First name: Charles
Last name: Cudjoe
Aka: Kathleen Howell
Age: 20-30s
Location: Accra , Ghana
Phone: 913-608-7579 ..233244416048..233236118987
On websites: Dating Scam Sent merchendise to home
Report: This man hides behind a know porn star princessbluyz and say his name is Kathleen Howell he has took me for lots of cash he could only text i go him to call and behold it was a man from ghana. I said go on cam and show me my name he couldnt all he did was put on a recorded vid of princessblueyz I told him I will get my cash back and call the police there in Ghana ...funny the Ghana police dont answer there phone. If you run into anyone from Ghana dont talk to them and I am going to find this guy sooner or later.
First name: Alfredo
Last name: Feronti
Age: 60
Location: Old west bury, ny
On websites:
Report: Just found this site. Emails are same as on this site, however he wants to move to fl this time and he is going to retire in two months.
First name: Mikkel
Last name: Forde
Age: 44
Location: Norway, Canada, Malaysia
On websites: christian mingle
Report: This piece of shit conned my mother into sending him $17k, and she was ready to send more when she finally realized the truth.
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: Robin
Age: 47
Location: Houston,Texas, United States
Address: unknow
Email: unkmow
On websites:
Report: On the 8/8/13 I just put in a report about this man over a scam that he try to pull on me over Skype to your site and I will be bugger, he just pop-up again on my screen, this time as I am member of a dating site called On the 9/9/13 (next day after last report t you), I went the site to check my status. I click on members online, to my total shock the 2nd face and profile that came on my screen was Jack Redd. I knew straight away that it was him, he is used the photo that is/was on you site, it even has the white star on it. It read as following: NEW MEMBER:, Robin (47) - seeking the right woman. Male/Widowed/ I.D. No:910265 Houston, Texas, United States. SEEKING: Female 32-52 living within 250kms of Houston, Texas, US. FOR: Marriage EDUCATION: Bachelors Degree CHILDREN: Don't live at home. DRINK: Occasionally drink SMOKE: Don't smoke RELIGION: Christian OCCUPTION: Military. Then it go on about himself and then about what type of woman his is looking for. For the love of god, is this a Military dating site, this so wrong in so many ways. He is pretending to be in the military, (that scary). This time I have his I.D member No:91026. I have court this bastard twice in two day. I did not replied to him, I got straight on to you blokes and ladies. Maybe you can set up a string using that I.D. Member number.when you catch this creep, and you will I want to eye him in the eyes and then knock his light out. Thankyou. You Truthfully. Anita Stone (
First name: Frank
Last name: Brown
Aka: Antonio Amoah
Age: 53
Location: Palm Beach Florida, Kabul Afghanistan
Phone: 5614636313
On websites: be2
Report: Frank contacted me first on be2 website asking me to send personal email and he would send me more information about himself and pictures. When he emailed he sent me pictures of a man in army uniform and said he was a CO in the US Army and his wife had died 7 years ago and he had a 14 year old son who went to military school in the states. He said his home was in Flushing Michigan and he had houses in Florida. His parents were dead and he and his son were all alone with no family. He had been in Kabul Afghanistan since December 2012 and would retire when he finished this tour, looking to open a restaurant or work in construction and travel. We communicated for a couple of weeks and he was charming, the perfect man, saying all the right things. He even asked me to marry him and we chatted every day though gmail chat. We could not skype as he said they'd been hacked via skype and the military did not allow it. Last weekend I didn't hear from him for a few days and when I did hear from him on Sunday he said there had been an emergency and his son was taken to a private hospital in Palm Beach and he needed emergency surgery and the private hospital required $4,200 up front to perform the surgery. Frank said his friend who handled his finances was out of town and couldn't be reached. Frank asked me to contact his son's caretaker, Antonio Amoah and talk to him about what needed to be done. I talked to Antonio and he told me the story about the hospital needing the money first and that the son (Jeff) couldn't be moved to a military hospital as he was in critical condition. So I said I would arrange for the money to get there. I said I would need to talk to the hospital but Frank convinced me that it would be better to send the money via western union to Antonio's son Benjamin Amoah as this would be the fastest way for the hospital to get the money. They told me the hospital (Trust Hospital) was new and there was no contact info for it on the internet. Stupidly, I sent the $4,200 and Benjamin Amoah picked it up in Atlanta Georgia. They said that Jeff had the surgery and it was a success and they said they paid the hospital. Last night Frank asked me to send $3000 as a gift to Antonio and his family for all their hard work. I said I didn't have it and have had no further contact with Frank. I checked the b2 website and it looks like he has posted another profile under a different user name. I flagged the profile as a scammer on the website.
First name: mark
Last name: henley
Aka: james abraham
Age: unknown
Location: sault ste marie, on
On websites: kiji
Report: Hi this guy is posting ads on kiji and other sties posting for a personal assistant, when you apply ,he says you got the job, 2 weeks later he sends you a cheque to cash and then tells you directions on what to do. you go to the bank and cash a cheque , You get to keep $500 and then the rest goes to a james Abraham , through money gram! address: 10 bp 877 cotonou, city : cotonou, post code : 299, Country : Benin . . I have emails, and phone numbers, and two names....mark Henley, james Abraham!
First name: frank
Last name: grasberger
Aka: raymond. grasberger poss. corby maupin
Age: 45?
Location: afghanistan
Address: texas city& pennsylvania
Phone: +17244275624
On websites: badoo and yahoo messenger
Report: This man left many messages on first day of my being on badoo claiming it was love at first site asked to move to yahoo chat because he was in afghanistan. and i made the mistake of following him to yahoo where within two days he was saying he was retiring and would be looking forward to taking care of me for the rest of our lives.however he refused to give his unit information instead insisting that i trust him or risk ruining the best future i could dream of! All questions answered were evasive at best and some answers made no sense so i called him out afyer two days and he dissappeared.worried he will take advantage of some unsuspecting woman if he continues .
First name: alfredo j
Last name: feronti
Age: 60 years
Location: new york
Phone: 0019175952045/07700093339/0016463975695
On websites: a lot of communication through
Report: I had been emailing for about three months and like your other letters he professed undying love and wanted to come to live in England so that we could start a life together, said he was stuck in Nairobi, the bank had frozen his account in New York because a large amount of money had been paid in as a result of payment of a link road in Nairobi and the bank had suspected money laundering. he was also stuck there because the Kenyon Government had demanded 5% tax when
First name: Gerard Van Ginkle
Last name: Moore
Age: 50
Location: Nashville TN
Phone: 256-279-9858 and 011 233 23 488 4685
On websites:
Report: This is a romance scheme to get you send him money in Ghana Africa. He says he gets a contract through the UN to build school dorms in Togo and then the adventure begins. I caught onto what was going on real quick and then within 2 weeks he is saying he loves me. Never met, never talked on the phone and had only sent a few emails then starting texting. At that point I knew exactly what this was. I played along in order to get the proof needed to post. See how the story unfolds.
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: Mart Albert
Age: 57
Location: Apeldoom - Netherlands
Phone: +2235480083
Report: On the 22nd July 2013 Mart Albert (Jack Redd) Skype me for friendship. He told me that his being a widow of 3 yrs, worked as exploration engineer with the Tullow oil company as a DS (drilling superintendent). He said that he had a 13yrs going 14yrs old son living in London with a school parton. We talked everyday 18 day. Something did not sit right with me, called it a woman 6th sense. I went along with it to see if he was playing me. On the 8th August he gave me his email address so I could send him some photo of myself and the email address he gave me logged straight into this scammer website. I checked Skype details the was a weird message on my screen that stated, Contact send to Mart Alfred and underneath it read Martins Macauley, Skype name (martins4223) that totally surprised me for I did not put it there, I have no idea how it got there (hacking I think). I was one of the lucky one. He did not get nothing from me. I suffered a double stroke 13yrs ago and he sort in his head, disabled woman easy target, he has dead wrong. He gave me his we email address that lead straight to you. Thankyou so much for naming and shaming the conman
First name: Jason
Last name: Shane
Age: 39
Location: Africa
Phone: 1-765-203-1035
On websites: zoosk
Report: Jason had emailed me from zoosks site. He wrote emails couples times then asked me to remove myself from zoosk so that no one else can get me. After 2 weeks or so of correspondence from emails to text, he had told me that he loves me and that he wanted to start family with him and ask me if I would have a child with him. He promised that after selling his dad's construction company at Africa that he would come see me and we decide where we are going to live. He promised to buy me and my kids house and that he wanted to be a mega millionaire. It was too good to be true so I looked him up on facebook and saw him. I thought he was legit but i requested one of his woman friends from facebook and she accepted and we chatted and that is when we both realize all the stuff he said to both of us are the same. He professed love to both of us and wanted marriage to both of us once he is done with his business in Africa.
First name: Raymond
Last name: James
Age: 54
Location: Chicago IL 60616
On websites:
Report: Hello, I guess you should truly know who i am ,I don't really know how this is to work, but hey! here is an exclusive. If at my age i do not know what and when to say, then what would i be? When a wise man sees he has probably spent about half of his time in life already, he begins to assess his main goals in life. What could be more important than a happy ending? A man needs to live his life full of joy and happiness. No matter his achievements, he is reduced to nothing if he has no crown to complete him and that is a woman to call his own. WIfe and Best friend. A woman who knows that even while arguing they still need to hold hands. A woman whom i can call a partner in crime, A woman whom you can tell anything. How could you think anything can make you happier in life than finding a love that knows no bound. To make you know more about me,.I will break this down to segments and it would be like a case study. MY BACKGROUND I am James Raymond, most friends call me James . I was born to a loving couple, a home, by an American man from Chicago IL and a British woman for Sussex. My father was an international business man who met this British orphan whose only family were close friends. She says there was something about the man that no woman could ever resist. sometimes she says she sees same in me, During my father's global movement, while i was twelve i left to study in Lethridge Alberta in Canada where i got the first degree in civil Engineering and then i later moved on to Join ma back in the UK. My father died and she was left alone, I met my wife and best friend in Paris, she was a fashion model Very good at heart. Actually i could say i met her in a funny way, would explain that later. MY JOB I am a global contractor. I do basically rig constructions and renovations or over water bridges, We have worked at many countries across the globe. The present project is my last on the field and i shall quit field works and continue my works from my home office while my men do the field ops. I think i really have gotten to this height because i embraced work for so long trying to get over my wife, thats why i worked this hard, but i think i now realize i can move on. MY DREAM I have told you how my typical dream day would be like, i just want to spend the rest of my life enjoying the fruit of my labor. I just want a woman who would be my best friend and everything. You know someone whom we would still love each other more as the days pass by, even when we cant make love anymore and all we could do is play bingo. I am a total package , i only need someone who understands the value of a good smile. I cant wait to hear back from you. please write me soon my dear i will wait to read from you soonest.
First name: Anthony
Last name: Ritch
Aka: Tony
Age: 46
Location: Charlotte, USA
Phone: 704-728-0142
On websites:
Report: This person initally contacted me via website OKcupid. he gave me his phone number to text call when i felt comfortable. within aprrox a week of texting I called him and we started speaking daily. He mentioned he was going out of town for work but would return in approx 3-4 weeks. Within 3 weeks of texting- we of course had not yet met because he was
First name: John
Last name: Randebe
Age: 48
Location: Soth africa
Address: 24, Eldoriagne Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa
On websites: OASIS.COM
Report: We met on a dating site, fell in love with each other , and then he told me he was doing business in dubai, took lots of money from me and disappeared never heard from him
First name: Horace
Last name: Gaar
Age: 58
Location: Scotland and Nigeriia
Phone: 0112348069767487
On websites: Christian Mingle, Yahoo , gmail
Report: I met him on Christian Mingle
First name: Randy
Last name: Smith
Age: 53
Location: Normal Illinois
Phone: 267 530 57 52
On websites:
Report: Apparently comes from Ghana. Victims are women 45-55 old. Send flowers and chocolates to the victims, the contact at Send poems copied from internet and says the writes to the victim.
First name: Mike
Last name: Peska
Age: Unknown
Location: Cotonou Benin
Email: Unknown
On websites: Yes
Report: I've been talking to him fo 4 years
First name: alfredo
Last name: feronti
Aka: alfee
Age: 60
Location: new york and london
Phone: 646 397 5695: 07700093339; +234 8159616777
On websites: Match
Report: I am communication with this person who has declared undying love after the third email. He has sent photos to demonstrate a luxurious life-style. I have spoke to him once over the phone. He continues to ring me several times a day including sending me a photo of a contract his 'company' has secured with Kenya. He hasn't asked for money-yet, but have no doubt that he will. I've already emailed you with copies of some emails plus some photos. I would be grateful if you would confirm that i am now a registered user of your site. With thanks Lesley
First name: paul
Last name: williams
Age: 54
Location: usa san antoniouk manchester
Address: 5907 hidden iron circlesan antonio tx78250
Phone: 2105701614
On websites:
Report: Had to go to Uk on a business trip within one week of initial contact. Toldme he was deaf andcouldnt hear on the phone so we never spoke - used text messages and Yahoo I'm plus email for all contacts had some problems with is ears so couldntfly for awhile then claimed there was a Uk tax clearance that hedidnt have the money for. Asked me to deposit a cheque and to wire him the money when the cheque cleared initially my account showed the chewue as cleared so I proceeded to do the wire transfer. Next day the chewue was returned as fraudulent. I have had no further contact from Mr awilliams and am out $90000.00.
First name: Frank
Last name: Grasberger
Aka: Frank Raymond Grasberger
Age: 46
Location: Wisconson and Indiana, USA
Phone: 724-427-5624
On websites:
Report: Started out saying he was from my home town but currently in Afganistan as a Captain in US Army. When I questioned from where near me, he said he put in wrong state and was from Indianapolis IN. At one point told me he loved me, after a few text messages, and said he was lonely after his wife died. The more questions I asked, the ruder he got. I noticed he removed his profile from meetme (previously myyearbook). When I asked why, he said he wasnt searching anymore. I had red flags from the start and googled
First name: Leo-Frank
Last name: Tisal
Age: 57 (11/6/1956)
Location: England , Kent
Phone: unknown also 44 7452240132
On websites:
Report: 1. Leo initiated contact. 2. Website: Match .com 3. 3 months ( April 27 - July 29) 4. The montary gift he received from his client in Dubai he could not take, so put the money in my name, for him. Needed to pay for special certificates to transfer money from Bank in Spain to my Bank in the States. 5.See the note from # 4.Also when the deadline was missed because of the wire transfer going to another country, would have to pay more money for the Certificates They also said that if the deadline was not met for the cerificate that the gift money would assume to be used for supplying Terrorist and I would be investigated. 6. The person requesting the money be sent was the bank (Platunim Credit Union of Spain). There was 4 wire transfers of different amounts which totaled up to be 500,000.00 in the end.
First name: Michael
Last name: Wommack
Aka: Nate
Age: Mulligan
Location: Manchester UK, also Maryland
On websites: Match
Report: Similar to Mary's report filed for Nate Mulligan. Emails to me are verbatim. Phone number is the same. PIcs are the same.
First name: Simmons
Last name: Cornell
Age: 43
Location: Bell,California
Phone: 8189639996
On websites: How About We
Report: He initiated the contact on the site How About We.. I thought it strange that he could never meet. We talked about a week. He claims he is an Architect but didn't name any firms with in California and said he was a consultant and worked on his own. He wanted to get on yahoo. instant messenger really quickly. And he deleted his profile from How About We
First name: Smith
Last name: Moore
Age: 50
Location: Salt Lake City , UT
Phone: 18013743579
On websites: Facebook
Report: This person sent a friend request on the site. Started a romance, eith me. I knew Inwas being scammed from the start, but played along to see how far this person would take his swindle. He comes across as a businesman who is widowed with 2 young children. A girl he says her name is Mary and a boy he days is George. He told me that his wife was killed in a car accident in the UK ehere they lived and he moved to the US in Salt Lake City Utah which is car sales. He fell in love within 2 or 3 days, and was very intimate. The fake romance was a whirleind type, he told me he would come to where I live and move me to utah. On and on.. when he thought I was vulnrrnarable, he offered to have funds from a so called job he completed placed into my bank acct. So I could pay my bills here for moving etc. All I needed to do was give him my acct. Number and e mail address. We ended up having a disagreement and I told him I did not want hismoney and he saw I was actually hip to what he was up to, he ran like a scared rabbit to a new victim. These pictures were supposed to be him. Please be careful ladues.
First name: Radek Milan Peters (Radek Milan) John
Last name: Hendern
Aka: Radek Milan Peters (Radek Milan)
Age: 45-46
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia/
Phone: +12124610331 New york USA an +60102057467 Malaysia
On websites: Badoo as John 45 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia an more profilse on facebook as John Hendern
Report: Radek Milan Peters (Radek Milan) an John Henders is one an same person On Badoo he had used profile name as Rmp 46 New York NY Mill 46 New York Milly 46 New York Ny Ppp 46 New york NY now as John 45 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Badoo on facebook as John Hendren he have more tha one profile as John Hendren on facebook whith fotos an on the one of he's profiles i found this Facebook Police hve got fotos an info about him an F.B.I an Interpol also got info an fotos of him an i can also send u fotos of him an he is reg as scammer on an there is warning on facebook about him
First name: robert
Last name: fabrizzio
Age: 58
Location: said Philadelphia.Vg
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: emailed and texted, showed family photos, business website. Went out of the country for a job. texted for about a week. knew he loved me. very religious. then suddenly needed money to get home. had similar thing happen to a friend so I deleted all information. Christian Mingle settledhimand told me he had not followed their rules.
First name: Alfred J.
Last name: Feronti
Aka: Alfee
Age: 60
Location: New York, Italy
On websites:
Report: He has written to me 3 times and I began to be suspicious from the beginning, you know to good to be true. Then he started writing about his love of architecture but his website he sent the link to was a paving company which he was the president of. After reading the report of another women receiving his emails from this site my suspicions were confirmed. He even sent me pictures of himself or someone.
First name: thomas
Last name: bouhl
Age: 58
Location: usa phoenix
On websites: facebook
Report: Thomas Bouhl contacted me thru Facebook and told me he saw my profile and wanted to get to know me because God lead him to me. A month or two later he said he was going to lagos Nigeria to work for the U.N. While overseas he was mugged as and hospitalized and his granddaughter kidnapped. He said a check would be mailed to me that I needed to deposit and send most of the money to him via western union. Thankfully I found out the check was fake before I deposited in my bank account. This man is a menace.
First name: Jack
Last name: Reed
Aka: Richard jones
Age: 52
Location: Wilton ct
Phone: 203-881-6617
On websites: True. Com-dating site 7 profiles
Report: He said he is in the United Nations stationed in Syria he asked for 3000 pounds to be sent to Belgium to Isaac addo To pay for his shipment to England that his bank will not allow him to access it while out of the country. I sent this to him now he wants 5000 us to buy diamonds in Ghana
First name: james
Last name: anthony
Aka: admiral.karannagoda, james anthony, james anthontti1
Age: 44
Location: Norway and Bloomingtin,illinois,united states
On websites: on skype
Report: I met this man on skype, he told me that he was coming to my country to invest real estate buisness, and wanted me to be his wife only after 3 days we met, he said he was an airforce in army and how could he be an airforce in army when he was always chatting online on skype ?and said his wife was dead and also his parents were dead and that he had 1 son and the son was schooling in Ghana,after a week his son send me an email asking me for help, that he needed 300euroes because he was dying from hunger, i told his dad and at first his dad said that he didnt know but after a bit i caught him lying because then without me telling him he said that his son was dying of hunger and to send money to his son, i knew that this was another scam, he wanted me to send money by Western Union and he didnt wont me to tell no one about the money he wanted me to send, this man james anthony begged me for money but i told him that i am not stupid, when he saw that i was not going to send money, i stopped talking to him and he changed his skype name and moved on to another victim.