First name: Donald William
Last name: King
Aka: seeklovedonald, bluedaddy47
Age: 52
Location: Texas USA, Phillipines
Address: 886 Oakland St, Beaumont, Texas 77701
Phone: +2347055006469
On websites: zoosk, yahoo messenger
Report: 1. he initiated the contact with me 2. It was on the zoosh dating site 3. for about 6 weeks. 4. yes at first i thought he was but he talked me around 5.yes he asked me to send it Western union 6. he used a Karen Thomas to recivie the money but Donald requested it from me 7. final out come that I confronted him about his scam and have had no more contact.
First name: Robert
Last name: Mark
Age: 49
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 1 904 419 3596
On websites: Confirio
Report: Enter Your Comments...wanting me to send money to him for leave for duty.
First name: Jerry
Last name: Lawson
Age: 42
Location: Nigeria Benin
On websites: yahoo
Report: This one likes to day he is STUCK in Nigeria because he cannot leave his hotel without paying. He keeps askinTg different women for money...Like, open a credit account so he can get a loan...but he needs 100 dollars to get this alleged loan. He claims he has a son...who broke his leg so bad he got an infection...Please warn others
First name: Frank
Last name: Wilson (Ozabor)
Age: 23
Location: Ghana, Accra
Phone: +00233261779138, 00233248019479
Report: I'm in contact with him about one year. Three month ago he asked me to send him some money because he lost his job. I did help him. Now he wants money every week and he ask me about invitation here in Cyprus and also money for his coming. All this for ''our future''. Already i know that this guy he is scammer. Please help me, i don't know what can i do.
First name: Donald
Last name: Murray
Aka: D Ray Donaldunknown
Age: 40
Location: Malaysia, Nigeria
On websites: facebook
Report: scammer, rips off women probably works with a ring of scammers, poses as awhite guy from Malta
First name: Paul
Last name: Albrecht
Age: 42
Location: London, GB
Phone: 0044704570694, 0785325923 and 0717136429
On websites:, yahoo messenger, emails
Report: I joined in December 2012 and about two days later Paul Albrecht, male 42, London, GB initiated contact with me. This was my first encounter with 4th kind in cyberspace. U get woman, males, just plain weirdos and then u get the scammers. He asked for my email address and yahoo id which I gave to him. We started chatting and he sent me a long email about his life. Wife died of breast cancer 2 years ago, he is raising a 5 year old daughter, named Sonia. Art Gallery owner in London and he was on business trying to obtain a contract at Harmony Gold in Cape Town, South Africa. Both parents are dead and so on He closed his account on and asked me to do the same, which I did. I was totally infatuated, fascinated and flattered by all the attention and sweet talk. He phoned me about twice a day and constant sms was sent to me by him. Part of me said this is 2 good 2 be true and as per my nature I started asking questions and serving the net to find some sort of validation in all his claims. Things just did not add up. They are so scrupulous I even spoke to his daughter and he was going to buy us a sweet house for our sweet family and so on. Two weeks before he asked me for cash to help him out, I already knew he was a scammer and my questions to him intensified, he was too stupid to even notice lol. Asked him for photos, he is not a pics man Asked him 2 take photos, sorry he has a small Sony Ericson that does not take pics Asked him 2 take pics on a camera, he says he had clients from Spain and they dropped and broke his camera. Name of art gallery, Paul Art Gallery, I served the net and it does not exist He owns a home in London, I could find no such details on the registrar roll for London I kept on insisting to speak to his daughter and I managed to do so ones, and she did not sound like a five year old and could only say Hello and I love u Mummy The phone# 0044 I discovered on the net is what scammers use to divert calls in order to make u think that u are phoning London. He went to the Art Expo in London, which I could serve and look at, but if that was not enough he was a guest speaker at the opening of the expo. Well I searched that 2, and of course nothing on a Paul Albrecht being a speaker Traced his I.P address to Dublin in Ireland I.P address has been listed on other sights for spam mail. Asked him about the hotel in Kuala Lumpur, he said Alankit, ai there is no such hotel Western Union details to be paid, PAUL ALBRECHT, 1A JALAN BUKIT BINTONG, 551, KUALA LUMPUR. South African bank account: GODONA CATERING SERVICES, STANDARD BANK, 041012953 Phones numbers, 0044704570694, 0785325923 and 0717136429 His physical address, Laleham Road, Catford, SE6 2HX, London, England, well I doubt it, he would not give me the unit number Anyway the day he asked me I was prepared and spinned him a stoty about not having a bank account and so on lol. Ai the scammer was played at his own game ;) Need I go on, I have all his emails, pics and yahoo messenger text that I want to upload to ensure that woman do not fall victim to these heartless scammers.
First name: Robert
Last name: Wheeler
Aka: Jonny Nelson
Age: 57
Location: Lybia, Africa
On websites: FB,
Report: Enter Your Comments...This is a scammer and he changes his name ,from cartermichaeal, henry Nugent,jonny Nugent,micheal Nugent..he makes friends on FB then he starts to follow women,men, and children to get their pictures and then he use thos pictures to draw women in and he get them to send pictures and uses thos pictures to draw more women in and he is on singlemoms and dsingle dads web sites and he uses alot of stolen Military ID's and pictures from the real people and acts like he is the man in the picture or the women to husle money iphone, says he has to pay for his leave and he doesn't have the money to come for a visit unless the females or males pay for a one way ticket ..and ask you to send the money by westner union.....This man sends peoms, love e-cards ,but never see this person...he will make a call to try and gain your trust .then you need hear fron him unless it is e-mail or IM or chay on FB.......he makes his facebook timeline look real but it isn't...The friends on his timeline are usely peopl he just follows .and not freinds....He has a african accent also...
First name: Drake
Last name: stryker
Aka: Matthew Nielsen
Age: 30
Location: Chicago and Dallas
Phone: 415-866-3364
On websites: POF
Report: This person contacted me on POF and we started to chat, then he claimed that he was diagnosed with Leukemia and was leaving the state for treatment. We continued to talk and he worked up a very elaborate scheme to lure me into sending him money when he needed help with his treatment. Of course he said he deleted his profile because he met me but then when I searched POF site in the city he was suppose to be getting treatment is his profile was active again with same pictures but new location and slightly different age and height. After I confronted him he disappeared no longer answering my calls or text and with my money
First name: john
Last name: kladivas
Aka: ethan adrian
Age: 52
Location: Senegal
On websites: zoosk,facebook,match
Report: Enter Your Comments... a African poising as a white man, pure scammer. Uses many names
First name: Ashley
Last name: Williams
Age: 44
Location: London, England, UK
On websites:
Report: Mr. Williams presented himself as an admirere on After a week, Mr. Williams deleted his profile page, after questioning him, he stated he only deleted the profile because he was only interested in me. Interesting. After about two weeks, of knowing Mr. Williams, he began stating that he loved me. That he would be going to South East Asia for contracting and he would fly to the U.S. after doing so. I thought well, that should be fine, the sooner I meet you, it would be better for all of us. Mr. Williams sent a few pictures to me, where I noticed in one particular picture, he had a Canadian flag in the background and I did not quite understand why. Mr. Williams stated he was born in London but his father was from Cape Verde and that he has been living in London for over 10 years now. So he had provided little details about his life and stateded he was an engineer. There was another interesting piece to this puzzle was that, Mr. Williams seemed to have a close relationship with God which I respected however when he did not want to provide an address to me, I became suspicious. Then today arrived, he sent me an email, that was not his words so I decided to google (thank God for google) and surely enough, the entire poem had been written. Next I decided to copy/ past some of his emails and every part of me, was just so vulnerable, with names changed and but almost verbatim, letters, emails that he sent ... on what was call ... I hyperventilated for a few minutes and then I wanted to know more and more. This has been an interesting day to say the least! I never allowed the situation to progress any further so that I can prevent from being further bamboozled and hoodwinked! As much as I had my ears and eyes open, I sitll was unable to detect this inforamtion from the beginning, so I wasted about 3 weeks of my life.
First name: jay
Last name: cole
Age: 40
Location: Kabul
On websites: facebook
Report: Enter Your Comments...Claims to be a US soldier serving in Kabul now. Started to ask for money in a month of chatting and emailing, for medial treatment of his mom. then I was supposed to pay for his leave . Was furious when i busted hum , said i dont love him enough coz i dont trust him
First name: Craig
Last name: Clemons
Aka: Fisher Rudo, jeff jerome
Age: 41
Location: Florida, USA, Malaysia, New Zeland, United Kindom, Canada
Phone: 9043852164
On websites: POF, dating canada now
Report: Enter Your Comments...I was contacted by Craig Clemons on POF and was told he was a deep see diver from New Zeland who just moved to florida. He established a relationship with me. After about a week he said he had to go to Malaysia to pick up his diving equipment in a warehouse there as that is where he did his last job. He was suppose to come see me on his way back. When he got there he said he had trouble paying the Demurrage, which is the fee associated with storing his equipment. He then began asking me for money to help him pay for the Demurrage. I sent him $800.00 and he still wants $1500.00. He had me send the money to Fisher Rudo in Malaysia, which I have discovered is the name of a scammer. I asked Craig for another picture of himself and the second one he sent me I found posted on a Canadian singles website. His profile is no longer on POF, but is on the Canadian website.
First name: raphael
Last name: opoku
Aka: Juan Martinez
Age: 50
Location: accra, ghana
Address: 28th street, accra, ghana
Phone: 248-952-8047
On websites:
Report: Sends emails with the text from letters that have already been reported on this site. Juan indicated in earlier emails that he lived in Charleston, SC. All background reports that I ran indicated that a Juan Martinez live at 962 Nabors Dr. in SC. However in later conversations Juan went to Ghana for a job. Supposedly, Juan has been in Ghana since 12/18/2012. When I realized this was a scam I began my investigation and learned that Juan has always resided in Ghana, according to the timestamp on the earliest emails. The objective was to get money inwhich Juan used several different approaches. Lastly, he was suppose to come to see me in NC on 2/2/2013. I waited at the airport to no prevail. So, I am reporting him. He sent me a copy of a passport and other documents to prove his identity. They were all false.
First name: Kyle
Last name: Williams
Aka: Williams A Kyle
Age: 48
Location: Frankston vic Australia
On websites: Meet me, Facebook and yahoo an msn
Report: He says he's a minner working in Africa will get to know you and then tell you he needs money to get back to Australia because he had got enough saids his rich too and will tell you it's not the monie he wants
First name: Karsten
Last name: Herrmann
Age: 55
Location: Potdam Germany
Phone: 720-523-5213
On websites:
Report: Trying to get money supposedly is in Africa and can't get home
First name: gerard
Last name: mayers
Age: 49
Location: manchester,united kingdom
Phone: 447045797391unknown
Email: gerard_mayers1
On websites: skype
Report: im sure he is he was in your picture line
First name: erik
Last name: mark
Age: 51
Location: california sunyvale
On websites: net log among otheres
Report: i was chatting to this man for 11 months until i refused to pay for tele communicasions in afgah he said i have to pay and i refused
First name: Jerry
Last name: Mucciacciaro
Age: 52
Location: Adelaide south Australia
On websites: Be2 dating site
Report: portrays himself as a Neurosurgeon living in Elizabeth in South Australia with his son Jeffrey, who is also studying medicine.
First name: Francis
Last name: Asare
Aka: Franco, Frank
Age: 35
Location: Limon, Costa Rica
On websites: Tagged, Facebook
Report: I met this young man on tagged, and communicated for about a week before moving to yahoo messenger, we both deactivated our accounts because he appeared to be everything that I wanted, being lonesome, and going through a divorce it was great to have these butterflies! But now i'm very worried...I don't hear from him on messenger at all on the weekends, I get beautiful emails that just puts butterflies to shame in my stomach...I really care about him, but now I don't know who or what i'm caring about!.
First name: Charles
Last name: Van der vatt
Age: 46
Location: Australian
On websites:
Report: On line dating site. Confesses that he in live with you and needs to go out of country for work then has an accident and asks For money
First name: Ola
Last name: Jones
Aka: Lawyer Julie Grant
Age: 60
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +2348031137446
On websites:
Report: He is scammer asking me to send the money to Nigeria oversea for 3 years. I am not happy about it. I can't trust him. He said Im honest Woman and god is blessing to him. That is not true. Last night I had spoke to him online that I will not send the money again in Nigeria or going to USA in Puerto Rico. I am not interesting about money. He said know President Obama to white house. I said No Im not interest the money again. I had private of my new man as I will not give him my man name is private life. He is continue keep going to doing scammer asking other people money from oversea. I am not insult or angry at him. I doing that to him insulted and he will get mad and angry called the police in NZ. Police cant do that anything about it. He get too much trouble and make up nasty stories. Keep asking for money and delivered to my home by money cash. I said sorry I wll not help him for money no more longer that finished it. I started my new life. I had know him for 3 years. I had lost of my money as not get refund money back at all. I heard that he had too many alias name when send to clients to get money and send to me from western Union and then I had send the clients money to Nigeria. I am not happy that he used me alot of time.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Heissler
Age: 46
Location: South Africa, Port Elizabeth
Phone: 27(78)9411415, (213)416-7801
On websites:
Report: Daniel worked has
First name: michael
Last name: roche
Age: 57
Location: london, uk
On websites: eharmony
Report: Was scammed by this man for $115,000. Feel stupid and suicidal. Met him on eharmony, where he proceeded to ask for money. He lives in London, UK but I think he's Nigerian.
First name: David
Last name: Craft
Age: 46
Location: Nigeria
On websites:
Report: David requested me as a friend on face book, and I accepted him as a friend. We talked on the face book chat for a while, and then we switched to yahoo messenger to chat. I have been talking to him for about 6 months now. He told me he loved me right from the start, and has made me fall in love with him. At first I kept asking him if he was a scammer, and he said, no. He wanted me to contact a web site called Total communications, to do a call set up so we could talk on the phone, but it was costly, and I refused. David says he is in the Army on deployment in S. Sudan, and has been there since March 2012, and that he will come home in March 2013. Recently he told me he may not get to come home in March because of things going on there. He also said he is in Special Forces with the Army. We have made a lot of plans and promises to each other, including marriage. He started asking me to send him things. At first it was a care package with personal items and snack food, so I sent it. Then he asked for a Blackberry 9900 unlocked cell phone so we could talk. I sent the phone to him and he said it was stolen before he received it. When I send packages to him, I send them to an agent from Nigeria, and then he delivers the package to David. He has started asking for more things now. At Christmas I sent him 400.00 and a care package, with a costly jersey. The jersey cost over 100.00. Now he is asking for more money, a laptop PC, and an iphone 5. I believe he is scamming me and need to know for sure.
First name: Lewis
Last name: Williams
Age: 01/02/1956
Location: Kumasi-Ghana Africa
Address: 6261 Okefenokee Dr Folkston, GA 31537
Phone: 239-400-0550
On websites:
Report: I met on on line dating, We started talking and he said he was over in Africa for work. Well about a few weeks into talking to him his lap top broke,so he ask for my assistance, so I went out and got a laptop and sent to him ,cost all together was 1000.00.. Then after he got that he ordered one here at walmart and wanted to to pick up and send to him which I did it again cost me 650.00 to send. ok the last straw was he was getting a plane ticket and they dont use credit cards there and it was for 2800.00 .Then I told him I coulda do and check on website and his name came up so I told him and he got mad and started to cry them said it wasnt true. So after all that he called me and wanted to talk and I told him I was done sending stuff and he said he didnt want my money . So wanted to get on line and talk and them he ask for my assistance again . I was Pissed and told him No ..told me to have a good life and good bye..
First name: Collins
Last name: Lumpkin
Age: 50-60
Location: USA
Phone: +1 678 631-4806. +852 3937 2937
On websites: Unknown
Report: I lost my future husband and he contacted me as attorney to my husband . And I've to pay a lot of money if I should get them. Transfer to different people, not to him!!!
First name: Oseji
Last name: Ashibuogu
Aka: Michael B Dirk
Age: claims to be 42
Location: 404 dorchester dr, Capetown, South Africa.7441
Phone: 720-446-9503
On websites: Facebook/
Report: He says he is born and raised in Greece, moved to CA. in his twenties. Lives now in West Chester, PA. .He tells a believable tale of being an artist and a single father to his daughter Jessica. Even had a facebook page to show when I told him I couldn't find him on the internet anywhere. When he said his daughter got Typhoid Fever while he was working in Africa and had been hospitallized for days and he needed cash to pay the hospital I asked for his info so I could
First name: Richard
Last name: Caballero
Age: 48
Location: UK, CA.
Phone: 323-594-8451
On websites: richard-caballero
Report: Connected with him on the OK Cupid dating website. He told me that he was a structural and civil engineer and consult....looked him up on the Linkedin website and his profile is there. Were he study at New Jersey Institue of Technology and University of Essex in UK., worked at Turners Construction Comapny. He wanted me to get a loan for him to pay some taxes of from a check, that he recieved and included my name on this check, for over a million dollars in Uk....never got him the loan, then the asking for money went from 10-15K to 8K, to 2-3K to get a plane ticket to come back home to USA.....I still have the photo of the bogus check that he sent to me on Christmas Eve.....believe he is scamming more woman out there.
First name: ALEX
Last name: HERRY
Age: 40
Phone: +27846823143
Report: he claim to be a supervisor in bidvest bank in south africa and telling me to help him to claim the money us$15.2m.for his client that who deceased in mining accident which is that his so called client tHAT WE have same last name so i have the right to be his beneficiary athough we are not biological related.
First name: Richard
Last name: Grey
Age: 47
Location: florida usa london nigeria
Phone: +2347035675637
Report: He was the first to contact me on facebook but after a while removed his profile. Asked me to contact him via e mail as he u uses it more often. The relationship lasted 7 months. There was no love confessions in the beginning but when he went to Nigeria for work he started confessing his feelings. He has 2 kids which he took with him to Nigeria.He had a nanny that took care of them . when he went to work on the rig the kids stayed with the nanny and then he started asking for money because he did not leave enough money behind for them and he had no internet on the rig so he could not send them any money. he could not cash his cheques anywhere in Nigeria (strange) Got upset when I did not want to send money. After 2 weeks on the rig he returned to find that the kids were kidnapped. He did not ask for the ransom money he had enough but had to go to the states to get to his safe and bank to get the money. He asked for money for an airline ticket. Got very upset because I was not willing to help while his kids lifes were at steak. he eventually got the kids out with help from a stranger who got concerned about him (&400 000. ) A lot of money for a total stranger to help u with in my opinion. things changed . we drifted apart because I was not willing to send him money and was of no help to him. He did not want to involve the police or the embassy to help him get the kids back and he could not cash his travelers cheques in Nigeria and that was suspicious to me