First name: Wilfred
Last name: Campbell
Age: 48
Location: Nottingham, Uk
On websites: 4 different facebook accounts
Report: He had left a message in my email asking to be friends on facebook. I replied asking who he was and how he had gotten my profile. We started talking on facebook for a few days and after awhile red flags went up. It was almost like he was writing a romance novel, and when I would call him on some things he'd get really flustered and his grammar got really bad. Nobody in their right mind would profess how I was obviously his soulmate and that he was a man in love. The more I called him on this the more desperate he became, it was almost laughable. I don't think that this man is using his real name or real picture. He is still active under 4 different facebook accounts and I think he should be stopped. I have unfriended him and put a block up;
First name: George
Last name: Rogers
Age: 50
Location: Bronxville NY Scotland
Phone: 347-399-4151
On websites:
Report: Met George on George sent his cell# asking me to call him. I dislike writing back and forth so I agreed. I recently lost my late husband and grandaughter so I was't thinking clearly. George quickly asked me to remove my profile so we can foscus on each other. George then said he was a sub contractor.
First name: Craig
Last name: Conovan
Age: 56
Location: nigeria, florida
On websites:
Report: Met on, he contacted me first. He said he fell in ove with me, requested $, has sent me pics, passport photos, etc.
First name: John
Last name: Muyila
Age: 45-50
Location: Dakar senegal
Address: villa no29 sicap Amite
Phone: +221778613208
On websites: S-Dates
Report: r The grace of God is always with his people when we allow him to direct us in all that we do in this life, when u begin to think of God's mercies upon us i came to know that we really, really cares about us. I have made a promise to you that by the grace of God whom i serve that i will always try my best to make sure that everything will be done accordingly Based on this i want you to promise me now that you will handle that money in this DRAFT CHEQUE properly there in your country Germany I will be very, very happy because she want's compensate you for trying to help her (although it didn't workout for you and her) Meanwhile, i have gone to the courier service (DHL) and they charged only 135 euro to send the DRAFT CHEQUE to you in Germany .so that's the money you will send for the (DHL) cost to send the DRAFT CHEQUE to You in Germany, Now i want you to use my name and my address below here to send the 135 euro immediately through western union money transfer so that i will go back to courier service company and send the CHEQUE To you immediately i receive the money RECEIVER NAME; JOHN MUYILA. Country Senegal City Dakar ADDRESS; VILLA NO 29 SICAP AMITE AMOUNT.; 135 euro I will be waiting for the information on how to get the money so that i will send the DRAFT CHEQUE to you immediately And immediately you send the money inform me, I will always pray for you and your family for God's mercy and protection May my Good God guise and protect you and your family as you go your normal business Amen I will stop here for now until i here from you again Thank and remain blessed Your brother in the lord +221778302259 Rev Joh
First name: michael
Last name: caregar
Age: 51
Location: Dallas Texas
On websites:
Report: He is a big scammer, he lied to me several times and took my money , and promised to pay back , but I have not heard from him anymore since then.
First name: Richard
Last name: Maker
Age: 56
Location: Ghana
Report: Money scammer,writing nice love letters,use my soul,heart wery pain.I was stupid I believe him
First name: Allen
Last name: Miller
Age: 37
Location: west palm beach
On websites: facebook and hi5 and badoo
Report: I was recently scammed by a guy name Allen Miller or Miller Allen the names he used he clamied to had been in the military serving in Afghanistan he said he was deployed since 2008 and that he was a intelligence officer..He clamied his wife died he was the only child he said his parents had died and he was raising his son name giovanni all by his self he said his wife died in a car accident..He stared calling me baby on the second day we talked expressing his love to me saying he wanted to get married when he came home in march he claimed to had a house in west palm beach florida..he sent me charming pictures and emails..We talked for like 3 weeks until he asked me for 800 dollars than thats when i had a feeling this was a scam i never sent him money i learned my lesson i was never a fan of internet dating but it upsets me because this is a real us solider serving in the military and i really dont know if he know that someone is on the internet using his photos and photos of him and his son pretending to be him..I reported this to facebook and they still havent took the profile down its very sickening for me to eeven look at the fake profile..
First name: Danial
Last name: Collins
Aka: William Bunch
Age: 53
Location: Ft Lauderdale Florida
On websites: tagged
Report: I know this man by William Bunch but things he told me gave me a gut feeling to check him out. he supposedly has a daughter named Alice And the 2 of them are supposedly stuck in China and are unable to get the funds to return and of course he does not have a credit card but asked me to give him my credit info and a friend would wire the money to my account but I would not do that. So now he is working on my sympathies and telling me that he is not well. And that he has tried all resources to return to Florida.He never got any money from me but I saw this William on this site as Danial Collins
First name: Sefh
Aka: Want True love
Age: 36
Location: Middle East Kuwait
Phone: 96555355479
On websites: Yahoo and Connecting singles
Report: He very pushy down right asking for money that he say will be going for a visa that he and his ex made but the thing is that he was not married to her will make you believe he has ex wife but with K1 visa dose not mean your married means you have to come to the usa to get married he says he only needs 800usd for the visa ..Calls non stop txts non stop wants you online always pushes you off the dating site right way blames you for things and also says means things why I put middle east is will he is there but also lives in Asia with his his family
First name: William
Last name: Nelson
Age: 30
Location: UK, London
On websites:
Report: I am really interested in wanting to know about what makes you the special person you are today, I want to know more about your family, your background, your life experiences, past relationships, your goals and dreams, your interests, and anything else you want to tell me. I even want to learn about the secrets you very rarely share with someone!. So come on and share it all with me, as I am not here to talk to you about general things such as partying, the weather, sports, e.t.c. I want to learn about you and what makes up your heart and soul, as the friendship I want to build with you I want it to be like no other you have ever shared in or experienced. This friendship I want to build with you will be filled with substance,quality,spirituality,love,faithfulness and potential.Hope i didn't write much of a
First name: Dipen
Last name: Patel
Aka: Anil
Age: 49
Location: Fulham London
On websites: shaadi
Report: Wines dines women beds them flashes money scams money and then dumps moves to next prey
First name: David
Last name: Moore
Age: 57
Location: Orange Park, Fla
On websites:
Report: He is not in the building trades working internationally. He is a Nigerian scammer. He is smooth and then all of a sudden he is in big trouble on the job and needs financial support from you.
First name: Michael
Last name: Rossi
Age: 57
Location: UK
Phone: 011 44 70 3197 8863
On websites: Just my email,
Report: All the information is the same, almost word for word. He says that he loves me and I believed him until I saw the email that was sent to another woman but maybe not the same man. I have pictures of the person who is doing this to me. I'm just shocked and filled with a new attitude about the future. I'm depressed about the scam. But I don't want him to do this to any other women.
First name: Andrew
Last name: Okolo
Aka: Ken Taft
Age: 46
Location: Malaysia
On websites:,
Report: he scammed me for 250,000 $ he made me fall in love with his sweet words and promises.he even made me come to malaysia but he didn't showed up and give me a lot of stories to extort money from me.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Nelson
Age: 50
Location: Maylasia Columbus,OH
Phone: 614-887-7229
On websites: Facebook
Report: This guy says he is a civil engineer from Columbus OH working in Maylasia and he was carrying money and was robbed by thugs cab driver was shot, took all his money ONE of his phones, watch and important documents. Happens on Fridays and he has no $0 over the weekend and has to pay for his room and his stomach hurts because he has no money for food, he doesnt go to a hospital, they keep beating on his door telling him he must pay, no friends on this job, hired ppl from there because it is cheaper, no ins. no credit cards. Who falls for that.....anyone traveling to a foreign country without a credit card??? This guys is a scammer but he thinks women are desperate for his words and attention and ask you to just pay for his room and food for him to eat....till he has a meeting with the company on Monday. Please do not fall for this he is a scammer and a bad one at that......
First name: Morgan
Last name: Daniel
Age: 55
Location: Vilnius
On websites: Badoo
Report: Looking for a private data, presented fully empty report about himself. Writing popular introduction letter for scammers.
First name: johnson
Last name: smith
Age: 57
Location: the bronx america
Phone: +447956184077
On websites: oasis yahoo
Report: needed 1ooo pounds to close car deal in manchester sand money gramm to johnson smith oxford street manchester
First name: Mark
Last name: Anderson
Age: 48
Location: usa
Email: mark_lo54
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: wants to send me cargo of money papers and jewellery
First name: Michael
Last name: Benson
Age: 65/60
Location: USA Jacksonville, FL / USA Seattle, WA
On websites:
Report: He contacted me first in late September 2012. The last email I received from him was Nov.4. Don't know his username because he signed off to concentrate on our relationship. He had a big contract in Cambodia and would stop by to meet me on his way home. The tools he had ordered got lost so he needed $2500.00 to rent some. I told him I didn't have any money so he stopped writing after he had begged me for any amount I could come up with ~ about 7 times. This wasn't my first catfish, so I had figured him out, but played along for awhile. I'm not about to send money to anyone. He is now using
First name: Warren
Last name: Lambert
Age: 47
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 9165257523
On websites:
Report: On Feb. 3, 2013 he sent me a message on His name on is heartedguy101. He says he is originally from Liverpool, United Kingdom, but moved to Elk Grove, California 10 years ago when he married his wife. He is now divorced. He says he is currently away working in Nigeria for a company called Zinox Technologies Ltd. and was to come to Michigan to meet me but didnt have enough money to keep his flight. On Feb. 19, 2013 he asked me for $550 and promised to return it to me when he got to the states and got his check cashed from working in Nigeria. I did not send any money, told him i didnt have any to send and now he is not speaking to me. Which is fine. While he claimed to be in Nigeria, i text him on his California number and he responded. Not sure if he really is in Nigeria or California.
First name: Jack
Last name: Kylodion
Aka: Jack John
Age: 48
Location: KABUL, SOLDIER IN afkanistan
On websites: Scout dating site
Report: This person is very skilled at by the women for his attention with a subtle forcefulness about his approach. After I had said to him that I was already in a relationship and was not interested in one with him he said that he would wait. As time passed with him continually contacting me every day for hours, and the other person contact was not as frequent we became very close and I shared information with him about me and my family and the most important aspect was my spirituality. This did not bother this person as he knew how to talk to me. The more information I talked to him, he was able to know what my soft points were. The odd thing about this was that I suspected he was false but did not want to hear that he was. I showed me a lot of attention. After dating for 10 years, i even broke my own rules about dating because of the attention he showed me. He said he had a daughter by the name of Betty alias, Lilliana Betty and her boyfriend name was Jones. That sounded weird to me but i didn't judge him. His mother was also mentioned, her name was Stacy. That is there spelling. Well at the end of our talking I ended up giving him approximately $3000.00. The demand happened at a crisis time in our family which he had no knowledge of because of my suspicions, I ceased to message him back...this happened for about 3 months.
First name: Sgt Scott
Last name: Lingo
Age: 46
Location: Kabul, Afganistan
Email: he has no email address
On websites: Facebook
Report: I have not spoken to this man but I saw his picture on a site for military pictures that are frequently used for scammers. He is a friend on a friend of mines face book page. Born October 15,1966 & from Dallas, Texas I can guarantee he's not Scott Lingo
First name: Khalil
Last name: Monib
Age: 29
Location: Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: I have been dating this guy called Khalil and he ask me for money and i sent him some amount of $2000. and now i discover he is not real.
First name: Sal
Last name: Theodore
Age: 54
Location: Passaic hale don nj
Address: 240 central ave haledon nj
Phone: 201-270-9713
On websites: Craig's list
Report: This man scammed me out of 30,000 dollars and has a history of doing this he makes a business out of this he gave me a fake ss # and a fake birth date so I couldn't do the correct background check he has a criminal record as long as my arm
First name: DAVE
Last name: SMITH
Age: 60
Location: Canada, Germany, Italy
On websites: Unknown
Report: I favored him in Received information back from him saying his subscription ran out so I would have to contact him from his e-mail. Attached is the first e-mail I received from him.From: To: Subject: Hello Shelly am interested in you Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2013 16:00:57 +0000 Hi Beautiful, Good morning. how are you doing today? hope work is going on well? First of all,I have been busy trying to get my paperwork done here,Where do i start from? Really it is disturbing to come on this dating site to see how much people appreciate love, but yet We have to go the extra mile to get this great status.Forgive my manners, I really do appreciate your responses. I am so happy to read from you and I look forward to read from you again.We seem to share the same views and values and we do have a lot in common. I am in search of a woman who is willing to love and be loved, someone who is willing to show commitments towards making a relationship work, someone who knows the true meaning of love . Here is a little about me, I'm Dave Smith, I am independent, Self Employed, I am a jeweler,i deal with all kind of Gemstones and i also deal in buying and selling of Ancient Antiques..I have been doing this business for more than 30 years,the nature of my job takes me out of the country once in while,i just moved from Canada to the USA about couple of months ago for work and i will be here for the next 10 years also with the woman of my life. I actually intended to relocate here during the period i will be here that's the reason why i joined match immediately i started living here so i can meet the woman of my dreams since my dream don't seem to come through in Canada,we never can tell,all i have to do is I have experienced life to it's fullest and my experiences have prepared me for who I am today. I will re-assure you that my upbringing was a big deciding factor of who I am as an individual today. I often think that I do for others more than I do for myself. I believe that we should do things without expecting anything in return and that keeps me humble. I prefer to get to know a little bit about the person on here first, her likes and dislikes and to meet in person. Physical connection and chemistry actually goes a long way in making a good relationship.I believe that if we let love be it will flow like a stream rather than to be jealous and all sort of negative things in a relationship ,i am very understanding ,if i am meeting you for the first time all i want to do is understand the kind of person you are,it is really important to understand the person your with before committing anything,with that you can live with them,i am not a person who is into change people like i said in my previous message,to me only self centered people do all that,i believe,if you know your potential to feel good you will ask no one to be different,you will free yourself,i have always lived my life this way.If i have a problem with the person i'm with It's better to ask questions than to bottle it all in and let things accumulate inside you, it actually brings a lot of problems. I must confess I haven't read anything from anyone on match as you did in your profile But really i am hanging the hat this year, i think after getting all the wealth in pursuit, i have come to realize that we are nothing without a partner, someone who would stand by me no matter the situation. A woman who i can say, she alone has the right to be womanly irritating to me,lol. and i can promise to protect her beyond all vices. A woman who tells me, honey, you can do it,. no matter what i want to do. I really worked hard the past 25yrs to attain this height. I have seen faces of women on this site, many of whom have been taken for granted, many of whom are not being reciprocated, but i have come with a good news and a bad news... the good news is i came here to pick my woman to make happy,My best friend, my copilot, but the bad news is that i have only one woman to do this saw something in your face, something that made my heart pause to read your page,something that tickles in the heart, could it be love at first sight? maybe we could find that out,lol.I'm talking about faith here when feelings are so powerful it's as if some force beyond your control is guiding you to someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams. Furthermore, To share with you a little about myself.l haven't gotten any major contract that will take me overseas for now as I am working on few and I pray it is awarded to me, I studied in the U.K to be precise to attained my first degree, Its kinda nice over there but I've always love to live here. I have 2 sisters, My dad is late now, My mother is the one I grew up to emulate and she's my hero. But still have my mum back home in Rome,Italy with my sisters...I'm a very fun Loving and caring person, Affectionate, passionate, fun Loving dedicated, loyal and romantic,I know what its mean to be loved and be left alone, I Understand how much pain its cost to cheat on someone nor hurt ones feelings, That's why i don't hurt ones feelings, Hoping you Understand how much i mean, Cos my last Relationship its based on crying, so i don't ever wanna go back there nor do that to happened anyone else. tell me about yourself too.I will wait until l hear from you sometimes soon hopefully.Gotta go now as l had to take my time to write this. Have a lovely night rest. Hugs&Kisses, Bless you. Dave.
First name: tim
Last name: murphy
Age: 59
Location: garna
Phone: 00233241352253
Email: timurphy
On websites:
Report: met this guy on date site we talk for about a week he says hes retiring from millitary i then get email out of he blue saying hes on his way to see me but he has to fly to uk from africa because there are no flights from gazza where hes on peace keeping then i get email hes in africa garna but they womt take pay for his flight off his creadit card could i send him 200 pounds to pay for his flight but then alarm bells start ringing because i know it a lot more money than 200 pounds for flight from africa to uk so i ask for his idenity he send me his id and a copy of his passport then i asked for his phone number so i rang this number a few times while talking on line he said he had a cold i said why you not picking up my call he told me to ring it again omg he had a african accent i knew straight away the pics were being used by a scammer so the pics of this millitary man is not the scammer him self his pics were being used by this scammer
First name: Roland
Last name: Brown
Age: unknown
On websites: Email
Report: From: Roland Brown To: Fred Webber Sent: Tuesday, 19 February 2013 8:36 AM Subject: Re: nice to know I've wone something This is real and legitimate if you neglect it you will regret it later Before your funds can be approved for transfer to your local bank account, the Accounts Department immediately needs you to choose between the options of funds reception as it is stated below. MODE OF FUNDS RECEPTION 1. Bank to bank Transfer: Which requires the below details: *Bank Name: *Bank Address: *Bank Account number: *Account Name: Scan Copy of Your international Passport *Your Telephone and Fax numbers: 2. Courier Delivery: Which requires the below details: *Amount Won: *Draw Code No: *Reference No: *Country: *Residential/Mailing address: Scan Copy of Your international Passport: *Your Telephone and Fax numbers: With the Power vested in me as the legal adviser to the Netlog Award Team through the Central High Court of London and the National Regulatory Commission here in the United Kingdom,l hereby certified that winner eligible to receive the funds as the bonafied winner of this award.So you are hereby approved for transfer. You have to Chose one from the two Method Above For security reasons, we advice all winners to keep this information confidential from the public until your claim is processed and your prize released to you. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted taking advantage of this program by non-participant or unofficial personnel. Note, all winnings MUST be claimed before the end of this program; any breach of confidentiality on the part of the winner will result to disqualification. Congratulations, once again. Yours faithfully, Dr Roland Brown Tel: + 44 702 403 7726
First name: gary
Last name: tams
Age: 53
Location: usa, cairns australia
On websites: dating B2 and Military dating
Report: I met him on B2 and Australian website he claims to be in the US Army and has photos of this person and then once he thinks he has got you he says he wants to come and visit and he asks you to fill in forms to request leave for hima dn pay $2000 taxes that he has to pay to get leave.
First name: Enabu
Last name: A
Aka: Robert Mark Collins
Age: 52
Location: Malaysia
Phone: 601113210944
On websites: Facebook, Tagged, Netlog , HI5
Report: Contacted me through FB. Wanted me to answer through Email.British engineer from Birmingham UK, 52 yrs old widowed , wife died of cancer a few years ago, has a 13yr old daughter. Worked for Sparrows Offshore services in UK as Dir. Of Ops. Was on a ship transporting oil to Australia. For 4 weeks wrote love letters sometimes with good grammar (when letters taken from love letters websites), other times bad grammar when he was writing them. Also called me twice a day. I really fell hard for him although there was always a doubt in my mind. Fifth week, near Labuan Island on Indian Ocean , problem with ship'sbrain box,, also signal of pirates 312kms. away. Must get rid of personnal documents and 280000pds. Says he can trust no one but me. I gave him my home address. Shipping agent Cargo Security International (CSI) advised me when shipment arrived in Kuala Lumpur. I had to pay 1620$usd to ship goods. I did it through my bank. After they received it, they sent me the Air Malaysia flight schedule. Of course at the airport, money was discovered. Cargo Security rep. Hasbullah Hamzah Abdullah sent me a harsh letter saying that they were in trouble because of me but they could arrange the situation with an International money transfer certificate which would cost 6600usd which I paid but I started questionning this story and I refused to pay the next 14000$usd. M'y Scammer and Cargo rep were not happy but I did not change my mind. They emailed and called me many times, but I stopped answering. A few weeks ago, my scammer tried again with another story, his daughter had to stop going to school because no money... I said I had no money. He said it was OK and hasn't called me since. Have kept all the letters from Dec6th to Feb 6th. I have all the forms used by Cargo Security and I have the info about the person and the bank in Malaysia. I have no iidea how to send all of this info to you. It would be too long to write everything. I also sent to the local police in Montreal. They took the report down but i know I willl never see my money again.
First name: frank
Last name: powells
Age: 51
Location: texas, dubai, nigeria, london
Address: 22 cale street. chelsea. london. sw3 3qu. maple thorpe road. thornton health. london. cr 77ly
Phone: 0011447700022410. 0011447024043655. 07024043655. 447700094611. 00112348077129665. 00112348036916618.
On websites: b2
Report: About 8 months ago i met him on b2. since then up to now .i have given him about $AU100,000.00 All this money is from my and my family hard work. I desperetly need help as my life is getting worst emotionally and financially. I need an urgent help.