First name: steven
Last name: robert
Age: 44
Location: UAE
Email: robert
Report: i think this person were using so many names and with different photos on it..and asking money from so disgusted...
First name: Jerry
Last name: Daniels
Age: 45
Location: UK
Phone: 00447031825112
Report: sends love letters, etc; promises marriage and money; sends package and will ask money for payment of the package
First name: Enaboifor
Last name: Lawrence
Aka: Dr.Lawrence Odine
Age: 31
Location: Accra,Ghana
Phone: +233241584637
Report: He said he is going to help me but when he is going to send the money he said the western union decline because it needs a clearance for the transfer...and he said the money that will pay for the requirements must be send by me...and i send already more than 300 Kuwaiti Dinar and that was my salary of being a housemaid here in Kuwait...until now i didn't receive money from him...i lost my money for nothing...
First name: Lawrence
Last name: Bruce
Age: 49
Location: Africa
Email: lawren
On websites: ChristianMingle
Report: States his parents were killed in a car accident when he was young, working off money owed to company needs money to get home....doesnt' ask for money...just wants to let you know why you can't be together yet....then asks for money for ticket...or to pay lawyer
First name: lloyd
Last name: miller
Aka: Richard Lopez,Stephen J Fenzer III, Louis Fernando
Age: 46
On websites: yahoo,gmail,
Report: romance scammer
First name: andrew
Last name: miles
Age: 49 almost 50
Location: south africa or returned to hemet, california
Phone: +27738599970
On websites: yahoo messenger, meetme,
Report: he has gotten me for $500., that may not sound like alot, but i am oon SsI, so I am on a budget/fixed income, I do not have much money to live on. tank you, from, cheryl a. hildreth/
First name: Joy
Last name: Desmond
Age: 23
Location: Dakar Senegal
Report: I was contacted y this so called young Lady, who said her name is Joy Desmond through face book and she told me that she has an important thing to discussion with me. That i caught her attention and she feel like explaining to me an assistant that she want from me, however i reply i reply to her through my mail as she requested, and she now told me that she is the only daughter of her late parent and that her father Mr. Phillip Desmond deposited 6.7 million USD with Royal Bank of Scotland, but now he is late, that the father was murdered by the rebel in Kigali Rwanda, that her father is the Managing Director of Gold Company Situated in Kigali before his death, that her father used her name as the next of kind, but now she being a refugee in Senegal that the law in Senagal will not allow her to handle such kind of money. So she is asking me to be her trustee/representative for the claim of her late father's fund.
First name: Graham
Last name: Cole
Age: 42
Location: Uk
Phone: 447031994521
Report: Dating scam. Says he is a marine engineer. Was attacked in malayasia by ship pirate. In the hospital and need money for operation
First name: ian
Last name: smith
Age: 54
Location: england, london
On websites:
Report: he is a scammer, we wrote mails, that iA?ve found in google, he copys mails and he send, he said he was inlove and a lot of stupid things. I recognized he is lying. He has a lot of differents names
First name: Fred
Last name: Martins
Age: 46
Location: Dubai
Report: First he woos the women until he wins her heart, chatting emails and even phoning and texting after she gives him the phone number. He gets to work telling the women he will join her in her country as husband and wife, he will send her laptop etc in a box. A few days later she receives on internet a CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT and on this certificate is one trunk box weight 75kg monetary valuables of 1,280,000.00 british pounds. The women then receives a phone call from customs to come and declare the box but first you must pay customs 1,800 plus usa dollar. So now he has the women trapped I have this lovely mans box but before I can open it I have to pay all this money. Anyway the scammer keeps phoning her to declare his box full of money and goodies for her to live there new life together and not to lose it. Scammers collecting money from vonrable women on Yahoo.
First name: william
Last name: khor wong
Age: 48
Location: UK,Malaysia
Address: 29 eastbrook close,park gate,souththampton,SO317 aw ,uk
Phone: 447937420029,447011121103,447035953517,0846567843
On websites: yahoo
Report: he'd use google and national wide internet bank for tranfer money from there and when I checked by google ..have this webside he gave me,and code for custommer then I can do that I need to send this report that this guy use google foe lier and ask money from me
First name: Jeremy
Last name: platt
Age: 51
Location: Europe and Spain
On websites: yahoo messenger and meet me
Report: says he's a us citizen in a foreign country asks for money for plane ticket hospital stay etc.
First name: John
Last name: Paul
Age: ?
Location: Latvian Co. in United Kingdom
On websites: owns lumber yard,wants someone to run co. in US to europe and asia
Report: I did not respond
First name: samuel
Last name: nicholes
Age: 47
Location: kublam
Report: This man claims to be a Sgt in the U.S Army serving our country. I found out the hard way that he is no such thing. He will tell you he can't give out any information because he is secret service. Please don't do like I did and fall for this liar.
First name: samuel
Last name: nicholes
Age: 47
Location: kublam
Report: This man claims to be a Sgt in the U.S Army serving our country. I found out the hard way that he is no such thing. He will tell you he can't give out any information because he is secret service. Please don't do like I did and fall for this liar.
First name: John
Last name: Robert
Aka: Peter Anderson
Age: uknown
Email: John Robert On websites: Phoenix Craiglist
Report: Last week I advertised a boat on Phoenix Craig's list and was immediately contacted via e-mail by this person. This individual was involved in a number of e-mail correspondences with me. He insisted on getting my Pay Pal account info. (which I did not give to him), He would not call my phone number (given), when I asked him to send me a cashier's check he said he would send me a certified check as long as I gave him some specific personal information (Physical address, first and last name, cell phone, home phone etc.) He would not come see the boat he wanted to buy or let me meet him somewhere with it to show it to him at the lake since he was
First name: Derick
Last name: Layman
Age: 52
Location: Malaysia
On websites:
Report: Tried to get money from me, repeatedly, Used name Anna adu to send money to.
First name: Larry
Last name: Sanders
Age: 48
Location: USA, CA
On websites: Dating sites
Report: Swindled me of Money
First name: Albert
Last name: Guzman
Age: 60
Location: Nigeria, Africa
Phone: 2348755386
Report: Met Mr. Guzman on dating site (Are You Interested). Something is not right.
First name: Engr Drew
Last name: Duncan
Age: Born on March 3, 1966
Location: London, United Kingdom
Email: Engr Drew
On websites:
Report: He is a facebook scammer
First name: Peter
Last name: Gilbert
Age: 47
Location: Nigeria
On websites:
Report: He is a nigeria scammer from my profile on Facebook claim too be a contractor.He has asked me many times too send money and I feel so crazy abut this but he really needs too be stop stopped .
First name: warren
Last name: davidson
Age: 52
Location: ireland dublin
Report: scamer?
First name: Ben
Last name: Ballard
Age: 56
Location: Philippines
Report: met on, pretended to be a business man from Illinois who was stuck in the Philippines - has an English accent
First name: Luis
Last name: Hernandez
Aka: Alexander Laurence
Age: 55
Location: Bronks NY
On websites:
Report: I do not wish this person to know I was the one, I hope my name and email will not be shared. these people are capable of anything
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Lykins
Age: 48
Location: Los Angeles CA US
On websites:,
Report: 2 Weeks ago I met this guy name Kelvin on We started talking on chat and inmediatly he asked me for my personal email wich I gave to him. After a couples of emails he told me he will travel to Africa. We continue with emails and suddenly he asked me for 850 Dollars and I refused to send them to him. Because I refused to sent the money he cursed me and told me anyway he will find someone else to give the money to him.
First name: Charles
Last name: Edwin
Age: 54
Location: Plano, Tx. & Chino Hills Ca.
Phone: 909-281-2055
On websites: Zoosk, Skout, Chemistry. Match, Hi5, probably all
Report: He found me on Skout, said he was a widower with a 12 year old daughter living in Chino Hills, Ca. Said he was self employed as a civil engineer, and had just taken a job in Tx. For BP. We nevere met in person but somehow he got messed up with his finances and wanted to borrow some money to get back to Ca. He also wanted me to open a Chase acct. so his check would be wired there, then I was to send him money to get back here. That is the short version of a long 3 mo. Ordeal. I did send &200.00 at one time but not mybaccts. It would be shortly after that , that our great love affair dwindled. My fault of course because of mistrust.
First name: Clarence Kelvin
Last name: Waya
Age: 58
Location: Selengor, Malaysia; Sunnyside, CA
Phone: 011-6012-203-8062
Report: This man, who told me that his adopted son had juvenile Parkinsons' disease, bilked me out of over $70,000.00. All of this was done for his son's medications and an expensive surgery. I now know that there is no son, and that this person doesn't really go by that name! I have promissory notes for the monies that I
First name: Philip
Last name: John
Age: 51
Location: London,England (really Nigeria).
Phone: 44-7035-919-839
On websites: Cherry (now deleted)
Report: He told me he was from London,England and that he had work in Nigeria and that when he completed his contract he would come to Japan to see me.In a few days he called me hysterical and crying and said he was in Nigeria and had been robbed of everything,even his passport.He begged me to send him money so he could go to his work and finish it.I was a fool and sent him $15,000.00 USD.He then deleted his profile on Cherry Blossoms and his phone was disconnected.Now I'm in debt because I borrowed the money.
First name: david
Last name: mark
Age: 39
Location: california
Report: he invites me in tagged me site,we have a good conversation,sooner he told me he will send a package to name,i gave my full details,then the agency where he send the package,asking me money for the payments of tax and some expenses of the said box.i send them all in all 4,506 euros..
First name: Nick
Last name: Owen
Age: 51
Location: London,UK
Address: 14 Clapham Common, South Side, London,UK SW4 &AA
Phone: 447024079806
On websites: match, facebook
Report: This guy contacted me on Match. He immediately wanted to go to IM. Said he was in construction and also dealt expensive artwork. Right away, by the second message he told me he loved me. Wanted me to call him as he couldn't call the US. When I did he was obviously not English. He claimed to be widowed, had a son in school in Australia, traveled a lot. We talked via IM many times a day but he was always vague about details. He came up with semi-believable explanations when I pressed for specifics(like his accent, I said he had a spanish accent, the next day he told me his grandmother was mexican). He sent me many photos of him, his late wife, his house..He wrote very well about feelings, and I mean well, but made too many silly grammer mistakes that clearly showed Englisg was not his first language.Then he said he had to go to Nigeria for business.