First name: William
Last name: Peterson
Age: 48
Location: Texas UAE Syria Turkey
Phone: 00919406036679, 00971529164728,00971529164724
On websites:
Report: Pretends to be a man who doesn't have family, has been in Syria all this years, wife died in Syria, then he says he has to go to Syria to finish his affairs, then his uncle is sick in USA and he needs to send money urgently. And then the scam involves a customs agent Fatmata Manneh from UAE. He plans to meet u in Dubai. So since he packed up house in Syria he has alot of luggage and has to pay this agent money. Then when u should meet he is detained in Dubai international and needs $75000 to get anti terrorist certificate. He then puts u in contact with another Nigerian, Ibrahim who says he can organise it but money must be upfront. I called entire Dubai Airport until the Airport Manager eventually agreed to help me and told me that I had been scammed. From the outset he sounded Nigerian. He is very smooth and quotes verses from the Bible as well as sends the most amazing emails. Top actors they deserve an academy award. They managed to fleece me out of $11300.
First name: Charles
Last name: Gold
Age: 47
Location: Gainesville, FL USA; Malaysia
Phone: 386-487-7112, +60 14 3637 836
On websites:
Report: came in contact with this person on He asked me to accompany him to Malaysia as he had business there and would like me to go. He claims to be an independant contractor from Utah. He also says he is a widow and his daughter lives with her aunt back in Utah. He dissolved his contracting business in Utah as his partners tried to
First name: John
Last name: Colt
Aka: Emanuel
Age: 27
Location: Malaysia
Address: Kuala Lumpar
Phone: 217 469 3150 and 011 60 11 2328 6983
On websites:
Report: He posed as a 60 year old contract engineer on I am so ashamed, but he scammed me out of a lot of money. I feel so stupid. His real name I think is Emanuel and he is from Africa and is 27 years old. He said his birthday is September 26. I can't talk to anyone about it because I am too ashamed.
First name: Richard
Last name: Alberto
Age: 53
Location: Los Angeles, Ca. UK. Brazil
Phone: +447045724158
On websites: Match and Lovepersy
Report: This person named Richard Alberto contacted me using he claims to be italian living in Los Angeles, CA. We were in contact for about 2.5 months then he says he was working for a big work contract he has to travel to Africa, after 2 weeks he finally said he was traveling to UK. He claims to be divoced with two kids living in Europe. He presents himself as a chemical engineer working for petroleum companies, as as consultant. He could not ask me for money because i confront him when i found his love letters in several scammers or anti scammers free web sites.
First name: ray
Last name: barnett
Age: 9.12.1958
Location: usa, rochester, ny
Address: unknown615 elmwood avenue, rochester, NY14642
Phone: +18458239575,+447024045716
Report: He made contact in suomitreffit24, Finland. First contact in the end of August 2013. He said he is a geologist, studied at the University Aberdeen, Scotland. He was first working in London in August, and then got a big contract in Benin, cotonou, Africa, from where he sent copies of contract etc. He was supposed to come to meet me from London but he said he will come after starting the project in Benin. But so far he has not arrived I sent him money to get the machines out of customs, he said he bought the machines first in London, and then flew to Benin, cotonou to take the machines to the site where the work will be done later. And he would get half of the contract payment after the machines were on their plase. but then he had to pay IMF some fees and he did not have enough money. And now last mail is Tuesday 14th Ocotober. He says he is in hospital in cotonou and cant fly home.
First name: george
Last name: Persson
Age: 47
Location: annapolis, san francisco, kuala Lumpur
Phone: 323-744-1526, 443-333-9427, 0116082222129, 01160163379712
On websites: ok cupid
Report: my experience is just as Linda posted, I was in contact with George via OkCupid, text, email, for about 3 weeks prior to our arranged first meeting in person. Supposedly 4 days prior to our meeting he was attacked in Sarawak Malaysia, and asked me for $16,000 to have him transported to a hospital in Kuala Lumpur. Then he asked me for $8000. Then he asked me for $6500. After telling him I would not help him out financially, he asked me again
First name: Benjamin
Last name: Franklin
Age: 49
Location: Israel
On websites: neu
Report: He pretends like he lives in Israel and to be in the Army. He says he is a widower with an 8 year old boy named Randy and that he is looking for a new life partner. Writes very romantic texts and asks for money later by creating fony emergency. It is all about money...
First name: Barry
Last name: Roberts Jordan
Age: 39yrs
Location: Beverley Hills Ca. Texas.
On websites: Yahoo messenger
Report: Approx. 2weeks (x2 daily) general chat, sending poems. Stated he was being deployed to Nigeria from Ca. (Alarm bells went off) Asking me if we could talk on phone, wished to hear my voice. I agreed and he then explained I would have to register as one of his contacts. I realised it was a scam but decided to play along to be sure it was. He sent documents asking me to send $1000 via WU that would be returned to me in 48hrs. I told him I would do it the following day. He became insistent that I do it straight away. He needed to talk to me urgently. Then I suggested he send me the money and I would do it. No reply. I then told him to get a real job and I knew he was a scammer. He replied with
First name: mark, thomas
Last name: will, smith
Age: 46
Location: accra
Phone: +233230659089
On websites: whatsapp
Report: Mr Will... Use also the Name Mark smith by Western Union an internet payment site... He give me this account for send him the money. At one letter he use the name Thomas...if I ask him he said that is his second name. Art the Moment he is active with both Ghana phonenumbers at whatsapp.
First name: Dave
Last name: Harry
Aka: ghana
Age: 53
Location: Cape Town
Phone: 0799420513
On websites: dating over 40
Report: I met this guy on a dating site. The number he is calling me from and I called to is 0799420513 and his email: but the photo you do have on this site for Dave Harry is not the one's he send to me. But he says he is from Texas. I just give information I am still in relationship with him and scared please do not put my name for now to the public to see for my protection please. Please help me for more information I need to know where this person is he says in Cape Town? On a contract for building an estate with workers houses. He is a civil engineer. He come to South Africa for this project but he is short of money to go on with this project. This week the people who subcontracted him with drawn the contract because he should started but do not have money and cant get his money out of his bank from Texas to South Africa? Please do not publish this for my safety! I confronted him with this matter on the male scammers and he says he do not now how this come on this site! Please help me send me information to my email address.
First name: Brandon
Last name: Briggs
Age: 45
Location: Jackson, CA and Cape Town, South Africa
Address: 35 Le Vivier, Parklands, Cape Town, South Africa 7441
Phone: 209-227-3567
On websites: Yahoo messenger and Skype also on Scout dating site
Report: He initiated contact with me on scout dating application. I texted, emailed, yahoo messenger and talked on phone with him for five weeks. He sent me two photos that were not him but a model which i found on romance-scam. com that said a Nigerian scammer used. I have three other pictures other pictures that one was his profile picture on scout that he admitted was not him. He sent me two more pictures that he swears are him. He said he lost his cell phone at the San Francisco Airport when he was leaving to go to Africa. He wanted me to buy him a cell phone and send to him in Africa so we could text and skype. When I told him I could not do that he informed that his internet was going to be disconnect and he needed $220.00 to reconnect for the remaining three weeks that he would be in Africa. I never got the cell phone or sent any money to him. His name is Brandon George Briggs and says his daughter Mimi lives with his mom named Annette who lives in England. He said his wife died three years ago and it was an accident but he would not tell me how she died. He also said his Dad died too.
First name: emmanuel
Last name: John
Age: 47
Location: scotland strathclyde,-Edinburgh ..UK
Phone: 00447724359974
On websites: International cuped
Report: we have contact more than one month through in yahoo mail,I have more question but without answer..his write only love letters all the time..and he don't like that we use a web cam..cos i want to know if the same person at the picture..but without explainity why he don't like to chat with me..
First name: Pierre
Last name: Shephard
Aka: Rondell Isaacs-Shephard
Age: 36
Location: Atlanta.GA. USA
Address: 1102 Westchase Ln SW Apt 227
Phone: 7062046739
On websites:, twitter, facebook, vine, kik, tagged,, pof, blackplanet, instagr
Report: I met the scammer on Facebook, we spoke online for about 6 months, he gained my trust, he was polite and funny. He told me that he played basketball overseas and traveled a lot, he said that he was single and did not have any kids. Over times he started to request money for his cell phone bill, saying that his funds were tied up in bank accounts and that he could not reach them until he got back to the states. After doing research online I found out that this man is married with 4 kids and lives in Atlanta, GA. He Scams women out of money by charming them and deceiving them, living off women and staying at their house. Please Be Safe and Beware he is not to be trusted.
First name: Robert
Last name: Ortwin
Age: 41
Location: Loas Angeles, CA
Phone: 213-538-8912
Email: ??
On websites:
Report: Daughter is Brenda....Architect living in Inglewood, Los Angeles area, CA
First name: bryan
Last name: fred
Age: 47
Location: usa california an kentucky
Phone: 831-536-4461
On websites: meetme
Report: Bryan contacted me on meet me. We started talking. He is supposedly working in California now. But lives in Louisville Kentucky. He is supposedly in the oil business. I assume an off shore drilling rig. He said that he is the supervisor over a crew of men. And they stay in cabins. They are not allowed to leave the yard as he called it. And he should be home in about 4 weeks. When I first talked to him he was going to be gone for 8 weeks. I suspected him when we were chatting one night and he sent the same words that was in a letter from a scammer I had received before. I questioned him on it .And of course he denied it. He had a phone number that I could call him at. Unlike the scammers before. I talked to him often on the phone. Which was unlike the scammers before. So I wasn't sure if he was or not since none before ever wanted to talk on the phone. He has a son and is widowed. Claims his wife Mary was killed in a car wreck. But tonight he asked me what bank I banked with. And said he needed to send money to his father and his son. For their upkeep and he can only send it through online banking. I told him I did not have a checking account. And that I hadn't had one since my divorce. And I haven't heard from him anymore.
First name: allen
Last name: antonney
Age: 1960jun24
Location: Ghana
On websites: chirpme
Report: I suspected as the email suggested a very rapid evolution in the relationship and your English is bad for someone who says american engineer (dallas, TX) and internationally contractor. There were some expressions that do not understand and i asked for assistance to a translator friend who discovered na equal email in one site. There was no request any money
First name: Luca
Last name: Moretti
Aka: Antonio Moretti, Antonio Gattuso
Age: 47
Location: USA
Phone: +1-801-8720317
On websites: Facebook
Report: This guy also contacted on Facebook about three months ago with the same story. However, he suddenly disappeared from Facebook when I told him I was broke with no spare cash. I happened to still have the mobile number which he gave me. I hope that this helps to catch him & stop him from scamming.
First name: Anthony
Last name: Ritch
Aka: Tony
Age: 46
Location: Charlotte, NC; Uzbekistan; Scotland
Address: Waterford Square, South Charlotte
Phone: unknown704-728-0142
On websites: okcupid; fb
Report: Anthony (or whatever his name is) messaged me on Okcupid. I was intrigued because he came across as very, very intelligent and romantic. After several days of not hearing from him he then quickly wanted to get off the site and go to texting, which we did. His profile vanished overnight, but he seemed unaware only to later say that he removed it because he had found the one-me. He has the typical story that I've read on here, and I'm so grateful for google and this site or I wouldn't have unvealed the deceit and lies. He said he was a widower, 17 yo daughter, all of family dead, wants a family for his daughter, environmental engineer for offshore oil rig. Leaving for Houston for 4 weeks and could not meet yet. He said he lived in WAterford Square area of South Charlotte but not in apartments, after I asked (there are only apartments in that area). He claimed he earned more than $250k per year and his pictures of where he lived with his daughter and what he would say about his schedule and his history was not making sense. I started to google his name and saw three different men (or 3 different pictures) with the same name, maybe Ritch Anthony on one of them, same story, from Uzbekistan and lived mostly in Glasgow, Scotland, widowed, engineer, daughter who is the
First name: Roberts
Last name: cooper
Age: 50
Location: north ireland
Phone: 447937607895
On websites: skout,facebook
Report: He said he come from Australia.He divorced and lives with his son who name is Donald.His son lives with nanny.He works on the sail and always travel long time.He has a lot of money from his father in Malaysia but he needs your support(money) travel to Malaysia. He will send some pictures about him and his son. His skype is raymond001147 and his other name is Raymond Anderson or Macdonald Helton.
First name: Clifford
Last name: Mark
Aka: Abdul Farouk
Age: 53
Location: Famagusta, Cyprus & Illonois, USA
Phone: +905338442410
On websites:
Report: I met him two days ago on OKCupid.Com. He was the first to send me a message and has been constant touch with me. He claims to be of mix parentage - father is Turkish mother is American. He is in Cyprus dong his PhD in Advertising and PR. He has a mother that is 75 in Turkey. He is supporting his mother. I got suspicious about him because it was just too good to be true and I have come across such situations before. I started to Goggle search him. He asked me to chat on yahoo messenger. Somehow they al ask to chat on YM. His ID on YM is, which was when I got suspicious. His picture is of a white man and he is of mix parentage. He first says his name is Clifford Mark and the gives me a a yahoo ID of a muslim man. I also have his phone number. We started to whatsapp for a while but I brought him back on to OKC to be safe. Because I am suspicious and it is the early stages, he has not asked for money or done anything besides what I have told here. So fa. I will keep all information and send to you when I get more prove. I have enough information found on websites to know 99% that he is a scammer.
First name: Taylor
Last name: David Carrado
Age: 49
Location: Nigeria
On websites: yahoo, whatsapp
Report: He tald me he is UsMiltory man .and he want marry me. So I want to know who is that??
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Smith
Age: 49
Location: UK
Email: http:/
On websites: Facebook
Report: Kelvin Smith try to ask friendship by Facebook,date August 2,2013,we start communicating, September 3,2013, he says ,he is a Marine Engineer,base in UK.,he is a widower,had 15 years old daughter.we never chat,only writing emails,thru Facebook ,then he says,he is very busy ,due to his job and that he is going to sail to Autralia(with the maintenance,ship where he is working)he told me he is going to missed me ,we exchange mobile numbers,want to hear my voice,but he never call up only sending sms.i try to call him up thru my mobile ,but cant reach him,i call him up thru my landline,then he answer it,but only a short time we talk ,he must go back to GSM and said he call me back,said 7 to 8 weeks in Australia,afterwards, want to have a vacations and want to come to Germany and visit me. accidentally i open his facebook site and saw one of the woman (she came from New Zealand,she is the one who told me to look on this site,male scammer,)she is the one,who posted that he(Kelvin Smith) is a scammer.and that is the reasons why i come across on your site and want to know and look at his photo on this site.if he is really a scammer actually i am still searching his Profile on this site, but i dont see him yet.I'd really like to see it myself,if it is really true that he is a scammer before i fall deeply into him.Thank you if you could help me .
First name: Beggon
Last name: Collins
Aka: Beggon Bright Collins.
Age: 40s
Location: Iceland
On websites: Fu bar
Report: He claimed to be from Iceland.. and the usa.. and was sent to Pretoria South Africa.. to work.. took his daughter with him.. within a week of being there.. he left his daughter alone in a motel and went to work.. and the motel got robbed and they stole of his money.. and the motels money, and his daughter lauren got shot in the process.. and at first he needed funds so the doctor would let him visit the hosp.. he finally got money for that.. some from me.. and then she got out.. and then he needed money to pay the driver for the trip to the airport.. and extra funds because he overstayed his time on his plane ticket... so I sent him. 1,500.00 to fly here to the usa.. to be with me.. and while I was waiting for him at the bus stop.I got a call from Russia.. saying they was holding him.. because.. he didnt pay his over stay in africa.. he stayed longer than his visa.. so. next thing he was wanting me to send money to africa.. to pay for that.. I told him.. I was broke.. and not only that.. but he had sent money to my bank... one was for 1,900.00 and the other was for 1,830.00 , so.. I never touched the 1,830.00, but I sent him.. 1,500.00 of the 1,900.00 and of course when those funds bounced.. I was advised that Im the one that has to pay the bank back.. , then after he got back to africa. ( Russia sent him back.. ) and then he advised me.. his banker was also there in africa.. and he was stuck there also..... I told him.. to bad.. I have nothing left.. and now I have not heard from him since.....
First name: Mark
Last name: Robinson
Age: 50
Location: Blythe,CA, USA
Address: 150, North Broadway
On websites: facebook
Report: Mark contacted me on facebook Aug 3rd 2013. We wrote over the fb messenger. I became scammed several times and as he wrote he must for work to Nigeria I knew that he is a fake identidy. We wrote till beginning October than he want money from me. I tld him i have no money and since some days i never heard from him.
First name: MICHEAL
Last name: VAZQUEZ
Age: 41
On websites: Tagged
Report: Micheal Vazquez initiated contact., He left me a message saying hello on Tagged, We have talked for about 3 weeks. He told me he loved me after 1 week, His emails would only go into my Spam box. His name was spelt differently on his email address to his Tagged page. He asked for help to request leave from Afghanistan. He wrote an email and asked me to forward it for a Colonel. A couple of days later an email came asking for payment to process the leave.
First name: jhonson
Last name: nice
Age: 61
Location: colarado
On websites: conecting singles
Report: he contacted me on date we exchanged emails first then chat he said he was leaving on business to malaysia the next few days he arrived there but they lost his suitcase with important documents and he was late for airport and had put his wallet in with all his money in to in his suitcase so he was left with no money could I help him he needed to pay hotel and hire a security guard and hire a driver and a car and he needed money for the job he was doing he said he is in construction business he builds houses and could I lend him 50,000 pounds I said I don't have 50 pence never mind 50,000 pounds well after that no more emails and he came on chat a couple of times but never really said any thing he was not as chatty as he had been then I went to send him a message but found he had blocked me ..
First name: Costas
Last name: Riley
Aka: Riley Donatus
Age: 40
Location: Afganistan
On websites: Tagged
Report: Claiming to be a US marine in Afganistan and was to retire Aug.'13. Sent me a copy of his passport...warning bells went off. Said he was from Ohio, but PP said Mass. Looked closely at copy and you can see a pic was placed over someone else's on pp and the name didn't match. Said he sent a package only to be asked to send $550.00 through Wester Union because cash was supposedly in package. I refused...had already been in touch with local Customs...scam!! He threatened me and my family.....
First name: DONALD
Last name: WILLIAMS
Age: ??
Location: ??
On websites: facebook,cupit,singles 2 meet
Report: please see attached e-mails I received from this idiot
First name: Eric
Last name: Andre
Age: 59
Location: L.A. California
Address: L.A.unknown
Phone: 213 633 7902
Report: met on dating he lives in canada,American born,works in Egypt right now.Ask for money to be sent to O.Ibrahim in Cairo Egypt via Western union
First name: mark
Last name: west
Aka: Kevin Smith
Age: 51
Location: London, United Kingdom
On websites: tagged, Myspace,zoorpia,
Report: we met on this website and all started with my comments about his lovely daughter and soon we chat on yahoo messenger. He currently working in Sarawak as builder contractor. He keep on asking me if I really wanted to take care of his daughter which I really want as I do love this girls when I saw her pics in his profile in tagged.. then he ask me to find out about the school for his daughter. He told me he will bring her to Malaysia and we will be one family..happy family.I really believe him and then 3 weeks ago, he went back home to london and from there he called me and the number are the same number listed in previous report.. +447526350269 . He told me he will fly to Venezuela where his family live and there we chat on messenger and i saw his family member on cam which look so REAL. He told me that he cannot answer my call as his credit in his Malaysian number are not enough so he asking me to buy him the reload which i also bought for him. After few days there are no news from him, which make me so worried as I know he is flying back with his lovely daughter to Malaysia but he already inform me that they will be stop over in Vietnam as he have another project there..He arrive on Saturday morning,28th Sept, and text me that they safe reach there, I was so happy as soon we will be together. All day, I was too busy but still keep on texting him as I wanted to know they arrival time . This time he told me that they will only flying back on Wednesday as some problem in the project there instead coming back on Sunday as planned. There this scam begin as he asking me to do his favour to send money to one of his staff in Sarawak as he have problem with foreign worker. He ask me to send him $5000 to pay the Immigration. I was never suspect anything but on Monday, I was in hospital and being there make me thinking to search about this scammer online. I was really shock to find all about him , who he is and he is also very active in other social website.