First name: jonathan
Last name: erkes
Age: 32
Location: nigeria
On websites: tagged
Report: i meet this guy in tagged.He claimed that he is us army which is posted to nigeria at akobo ibadan, ibadan city.We start as a friend then follow by couple. He never asked about money or anything else but till we planned to meet each other. He said i'm the one who must request from his department. He already draft the letter for me and e mail me the i send the draft to the us army leave request desk. they reply my e mail with one policies. In the policies they request me to pay some money for processing the leave request. He always said about his best friend...his com and put photo which the same person.I said to him that i have no money..then we still contact and he said that he still love me but not so frequent as before cause he claimed that he was busy in duty. I tested him that i said i want to visit him in his hometown which is california. He said it's better and will ask his mom to fetch me and we can marry there.
First name: Miguel
Last name: Diaz
Age: 55
Location: Lagos
On websites: scamming women online
Report: Try to meet women on sites and then lure them after that promise to meet up and then all of a sudden there is a business travel then a doctor will call that he gets involve in a car accident on the way to the airport. Then that will be asking for assistance to pay hospital bills....and so on
First name: Michael
Last name: Moore
Aka: Michael Moore 423
Age: 47
Location: USA Houston Texas
Email: Michael
On websites: Dating Site scammer
Report: I don't have copies of his emails because I deleted them and blocked him.He contaced me thru OKCupid, a dating site I was on. We talked off and on for about 2 months He claims to have never been married and that he is an Art and Antique dealer. He says he lives in Houstin Texas but is in the UK on business. He tried to scam me for $10,000. saying that he needed the money to pay taxes so he can co me back to the States so we can get married. I didn't send him a penny because I have had other men try to scam me so I knew what he was trying to do. I'm sorry but I didn't keep the pic he sent me, however it might be on this site
First name: thomas
Last name: coleman
Age: 44
Location: , WisconsinUSA
On websites: badoo, FB
Report: Uses stolen pics, asks for money to be sent to him in Nigeria.
First name: james
Last name: hilger
Age: 48
Location: afganistan
On websites: face book
Report: I talked with him for only a few short days because I came across this and other sites on line. I found he is one of many scammers. In just those few days he asked me for a computer, a cell phone , and other things. I knew something was up , so I started my own investigation, and found out he is a big liar... don't trust this man. He is going as a SGT in the army. and he is in love with you by the first chat... I called him on everything and wouldn't you know he stopped writing me... hmmm
First name: Steve
Last name: McReid
Age: 46
Location: London, Great Britain
Address: 140, Hampstead Road, London
Phone: +447045717258
On websites: badoo, yahoo messanger
Report: I was contacted by him on Badoo in a very charming way. Soon he asked me to chat on Yahoo Messenger. He told me to be a football scout (agent) and he was dealing with Dorchester Town Football Club with a big deal. As he told me he was born and raised in Portland Oregon, had lost his wife in an accident 10 years ago and is currently living in London. He has a sister called Debbie who is living in Aberdeen and his mother Elizabeth is still living in Portland. We were in contact for about 2 months We chatted hours and hours and he was always available. He sent me romantic personal emails, was interested, warm, open, funny and easy going. After 1 month he started to indicate that he was expecting an important payment of Dorchester Town Football Club. Then one day he showd me a document that the fund of ? 250'000 is on hold on an account because of the unpaied taxes. He should pay ? 4000.00. I've sent him ? 4000 on an account (tax administration). Then he asked me for more money (unpaied FA licence, unpaied rents, loan sharks, etc.) Everything to get free the fund. At least I sent him ? 10000.00. When I told him that I could send him no more money he became aggressiv and offensive. He is a very good liar and he is very intelligent. His English seems to be his mother language.
First name: matt
Last name: davis
Aka: bowen mark, bowen lawrence,thomas ronald bowen, sgt. joel peters, jammie bowen, matt bridges, bowen john, douglas bowen, bowen brenner captain matt davis(skype) bowe lawrence bowen collins,
Age: 42
Location: kabul, ireland, california, ghana
On websites: facebook, skype, tagged, chebra,, netlog, myspace,siver dating,
Report: this is scammer he send a message in fb for saying he is single and he have 2 kids first say you he coming to visit to you and later saying a big lie he in the hospital and his kid need operation alwys lie, and he told you dont have brothers , and in his facebook how bowen told you he have 2 sisters belive me is the same person and send you the same messages.
First name: Hardy
Last name: Larry
Age: 55
Location: Malaysia, St.Louis, Missouri
Phone: +60146301160, (573) 484-6333
On websites: Facebook, Skype, one he sent me to for money he had made for me to deposit.
Report: He contacted me first in Late March early April. He was very interesting and took the time to learn about me and I him. He said he was from Amsterdam originally and has a 17yr. old daughter named Juliet, and that he was an independent contractor who designed bridges and roads. In May he said he got a contract in Malaysia for a bridge he designed and had to go there for two or three weeks. We talked on the phone several times a day and chatted on facebook , and texted. He also wrote poetry, (copied from internet), and said of course that he loved me and wanted to marry me and was coming to see me when he got home. Then he wanted me to have his money he was being paid to be sent to my account because his were frozen. I refused, and also noticed after I had seen this website that my computer was slow. He said his sister would do it so no problem, but a few days later we talked on Skype. Then a few minutes later he called and wanted me to get on Skype again and said he just wanted to hear my voice again before I went to bed, but he was distracted and was typing, and when I asked him what he was doing he said reading his emails. so I shut down my laptop and took it to Best Buy. It had Keystroke virus, a conduit virus and Vin. I was stupid and contacted him again after changing everything, but only on Facebook and by phone. A few days after this he claimed he was in a car accident and needed money, I almost wired this to him, but my bank helped me move all money out of that account so it would not go through. I then blocked him and changed my phone number again. This was a week ago today which is 6/23.
First name: Denis
Last name: Chuck
Aka: Cpt. Denis Chuck
Age: 48
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Match
Report: Claims to be in military in Afghanistan. Sends texts of copied essays stating it is his writing. Essays about affection, friendship, love etc.
First name: Jake
Last name: Tyler
Age: 48
Location: UK
Phone: unknon
On websites: Mingle2
Report: Claimed to be employed by oil company in TX. Sent to Dunbar oil rig in North Sea. After about one month of messaging, asks for money to be wire to Nigeria so the jewelry he bought to open a jewelry business can clear customs.
First name: david
Last name: marks
Age: 53
Location: USA, Tacoma Wa
Phone: 1-360-342-6389
On websites: Badoo
Report: I've only talked to him for about an hour but have realized very quickly that nothing ads up. Anytime a man tells you he loves you after chatting for an hour is crazy. He is very obvious and continues to offer money among other things. When I confronted him on Yahoo messenger he just said oops sorry moving on....then he repeatedly continues to send stuff like what happened or OMG. Just dumb stuff. When I told him I was going to report him he just said ok sorry leaving you along now.....
First name: sean
Last name: grant
Age: 48
Location: usa, reston
On websites: internationalcupid
Report: My story is the same as other women. this stupid man wrote that he is an art-collector from the USA. He has a 5 year old son Graham and he is going to visit West Africa,Nigeria. ...look at the words he writes to every woman, even composes stupid verses!!!
First name: David
Last name: Benson
Age: 55
Location: Redondo beach California
Phone: 3235093386
On websites: Match
First name: Alexander
Last name: Marion
Age: 57
Location: Yorba Linda California
Phone: 408-658-9741
On websites: Match
First name: Adam
Last name: Rouse
Aka: Unknown
Age: 30 says he's 43
Location: Pheonix, Az. Brooklyn, New York.
Phone: 646-653-5281
On websites: Zoosk
Report: I am Engr.Adam ,age 43 years old,5' 10
First name: Steve
Last name: McReid
Age: 46
Location: London
Address: 140 Hampsteadroad, London
Phone: +447045717258
On websites: Badoo
Report: The same storry as Doris from Switzerland wrote!!!
First name: Vincent
Last name: Pittelout
Age: 47
Location: Barstow fl
On websites: Facebook
Report: This person says lives in London for work and needs money to get home. Says his wife died and his daughter lives with grandparents. Really charming and says all the right things.
First name: Leo Frank
Last name: Tisal
Aka: many
Age: 50
Location: Alabama
On websites: plenty of fish and facebook
Report: Romance scam. Last email had a link in it for me to click on to
First name: Moretti
Last name: De Luca
Aka: Moretti Luca or Moretti (Antonio) De Luca
Age: 49
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man messaged me on Facebook. He has now changed his name on FB to Moretti Luca. He said he lived in Salt Lake City. He was a widow with a 13 year old daughter that is in boarding school in Florida. He moved from Italy to the US 13 years ago for marriage. His wife died 7 years ago from cancer. His family is still in Italy. He said he lived in Texas before moving to Salt Lake 4 years ago. He messaged me for a couple weeks and then went to Dubai for work. He messaged me after being there about 5 days in a panic that he needed money sent to Dubai. He gave me the name of a man to send it to. I did not lose any money to this man only my heart. I thought I was smarter than that.
First name: Craig
Last name: Conovan
Age: 54
Location: Africa
On websites: Dating Sites
Report: I was contacted by Craig Conovan who claimed to be the owner of a franchise with ATT holding a huge check which he could not cash once in Lagos, Nigeria. After much love talk I sent him thousands before I realized I was being scammed big time. This person even used the name of God and was very natural, charming, intelligent and seemed very sincere. Ladies beware of this person for he is a true professional scam artist.
First name: Lucas
Last name: george
Age: 56
Location: Glasgow
On websites: hotmail.
Report: he send me letter about how beautiful I was. He asked for my phone number in mail number 4 - I never give that up. He said he love me - in mail number 2 or 3. In mail 6 he asked my for a loan 1,368 us dollar. Because his firma had to pay a laywer now. He thought I was a millionaire - easy to get loan another land - but not in Glasgow.
First name: Anthony
Last name: Logan
Aka: Logan
Age: 42-46
Location: America
Email: Several
On websites: Facebook
Report: He is currently scamming and has scammed money from my handicapped sister who is convinced he is comi g to meet her as long as she sends money for his airfares he is apparently in the army in America blah blah she has fallen victim and paying out unfortunately she doesn't believe us as he has written her so many love letters convincing her otherwise. I have asked others in his friends list who have confirmed they don't talk to him as they said he tried the same thing I have viewed him online under other scam sites and his name has appeared as a scammer on other sites as well he uses an alias jeff Wilson as well
First name: Raymond
Last name: Curtis
Aka: Ray
Age: 43
Location: south africa
On websites: yahoo
Report: scamed me for money he took thousands of dollars from me under the intent i was helping him with his business
First name: Richard
Last name: Harrison
Aka: Marvin Gipson
Age: 31
Location: USA Cherry Hills , New Jersey
On websites:
Report: I met him online and he seemed ok at first. Then I noticed he started bumbording me with overly dramatic emails and I got suspicious and googled his image. Then I found a facebook page with a different name. Just as the other lady stated all his quotes were copied and pasted from other sites. He claims that he is in love with your picture and wants to marry you and move you into his alleged home with a swimming pool. Also mentions that he is a single parent with an 8 year old so that you will have petty on him. His story doesn't make since because he claims to be a workaholic and never mentions daycare expenses. He also wanted to meet my dog so that he could mate him with his.
First name: Elton
Last name: Jones
Age: 51
Location: Kansas
On websites: facebook
Report: Hello Dear, How are you doing? I hope you are enjoying your life at the great age! so sorry, if contacting you here is wrong, My full name is Elton Jones. I was searching for an old friend here on face book and i saw you on my face book page today so i decided to contact you and see what future have for us and i will like to know more about you, I am a single dad with 1 daughter. I am 51yrs Feb 12. My hobbies are swimming, taking a walk by the beach, hiking, camping, traveling, reading and some times i do volunteering. I do I do like to know more about you. Tell me your hobbies and what you do for fun. Please do write me back through my yahoo email address as i am not always on face book eltonjones33@yahoo. com I will love to hear from you soon. Hug and Care, Elton. Then he become my friend and we have like a relationship and then he began to ask for money. In the beginning for helping his daughter and then for returning to America because he was in Falkland working and he told me a story and continue asking me money. I never gave him any money. So then he disappear from my friends in face book and never chat with me again.
First name: nigel
Last name: advart
Aka: Goldworth and Family, Goldworth Merino
Age: Unknown
Location: Claiming to be in Texas and different locations
On websites: Trulia
First name: Kenneth
Last name: English
Age: 47
Location: Seattle
On websites: Zoosk
Report: Romance scammer, tells women how much he loves them and eventually trys to get money of you by telling his run out of money on his credit card
First name: Patrick
Last name: O'neill
Age: 48
Location: USA, Jackson heights, NY
Phone: 347-480-1605 or 347-509-8004
On websites:
Report: Met on-line dating site. He became quite aggressive real fast w/in days. He had been asking me to remove my profile but I didn't. A day later I received an email from the site urging me cease communication with him. I continue to communicate with him by way of phone. I had already began to suspect something was wrong even before the email. My questioning on him led to dead end. What really raised my attention was he didn't have any family or friends. He could not provide me names of anyone who could validate him. He got angry with me for trying to vet him. He cease communication after I informed him I would be contacting the police.
First name: Gilbert
Last name: West
Age: 44
Location: USA, Virginia beach, va
On websites: Our
Report: Subject profile pics was of a radio personality in Philadelphia, pa. I discovered it today when a friend google his picture and the name of the personality/ model pop up. Along with that I was able to go to the personality Facebook page and found his picture. The pic the scammer is using is for Albert Butler, Pennsylvania, PA.
First name: Mark
Last name: Luk
Age: 52
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Address: 13th Street Dansoman Accra, Ghana 00233
Phone: 233576301547
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: My mother started speaking to