First name: Tim
Last name: Wash
Age: 43
Location: Cleveland,Ohio,USA
On websites: Face Book,Yahoo Messenger,
Report: Tim Wash? Claims to be in the United States Army and he says that He is stationed in Kubal,Afghanistan for a Peace Keeping Mission for the US Army. He has a 8 year son named Travis Wash, Tim claimed that his wife has passed away from Cancer over 5 years ago and that he's a Single Dad, and his mother Stephanie Wash, has been taking Care of the minor child Travis Wash. I've met Tim on face book well over close to a month now, it all started with a hello and How are you? and soon he has asked for my yahoo e-mail address and from there on We've chatted Online a few times and Tim has mentioned to me, that his mother Stephanie and his son Travis, have been staying on holidays in this Country Nigeria? and they will be staying over there until Tim finishes his Peace keeping tour in Kabul,Afghanistan and that would happen some time in September 2012, Tim's mother & son would be returning back to the States to their home which is in Cleveland,Ohio, and Tim him self will join them back home in the month of September 2012. Just 2 weeks ago Tim has asked me, to wire his mother and son some money for Travis Wash's 8th birthday and I couldn't afford to send any thing because I happen to live on a tight budget which just covers my own Utility bills and for groceries and rent of course, and there is no way that I can wire what little in come that I've got off to Tim's Mom and son Travis Wash. Just recently over the weekend Tim and His mom, Stephanie Wash, have really begged me, to to help them out both with sending money to Nigeria and that little Travis Wash, is very sick and that he needed open heart surgery and Travis Wash is in the Hospital in Nigeria? Tim has begged me, to help out and send them money for this emergency on Travis Wash's heart because He has a hole inside his heart and the Doctors over there said that it would cost them like $800.00 and so that they really needed this amount of money wired to them Stephanie and Travis Wash needed this cash urgently? if I could assist them with this finances to cover the cost of this emergency surgery. Now where would I get that kind of money that I don't even have and I've explained that to Tim in e-mail messages and he just won't listen to me. Then the following day which was Sunday, August 19th,2012, he said that his son Travis Wash has died and his mom Stephanie Wash, now is in the Hospital in Nigeria? He has asked me, to wire at least an $100.00 to cover the cost of his mother's medication so that she can recover quickly and become healthier to travel back to the USA, with his son's body? I am so fed up with Tim Wash and every thing is all about money with him and he doesn't even Care if I became penniless and broke? I haven't sent Tim Wash's mother and his son no money? at all because I have nothing to send them and Tim Wash, is still putting pressure on me, to wire his mother that $100.00 for her medication? and I Can't afford to wire him a cent. When is this gonna stop Tim Wash, constantly asking me, to send money that I don't even Have.
First name: Fred
Last name: Paxton
Age: 58
Location: unknown,he has said N.C.
Report: Met Fred on Zsook.He has scammed me out of money.We have been talking for 2 months.He has been sending me gifts.He has asked me several times to marry him..I'm trying to get him to come to mu home to get him arrested.Since Iv'e been talking to him my e-mail account has been blocked and now I cannot send any e-mails out..
First name: Mike
Last name: Okonowo
Age: 30's
Location: London
Phone: +447507218474
On websites: POF
Report: Scammed me out of money.
First name: roland
Last name: fred
Age: 47
Location: inggris
Report: He is a scammer man always online in netog site for search weak woman
First name: Benjamin
Last name: Rich
Age: 55
Location: Northbrook, Illinois
Report: Contacted me on singles online dating site, ConnectingSingles and started chatting, writing and dating me. After a time I realised I cared for him (still do) and he started planning to marry me and take me to US to live with him. Told me then he had to go to Nigeria (yes!) to procure wood for his company Turner Construction Co. in Chicago/Nortbrook. (He is on facebook and apparently really works for Turner (?). In Nigeria he called me and saidf he was robbed. The company had sent him some 200 000 dollars but he could not cash check as there was no Bank of America in Nigeria. We talked right through the night as he struggled to get me to send the money (2 000 dollar) to him to see hom through. He ended in calling me names and accusing me of not loving him (which I stupidly still do) when I could not help. And disappeared from my life. No pleading emails or facebook message brings him back to explain. (2 other experiences reported separately but later when you are set up)
First name: jones
Last name: walker
Age: 59
Location: NEW YORK
On websites:
Report: pretending that he will care for you and will send packages thru airline cargo but when the parcel arrived the custom will send notice thru email and ask you to pay the custom fee before goods be delivered to your designated place...he will ask you to pay the custom fee in any western union branch to deliver the parcel with out will notice soon that its a scam because how can he send much money and expensive gifts and ask for payment for the custom first before delivered to you thru door to door...i never chat him in cam only email...i know he is still looking for more victims..please trace this person at you....
First name: Morris
Last name: Joel
Age: 39
Location: Nigeria
On websites:
Report: this guy is saying he is interested in me and wanting to meet me - he has been widowed for a couple of years - has an 8 year old daughter, lives somewhere in Ontario but had to go to Nigeria because his father is sick then tells me his daughter lived in Nigeria all these years going to school. His mother comes from the states and married a nigerian. His photo is of a very handsome guy - so innocent looking - but he said in his email he had black hair but on pic is bald also showed me a pic of him and his daughter who is completely white. Never asked for money or anything yet - just wants a good wife to marry and have a happy life. That's it so far.
First name: Malcolm
Last name: Mitchell
Age: 55
Location: Uk and France
On websites: Plenty of fish
Report: Says retired at 53 when sold company...owns houses in the uk. Has problems with tenants so in court case for eviction, owns 3 horses and 2 dogs, daughter in uk looks after them. Lives in south of France.Working on old house. Miles from anywhere. It's so hot ! Travels back for 5 days but to busy to arrange meetings. Holidays at l'estatit north east coast of Spain. Speaks well on phone but number withheld and then many phone calls from dodgy people using withheld service checking for my whole name, that I had never given him.... Luckily had changed answer message and known leave it on all time with caller id showing... Will post his photo when the site is up. Definitely white and photo taken abroad, i can tell from the inside ofthe house around him. Good luck.
First name: John
Last name: Williams
Age: 47
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
Report: I met this man on Skype . He sent me a friend request and for the first time I answered such a request. During 2 weeks everything was fine, then suddenly he wanted me to write to his daughter, a 10 year old girl who apparently was registered in a boarding school in London and doing some researches for her studies in Nigeria and for her birthday she wanted to buy a cat in Nigeria and I should send the money, A? 400.00, what I did via western union. Then a few days later I was told by her father, a doctor and a private hospital, that the car or the bus who drove the children to the airport was attacked and this little girl and her teacher were seriously wounded and brought to this hospital in very serious condition. So, suddenly I was asked to forward A? 5000.00 for an operation she needed absolutely, because she was between life and death. I never get into this and now 3 weeks later this girl apparently is still between life and death and John Williams , her father is accusing me that I would let die his only child. Since I refused to send the money he asked for, his attitude changed drastically and told me to let him alone with his problems. Before all this happened, he wanted marry me, he said he loves me, he wanted a mother for his only daughtrt etc. etc
First name: michael
Last name: roger
Age: 50
Location: austin ,Tx
Address: 74 Whitney Lane
Phone: 512-661-1540
Report: pretends to be younger than yu has a daughter and is a contractor living in TX going to newcastle in Tyne in Englamd writes a lot of poetry says its your destiny to be together
First name: Fred
Last name: Paxton
Age: 58
Location: Brown Summit,N..C
Report: Russian Bride Scam
First name: Dickson
Last name: Walker
Age: ( using 54-52)
Location: ( using USA and New York
Address: 184 Roweland Avenue Delmar NY 12054 USA ( From Google I noticed that it`s not his address
Email: dickson.walker91@gmailcom / Ghana
On websites: dating service
Report: IA?m reporting this person because he is pretending to be an American solder who is in Baghdad Irak. He didn`t want money.I only wrote few emails with him. Then I got his address in USA.I saw from Google that he is not the owner of that house. His wroting style was (my dear I can`t wait to know you better. (We seem to have a lot in common... (thank you for making me happiest man on eart...Today I saw that after his mail address is Ghana
First name: peter
Last name: williams
Age: 60
Location: Calgary, canada
On websites: seniormeetpeople
Report: Said he was going to Cambodia for work and needed 10,000 dollars for living expenses.
First name: shean
Last name: siehweg
Age: 46
Location: lagous niegeria
Report: this person is a scammer and con women for money pretend to be British but with a Nigeria ascent and
First name: Clarence K.
Last name: Waya
Age: 58
Location: Henderson, NV; Malaysia; Sunnyvale, CA
Report: Told sad story about his adopted son having Juvenile Parkinsons' Disease to obtain much money from me.
First name: Donald
Last name: Alfred
Age: 38
Location: Sydney/USA/Malaysia
Report: Claims: - to be in Crude Palm Oil business - to have an ex wife, their relationship ended because she is/was addicted to drugs - requests you to take ownership of his property so that money hungry ex wife cannot get her hands on it, asks you to deal with his lawyer in the states - Has teenage son who lives with his mother in the States - mother falls ill and has operation - failing business, requests money - will not reveal details too personal such as physical addresses of himself/mother - even has a linkedin profile so I thought he was legitimate - was supposed to come and see me three seperate occasions but didn't turn up with excueses every time - extremely convincing and patient, as I told him I was a sceptic and he still persuaded me! THIS MAN IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS - STAY AWAYS!!!
First name: ANDRE
Last name: SIMON
Age: 49
Location: Silver spring MD, Nigeria
Email: andre,
On websites: facebook
Report: Claims he knew me. is wanting to come back to US and is madly in love wants to get married..Wife died.. Son in hospital needs money
First name: higgins
Last name: davidson
Age: 48
Location: providence utah
Report: supuestamente esta en una mision de paz en afganistan, me mando mensajes de amor, y que esta muy interesado en mi, casi me llego a ilusionar, pero por fortuna no alcance a enviarle, ni dinero ni regalos, pero estoy ofendida deberian meterlos a la carcel por engaA±ar asi a la gente....
First name: Steven
Last name: Mcgill
Age: 47
Location: Nigeria
Address: No 12 Old Bodija, City Ibadan
Phone: 2347033658090
On websites: Tagged
Report: We met on Tagged. I had never heard about scammers. Everything was going well. He is a smooth talker. Then he got robbed. Then his daughter was sick and now he is stucked in Nigeria. I send him nearly $2000 dollars. I have all the papers of western union and MoneyGram. He even send me through email a copie of his ticket with the logo of British Airways. He also send me information about BTA.
First name: Leonard
Last name: Harris
Age: late 40s
Location: Iowa
Report: scamming women on facebook with somolian children
First name: barry
Last name: scott
Age: 57
Location: ghana in the army us
Phone: 0011233240916788 or 233204492454
On websites: msn or oasis dating suite
Report: he seemed real at first and a month down the track he had to get something out of the country so he need my help and he was sending it to me to keep it safe until he left the army and then the man his friend who was bringing the parcel to stared asking for money and so did barry the other man's name is sherif djamposu can you let me know wot you find out please i have lot's of pic's if that help's
First name: phillip
Last name: ramsay
Age: 25
Location: spanish town, jamaica
On websites: tagged
Report: me and another girl from the website found out he was dating us both and reciving money. it started by paying his phone and internet bill but later he says he's being evicted from his home and own people money. none of it is true. he also says he wants to start a bussiness.
First name: Julian
Last name: Nixon
Age: 52
Location: Dover Delaware...but not sure it is correct
On websites:
Report: reported he came from Dover,Delaware.he went to London to publish a book.was ahoet on money and was robbed.he needed 65,000.then needed 35,000.for book launching.if he didnt get the money he would lose all his investment of 500,000..then he got into a car accident when he was supossed to be flying home into dover delaware.he never got off he need monies for hospital bills and they took his passport.and wants money to pay his bill so he can come home.i have stoped giving him monies..i was a fool to give in the first place..i fell in love and wanted him and his daughter to be ok. I have reported this to the local police and London police
First name: Michael
Last name: Thomas
Age: 27
Location: Ondo , Nigeria
Address: 33 Isijola ,Akure
Email: uses various alias names , no one email for him
Report: Systematically scamming female victims , with promises of large award wins , but each time they pay money to receive these awards, there is always another payment to follow , he scammed me out of over A?30.000GBP
First name: Wilson
Last name: Roy
Age: 50+
Location: Dublin, Ireland
On websites: Facebook
Report: He began to send me a message on Facebook. We soon communicated by personal email address. After a few emails, he sent me love emails. He pretended to be an ingeneer from Dublin, sailing to Australia. He lost his wife 5 years ago, after a long battle from cancer. He had one daughter, Benedicta. He will not be able to scam me from money, because I found love letters on the WEB which correspond to what he wrote to me.
First name: JOHNSON
Last name: Rberts
Aka: john
Age: 55
Location: usa
On websites: Are You interested
Report: He contacted me saying he likes my profile and wants to know me
First name: Kennedy Kemp
Last name: Marlims
Age: 22
Location: Voronez Russia
Phone: +79204557059
On websites:
Report: He had scammed me for money. Put up a story where he was puted in jail. He told me he was a software programmer.
First name: Richard
Last name: Lovenson
Age: 58
Location: accra Ghana
Report: He has scammed me out of more than $15,000.00 or more.
First name: Brad
Last name: Morgan
Age: 46
Location: London, UK
Report: He wrote me through, and he says he is working in Nigeria right now, and he wrote me so often, and told me to love me, and want to get married with me, and his son also wrote me, and he says he is glad to have mom like me. But, suddenly he was robbed on his way to the airport in Nigeria, and asked me to send money, first 100USD, if possible more than 100USD. I feel something strange.
First name: imran
Last name: iftikhar (probably)
Aka: nick names : akiadi,akiadi8,ad aki,iacsksp,iacsk,jacskt1,maanisp,maani1980,maani851...etc.
Age: 27,28,29,30,31,32...etc
Location: spain,france,uzbekistan,etc...
Email: there are lots of email adresses
On websites: dating websites:,, 30 dating websites.
Report: this person who i report now,is a dangerous and boorish man,who i met 1,5 years ago on dating website.with lovely description,and he cried to me how much he needs me,he feels alone and we will be always together in good and bad,meet and later marry.after 1 year i was so happy he meet me in real,i gave my last money to travel to spain,and i also gave money to his,he met me only to half day.But unfortunatelly only with a meaning,he wanted from me,i marry a strange man from pakistan to get european ctizenship.he said if i really love his,i will do it for his.he wanted from me lie to embassy,and not say to my family about his plans.but when i didnt do it,he said relationship is not about love but about money.i found this person on lots of dating websites,with different locations,ages,photos.i got into very bad mental situation for this person,i lost 8 kilo in 1 month,and i got into financial problems also.he collect woman on different facebook accounts,dating websites,no matter of age,marital status,view of life,colour,or location.he is looking only for money from woman,and make commerce about woman.he was in last months blocked from some dating websites,by administrators,but he open new and new false and scam accounts on different sites again and again,he not stops.his new scam account which i found is with description that he is 27 years old student from paris who is looking for helpful girl.this person is exactly near 32 years old,and not student,and not lives in france.he is very indifferent and dangerous.