First name: richard
Last name: isaac
Aka: drrichard11
Age: 45years saturday 12 august 1967
Location: california,syria united states
On websites: on skype
Report: This man Dr Richard Isaac and me met on skype, he was very nice and loving the first week,he wanted me to be his wife and settle with me and go with him to the states he also gave me his sons email and wanted mine,he said his wife was dead and also his parents are dead and has no one but his one son. he told me that he is a military doctor in Syria and his son was living in a dorm in Ghana. He told me that his son is having his birthday that month,then after a week and a half he told me that he had a problem and he needed me to send 500euroes to his son in Ghana because his son Owen didnt have money left and his father could not send money from Syria, he wanted me to send money by Western Union but i refused, he got really aggresive and mad and angry and called me bad names even his son Owen mailed me telling me that he hates me,i knew that it was a scam because when he saw that i didnt wont to send money he wanted me to at least send a laptop and phone to his son, then i stopped talking to him, but he is still on skype doing it to some one else i am sure because he changes his skype name.
First name: Richard
Last name: Davis
Age: 45
Location: North Carolina
On websites: yahoo chat
Report: Richard Davis used to lurk on Yahoo chat. He would want to enter a relationship immediately and then ask for money
First name: Morris
Last name: Sparkman
Age: 37-42
Location: Lagos, Nigeria claims to be from CA
On websites: Facebbook,
Report: He poses as Captain Morris Sparkman stationed in Afghanistan...soon to be coming to US for retirement. He modus operandi is the lonely, broken-hearted soldier who's wife cheated on him with his friend, thus leaving him devastated for the past five years. He moves in fast on you with endearing letters of love and spirituality sprinkled with sweet words flattering you. I found the exact same letters on a website where scammers can just copy and paste. I also know and have been in contact with another Facebook (his main method of baiting women) woman who is in possession of same letters..only designed for her. He says that he was raised by his uncle as his father died at age 10 and his mother remarried. That same uncle introduced him to the ARMY. The uncle dies as either a Reverend or Catholic Priest depending upon your faith. He uses God and Christianity to bond with you happen to be one. His ploy is the
First name: Matt Damon
Last name: Macfarlane
Aka: Unknown
Age: 50
Location: Ghana
Phone: 214-628-5324 & 233263586679
On websites:
Report: I was speaking to Scammer going by the name of
First name: James
Last name: Clarks
Aka: Paul
Age: 52
Location: Columbus, OH; Rome, Italy
Email: and
On websites: and OKCupid
Report: He initially contacted me as James Clarks through but his profile wasn't visible because he was having trouble with his account. It was my first day on the site so I didn't think that was a lie. So, he sent me a profile to my personal email address that said he was a 52-year-old contractor living in Ohio. Later, he told me that he was working as a telecommunications engineer in Italy. Then, he said he was living in Rome, Italy because that was where the current job was. He repeatedly said that distance didn't matter, that he would relocate to be with any woman he fell in love with - even though at the time I repeatedly told him I was looking primarily for friendship. I decided an online pen-pal would be fine. He was supposedly divorced (wife cheated with his best friend) and single father of a 6-year-old son. Later he said that his son lives with his younger sister (age 49) in Canada. He also has an older sister in Germany that he didn't grow up with. His parents (sickly mother) live in Spain where his family-friend/play sister (age 35) is helping to take care of her. He sent me photos of him on a basketball court (2009), one of him and his son at some observation deck near mountains (2009), one of his parents (2005), one of him with sickly mom that was taken three months before we met, and a final one that I requested be a new photo. We corresponded for over three months, and during this time he professed his eternal love, sent me poems and romantic songs, and said that I was his soul-mate, blah, blah, blah. Yet, he refused to video-chat even though we corresponded and/or instant messaged every day. When I questioned whether or not he was a real person and asked him to send a photo of himself holding a paper with my name on it (so I could know he didn't just steal someone else's online photos) he did that without hesitation. So, I assumed he was real and sincere. White male, brown hair with gray sides, cut short, clean-shaven, apparently muscular build. He says he is 5'8
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Desouza
Age: 43
Location: united states
On websites: b2 dating australia
Report: fake doc can be provided. Serving in the United States Army
First name: Ricky
Last name: Stephen
Aka: Felix Moore
Age: 36?
Location: Malaysia
On websites:
Report: ricky Stephen 7:08 PM (27 minutes ago) to me Glen i am sad and i want you to know that i miss my flight because my goods are still onhold and i have invested alot of money on it i want you to try and help me and here are the details where you can send me the money. here are the information of the custom officer that you can send me the money.. Name:Moore Felix... Address: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia... You can send it through western union money transfer..I love you and i cant wait to hear back from you.. ...Note he is asking for $550 to clear goods he is supposed to be bringing back to Australia for his business (Gold and Antique dealer)
First name: Bekson
Last name: Miller
Age: 48
Location: Kabul afghanistan
On websites: Facebook
Report: Trying to get me to buy a play station 3 or laptop for his son Jerry!
First name: Stanislav
Last name: Prikazchikov
Age: 27
Location: Kazan, Russia
On websites: Gay
Report: Tells me he is from Russia Asked me to send him money for plane tickets.
First name: william
Last name: bandy
Aka: steve williams
Age: 40
Location: lagos Nigeria
Phone: 203-491-0446
On websites:
Report: I met this idiot on Zoosk. He told me the same story that He told the other girls, about him selling his deceased fathers contruction company in Lagos Nigeria. He wanted me to cancel my substription on Zoosk to concentrate on our long distant relationship cuz he would be coming back to CT after he sold the company. After emailing and texting back and forth about a couple of weeks, he told me he lost his bank card and he needed to pay for his hotel room. He said he traced his steps and couldnt find it and even asked the hotel management. I sent him money for that and food. Then he said he needed money for a form that needed to be done by the lawyers and that form costed $1900. I sent that too. then after all the selling was done and overwith he needed more hotel money and airfare money. I sent that too. Believe me, i questioned everything right down to the photos and how he was talking, but all his GOD talk and how he called me BABY go to me. I even asked him to Stop calling me BABY cuz everything time he did, it was about more money. After sending him a totoal of $8800 it was time to come home. I asked to see the airline receipt and asked him to email it to me, but he said the Agency never emailed it to him. SO i went to the RI airport and waited and waited and he was Never on the plane. I went to KLM airline and they said he had other dates of actually buys tickets with his CREDIT CARD then canceling!!! He texted me the Flight schedule and i never got a text from he supposedly was in USA. I thot that was fishy, but still went to the airport. I texted and texted and texted and Finally a couple of days later, i got an email from a doctor slaying that he had a patient by the name of Steve Williams at his hospital and that he needed surgury and needed $2450. I emailed back and said Id call the hospital and pay with my credit card. obviously he was a fake Doctor and the gmail email, LOL. So when i texted the infamous steve williams back and told him i paid with my credit by calling the hospital, he didnt believe me and said he wanted it sent Western Union. I never sent any more, but i did send waaaaaaaaaay too much like a fool. I have a Big Heart and fell for his stories. If my computer was working property at the time, I wouldnt got to use the Google Image website earlier and wouldnt be in so much debt. To this day he keeps telling me that he will pay me back when he gets to the states. I keep telling him he's not from USA and he's a Professional Nigerian Scamming Scumbag.
First name: billy bishop
Last name: freeman
Aka: Michael witt
Age: 45
Location: Nigeria
On websites: on Facebook page too
Report: He pretends to be a solider. Says he has a son named Ben. Talks women out of money.
First name: Alfred
Last name: O'Sullivan
Age: 62
Location: PA, USA
On websites: ItalianPeopleMeet dating site
First name: George
Last name: Morgan
Age: 55
Location: scaramento and uk
Phone: 971-599-4885
Email: na
On websites: facebook
Report: he claims to be an off shore driller, has sent me pictures of a man but the voice doesn't match the face. the voice sounds to young , very heavy accent that he says is Australian but sounds different to me. Says he has a 16 yr old son whom lives with his sister in China, that she is a missionary there. He is working off shore in the UK he says. I saw the scam on here and what a woman had to say and it fits him to a T only he has not had a chance to ask me for money yet, he just left for the UK for 6 weeks. I thought it funny I could still text him and talk to him without number changing to international I have been scammed before but didn't know where to report it . And he sounds a lot like the other one that scammed me I have pictures don't know where he got them but he sent one to me on my phone. He is on Christian Mingle and claims to be a Christian wow the nerve of that man . I will continue to act like I really like this guy so maybe he will be caught
First name: jason
Last name: payne
Age: 48
Location: uk newcastle
Phone: 44 7031916315
Email: www facebook jason payne com
On websites: unknow
Report: idont know for sure he a scammer we talk on facebook for awhile then he ask for a favorite isay yes to see what the favortite was heask for money i said no he no____ he didnt say he love me iask him and he said he coundt say that till we got to know each other he said he was comming to us then he said he was in us to seeme he called and when i said hello he listen and didnt answer called again and said nothing he worte tro me and ask if i got the calls
First name: Cary
Last name: Bailey
Age: 52
Location: Afganistan/USA
On websites: Dating sites
Report: Have noticed, although too late for me. Asked me to get him leave from Army. I had to pay ?1.175.00 for his travel expenses which would be returned to me on his arrival in England. Like a fool I did it. He told me that the bank hadn't received my payment and wants me to pay again. Once bitten will never be caught out again. Wish I had checked before.
First name: ramos
Last name: scott
Aka: m
Age: 55
Location: afghanistan
On websites: match
Report: Says he is soldier in Afghanistan. Has young son in FL. Didn,t ask for $. Wanted to mail things to me. Dropped out when I said no.
First name: Dave Wilson
Last name: Briggs
Age: 49
Location: Brooklyn,
On websites: Not sure
Report: Approached me on Face book. We communicated via email, IM and telephone for about two weeks then he told me he had received a contract to work on a rig in the coast of Nigeria. He emailed me documents that showed the award letter, the contract and even a next of kin information. After about two weeks on the rig we were IMing and all of a sudden he was cut off. A few hours later he told me he had an explosion on the rig and a few men were hurt and a machine was lost in the ocean. As days go on..he emails me a picture of the diamond ring he had bought for me in the UK and as more days goes on-he has found a man that will help him recover his machine, but it was going to cost $3500.00. And he wanted my help..never had that kind of money and told him..days went on and soon, he decided he wanted to just
First name: Alexander
Last name: Blair
Aka: Paul Makoto Saito
Age: 45
Location: fresno ca
On websites: no more
Report: i knew him as Paul M Saito. Landscaper co n surveyor for the city. went on a trip to S Africa Feb 18,2013 had a car accident send me pictures of him in the hospital broken hip n had a person pose as dr n ask for money on several occasions that i send but the last request to get back to the states. called me to let me know he was back to the states n then complete silence. he started contact with me on a singles site. i send him a total of 3000.00 to help hotel expenses airline tickets meds with the promise of repaying offering marriage. showed a check for 250thousand from govt in S Africa gave me an address in fresno ca as his business bldg n it have the business name n is legit. i want to remain anonynous. money send thru western union. i have pictures of his work of him in italy n s africa
First name: steve
Last name: blair
Age: 46
Location: afghanistan
On websites: facebook,meet me
Report: he,facebook,month,request for leave to commander,non
First name: Dan
Last name: Miller
Age: 50 something
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
On websites: facebook, skype
Report: We've met on skype claiming that he is General Dan Miller from born from New Jersey and now in Afghanistan for peace keeping mission. He told me that he has a money during libya war and now handling by a bank manager in Ecobank, Accra, Ghana. He wanted me to help him by contacting the said bank manager which is Alex Mensha thru email and this Alex Mensha sent me email and gives me instructions/requirements how to have an online account with them. then i did helped him by sending US$300 for the online account and another fee for the transfer cost and for the changed of ownership. I sent the money thru western union under the namen of Justice Obayendo. This person sent me the certificate of transfer when i asked him where is the proof but he told me to put my name on it and send back to them because Dr. Alex Mensha of Ecobank cannot understand my name very well. Then i did wrote my name and sent back to him. Now again, the bank is asking again another payment because my online account now was a dormant account. Since i really wanted to help Gen. Dan Miller, i sent again another fee of US$100 for the payment of dormant account.
First name: fred
Last name: ajudua
Age: 45
Location: lagos
Address: 23401
Phone: +2348045678394
On websites: dating scam
Report: This man is well known for scamming individuals through
First name: Stephen
Last name: Murphy
Age: 47
Location: Saltash cornwall
On websites: Badoo
Report: Is this the actual picture of the scammer because I know him. (Is the pic stolen or not)?
First name: Charles
Last name: Norton
Age: 55
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: +27 74 503 9965
On websites: Afrikaans Singles website
Report: He started talking to me on 16 July 2013 by e-mail, claiming to be an engineer working for the UN, building a dam in Luanda - he was going there for 2 weeks. He said he stays in Plattekloof, Cape Town. Last night he said his daughter of 20 needs assistance with a research project and later on he said that she need R 1 200,00 for the project. She then sent me an e-mail saying I must pay the money over to a friend via Spar moneygram. Which I did not do. When I saw him on Skype last night he did not at all resemble the person in the photo that was on the dating website. Luckily the Skype signal was very weak and we could not talk any more. I blocked him from my Facebook Profile and Skype this morning. At about 12:00 his Facebook Profile was deleted.
First name: KEN
Last name: HARRIS
Age: 43
Location: NIGERIA
On websites: IMESH MSN
First name: Isaac Michael
Last name: Adams
Aka: adams isaac michael
Age: 43
Location: Bronx New York, Lagos Nigeria
Address: 540, Ikorodu Road, Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria 234-01
Phone: 2348137617977
On websites: meet me, yahoo messenger
Report: Sent msg on meetme, exchange emails, stated he was self employed contractor and he had to go to Nigeria for work, after several emails of saying he was in love with me after several minutes, then he was already supposedly in Nigeria needing money for a tractor to complete his work. Gets very angry when it is stated that I can not send money to him. went few days without any correspondence then wanted to make amends but within seconds asking for money again this time tractor was cheaper. when told him no, he stopped talking immediately.
First name: David
Last name: Mac Moore
Aka: David Mark
Age: 48
Location: unsure
On websites: tagged
Report: He had me open new accounts in which he wanted to 'transfer funds' and then re-distribute them to 'his son' and others. Also promises many unrealistic possibilities using God and the Bible as his source of action.
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: general ben roland
Age: 48
Location: accra, ghana
Phone: 233549098433
On websites: skype, yahoo messenger, facebook
Report: he told me that he is a general based on iraq and soon to retire from UN military service. he told me that he has a lots of buildings, lots of cars. but he wanted me to help him for his airline ticket to collect his money to US. i also encountered him using other names such as brandon nicholas as the sailor and asking some help again.
First name: John
Last name: Stanley
Age: 40
Location: claim in cambodia
On websites: netlog
Report: we met online, and he told me that he is in military,and we start the relationship, and he wanted me help him for military leave
First name: Paul
Last name: Leonard
Age: unknown
Location: Manchester, England
Phone: +447549244678
On websites: facebook
Report: Paul Leonard sent me an inbox message on facebook on July 13, 2013. He requested my email to write to me. He also requested my phone number which I did not give him. In both his emails there were paragraphs that were exactly the same as if they were copied. Also some of the sentence structure was not consistent with someone who said he was college educated from Ireland. When he sent me his phone number to call I decided to google it and it sent me to this site. When I read some of the letters here they were almost the same as the ones I received. On July 16, I sent him a message back telling him that I wasn't interested in a relationship at this time. I haven't heard anything back.
First name: tijani
Last name: ademola
Aka: shedonjohn; charles lucas
Age: 27
Location: lagos nigeria
Phone: 4242784061
On websites: gmail; yahoo;
Report: Started out as romance scam. Charles lucas, Engineer going to dubais. Started to ask for money.told him he was not real. Started new scam saying he was a poor nigerian engineer wanting to come to usa to get masters degree.more $ requests