First name: Johnnie
Last name: Jones
Age: 52
Location: Harrisburg
On websites: Date hook up
Report: Claims to live in Harrisburg pa
First name: Stefan
Last name: Maarten
Age: 53
Location: The Netherlands, UAE, Dubai, Oklahoma City
On websites: christianmingle
Report: I was totally scammed by this sorry SOB. He was supposedly working to install extrusion systems in Dubai. Equipment coming from China. Anyway... he was originally from The Netherlands and living in Oklahoma City. He was good! Lots of details!! He was a widow... lost his wife and two sons in a car accident in Holland. He has one surviving son with him named Viktor. As the mother of 4 sons he really sucked me in. Professions of being alone, etc. It was pathetic, in hindsight. He initially asked me for money because he lost his wallet. Everything he had was tied up in this project that was going to make him a millionaire. I hesitated, he continued to profess his love and I had to have faith in him, blah blah blah. Long story short he wrote me a long and wordy email that I simply googled and sure enough it was in the scammers website. This guy is a sick creep. I have six pictures I would like to upload as well!
First name: Erick
Last name: Warmsley
Age: mid 50's
Location: Nigeria, UK
Address: unknownMiami, Fla
Email: erickwarmsley@yahoo. com
On websites: facebook
Report: starts out by saying he is going overseas for a job , which country should I go to, Nigeria or libya> or someother country, then falls in love with you, then he needs you to set up a bank account in your name but give all info to him so he can put his own money in and then start coming home to you. He will start out asking for $100 to maintain until he can get the bank. then it will go up to $500.
First name: Lennon
Last name: Carl
Age: 50
Location: New York
Email: carl_lennon
On websites: carl_lennon at yahoo.comn Imesh
Report: Watch it ladies carl lennon is a scam even if you think he is not. He will take you for hundreds of dollars! He is good at what he says so don't buy into it! He is a smooth talker and ids nothing but a Lier !
First name: Paul
Last name: Berty
Aka: Jeff vanBrown
Age: 55
Location: Ghana
Email: Jeff
On websites: Chemistry
Report: He is a verified scammer on Pig Busters as Jeff vanBrown. Met him on Claims to be in the precious minerals business. Claimed to live in West LA, CA. Went on a business trip to buy gold in Ghana. Same story. Needed a new laptop, phone, etc.. Got nothing. Then he got sick and couldn't pay his hospital bill sect....
First name: Cody
Last name: Adams
Age: 57
Location: USA
On websites: skype, yahoo
Report: Writes love sammed emails to persons. First meets through Skype or Yahoo messenger.
First name: Ashley
Last name: Justin
Age: 44
Location: Haw River, North Carolina United States
On websites:
Report: I was contacted by this person on a free dating website. After exchanging a couple of messages, I sent him my email address to which he wrote. I was a bit suspicious due to the dictation and how poorly the message was written so I typed a portion of his letter into google and I was led to this site. I then checked the IP address to where his email originated and the first IP in the header was from Ireland, which prompted me to continue looking. I went further into the header and found a second IP address and this second IP address was indeed, from Nigeria. I did not fall prey to this scammer and probably would never have sent money as I don't have any to spare. I would like to make others aware, however, and hopefully I can help someone else not get scammed.
First name: Frank
Last name: Douglas
Age: 53
Location: UAE
Address: Marina square Abu Dhabi
Phone: +971-56-177-5397
On websites: Manjam
Report: He is Fake and using his identity to scam people.
First name: Smith
Last name: Rodriquez
Age: 43
Location: Istanbul
On websites:
Report: Well, he asked for money, so he can finish his research and come to see me. He also sent the same letter to me twice in few weeks. He also mistaken me with someone else by mistake. I just wanted to see what would he does in the end. He asked for $1800. Sue
First name: Lucas
Last name: Pearl
Age: 30 ish
Location: Imus, Cavite, Phillipines
Address: 4103
Phone: 646-504-8775
On websites:, email
Report: If you are a writer, he'll send your email an inquiry letter. If you respond, he'll send you a check that has way more than what the project cost was set at and then he will tell you to send him the money that was in excess back one or two days after the check
First name: William
Last name: Vincent
Age: 40 ish
Location: Bahamas
Email: unknown i didn't keep it. it had his name in it
On websites: Craigslist
Report: He posts an add saying he's an artist and needs a secretary in the states to handle mail and such. He sends you money and then something comes up where he needs you to pay his art supplies guy. You do a money transfer to pay the guy and then the check bounces that he sent you a couple days later and you are screwed.
First name: Luke
Last name: Stafford
Age: 48
Location: Beverly Hills
Phone: 4246536139
On websites: Gay section
Report: This guy started with the sight and we texted back and forth for hours on end he seemed really nice and like all guys I may meet online I do a name search once this site popped up with the exact same number I knew, you could tell too because he didn't write like an American would write.
First name: Edward
Last name: Green
Aka: Possibly: Hussian Martin
Age: 46
Location: Autisn, TX, San Diego, Holland, Malasyia, Berlin, Germany
Address: C-16-6 Endah Regal Condo Jalan 3/149E Taman Sri Endah 57000 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia
Phone: +60123970294
Email: none given, facebook
On websites: Facebook
Report: Contacted me first on July 12th, 2013 and it was random. He never did answer how he came across my profile and when I asked him, he said I was using ?crazy words and I was not willing to get along?. Told me he had one son named Terry Edward. On Aug 26th he sent the following message: Thanks for the message I thought I have lost you to someone else because I was really nervous. well, I enjoy pampering/surprising my partner, and I also love to be nurtured in return. Sensuality is important to me. Some of my favorite things are the salty taste of lobster simmering in a beurre blanc sauce, the smell of the ocean mixed with suntan lotion on a summer day, the cool, velvety softness of well-worn cotton sheets on a hot summer night, the gentle touch of a lover, the beauty of a home which has been designed to be inviting and welcoming, the sound of leaves rustling beneath your feet in the Fall. Love thunderstorms, the smell of a campfire, fresh cut grass, and horses. Please I would like to ask you for a favor hope you don't mind? and I'm doing this due to the trust I develop on you this few months we have know each others and I feel your pains also concerning your sister, tell me how is she doing now? I'm out of town because I was Hired for a job outside my state and I needed funds to clear my goods that was coming from Australia and those goods that was held is my life savings I swear I can't afford to lose it to any custom or anyone...this are the Materials I needed to use to set my Vet Clinic. So many things bothering me at this point I'm so confused. What I want you to do for me now... help me to catch a check In your Country? because I'm expecting certain amount! Where I'm now I can't have access to receive it and clear it and I have thought of who I can trust to do this till I got your message today. after you clear the check I will tell you what to take out of it so you can take care of your sister's health and yourself. My son's Birthday is coming up soon I promised to buy him an ipad Tablet and a Samsung galaxy s4 because My hand phone fell inside a chemical and here I hardly get in touch to computer the network here is very bad. please respond back to me It's urgent. Kiss from Edward. Then on the 26th he tells me he lives in Austin but is ?somewhere in Holland for supplies to open his own vet clinic?. He is expecting a check for over 18,600 but the lawyer will not sign it over until his fees are paid and he is unable because he is oversees. Sept 6th, he wants me to send the iPad to his son in Asia, when I request the address. He is reluctant to give it to me. Sept 8th, he wants to make sure I send the package and money by FedEx and send him the tracking number as well as my cell phone number, no address. We never exchanged phone numbers or there was never talk about it The 10th he finally gives me a name and address: Receivers Name: Hussain Martin.... Address: C-16-6 Endah Regal Condo Jalan 3/149E Taman Sri Endah 57000 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. and this is the Mobile number for the delivery company to call when they arrive +60123970294 On the 14th I tell him there is no such address (I looked it up online). I tell him the clerk at FedEx would not accept the package. The 15th he tells me I must go into the FedEx office and demand to send the package to the address. He needs the tracking number and is mad because I did not give him my cell phone number. So on the 16th he tells me to forget it and calls it off. He contacted me on FB and all his friends are women, all 10 of them from all over the world. I have pictures, but not sure how to attact them to this report. He will probably delete his Facebook page, but this man is going to drain any woman he can.
First name: Harry
Last name: Antrim
Aka: Glenn Beck
Age: 47
Location: South Africa, Florida, UK, Ireland
On websites: Chemistry. com
Report: I have been communicating with him for 2 months. He uses the same emails to everyone. Tells, them that he is going to move there to be with you. His daughter can't wait to meet you, He is tyring to finish up a job in South Africa and that some equipment is broken and he is tyring to get the funds to fix it. Fortunately he has never asked me for money yet. Glad I found this site!
First name: Anthony
Last name: Mark
Aka: Tony mark
Age: 45
Location: Lagos , Nigeria
Phone: 2348116379785
On websites: Facebook & blackpeoplemeet &
Report: This man signs up on different websites with very nice pictures. Tells you he is a widow and that his wife was killed in motorcycle accident from mission trip. Tks with you for about a month and said he is Nigeria claiming his inheritance from late father. He shows you this form call US Custom border and protection
First name: Douglas
Last name: Goff
Age: 46
Location: Blue Springs, Missouri
On websites:
Report: This is one of many who have the same info as others who have messaged me.
First name: Lassad
Last name: Farhat
Age: unknown
Location: Chenini De Gabes, Qabis, Tunisia
Email: unknow
On websites: facebook
Report: he wanted me to contact ambasaden so he could come and visit me but I will not and he is really mad that I would not have anything to do with him so he began to fuse me on my wall on facebook he is jealous and porn fixed and I think he is scammer and a disgusting guy when you do not do as he wants he seems uncomfortable and rough but I deleted him and saw a he was evil so I Blocked him and deleted his comment he would both married and want me to tunisia for a weekend or for 15 days etc but I will not have chatted with him for 2 dagem but I stopped because I got quick a clear sense that something is wrong and something tells me that he is a scammer and sexscammer etc and I believe that he is evil really evil I hope that someone can warn others against him, I do not know if he's change places on the Internet or dating sites, etc but I am so sure he is very active scammer on facebook i belive he is evil
First name: Horatio
Last name: Sommerville
Age: 25.26
Location: white house jamaica
On websites: facebook
Report: 14:38 Horatio Sommerville ok can you help me with my doctor bills babe please Horatio Sommerville ok so you dont trust me omg i cant believe this babe u dont trust me ,this hurts even more than the back pain im feeling for me to love a woman so much nd then to hear that you are assming things it really hurts me babe
First name: Ben
Last name: Johnson
Age: 49
Location: Barcelona, Los Angeles
Phone: 562-543-4395
On websites:
Report: Started talking to Ben on about 9/5/13. His username was Love__Life (I think - he has since deleted it or made it inactive). We moved our conversation to Yahoo messenger and then text with the next two days. By the 8th he was calling me honey and said that he was turning off his okcupid because he was a one woman man and he wanted to only pursue me. Ben claims to moving back to the Los Angeles area tomorrow 9/16/13 and start a new career in real estate. I became suspicious when things just started to be to good to be true. After doing an internet search I came a across the post on your site about him. Amazing similarities in conversations. When questioned about it; he denies it and insists that it is from a woman that he communicated with online and told her he didn't want to continue a relationship with her. Found another profile for him on that was still active as of 9/14 under the username Martinis212. Same pictures and similar story as okcupid. phone he is using (562) 543-4395 Anonymous out of Compton CA
First name: Michael
Last name: Khorr
Age: 55
Location: Austin, Texas
Address: 4380 River Garden Trl Austin, Texas 78746-2015
Phone: 8133657267, 971 552852771
On websites:
Report: Michael contact me through I have correspond with him for about 3 weeks. I start to suspect his story line because time line is off. Example : he submitted a presentation for construct log homes on Thursday to The Emirates , that evening he is prepare the quotation for the project. Next morning on Friday 6 a.m. He email me to cancel our weekend plan and tell me he is flying to Dubai on Saturday morning. He received the supplies he shipped from Taxes 3 days after he arrived in Dubai. Nothing works so fast, especially in construction. There is no way he can ship anything so fast, When I asked his home address, he give me the address for a congressman from Austin, Texas. He didn't want to have face time with me... said he didn't know how to Skype (he said he is an engineer. I never know an engineer who don't know how to Skype. He also didn't know what is line dance and he said he is from Texas. He never asked me for money. I didn't give him any chance to do so.
First name: robert
Last name: cruise
Age: 51
Location: japan
On websites: skype
Report: now calling himself Robert cruise with 17yr old son working in japan on building construction, wife died many years ago
First name: George
Last name: Coel
Age: 60
Location: United States
Address: 207 Ridgecrest Dr., Duncan, Ok 73533-5634
On websites: Christian Mingle.
Report: This man has told me he wanted to met me in San Francisco, Ca. To met me and spend the weekend together so we may plan to my moving to Ok with him. He all so uses the Yahoo Messenger to chat with me. He wants to use my name on a his benefits to return to the US. States that he will arrive on a United Nations Private Hank jet.
First name: Andreas
Last name: Beirhof
Age: 50
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Phone: 213-394-6921
On websites:
Report: I met Andreas from and we started chatting in late June 2013. He was saying all the right things that a girl would want to hear. We were chatting on Yahoo IM for hours almost every night. He said that he was an independent contractor for Exxon Mobile and was going to the Dominican Republic to work on an oil rig for 3 weeks for a contract and that when he got back we would finally meet in person and that he would fly straight to my city once he was done with his contract. Even while he was on his job we were chatting every night and things seemed to be progressing quite well. He knew through our conversations that I was a single mom and struggled financially so I was quite surprised about 2 weeks into his contract he asked me for $1000 because he said he ran into major problems on his job. I let him know right away that I didn't have any money but I was just so taken back that he even asked since we had never even met in person yet. So he said he understood and apologized for asking but then a few days later asked for $500 and I told him again I didn't have any money to send and at this point I was starting to get angry that he was still even asking. He then starting saying things to make me feel guilty so I finally gave in and sent him $200. He asked me to send it to the Dominican Republic through Western Union but to send to John Dedo his assistant so that is exactly what I did. I sent the money over a month ago and I've heard from him a couple time since and the last 2 messages I sent him I let him know that if didn't have a response within 48 hours I would be reporting him to the authorities and warning other woman online.
First name: vincent
Last name: snavely
Age: 45
Location: phoenix, arizona
Phone: 325-261-9643
Email: vhs05281968@gmail.c
On websites: okcupid
Report: We emailed for a few weeks..after a few days was emailing me saying he loved me....then after about three weeks he started asking me to send hI'm money. Then when I refused he stopped calling and emailing me and ahut down his facebook page also. He claimed to be in south Africa on business and also used phone number 011-27-84-640-8363.
First name: Barriste Jonas
Last name: Asa
Aka: what is it?
Age: 45 - 55
Location: Africa
On websites: unknow
Report: Here is a message which I got today from this mister. He found me in Russian social website
First name: Dino
Last name: Giovanni
Aka: James Andrino
Age: 54
Location: Dublin Ireland
Phone: 1-512-541-4632
On websites: Match.Com
Report: just met him on Sept,3rd on Match.Com started to talk to me and gave me this email and his phone number. We had a few emails talking some calls but nothing (thank God came out of it) Thought you should know though.
First name: Richard
Last name: Chandler
Aka: Many listed on your site James Morrison, Christopher smith.
Age: 57
Location: Australia, Gold Coast
On websites: Yes. be2
Report: In the army, deployed in Kabul
First name: RUBEN
Last name: T
Age: unknown
Location: 601112270706 Malaysia
Report: 601112270706 MY ruben t 601112270706 Malaysia i found this warning about him from Anti scam : Anti Scam Team Please, help us to REPORT THIS MAN with our links. He blocked all- tags and comments. REPORT HIM with these words and link-
First name: PETER
Last name: ONYEISI
Age: unknown
Address: ZIP CODE:23401
Report: western union details: NAME: PETER ONYEISI ADDRESS: IKEJA, LAGOS ,NIGERIA. ZIP CODE:23401 text question: who need it ? answer: your wife she said the owner of this Bank account is the hotel manager...cause she must pay the bills there she is still active
First name: Edmund
Age: 43
Location: Strykersville, NY
On websites: match
Report: This guy is still operating on Match even though I have submitted a report against him. He immediately wanted to chat on Yahoo instant messenger and offered to purchase me a lap top with our first conversation. He claims to be a multi-millionaire and eventually asked me to