First name: George
Last name: Persson
Age: 50
Location: Swedish background, Beverly Hills, Malaysia
Phone: 323-744-1526
On websites: Ok Cupid
Report: Mr. George E Persson claimed that he had a company called Novia Petroleum company. And he is a congressmen. I met him through a dating site called OK Cupid. He went to many business trips and meeting with politicians. When he went to Malaysia, he was robbed of $35,000USD and his cell phone. His phone is disconnected. One thing led to the other, he was shot and went to the hospital. He asked for my help to replace the 35K to complete a business deal. He finally was able to contact with an aunt in Sweden and got some of the monies from her. He produced all the itinerary for a one way return from Malaysia to LAX, with KLM. A lot of other stories and promises. Ms. Monica Tien Oi's bank number was used to transfer money to him while he was in Malaysia. He claimed that she was his agent's wife who happened to work at a bank. He sent the itinerary from KLM to let me know when he was coming back. He still wrote me and said he would transfer the monies to me. But his phone number is working again, if anyone want to call him 323-744-1526. Tell him hello from me.
First name: Jason
Last name: Grose
Age: 49
Location: USA
Email: ;
On websites: TOPFACE
Report: Attention: Mrs Jason Grose, I acknowledge your email, and as a matter of fact your husband is aware of the transfer charges, its not strange to Mr Jason Grose. I have done a lot of transfers for him during this time of his stay in Afghanistan. I can not deduct $2,400.00USD from the $2.400,000.00USD, because this funds were deposited through an electronic transaction. i hope you understand? Your funds have been processed and all legal documents have been obtained to back up this funds in your country. If you do not have the transfer charges, ask your husband to make the payment in order for us to transfer this funds or you could come down to Ghana and make your claims yourself. Once again your urgent response is needed in order to transfer your funds. make the payment of $2400 so as to get your funds transfer safe and successful. Regards: MD. Benjamin Dabrah.
First name: jack
Last name: redd
Aka: George David Hogg
Age: 52
On websites: acting werid than other people
Report: he meassage me on skype today. he was trying to talk to me and i looked him up. his picture didnt match what was on google. then i found this website. and i told him :3.
First name: Clarence
Last name: Brooks
Age: 50 maybe.No personal information
Location: London
Email: I don?t know
On websites:
Report: Scammer.This person has stolen a picture Scott Davidson I also contacted StarNow and had a conversation with them and they confirmed that Scott is the real person on the picture:. Hi, I can confirm that the Scott Davidson on StarNow is genuine. We have over 2 Million members and are celebrating our ninth anniversary this week. Scott is one of our earliest members. Kind regards, Cameron
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: Robrt Bill
Age: 60
Location: Fort Meyer, Florida
On websites: older dating online New Zealand
Report: Said he was born New Zealand lived in New Zealand then moved to Florida and where he came to own his construction company. He said his mother was a New Zealander and father was native American. Had his own private roading construction company and won a big 2.8. million dollar contract in Africa and it was a four month contract and then was coming back here to retire and settle down with me. When he asked me to buy him an I pad so he could keep in touch when he was in Africa as it was cheaper for me to buy it here. I started to get to have my suspicions, then when he asked me to send money to the UK supposedly for his gran daughter and her nanny I knew then for sure what he was up to. The name he gave was Robert Bill. and the photos I have are the man on your site of Lucas James. I have kept his photos. Also said his wife died of a medical mishap then his son and wife were killed in a fatal car crash and he was bringing up his 10year old grand daughter. He had his birthdate on my Skype as 13th September 1953.
First name: James
Last name: earl
Aka: James Chaney
Age: 53
Location: Santa Barbara
Address: 123 a replays a t
Phone: 812_213_8853
On websites: scammed for 12,400. on my usaa acct
Report: Said like others said, he was a victim of illegal drugs and need Ed Money for his defense. Sick man. I would like anyone who wants to contact me to feel free. km f r e e
First name: Matthew
Last name: Burrows
Age: 51
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: +27786595962
On websites: WAYN
Report: I was contacted by him on WAYN, he claimed to look for his soulmate, claimed to be willing to relocate for his partner, claimed to have fallen in love and had written 30 or so love letters before he asked for 5700 euros financial assistance because of a sudden financial problem with a project at work and claimed he would return the money within 9 working days. Claimed to be a self-employed urban archaeologist/surveyer who grew up in South Africa, Cape Town and who had lost his wife and son in an accident 8 years before, and has no living relatives. He repeatedly asked for money in at least 10 letters, but soon lowered the amount to 1350 euros. I told him I would send him the money if he sends a scan of his passport and certificate of business registration. He sent fake documents, a scan of an american passport, so i knew he was a scammer. He also would not go online with camera, which is indicative of fraud. He also had just one contact on skype, me. I ran his photos through Google Image Search and saw he was using photos of a travel blogger from the USA. I told him i knew he was scammer and he stopped writing. I have 7 photos which he took from Matt Orr FB profile and also 2 false documents which i can supply on your request.
First name: Tony
Last name: Brown
Aka: Charles Brown, Tony Morad
Age: 51
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Email: Charles
On websites: speeddate, facebook, myspace
Report: Mine is the same as the report given. Claims to have gone to London on business for his importing/exporting business and loses his wallet. Also claimed to be Financially stable. I told him to contact his bank and they should be able to help him! He kept making excuses about why the bank wouldn't Help him. Needless to say, I didn't send anything! Good Bye Charlie!
First name: rupert marc
Last name: andre
Aka: toni matais,andrew butler,johnmartinez
Age: 51
Location: crown point,indiana
Phone: 1(219)992-0239 &1(323)250--9645
On websites:
Report: I started communicating with Toni Madison August 8th thru He has the same story of moving here from California his daughter Catherine. That his wife died of throat cancer. Came to crown point Indiana for work. Likes to use kiss kiss and good morning babe. He got quickly to the story of leaving to Africa to build a hospital. How they seized his tractors for building because of tax he did not pay and was SHORT 3,000.00.He mentions often how well I slept and that he dreams of me each night. And how big his heart is and filled with Love. When I refused to send money he said he understood. But continued to keep me interested by saying he only asked because he could not access accounts in states. I asked for his license and he emailed it to me it was such a poor fake I knew he was a scam. He did say goodbye and I would be rewarded for being a good person and it was over...
First name: steve
Last name: williams
Age: 40
Location: Ikoya africa
Phone: 2034910446unknown
Email: stevewilly88@gmail
On websites: zooks
Report: I meet him on zooks and we started talking then texting he said that he was in Africa to sell his late father construction company he told me that he had a dream that a man dressed in white told him that I was able to help him get the money he needed to finish the sale. that when It was done that he was going to come home and we would get a place and get married he signed his email in the beginning as stay blessed, Steve he told me that we are sole mates as well..
First name: erick
Last name: anthony
Age: 46
Location: london, italy,,,ghana
Address: 124B church crescent, lombardy, milan, northern west italy
On websites: facebook, christain dating site
Report: waiting for cheque to clear, stuck in ghana airport, said he was working on a drilling ship called The Anchorage. also likned with a Mark Davidson from london
First name: Alex
Last name: Hewitt
Age: 47
Location: USA Houston Texas
Phone: 281-624-2557
On websites:
Report: Told me he loved me after 2 days.
First name: Naser
Last name: Khadem
Aka: nas naikt net naserkhadem
Age: 25-31
Location: USA Atlanta, Georgia /Afghanistan Kabul
Phone: 14047071667
On websites: mamba ru facebook other russian websites skype
Report: i though i was meeting a really nice man we talked and talked for months reason why he is a scammer is because he was saying how he was falling in love with me and how he wanted to be with me at the being .then when we meet story all changed to being that his mother needed to find him a wife he lived in Russia in the south part of Russia and in Moscow Russia he speaks Hindi Farsi, Persian Russian English language yes he asked for money he Muslim his story changes after meeting i have photos of this person and emails and chats and txt
First name: kevin
Last name: reid
Age: 35
Location: lagos, Nigeria or Istanbul, turkey
Phone: 5622645852
On websites: evow
Report: I have read caroline's story on this site and wanted to let everyone know he is still at it so be careful. Hopefully no one else loses money like I did.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Jack
Aka: booob, kevin or kelvin howell
Age: unknown
Location: California,Florida,Chicago
On websites: Confirio
Report: He has ask for money from me by saying this mother need money fir be s in surgery. I declined giving money we talked for about 4 to 5 days he has about 4 or 5 different alias on one site. They have been informed by me numerous times in the past 3 days his profile remains in tact and active.
First name: James
Last name: Andrino
Aka: Jim or Jimmie
Age: 54
Location: Austin, Texas
On websites: pigbusters
Report: got my name of facebook - professes to be in love with me and says he is a vet stuck in Malaysia at this time buying medication for a Mexican project and ran out of money. I found that he is considered a scammer and is listed on another website
First name: Charles
Last name: Gold
Age: 53
Location: Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 1386-487-7112
On websites: Senior Singles Dating
Report: Lives in Florida and got me for money.
First name: Noel
Last name: Brewer
Age: 52
Location: SA, durban or capetown
Phone: 0724389294
On websites: facebook
Report: Romantic scammer Seem like a good companion but start to ask for money as soon as the third conversation. And the BS stories he told me, I laughed at them but still help him sometimes. Very manupilative, pathetic and always full of promises and the wirds - trusst me !! Run away from him please.
First name: Michael
Last name: Wommack
Aka: Nate Mulligan
Age: 53
Location: Los Angeles,CA USA
Address: 8 Tanfield Dr. Radcliffe, Manchester M26 1HL
Phone: 44 770009 3019, 447,-78147-9352,278-3887-3078
On websites: Match
Report: Michael is a real smooth operator coming on slower than most. Doesn't ask for personal info yet is eager to offer his own. He lulls you into a false sense of security with daily romantic emails and phone calls. He hit me up for $50K after only 3 weeks. I did not fall for it. He was proclaiming his love, looking at expensive houses & talking about a trip to Paris with marriage not far off. Showed me the balance in his bank account before trying to scam me. He's a real charmer. Beware!
First name: charlie
Last name: brawn
Aka: Jack Reid
Age: 68
Location: Dublin
Address: 24 Laburnum Rd Dublin, 14 Ireland
Phone: 447031957154
On websites: Match,Facebook
Report: I heard from this man soon after my return from Dublin Ireland in Nov. 2012.He claimed to be in love with me. He said he was Marine Engineer who went to The University of Strathclyde in Scottland. After speaking with me by phone and e-mail for three month he told me his company was sending him to sea for a month. He then told me his ship was being followed by Sea Pirates. He needed my help to ship his property to me so it was safe. He asked me for money to cover his expenses for shipping. This man has a very sweet way of talking but gets angry when you do not do what he wants. He is still asking me for money. He writes and e-mails me every day. He uses different names and pictures but it is the same man who will ask you to send money to Malaysia.
First name: Dave
Last name: Purple
Aka: Col. Ashton Pool
Age: 51
Location: Claims to be a Col in US army in Afghanistan
On websites: Zoozsk
Report: Contacted me on8/20/13 Claimed to be in the military and was widowed. Only child and both parents deceased. Has a ten year old son named Oscar living in California with a nanny. One picture in camies has the name
First name: Raymond
Last name: Chandler
Aka: Laurence Chandler, Gen. Raymond, beegree (
Age: 51
Location: Loves Park IL, Ft. Jackson,
Phone: 912-289-6506
On websites:
Report: Since I had actually met the Raymond Chandler in the photo he was using some years before I was interested in how far he would go. I find it deplorable that someone would use the US Sargent Major this way & incredibly stupid.This person pretended to be Raymond Chandler. Stated he was in the military. Didn't get to the point to actually ask for anything. But spent several days texting. I did speak to him once in the middle of the night. He has an foreign accent. I cut call short because I couldn't understand half of what he was saying. In a text He got very upset over the term sockmonkey. I mentioned that I was going to put his favorite aftershave ( D&G) on my Giant sockmonkey & he wanted to know
First name: Aaron
Last name: Bittencourt
Age: 50
Location: USA Dallas TX
On websites: emil, messenger
Report: First made contact with this person through a dating site called, Who Thinks of You. This dating site I found on Facebook. He asked for my email address saying that he is currently on mission in Afghanistan and doesn't have very much time to talk on line. He told me he is a colonel in the US military. For two months communications went back and forth. Eight photos were sent by this person via email. One of these photos was of him in uniform. All the time he keeps telling you that he loves you and needs you so much. I asked if we could talk by phone. He tells you to email a US telecommunications asking if you can get in contact with him. He gives you an email address to contact. Once you have put this request through to the email address he's given you an email comes back to you saying you need to pay a subscription fee of 421.00 to be connected to this person in Afgan.
First name: kelvin
Last name: wilden
Aka: kelvin wildenn
Age: 53
Location: loudon united kingdom
On websites: face book email
Report: sorry deleted all before I found this site reported to face book but he is still there they tried to get 1'500 united kingdom money I don't no what that is called. lost his wife his girl was in school he worked for msc shipping was engineer an he was out at sea an could not get back an his baby was sick please could I help him he didn't have any one else. I had already figured out something was not right with this picture so it came to no surprise when he asked me for the money please don't let this go on find him an put him in jail. I played the game now I would like to see him be hide bars
First name: Ramos
Last name: Scott
Age: 50's
Location: Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: Said he is military man in sSupplies, serving in Afghanistan. Wanted to mail documents and his uniform to mem Got angry and quit writing when I would not give him my address.
First name: Michael
Last name: Witt
Age: 52
Location: Ghana Accra
On websites: Topface,,,,Skype
Report: I met this man on Topaface, he told me that he was in Afghanistan and soon will be finishing his service and coming back to USA. One day before told me a change of plans because he received an email from the holding company where his inheritance was deposited there to be loose if he does'n go between 3-5 days to claim nine million dollars in cash plus 3 million in gold bars...he told me he had to go there Ghana to claim his money. When he got there, he told me his military bag was missing from change of planes in some country near Ghana and he had money in there plus his belongings. He was stranded in Ghana because he had no money and went to US Consulate to ask for help and they did not helped him at all. He asked me for 200 dollars via Money Gram for him to eat and pay for his hotel which I sent on July 4th this year. Finally he is still there and asking for more money to pay some amount to the secure place where his money is plus, he claims he loves me and wait for him because he has a home here in California and we are going to get married as soon as he comes back with all the money.
First name: Marcus
Last name: Gray
Aka: Tony Williams
Age: 50
Location: Canada (toronto)
On websites: our time
Report: Look out ladies-here is a sample!. . . Hope you had a Lovely Weekend? i'm sorry for the late response to you email had alot on my hands lately. I'm more comfortable now writing through my personal email and this way i can write more about my self and also learn more about you without going through the stress on the dating site, Before i proceed will like to let you know that i'm a monogamous person. I'm here having a glass of Red wine and thinking about how i will start this email, but i will try my best to tell you a little about my life and my self and what i'm looking for in my woman will keep it short and straight to the point...First of all i am the type of man that would always put a woman first because i was raised by a loving and GOD fearing mother who taught me to respect women and also treat them right and make them feel special and protected.. . . .
First name: Jerome
Last name: Cruise
Aka: Richard Mancini
Age: 55 yrs
Location: Australia but in Syria working as a Surgeon
On websites: Facebook,
Report: He contacted me in Match. com and introduced himself he is from Australia but he is in Syria working as a medical surgeon under United Nation.. the name he is using is Dr. Richard Mancini, 56 yrs old and he become my boyfriend online. We both in medical field supposed to be and we really hit it off until I become very suspicious..but too late as I have sent the person person at his instruction money to help release his money from an account in UK to be put offshore account in my name so I can start looking for a place for us when he comes back from his contract. then I found out htis site and browse by accident and found him, and check another photo of him he sent me exactly with his daughter..
First name: krishna, Nadim
Last name: Mani, Alonso
Age: 46-52
Location: oaklandand los angeles california
Phone: 510-473-7614, 213-254-5704
Email: Krishnamani.9@
On websites: shaddi
Report: He send me a request on Shaddi. Then wrote me some letters and send me some of his pictures. He said he live in Los angeles California, when i confronted him that his phone # is from Oakland Area he told me used live in that city before he moved to LA. And from his talk i found out that his name is also Nadim Alonso, but he did not ask me any money. He want to know if i know any other women so i can introduce to his other mates they love USA and want to move here. His letter he wrote in very sweet words so is he is on phone, when i told him i do not know anybody he kind get aggressive, He made me feel like he is more that just to fraud money, i stop talking to him. Then i found him on shaddi Alonso Nadim he posted from Oakland and he is doctor surgeon. He was much older than other earlier he send to me. when i compare all his pictures he send his pictures in his younger years his clothes style and video cameras he is holding was came in 1995. then found Nadim Alonso on facebook and he posted he work for Army base in Oakland, then I found Him on Baddo dating sight. I am sending you his pic he posted on shaddi and the ones he send me through e-mail
First name: Michael
Last name: Davis
Aka: Mike
Age: 24
Location: Florida
Email: not sure
On websites: instagram
Report: He goes on instagram looking for women to prey on..