please lend money to get back to the U.S., money sent to the Nigeria OGUNSEYE OLUWATOYIN. Until the receipt of money disappeared from the contacts. Women do not trust this man!
First name: Mchaels
Last name: Moore
Age: 57 (?)
Location: ASV North Carolina
Phone: ?
Email: ?
Report: It is written by Michael (Mike), which I have not seen. I put a snippet of his letters. ....................... My endless love,I need you to please send $5000 to the doctors so they do not leave our son untreated.I'm very scared of loosing Jibril and I've thought of ways to resolving this problem but I'm totally lost and have no other person to ask but you my love. :-( You are all I have and the only one I can count on for help Teresa. Your Love, Mike
First name: Nick
Last name: Cole
Age: he claims he is 48
Location: Manchester, UK
Email: nick_cole200
On websites: Facebook
Report: He promises almost the same things to me and to another woman whom i added as one of my friends when i saw that she is also among his friends and asked her about him.
First name: Michael
Last name: Hollins
Age: 50
Location: UK / Nigeria
On websites: Facebook, MyLife, MeeBo, Yahoo IM
Report: Says from Atlanta, GA. No records found when googling his name other than Dating sites. He says he received a huge contract, then moves to Nigeria to complete contract, then requests 400USD , then 200USD , then
First name: nass
Last name: wilkinson
Age: 37
Location: libia
Report: he is an US soldier in lybia since 5 months ago. He needs $240 to returns USA
First name: Jeff
Last name: Stankovic
Age: 49
Location: Accra, Ghana
On websites: RSVP
Report: Good evening I hope you might be able to assist with my email. Recently I have been the victim of an on line scammer through the website RSVP. I met a man through RSVP and he invited me to chat with him through @live, which I did. He identified himself as Jeff Stankovic (email address and said he was in the US Military based in Afghanistan. Through 8 weeks of conversing with Jeff daily I foolishly sent money 3 times for various reasons via Money Gram to the following receiver: Wisky Osei 232 Olando Street, Accra Ghana, West Africa, 00233 The Message was to read: Mahmud Issah The email address I have for Mahmud Issah is I still have my copies of all 3 Money Grams sent, totaling $5000AUD I realised on Friday 06.07.2012 that I was dealing with a scammer. I know I have been a fool for believing that Jeff Stankovic was genuine with proclaiming his love for me. I have sent Jeff Stankovic and Mahmud Issah both emails telling them that I am aware that they are scammers and telling them I want my money back. I now believe Jeff Stankovic & Mahmud Issah & Wisky Osei to be the same person. My concern is for the money to be picked up from Accra, Ghana I believe that the recipient would have had to produce their identification. Really all I want is for this person to be stopped. I feel so foolish that I have been scammed and hate the thought that this is happening to others. $5000AUD probably doesn't seem like a lot of money, but I am a single wage earner and it was an awful lot of money for me. I truly believed Jeff and that he was going to repay my money. I have kept all of the emails I received from both Jeff Stankovich and Mahmud Issah. I also have photo's of both people named. Can this scammer be investigated or stopped? Please consider my request. Many thanks
First name: James
Last name: lopez
Age: 47
Location: usa afghanistan
Report: Hi has been i badoo sait and want to find a wife but you have to pay for him to come. his in Tillman camp Kabul Afghanistan ... hi says... Hello Camilla, You will have to pay the money {960GBP} via the western-union money Transfer [ We are in Liason with them].Below is the details of our Finance agent you are to send the money and when you send the money , you will need to send us the information to receive it . The Mtcn number, and Amount sent. First Name- HALLE Last Name- WOOD Address-Wathgill , North Yorkshire DL11 .England. United Kingdom. We will start the leave processing as soon you make the payment. Thanks for your usual cooperation. Regards, General John Allen. Multi-National Corps a€“ Afghanistan Public Affairs Office, Camp Tillman. APO AE 09342
First name: Mark
Last name: Anselmo
Age: 43
Location: Youngtown, AZ
On websites:
Report: Claimed to be a fabric salesman who traveled to the Phillipines for work. Could not exit the country due to issues with government and wanted $18,000 wired to assist him after two weeks of on-line discussions. Also claimed to have a 5 year old daughter, was divorced for 3 years and wife supposedly cheated on him.
First name: Allan
Last name: Lowenthal
Age: 54
Location: Kaular Lumpur
Phone: +60162974873
Report: I would like to report this man who i thought was real and i had fallan for big time, he was messaging me every day saying that he loves me so much and whats to be with me. And he phoned me up this morning saying he is in real big trouble with his Company and the powers that be have taken all his Paperwork and that he needs $3,000 right now to get him out of trouble, and i said i cannot give him any money as i do not have any to give and he also did not sound Australian like he said he was from there he sounded Asian not Australian as i know as my Dad is Australian so i know he is not the real person. He is on Face Book as well. And when i try to get in touch with him before it was a person talking a different voice that i did not understand. so i put the phone down and told him that i could not get in touch. I really thought i had found the right Man for me i am so upset all the messages i have been sending him saying that i love him to and know i find out he is just a big Scam, i will never ever trust a Man ever again.
First name: Jeff
Last name: Stankovich
Age: 49
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: RSVP
Report: Jeff, claims to be in the US Military working in Afghanistan. He was Australian born and moved to the US with his family when he was 10 years old. He wants to retire to Australia. He has a son who is staying with Jeff's sister in the US while he is on his mission in Afghanistan. I have worked out that he is affiliated with a scammer called Mahmud Issah from Ghana. I had to send money to Mahmud because he was bringing a parcel to me from Jeff, so it was here when he arrived. He was due to arrive on 06.07.2012 & didn't. He even scanned copies of his flight itinery. He is very good at conning. Luckily I have now realised.
First name: Gilbert Jack
Last name: Lyon
Age: 39 1/6-73
Location: baltimore maryland. real contry nigeria
Phone: 2348121494048
On websites: yahoo, facebook
Report: He is a american soldier, has lost heA?s girlfreind to cancer,heA?s address is in afganistan and after short time heA?s going to africa. he work undercover he said.. he is so sweet and say all the right things.. He loves to say that you doubt him.. He send 5 photos.. 3 of the same man from the arme whit heA?s name lyon on the breest. an 2 other pictures from 2 different men. he first ask for money or things when he now your feelings are deep.. have photos to show
First name: Ben
Last name: Carlton
Age: 48
Location: Central London,United Kingdom / Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
Phone: 44-7035960066 (U.K.) 60143655730 ( Malaysia )
On websites: Facebook
Report: I was scammed out of 192000$ by him.He is a very romantic guy with a daughter by the name of Monalisa.He is currently believed to be in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.His other email address is & he is also on yahoo.He is also on Skype under C.B.
First name: marcus
Last name: herman
Age: 54
Location: benin
Report: please be aware, this person who pretends to be a civil engineer working overseas --benin-- on a project, building a road or such, from Italian descent, supposedly this man has homes in Ca and Indiana, has been trying to scamm women through the JDATE dating site, do not respond to this man emails please, this guys is bad news and he's only one thing and one thing only, MONEY. please be careful and if you see his profile on the JDATE do not respond to him please....
First name: Ervin
Last name: Gjorga
Aka: Erwin Gjorga
Age: 20
Location: Albania
Address: Ervin Gjorga , Cerme Sector , Lushnje , Albania , 9001
On websites: Facebook
Report: This guy swindled me out of 545 euros , more than that as there was a charge when I sent the money by moneygram. He also tried to use me to get him a visa to the UK.
First name: jimmy
Last name: peter, peters
Age: 54
Location: san diego
Report: just a romance scam, a lot of copy and paste messages. stolen pictures