First name: James
Last name: Abraham
Aka: James Avraham
Age: 51
Location: Benin Africa and Minneapolis Minnesota
Phone: (763) 400-4453
Email: Jamesavm61
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: He posted on Christian Mingle with a description of how he was widowed with a young daughter (8) and he wanted to find someone. I was outside of his compatibility ranges but I sent him an email of encouragement that he would be fine, He used very normal and attractive photos on the web site and contacted me rit after I broke if off with Ron Wallace (Dallas TX) who I was sure was a scammer. He wasn't so orgwnized or sensical as James. James said he was going to Benin from Minnesota to work on a Catholic church project and what he was basically describing was the land development which couldn't have paid enough to make the trip worthwhile. I googled him in Minnesota but there was nothing related. It taken until now for me to google him in relation to benin and find your sight. The letters are very similar to the ones you have posted for
First name: Michael (David)
Last name: Humble or (Smith) (Hartman)
Aka: Dennis Krause
Age: 54
Location: Kentucky (Indiana) etc
Phone: 317-300-6577
On websites:
Report: He winked at me. We switched to yahoo. I checked his profile, extracted a portion of his letter and did a search for it on the internet. It showed up on Scam sight. I told him about finding him on a scam sight and gave him the address and he disappeared. Have not heard from him since. I have 4 pictures of him.
First name: CAMP SCOTT
Last name: PETTERSON
Age: 50 YEARS
First name: Charl
Aka: Christopher Smith, Larry
Age: 54
Location: Vancouver,BC
On websites: Badoo
Report: Thanks to you on here I was able to recognise this scammer as one that is on Badoo going by the name as Charl, 54 from Vancouver, BC. He wishes to date women older than 44. Now the question I warn Badoo right now??
First name: mohammed
Last name: rasheed
Age: 41
Location: london,turkey, young america MN
On websites: muslimfriends, halfourdeen
Report: The day I registered on muslimfriends he contacted me saying my profile was unique. Asked to talk better by email. Insisted on using email. states he is of mixed race turkish/american born in turkey grew up in Germany and Holland. Graduated Mech engineering from Germany and Masters from Oaklahoma state university. Has an appartment in young america, MN. Claims he is all alone as his parents died in a car crash some years ago, no sibblings and no friends or family as they hurt him. Never explained how they hurt him. Claimed to be working in a ship in Leads London. He does contract based work for ships and has travelled all over europe. Said he will come and see me soon and send me bookings of flight and hotel. One week before he was supposed to come, I simply made another profile in the same site with another name and send him an interest. To my shock he responded to it saying email me lets talk better. After I confronted about that he has disappeared.His phone number gives a message that says its switched off. The number I used to call was a UK number. but now the number says something in Greek.Yestereday I saw someone else put up his profile as a scammer in another site.
First name: Bryant
Last name: Frambach
Age: 42
Location: malaysia
Phone: 011601126329300
On websites: we just chat on yahoo
Report: We have been talking for two months and he has now asked me for money
First name: david
Last name: moore
Aka: dmark
Age: 46
Location: tacoma
On websites: yahoo messanger
Report: he has started writing me now for maybe 2 weeks , he says hes in london , and has repeatedly asked me if i needed money . then asked if i have bank account. hes on my yahoo messanger , yahoo mail acc
First name: Dale
Last name: Williams
Aka: Kathryn McCall
Age: 30
Location: Ca
Phone: 225-435-9222
On websites:
Report: Trying get me to sent him $3000.00
First name: David
Last name: Lowery
Age: 50
Location: Whitesboro, TX
Phone: 9032845401
On websites: is where I met him
Report: I met David on about a month ago. I winked at him first then he emailed me about how beautiful I was and that he would love to chat. we emailed 2 more times then he listed his yahoo email for me to write him there. He was only the second guy I had corresponded with since joining Match. He wanted to us the IM on yahoo as well. He did't pursue very much just wrote some emais and text to chat every couple days. When I finally had time to respond we chatted on yahoo. after a week he asked for my phone number and I gave it to himl After two more emails and a few phone calls he began to tell me he loved me then he asked me to join him in Paris to conduct some business with selling polo horses. the night before he called and said he needed to go alone to do the business for two days and for me to join him a couple days later and that he had my ticketl ( i had given him my name address phone and passport number) i never gave him money but he did call me when I was at the airport to tell me not to come to Paris as he needed me to take care of trnsferring money for his deal. I recieved flowers and candy and before I went to the airport he asked me to marry him. He chatted with me yesterday and wants me to come to Paris on friday. Of course I wont since a friend showed me his picture on another scam fighter site. Hes a real smooth talker with an accent pretends hes Greek.
First name: Brandon
Last name: Wentworth
Age: 55
Location: Spring Texas
Email: Unknown
On websites: Ok Cupid, our Time
Report: He is on those 2 sites a's lovingphill64, posing as living in Spring, Texas and is a friend to a Leonard Collins 67 years old. I suspect they are one and the same. I hooe I can find Leonard Collins aa he scammed me out of $500.00.he is listed on OKCupid but has not used it since January 12. He has a picture posted on OKCupid and did have one on Zoosk.
First name: Tony
Last name: Quinn
Age: 46
Location: UK?
On websites:
Report: The scammer claims he is currently in Victoria, Australia but lives in the UK, that he is antique dealer. His letters are long, generic and he is not anwering any questions. When asked to provide his tel number is Victoria, he did not reply.
First name: Wayne
Last name: Coffman
Age: 60s
Location: Nigeria
On websites: match, badoo,
Report: I would like to know if anybody had contact with this man. He is known by many names but the same picture is used. I was introudced to him as Wayne Coffman from Dublin, Ireland. A scammer I was speaking with named Daniel Coffman introduced him as his father Wayne Coffman living in Dublin. I found out that was a scam. This poor mans picture is being circulated on the internet for years under many aliases.
First name: Michael
Last name: Richards
Age: 47
Location: Johannesburg
On websites: Saonlinedating
Report: He was asking for money for travel related scam
First name: Scott
Last name: Robby
Aka: Howard Goodson
Age: 47
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
On websites:
Report: I met him on Divorced He acts very loving, caring and interested in a long term relationship. He was suppose to be from Beverly Hills Califorina working in Lagos. He is suppose to have a young son and daughter named Smith and Kim. He was able to con me out of my heart and money. I have found his profile on as well as, BEWARE!
First name: KEITH
Last name: HERNANDEZ
Age: I was told 59
Address: Ghana and Flagstone Road, Houston, Tx.
Phone: 223-261-216620 and 281-406-1174
On websites: Christian Mingle, Date Hookup and probably other dating sites
Report: He contacted me on Christian Mingle...his surname was AMIGHTY GOD. He was widowed, his wife Yolanda and son Edward were killed in a car accident 9 years ago. He said he still had an 11 year old son at home. He prayed and talked about how strongly he felt about God. Told me he bought gold and diamonds for a living. Had done this for 19 years. Was making his last trip to London in February to buy gold and then would retire and build a Medical Clinic and open a jewelry store. He sent pictures of himself, Alex and his two dogs. When he was supposedly in London, he called to say he had bought me a diamond necklace that cost 3500.00. The next day he called to say that he had bad luck in London, he could not purchase enough gold bars, but had called Ghana and they had enough there, so he was flying on to Africa to close the purchase deal. All this time he was emailing love notes, calling and sending romantic Ecards, telling me how much he loved me, that God had brought us together, that I was his angel. He insisted when I questioned him that he would never hurt me, he promised and promised. He eventually asked me for money for renewing his business license so that he could cash his travelers check to purchase his gold. It was to be sent to his driver, Bruno he needed money for a place for him and Alex to stay, also to be send to Bruno Williams. When I questioned him he would tell me how much I had hurt him by not trusting him. The last time we spoke he was asking that I send him money for tickets to come home. I refused as he had already stolen $8,000 from me. This man is wicked and very smooth. BEWARE.
First name: maxwell
Last name: valentina
Age: 35
Location: accra,ghana
On websites: tagged and match
Report: Hello contacted me on tagged saying he is from US and later moved to Ghana we have communicated for 3 weeks.i started noticing him when he came up with lies that he had an important meeting in Ghana,he said he wanted to buy ticket for coming back to the states and ask me to send it through western union
First name: Nicolous
Last name: Halstead
Age: 52 yrs
Location: Philadelphia,PENSLYVANIA,USA
On websites: Looking for love on Badoo
Report: Since January 22nd 2013,a so called Nicolous Halstead on Badoo,Petroleum engineer from Phildelphia charming,a womans dream..... who travels alot and works from home,finds investors in his oil deals.... Had to go to KUWAIT for sealing a huge deal and then come and see me in Brussels/Belgium of course.Loved me dearly ,wanting to marry me etc....etc..Ask me to send him 2000 euros via money and even gave be the links of money gram over here..first to WEST AFRICA then to a contact in London,a certain Philipe Andrew who was someone he worked with ????I am very disturb and totally going crazy! Please ,I have reported him to BADOO and he still appears to be on site for hours everyday !!!Apparently, nothing has been done,so I beg you please ,take some neccessary action to stop this individual . Thank you very much.Re
First name: alfred
Last name: montano
Aka: 8/2/1961
Age: 51
Location: usa
Address: 1998 donna drive coupeville wa.
Phone: 1-360-632-3554
On websites: are you interested/facebook
Report: i met al montano last year in are you interested,,poses as native american,,but is half mexican,,,met him in march 16 in seattle wa,spend 4 dayes together,,he is very romantic very charming ,,,developed into a romance,,,had problems with money,,asking me if i could help out ..he knew i was not poor,,i did lend him the money,,was 3,ooo.oothe first time,my misfortane was that i fell in love with him did not know he had other women on the side ,,in his facebook,,i live in fl. he in wa.over time did give him more money and furnished his house he got ,,noticed change in talking ,,new had another women ,,i did contact that women,,and found that he had her coming for a visit in his house that i furnished for a week,,found out all the lies he told me,,glad i talked to that women,,now the loans i will not get back,,i should have ask for i owe you's,,i did not ,,i trusted him,,well he was in jail folsom prisom,for drug trafficing,,in san jose in oak harbor wa,in construction,,i think i should warn other women from him,,he might not do it to everybody ,,but i was a victim....i do have all the checks to prove it,,
First name: Benjamin
Last name: Wellington
Age: 58
Location: Malaysia
On websites: Seniorsmeet
Report: My sister has been contacted by this man he is trying to get money from her
First name: Riley
Last name: Donatus
Aka: sergeant riley
Age: 45
Location: Columbus, Ohio
On websites: yahoo, skype,HI5 Tagget
Report: He start contact with me in Tagget, next we writing trought Skype and yahoo. On Tagget he was profile as: Sergeant Riley., On Skype has : Sergeant Riley (live: rileydonatus). He told me: Im marine in Afganistan, Im now in Kabul, in april I go to retirement to home (Ohio) He send me also copy of passport, I think that is fake. We writing together about 3 months. He send me package, it come tommorow to me. I fear to open this package. What Can I do now? What do u mean about it? I feel, that this man is scammer. Thank u for ur help. Jenny from Slovakia
First name: KEITH
Last name: HERNANDEZ
Phone: 281-406-1174 AND 233-261-216620 Ghana
On websites: Christian Mingle as AMIGHTY GOD
Report: Meet him on the Christian Mingle website. He introduced him self as being a God fearing man. Widowed with a 11 year old son named Alex. He said his wife, Yolanda and his eldest son, Edward, were killed in a car accident 9 years ago. He sent several pictures of himself, his son and his dogs. He told me that he bought gold and diamonds for a living, he had done this for 19 years and this was to be his last trip as he was retiring. He was to build a clinic and open a jewelry store. On this last trip he was going to London, he texted me to tell me that he and his son were on their way to the airport. He then called me when he was supposed to have been there. The phone number he used to call from London and Ghana was 233-261-216620. He said when he arrived in London, he ran into a problem..he wasn't going to be able to buy enough gold, so he had found enough in Ghana and would be flying on to Africa., He reported that he had never been to this country before. He said that he took his son with him and that he studied on line when he was out of school traveling. When he got to Ghana, he told me that he was carrying a travelers check in the amount of 2 million dollars to purchase the gold. He said he ran into a problem...the bank wouldn't cash his check because his business license had expired. He needed seven thousand dollars to renew his license so that he could make his business transaction. He claimed he had never traveled to this country before so he had no knowledge of the rules about his license. He wanted the money sent to his driver, Bruno Willaims by Money Gram. He wanted money for an apartment and the last request was for three thousand dollars to get plane tickets home. He called me his baby and repeatedly told me he would never hurt me, he would promise over and over..said he would always love me, that God had brought us together. He would send very loving emails to me and romantic Ecards. He speaks of playing the piano, and states he wants to show his Itilian moves. He would always say he missed me so much. Once when I asked to speak to Alex, he told me he was crying because he wanted to come home and they didn't have someone got on the phone and acted like a child crying. He asked me to get off the website immediately because he wanted me to be all his. Within a period of less than two weeks, this happened. He promised to fly home to me and we would start out lives together. He said his son needed a momma and told me I had put a smile on Alex's face. I questioned him several times about things that didn't seem right and he would say that I had hurt him because I didn't trust him! When I told him I could not send any more money, he stopped calling.
First name: anthony
Last name: marcy
Age: 46
Location: uk
On websites: facebook
Report: he emailed me and started talking about wanting to come here and he loved me i was just sitting here and decided to look him up and wow i found him on here
First name: sean
Last name: carter
Age: 46
Location: lagos nigeria / uxbridge UK
Phone: +447035919456 / +23480751650
On websites: b2, netlog, mylife, myspace
Report: He claims that he is researcher from Fontana California doing a study on African culture.
First name: Tunde
Last name: Williams
Age: unknown
Location: nigeria
Report: This man is also associated with Justin Burke. Mr. Burke would send me money to send to Mr. Tunde Williams. I have many Western Union confirmation sheets.
First name: Steven
Last name: Smith/Clark
Age: unknown
Location: Missouri
Address: Kansas City
Report: This man is associated with Justin Burke. I sent a Western Union for $1,700.00 for Justin to come home. Once the money was sent another $850.00 needed to be sent to a Williams Clark in Arkansas 72076, USA. The confirmation number that was sent for the $1,700.00 is MTCN: 400-664-2085 on 5/30/2012. The confirmation number that was sent for the $850.00 is MTCN: 010-891-3109.
First name: Justin
Last name: Burke
Age: 30
Location: Afganistan
On websites:
Report: Having money sent to me then to a Tunde Williams in Nigeria. Plus I sent money to him to be released early from the military. I have letters and msgs on my yahoo chat. I have letters from a Morgan Scott email address wanting money to send him home.
First name: thondav
Last name: james
Aka: thon
Age: 70
Location: colorado,cslifornia
Phone: 858-935-7052
On websites: our time dating
Report: Presents himself widowed with a son, Jonathan. From Ireland, parents were missionaries. Expresses love almost immediately and states you are the only one for him. States he is an electrical engineer and will be receiving a huge amount of money when his last project is finished and wants to share it with you. Then asks for a birthdayvgift for his son. Emails are not consistent, wants to chat on line. Grammer varies from email to email..let him go on and on making conflictng statements, started questioning him,he blamed on hacked emails and bad connections. Keeps sending emails, even when you decline...probably has scammed many..just a warning...
First name: richard
Last name: mass
Age: 53
Location: afaganastaion
On websites: IM/Yahoo
Report: I think Richrd is Scamming me for money
First name: Terry
Last name: Adams
Age: 40
Location: Kuala Lumput
On websites: Meet Market Adventures; Facebook, Linked In
Report: This individual approached me on Meet Market Adventures and attempted to develop a relationship. Repeated phone calls and Yahoo chats. He soon gave me a story about his company being charged tax by the Malasian government and asked me to send him $5000. I refused and he ended the relationship.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Vasquez
Age: 54
Location: USA Mesquite
Phone: unknown5123487570
On websites: skout
Report: I had been corresponding with this man for several months and the day before he was suppose to come back to the states from working on the roads in Ogbomosho, OYO he called and was all excited telling me everything about his flight and then I have never heard from him again