First name: Frank
Last name: Caslen
Aka: Francis Caslen, James Caslen, Robert Caslen
Age: Not sure
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Facebook
Report: Approached F on Facebook, gained trust sent a number of messages saying he was new to internet dating. Asked for money to be sent via Western Union transfer to a number of different names in Malaysia and Istanbul - Pius Charles, Chinomso Goodluck Okoli.
First name: johnson
Last name: nice
Aka: malasyia
Age: 61
Location: colarado
On websites: conecting singles
Report: he contacted me on connecting singles started to send me emails on how he cought his wife in bed with his best friend 7 year ago and divorced her and found it hard to get over it so like a fool I was very sympathetic so the emails went on he said he had a constructing business and he was flying out to Malaysia I said what do you construct he said houses he got to malaysia but they lost his luggage at airport and his wallet with money and credit cards were in luggage along with important document for the job he said he phoned his bank and stopped credit cards but needed money for hotel, hire a body guard ,and a car ,he asked me if I could help him out with 50,000 dollas well no I cant I don't send money to scammers and blocked him..
First name: Joseph
Last name: Smith
Age: 52
Location: Mossel Bay, South Africa
Phone: +27785857128
On websites: Yes
Report: This guy wanted money from me
First name: Charles
Last name: Norton
Age: 53
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: +27845039965
On websites: Yes and on Facebook
Report: This guy tried to get money out of me. [23-Jul-13 21:48:04] Anne-Marie Buys: Have not heard from your daughter as yet [23-Jul-13 21:48:22] Charles Norton: She phoned me [23-Jul-13 21:48:47] Charles Norton: what she want is just some little amount for her to get some materials for the research [23-Jul-13 21:49:17] Anne-Marie Buys: oh i thought she needed internet reserach charles [23-Jul-13 21:49:22] Anne-Marie Buys: research, sorry [23-Jul-13 21:50:07] Charles Norton: she's got internet [23-Jul-13 21:50:29] Charles Norton: I dont know how to ask anyone for money and I hate that a lot [23-Jul-13 21:50:40] Charles Norton: That is why I am very stressed here [23-Jul-13 21:50:53] Anne-Marie Buys: don't u do EFTs? [23-Jul-13 21:51:17] Charles Norton: I do but not from on here as I am only here for work [23-Jul-13 21:51:40] Anne-Marie Buys: So, u can still do it from there coz u go on the internet [23-Jul-13 21:51:54] Charles Norton: was thinking of coming over the weekend but she need to do it before then [23-Jul-13 21:51:57] Charles Norton: No I cant from here [23-Jul-13 21:52:21] Anne-Marie Buys: Why note, sorry I don't understand. We did EFTs from Zambia to SA 3 years go [23-Jul-13 21:52:44] Anne-Marie Buys: Second option - don't u have mobile banking on your mobile phone [23-Jul-13 21:52:52] Charles Norton: Dont know whats wrong with the internet banking from here [23-Jul-13 21:53:05] Charles Norton: There's some restriction on this sode [23-Jul-13 21:53:07] Charles Norton: side [23-Jul-13 21:53:33] Anne-Marie Buys: How much does she need? [23-Jul-13 21:53:53] Charles Norton: she needs just R12000 [23-Jul-13 21:54:08] Charles Norton: But please I dont want to stress you on this [23-Jul-13 21:54:17] Anne-Marie Buys: Nope I cannot assist, sorry [23-Jul-13 21:54:31] Charles Norton: Thanks [23-Jul-13 21:54:45] Charles Norton: I will do my best [23-Jul-13 21:54:50] Charles Norton: don't be stressed on this [23-Jul-13 21:55:00] Anne-Marie Buys: Ok I won't [23-Jul-13 21:55:08] Charles Norton: Thanks [23-Jul-13 21:55:35] Anne-Marie Buys: R 12 000 or R 1 200? [23-Jul-13 21:55:57] Charles Norton: R1200 [23-Jul-13 21:56:03] Charles Norton: did I say R12000? [23-Jul-13 21:56:07] Anne-Marie Buys: Yip [23-Jul-13 21:56:16] Charles Norton: what will she be using R1200 for? [23-Jul-13 21:56:28] Charles Norton: Ha! Its just R1200
First name: Andy Walter
Last name: Roy
Age: 50
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: +27603259356unknown
On websites: Yes
Report: This guy wanted money from me in the third e-mail. Good morning love. how are you this morning, hope you had a wonderful night sleep? honey i am so sad today, i just received a call from my contractor this morning, they are short of material honey, they need to cover a space in the roof. and it very raining in Capetown, that mean if i can't make plans for the materials that means the revocation will be in vain. honey the sad part of it i am not around to sort them out, could please help me give them some money, i will refund you back with interest upon my arrival. hopefully i will be home next week, please my love, this not usually my nature but it's you alone i can call on a time like this.. waiting to hear from you.. love you always Roy Andy
First name: liam
Last name: clancy
Age: 29
Location: Brighton MA
On websites:
Report: this is a pic of a male model..multiple hits on google images..
First name: David
Age: 57
Location: Farifax, VA
On websites:
Report: FAke moron using an English converter program.
First name: Frank
Last name: Smith
Aka: Micheal Ballard
Age: November 17, 1959
Location: Liverpool, England UK
On websites: Facebook
Report: Frank Smith initiated contact with me first. Friend request through Facebook. August 5 - September 26 Yes many, his grammar, spelling, times he was online, he was a single dad with a 5 yr old daughter Sonia, wife and her parents were killed in car accident. He went to W. Africa for his art store in England, and they wouldn't take mastercard for his sales? He asked for $2000usd and the $1500. He wanted it sent in his name through western union money transfer This only occurred twice and I told him NO! he asked again, and I said What part of No don't you understand? It stopped after he whined and cried a couple of times!
First name: Albert
Age: 55
Location: Jackson, MS
Phone: (662) 483-0276
On websites:
Report: This user's English and Grammar are limited and the sentences he types are not complete sentences, which attests to the user is working with an English transformation Program.
First name: ANDY
Last name: MAC-ARTHUR
Age: 61
Location: ACCRA, GHANA
Phone: 233244380361
On websites: zoosk, facebook, lavalife, match
Report: I actually met my scammer on 2 different occasions. Long story involved here as I was with him for 3 years. I essentially supported him from beginning to end with a long laundry list of reasons as to why he needed money .. daughter's hospital bills, son's diabetes care, in hospital himself in Ghana with malaria and typhoid fever, put in jail, needed $$ to pay off a house debt .. it goes on and on and on. I lost big money. I also saw on his facebook account that he used the alias RICHMOND HAWKINS in the past. Says he has a daughter Cynthia, son Tom, brother Eric ... but I believe this all is a big lie now. 5'11, haitian, word 'faith' tatooed on his back left shoulder, scar on his left rib cage from surgery, space between his front teeth. Very cool .. has an answer for everything strange .. always said
First name: Craig
Last name: Gruver
Age: 53
Location: Hartford, CT
On websites: Big Beautiful People Meet
Report: Craig seemed like a pretty nice guy. He lost his first wife in death and then divorced his second wife because she cheated on him. He had two sons -- one was 27 and was deceased from a drowning accident and the other was 7. The 7 year-old was named Ryan and he had joint custody with his wife. He worked in construction. Within a few weeks, he told me he wanted to move to where I live in Georgia. He then told me he had a big job that he had to go do in Accra. He said he would be gone about a week and a half and was then coming to see me and to look for a house here. He wanted something in the $400,000 range. He told me he would sell his house in Connecticut and also the one he had in Michigan. I heard from him consistently while in Accra. He called me one day with an emergency. He didn't have enough money for all the building materials and needed my help. He said he could get the money back to me as soon as he got here. He couldn't leave until he saw the project taking shape there and he couldn't trust the workers there to buy the good materials if he left without doing all of the purchases before he left. I did not give him a dime and that was the last time I talked to him.
First name: Montgomery
Last name: Evans
Aka: Monty
Age: 44
Location: Coppell, TX
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: I was contacted by Monty through Plenty of Fish September 8, 2013. He was very sweet and said he would rather communicate through email. This was his first correspondence: Hi [my name], First i want to ask you to remember tonight, because i think its gonna be the beginning of always. I am divorced and have a ten year old daughter , Helen, who is my world. I'm an independent Art & Antiques research consultant. I'm a consultant to galleries, auction houses, museums, private art dealers. I make art and artifact supplies which ensure they remain competitive and open for business. I will be 45 this coming November and in search of the woman of my dreams. Someone who will build with me and share the great and not so great times. A confident, a helper, a comforter and my soul-mate. I admit i havnt been too lucky in love, so trying online for the very first time. And really hope i am first time lucky. Hopefully i am in good hands with you...right? Montgomery PS: you are very beautiful [my name]. Email I received: Good Mornin [my name], I am sorry i fell asleep last night. I tried waiting up for you but my body had other ideas, lol. I hope you forgive me. I don't know to what i owe this great pleasure, but i must admit i find myself think more and more of you at every turn. You ve become like the sunshine streaming through and lighting everything on your part. You are making me feel things i never expected to feel, its crazy,i find my heart quickening at the thought of you and i know i want to share more with you and build a stronger chemistry and meet for drinks or dinner soon. I ve come to realize that we should never conform ourselves to our own ideals of romance or love nor where it will surprise us from, because it can happen at any given time and sometimes we dont see it coming and takes us totally unaware and giving us a reason to hope for more, to aspire for more and to love even more. Thanks for this hope you inspire in me. Email I received: I woke up early this morning and and found myself sitting on the couch with my thoughts lost, my thoughts are of this spontaneous, glamorous, hard-working, down to earth woman called [my name]. And i realize i don't ever have a need to go back to pof. I realize i want to love this lady with a passion i ve never had before. I want to give her my everything, bring 200%. I want to laugh with her, cry with her, smile with her, be worried with her, dance with her, kiss her, make love to her, share with her, love her, share all that i ever am and ever will be with her. This is huge. And i so want it. You ve made a difference and making a difference. Thinking of you. Montgomery Then this weirdness happened: Hey darling, I am so sorry its been a very hectic couple of days for me. An auction house needed me to bring over some artworks for auction Saturday so i had to leave immediately Friday afternoon. I had to drive because i feared some of the works might get damaged or misplaced, but i never realized just how long a drive i was venturing into. Ended up doing a straight 14 hours. I arrived Pheonix Arizona so tired early Saturday morning i didnt bother attending the event. I took a few hours sleep and hit the road again. I just arrived home. I know you must be worried, i am ok. Just utterly tired. Heading straight to bed. I ve missed you. Montgomery Hi love, Its past 1am, i slept more than 10 hours. I guess my body isnt used to excessive fatigue or sleep. But am good now. I am curled up with hot coco thinking about you and how good you make me feel. I am sorry i must have made you very anxious the last couple of days but my trip was so urgent i didnt even have time to pack an extra shirt or pants. I had no idea i was gonna be driving over a combined 27 or so hours either. I will never ever do a silly thing like that again. I know you must be sleeping peacefully. Dream of me, its an order!! Have a great night rest! Montgomery He told me he had finally received a signed contract with a company in Oklahoma and was leaving the next day for Africa to go on an art buying trip. My love am so sorry, I ve never experienced my body being on fire before, thats how i felt yesterday evening. Every single muscle hurt, i couldnt walk a straight ten yards without pain shooting through me. I managed to drive home, took the anti inflammation med and went straight to bed. I just woke up and realized i missed you on fb. Its 2:30am. I started sleeping at past 4pm. Darling am going on a short buying trip this morning by 9:15am Am gonna remain awake to get something packed and ready for morning. Sleep well my love. Am so sorry i couldnt make it online. This hurts me as well sweetheart. But my body shutdown on me. Hi again my love, I hope you know no other woman stands a chance because i ve got you. I belong to you [my name], i will make everything up to you my love. You ve got my heart and its for always. Thanks for always finding ways to uplift my day Good morning darling, Its morning here and i might not be able to write often because am heading to the art market right away. Its so very hot here, i woke up sweating inspite of the airconditioning. I calculated the time difference, i am 6 hours ahead. Wish me luck. I wont overwork myself either. Thanks a million for the poetry, they made my morning. Thinking of you. I arrived ok. Paced often during flight and took my pain meds so the pain was minimal at best. We just arrived, its past 2am in the morning here. I ve never been to Africa before, all i ve seen of it is in the news and at the hour, chances are i wont see much until morning. The continent has has its largest art market here, in a small boarder town called Cotonoh here in the Benin Republic. I struck luck, found a hotel with internet so was able to log on. Heading to bed, too tired for a shower. I will calculate the time difference in the morning and know exactly what time we are. I miss you. Hey my love, Another day dawned bright and hot here. I am heading to another market, its in a boarder town called Cotonoh, am told its a 3hour drive to get there so i better make haste. And thanks again for the poetry, i find this one stands out
First name: Charles
Last name: Vandervatt
Age: 46
Location: UK
On websites:
Report: This guy is very clever, he writes you lots of wonderful poetry and lots of talk of love and needing to be with you. He states he is a chemical engineer on an oil rigg... ..has you totally smitten then promises to come to see you but at the last minute a disaster happens and he can't make it. He then proceeds to milk you for money until you learn to say no.. I wish I had known about this site earlier! I
First name: Steven
Last name: Williams
Age: 41
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 12034910446
On websites: zoosk
Report: I got to know steven or whatever his name is on zoosk. We sent emails and text messages to each other. His whole story was that he was in Nigeria selling his late fathers company. He was sending me love letters and messages everyday and made me feel special. He claimed to be a church going man and also used God in his messages. Than he ends up telling me that he got jumped and his wallet with cash and credit cards was gone and desperately needed medical attention but didn't have anyway of paying for it. I than asked him if he knew anybody that could help him and he said no and that his lawyer was jumped as well. So he ended up asking me to send him some money. I was very hesitant at the time and in the end I sent him 400 in cash. Than I got curious and looked up his email and came across this site and seen a story the same as mine and the info about him was all the same.
First name: BRUNO
Last name: ALEX
Age: 47
On websites:
Report: Dear althea, You have just received an email message from mavis! For best results respond right away, with an email or a free 'show interest message'. mavis Age: 47 Ethnicity:Caucasian (White) Lives: Texas, United States Go on, make it happen, start communicating with mavis today by clicking on the 'Read Message' icon. We look forward to seeing you at our site soon! tHi. Happy weekend?.I am very pleased to receive your email address from you and I hope we keep on communicating with each other more often.I wanna explain who I am again,my name is Bruno Alex, a citizen of USA. Have you heard of my country before? Well never mind,as time goes on I will be detailing you about my country.Though,I am a citizen of USA but I have been reside here in England for many years now working in my field of profession.Sorry,I will not say much about my love life now till when next I write to you then I will intimate you on that, i will still write more about me for you next time.Thanks for your reply i do like it. I wouldn't mind your English so long as you can write to me the level you could,I will understand.Not only writing,let you words come from the inner part of you because I am very much serious in search of someone whom will be part of my life in the near future and I believed that my coming across your personality will be my dreams come true.I actually,like Asians and have been desiring to have someone whom I will in the near future call my wife when ever i set my eyes on my best friend Jerry , i always prayer and i hope to build my own family as soon as possible,I am saying in the sense that I am here for something serious and I would want you to be serious too.Honestly am thinking to delete my account from that site, i want to switched it off because i am very serious for what i am searching for, i hope you will understand the reason why i said that, i said it in the sense of you to think about switched off your profile too, if you are serious with me, i am not commanding you, but please i need seriousness out of this our new conversation.. I will be looking forward to read from you and please don't be afraid to write to me the way you could ok, i also attach 3 of my picture here. Have a lovely day and nice meeting you, enjoy your weekend.. Regards, Bruno. Hello my dear friend May you find peace as you are reading this message. It?s a pleasure to hear from you once again. I am sorry for writing late.I was busy with workload,and that's why i am replying now.Please bear with me dear. I am doing fine here,and i hope that my message reach you in good health. To be sincere with you, this is my first time on the net. Luckily I have met someone like you to be my friend. It?s really an honor to know you here. Thank you so much for bringing out your time to give me email. Hopefully this communication would bear a good fruit. I have never involved in all these stuffs before but have heard a lot of testimonies regarding people who were blessed through online dating and they found their soul mates. It?s amazing dear. You seems to be a nice loving girl I guess and it is going to be nice to get to know each other well. Please tell me more about you and your family.It's a start for a serious and positive communication. Meanwhile, I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Bruno Alex I am a Christian. My father has passed away. He was originated from cape town but nationalized in USA. I was born and grew up in USA. I am the only son and child of my family. I live here in London from where I am communicating with you.I deal in Computers,and Auto spares parts.I have own business too. I have been living here for 10 years now. I was married but my wife passed away in a car accident earlier last year. I have one lovely 5 year old daughter.Her name is Rohan.She is a sweet and lovely girl. We both living together with a nanny who takes care of her when i am gone to work. Mom live back home in USA with also a maid servants. She loves the environment there and I do visit her quite often. My late father was a wonderful kind man and a philanthropist. He has worked in various ministries and organizations in the past and assisted many people both spiritually and financially. Dad was a contractor who has worked with foreign companies in the past. He has even been to Malaysia,in South East Asia last few years on contract but things didn't go well. We are on the process of getting the contract fund back. Furthermore, I am a fun loving guy who cares for the need of others. I love traveling and shopping. I like listening to music. On the weekends, use to take my daughter out for fun, going to the sea side having relaxing mind and seeing the nice fresh air from the sea. I do cook sometimes as i like cooking. Being happy always makes me feel young everyday. I am so glad for my life and really thank God for all His blessing upon my family. Before enclosing this message, I would like to let you know that I am willing to be your friend or more than that, I am serious here and distance or relocation can never be a barrier for in due time we shall meet. Sure it will be nice to visit you some day. I need a sincere lady no matter your nationality, or race. Among all those ladies out there, i have chosen you dear. And I feel comfortable communicating with you and looking forward to see what the future has for us. Dear,i want to let you know that i am not here to play games,but i am here for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage by the special grace of God. I know some men and women are out there to have fun,but there few who are willing and ready to settle down at the right time,and with the right person. I want to show my honesty for it is important in every....send me your email address and password so that i will delete it for you ok. relationships. Keep in touch dear. Remain blessed until i hear from you again.
First name: Kenny
Last name: White
Aka: Lucas James
Age: 55
Location: Afganistan, Kabul
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: He said he is an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG) and is working with the UN and that he is a leader of his squad of 216 men., they are in Kabul for a peace keeping mission. He is about to retired soon and wants to come and join me after retiring.He had sent me al the same pictures
First name: Chris
Last name: Odle
Age: 50
Location: Chicago, Illinois
On websites:
Report: He has sent me several emails about money but I knew something was not right. So I placed his pic in Google image and found this website.
First name: Peter
Last name: Miller
Aka: miller
Age: 49
Location: Reston Virginia USA
On websites: Internacional Cupid
Report: The same history he tell to another girls, he send me this first email, I am sure the same message he wirte to another girls, only change the names... only 4 days I have contact with him, and today I just put on the google ans find this good surprise.. Email from Peter: Thanks for sending me your email on the dating site, I`m here to put a smile on your face as much as I also need it from you.Let me quickly re-introduce myself. I am Miller Peter 49 years old resident of Reston Virginia USA,i am engaged in the business of arts and crafts,and i own a gallery here in Res-ton,(Millers gallery inc)and i have a five years old son Kelly who lives with me,he is my hope and inspiration.I got into this site in search of a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. I only want to be sure that you are going to be a wife to me and you will always see me as your baby. I am highly emotional and can't withstand being disappointed. I have been disappointed before by my ex wife,will explain more to you as we get to know each other. I only want to share a bit of those motherly qualities you have got and see what I will give you in return. I can give you my life if it comes to that. I want to be happy again,I want you to Believe in destiny, destiny can be delayed, but it can not be denied. I hope you understand what I mean.I want you to know that when we become friends, Your family will be my family, because I don't have a family. Kelly is the only one that makes me happy, I try my best to make him happy too by taking him to shopping and outings every Weekends. My hobby includes cooking,readying,traveling,shopping. What I like in a woman, honesty, tender, God-fearing and responsible. I dislike, dis-honesty,unfaithfulness,lies,and cheating. My wife will never be a housewife, She will work and join hands with me and together we shall build a home that will be filled with so much joy and success. I am going to treat her like a queen, nothing will ever stop me from loving her. can you tell me in details all about you,your name,age,occupation,and residence,phone number and also a little biography so we can start knowing each other,i would really love if you can send pictures to me ,so glad i found you,attached to this mail is my family picture i hope you like it.i switched off my profile so that i can concentrate on knowing you better ok KISSES AND HUGS
First name: Kelvin
Last name: May
Age: 54
Location: Roodepoort SA
Phone: 27748117025/0735599127
On websites: facebook/badoo
Report: asked me to help him with funds to sort out his business problems and he would repay me asap within 2 weeks , asked me to send money via e wallet i helped him with R15000.00 and still not received any repayment from him now he does not take my calls.
First name: Johnnie
Last name: Jones
Age: 52
Location: Harrisburg
On websites: Date hook up
Report: Claims to live in Harrisburg pa
First name: Stefan
Last name: Maarten
Age: 53
Location: The Netherlands, UAE, Dubai, Oklahoma City
On websites: christianmingle
Report: I was totally scammed by this sorry SOB. He was supposedly working to install extrusion systems in Dubai. Equipment coming from China. Anyway... he was originally from The Netherlands and living in Oklahoma City. He was good! Lots of details!! He was a widow... lost his wife and two sons in a car accident in Holland. He has one surviving son with him named Viktor. As the mother of 4 sons he really sucked me in. Professions of being alone, etc. It was pathetic, in hindsight. He initially asked me for money because he lost his wallet. Everything he had was tied up in this project that was going to make him a millionaire. I hesitated, he continued to profess his love and I had to have faith in him, blah blah blah. Long story short he wrote me a long and wordy email that I simply googled and sure enough it was in the scammers website. This guy is a sick creep. I have six pictures I would like to upload as well!
First name: Erick
Last name: Warmsley
Age: mid 50's
Location: Nigeria, UK
Address: unknownMiami, Fla
Email: erickwarmsley@yahoo. com
On websites: facebook
Report: starts out by saying he is going overseas for a job , which country should I go to, Nigeria or libya> or someother country, then falls in love with you, then he needs you to set up a bank account in your name but give all info to him so he can put his own money in and then start coming home to you. He will start out asking for $100 to maintain until he can get the bank. then it will go up to $500.
First name: Lennon
Last name: Carl
Age: 50
Location: New York
Email: carl_lennon
On websites: carl_lennon at yahoo.comn Imesh
Report: Watch it ladies carl lennon is a scam even if you think he is not. He will take you for hundreds of dollars! He is good at what he says so don't buy into it! He is a smooth talker and ids nothing but a Lier !
First name: Paul
Last name: Berty
Aka: Jeff vanBrown
Age: 55
Location: Ghana
Email: Jeff
On websites: Chemistry
Report: He is a verified scammer on Pig Busters as Jeff vanBrown. Met him on Claims to be in the precious minerals business. Claimed to live in West LA, CA. Went on a business trip to buy gold in Ghana. Same story. Needed a new laptop, phone, etc.. Got nothing. Then he got sick and couldn't pay his hospital bill sect....
First name: Cody
Last name: Adams
Age: 57
Location: USA
On websites: skype, yahoo
Report: Writes love sammed emails to persons. First meets through Skype or Yahoo messenger.
First name: Ashley
Last name: Justin
Age: 44
Location: Haw River, North Carolina United States
On websites:
Report: I was contacted by this person on a free dating website. After exchanging a couple of messages, I sent him my email address to which he wrote. I was a bit suspicious due to the dictation and how poorly the message was written so I typed a portion of his letter into google and I was led to this site. I then checked the IP address to where his email originated and the first IP in the header was from Ireland, which prompted me to continue looking. I went further into the header and found a second IP address and this second IP address was indeed, from Nigeria. I did not fall prey to this scammer and probably would never have sent money as I don't have any to spare. I would like to make others aware, however, and hopefully I can help someone else not get scammed.
First name: Frank
Last name: Douglas
Age: 53
Location: UAE
Address: Marina square Abu Dhabi
Phone: +971-56-177-5397
On websites: Manjam
Report: He is Fake and using his identity to scam people.
First name: Smith
Last name: Rodriquez
Age: 43
Location: Istanbul
On websites:
Report: Well, he asked for money, so he can finish his research and come to see me. He also sent the same letter to me twice in few weeks. He also mistaken me with someone else by mistake. I just wanted to see what would he does in the end. He asked for $1800. Sue
First name: Lucas
Last name: Pearl
Age: 30 ish
Location: Imus, Cavite, Phillipines
Address: 4103
Phone: 646-504-8775
On websites:, email
Report: If you are a writer, he'll send your email an inquiry letter. If you respond, he'll send you a check that has way more than what the project cost was set at and then he will tell you to send him the money that was in excess back one or two days after the check
First name: William
Last name: Vincent
Age: 40 ish
Location: Bahamas
Email: unknown i didn't keep it. it had his name in it
On websites: Craigslist
Report: He posts an add saying he's an artist and needs a secretary in the states to handle mail and such. He sends you money and then something comes up where he needs you to pay his art supplies guy. You do a money transfer to pay the guy and then the check bounces that he sent you a couple days later and you are screwed.