First name: francis
Last name: morrison
Age: 61
Location: syria and portland oregon
On websites: yahoo messenger and skype
Report: He contacted me with a skype sms. I thought I was just talking to a lonely soldier from home and I just wanted to help. We chatted for quite a long time and then he told me that he was starting to develop feelings for me and that he wanted to come and visit me in February 2014 and discuss our future together. He said he was married before to a celebrity and model and she cheated on him so he divorced her. He had since then adopted a son who is now 16 years old and is an exchange student in a Military School in London. He also told me he couldn't receive parcels or letters, for security reasons. I thought that a bit funny. Then he started asking favours. He asked me to please send his son a small amount of money and then he would pay me back once he returned to the States. I told him I don't have money and I couldn't help him and he got very angry and questioned our love. Luckily I had read about scammers and straight away red flags went up. He also made a lot of spelling mistakes when he wrote to me. I told him I thought he was a scammer and he didn't answer me. I cut all ties with him straight away. I thought I could just warn other women he may contact. I was in contact with him for only a week. He said he was doing peacekeeping missions in Syria.
First name: jones
Last name: hanold
Age: 32
Location: london
On websites: yahoo messanger
Report: i met this guy, jones hanold through online dating okcupid. he claimed that he was born in florida but currently residing in uk, london. He claimed that he owned a gold jewelry company production which passed down by his father. After a few chats, he started to express love to me by all means. He used all the romantics words while chatting with me. Without any doubt, i became trusting him more and more. After he confirmed that i was 100 percent trusting him, he started to tell me that he has decided to establish a company in singapore, he wanted to come down and see me immediately. He told me that he had booked a thai airway to singapore which it will stop by in bangkok. He even emailed me the evidence like flight itinerary and the hotel details by convincing me that he was actually planning for this. However, he called me on the day when he stopped by in bangkok before he board to the flight to singapore. He told me that he had pay an large amount of money for bangkok immigration due to he brought 90 millions pounds cheque. He was asking me to pay the rest of the payment in thai bhat. Without any doubt, i made the first transferred via money gram (which he asked to), subsequently, i made the second transferred when he claimed that he needed the money to purchase yellow card for declaration of that amount of money that he carried. When he asked for the third time, i was alarmed and think that this might be a scam. In turn, i questioned him more bu asking why the immigration person asking so much of money, he still can gave me all sort of reasons by saying this and that which i could not recall. After confirming this is a scam ( i started to google the exmaples of online scammer), i called him and told him that i want to stop this now, and i want my money back. He replied me that we were done and he will transfer me all the money that i given in total SGD 8500.00 once he go back to london which i never think that he will. He asked me for my bank account details so that he could transfer the money back to me. I said no, and told him to transfer the money through money gram instead. He replied yes and told me not to call him anymore.
First name: Brian
Last name: Miller
Aka: Sergeant Brian Miller
Age: 48
Location: Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: romance scam. He says he and his sister came from Austria with their mother. His father passed when they were very young, he was raised by his mother. He was raised in Kentucky, from there he went to college in Colorado to become a chemical engineer. He went into the USMC for four years then went to the Army and has been a career Officer ever since.
First name: paul
Last name: greening
Aka: ujames greening,dempsey greening lopez,capt. dempsey greening lopez,sgt. dempsey Langham lopezJames greening,greening james
Age: ?
Location: greenwood Indiana,Greenwood,Mississippi,Kabul,Afghanistan
On websites: facebook,dating site
Report: My friends daughter put a profile on a dating site but removed it without contact ing anyone,then a friend request appeared to her on facebook. She has been im with this guy who says he is in the army. He asked for money for pills for his poor sick mother she sent 150.00 then lots of im between them and he needs another 350.00 for his mother. She western unioned the money both times and used a question to id the reciever whose name was Maria lopez in indiana. Now he is asking for 800.00 to come home on leave. I have told her not to do it and finally have her believing me that he is a fraud probably from Nigeria or West Africa. If you need any more info. just ask.Please help me to help my friend!!!
First name: nick
Last name: dewayne
Age: 42
Location: nigeria
On websites: badoo. zookx, indeed
First name: Francis
Last name: Logan
Age: 55
Location: Kabul
On websites: Facebook and Skype
Report: I know he is scammer verified by Pig Busters but I report him here as well....he contacted me through FB and later on Skype ..I have blocked him.....I am just trying to do my best and get these rats....have self. Been scammed....thanks
First name: William
Last name: Seeman
Aka: David richardson
Age: 53
Location: Red bluff, Ca
Phone: 530-746-0184
Email: and williseeman136@yahoo.comq
On websites: Match, yahoo
Report: Dating scam Also I have found he used name David Richardson and Eldon Kenneth Kelley
First name: antonio
Last name: clarkson
Aka: bradley nolan
Age: 45
Location: us military,posted in pakistan
On websites: yahoo.menssenger
First name: Donald
Last name: Harrison
Age: 51
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
On websites:
Report: I met Donald Harrison through I thought he was a good guy. At first I didn't want to fall in love, but he was so handsome and I fell in love with him. Then he went for his brother's wedding in New Zealand. There his car was stolen/high-jacked, I'm not sure. At first I thought it was only high-jack, but then he said he drives with his car (apparently taken with). He was paying for his brother's wedding, and now he didn't had any money. He took some money from the loan sharks in New Zealand and told me they took his passport for security. I sent him money to buy some food as his brother already left for honeymoon, and there was nothing in the house. He pressured me for more money, but I really didn't had much, but then he was in an accident ... in hospital and needed some operation. They needed more money to operate and give him medical treatment. I really didn't had any more money. I have a small business and used that money to send to him, although I really needed it myself. But he promised to pay it all back. I sent everything I could and even took a loan so he could be back home in South Africa. He even tried to force me to pawn my stuff in the house. That I didn't do at all. We would get married when he returns ... silly I know. He then some time long after that let me know threw Face Book that his phone was stolen in hospital and need some more money to get some food and perhaps a phone (can you believe this, to get a phone ... rather get back home ... his manager is working on outstanding debts owing to him. His Face Book profile was so blocked that only myself could see what I posted, and I cannot see anything anybody else is posting or even himself. I saw a few people liking my posts, and even tried to contact one of them but I was brushed off. So the second time I saw somebody liking a post, I just left it. Then I send him a message also through Face Book after another time he contacted me and told me that his manager will pay me some money when collected if I can only send him some money. I told him I don't have anything left, and that he left me in debt and that he is on Face Book with a mobile connection (as it is clearly marked on messages
First name: Lewis
Last name: Albert
Age: 65
Location: Los Angeles,California
Phone: 19518471987
On websites: not sure,maybe
Report: I recieve a strange email
First name: james
Last name: walton
Aka: jim
Age: caldarone
Location: nigeria
Phone: 2348139423700
On websites: facebook
Report: trying to get money... claims he luvs u very much... sweet talker... claims he is no part of a scam plz send money to get him here to be with u....
First name: Ron
Last name: Stevecesser
Aka: Duke Hagard, Charles Duke Lamptey
Age: 50
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan, Ghana
Address: P.O. Box 10507 Accra - North Accra, GH 00233
Phone: 233546514778
On websites:
Report: Contact was initiated by Ron Stevecesser via IM.I have been corresponding with him for a little over a month now. He first asked me to send him a care package containing clothing, cookies, toiletry items, and cologne. When I agreed to this he then told me it would have to be sent via a diplomatic delivery service and gave me the email address to obtain instructions.After I had sent the items, He then asked for a computer and iPhone 4S, along with $200.00 cash to be sent....About the time the second shipment went out, I received and email telling me that I needed to wire money to get the first package out of customs as there was a customs charge, and that the delivery man would need extra money to stay in Ghana awaiting for the second package. This totaled approximately $350.00 to be wired to Charles Duke Lamptey. I sent this wire transfer, then a week later received a second request for another $399.99 for customs charges on the packages sent. I refused to send further money, but was assured the package was picked up and delivered, although the Post Office had not notified me of receipt of delivery. I feel the last two packages are still in Ghana customs. Then, miraculously, Ron is to be paid some 3.5 million dollars for having helped a man with his oilfield and he wants to send it to me via diplomatic delivery. I go along with this, although by now I know it is bogus, therefore he supposedly packs it up and sends it, but it is stuck in the airport now and needing a stamp and seal to be sent through on the plane. Ron wants me to send $4200 to pay for this. At this time, he is still trying to get me to send money for this purpose, but I blocked his name from my IM account today, so the only way he can contact me now is email.
First name: Cole
Last name: Schubert
Age: 63
Location: Boston MA USA
On websites: Zoosk
Report: I received a number of emails from him and the last one looked familiar. I copied and pasted it with a web search and it is an email that has been used by numerous scammers, If you need particulars about the asks me a number of follows' I'm a one woman man and i hate cheats.i have been cheated on before so i know how painful it can be,so i don't do it to people.dearest after reading your profile i know the kind of woman you are and the kind of man you want in your life,and trust me you are not asking for to much. I have some few question for you,I hope you don't mind 1.How stable is your life over the past relationship? 2.Have you learned something about yourself from every past relationship? 3.Have you narrowed down your specific desires as to what type of person you want to meet? 4.Are you really over your past? 5.How ready are you to love and beloved ? you talk about your feelings with someone else? 7.How ready are u to share your families with the right man ? 8.How would you treat a man like me if you been given a chance?? 9.What's your greatest fear?What's the craziest thing that you have ever done? 10.What's your Fav Color? 11.What's your Fav Food? 12.Would the girl you were be happy about the woman that you have become? 13.What do you consider your greatest achievement? 14.Where's your Fav vacation spot? 15.If your were to come to life as an animal,which would it be?,
First name: Christopher
Last name: Smith
Aka: Matt57791
Age: 55
Location: Ashford, United Kingdom
Email: i dont have one yet
On websites: widowers Dating Site
Report: I reported this guy on a different website before. I just received an email from Widowers Dating site his name on here is Matt matt57791
First name: mike
Last name: edwards
Age: 48
Location: south africa
Phone: 011277-43765778 657 217-2446
On websites: yahoo all
Report: This scum and I dated for 5months he promised me the world he even called me three to four times a day he even had other women sending money to him thru me at my home and western union he said they were his clients I gave this man 3000 dollers as of last week I woke up and said no more he called me a bitch he uses his son to get close to females what kind of man would do that females be careful he is a smooth talker now that I think about it he called me a bitch he sound like at times he was a bitch he is not a man he is a scrub a punk and needs to go to prison.
First name: MICHAEL
Last name: CORLO
Age: 52
Location: ASHEVILLE, NC, RALEIGH NC, Bergamo,Italy
On websites: ZOOSK
Report: Well, this isn't much different than the report I just filed on Otto Timothy. This man messaged me on Zoosk on November 4, 2013. He sent his email in the message. I responded to him and we exchanged several lengthy emails. When I realized that another man I was messaging with was a scammer, I did a google search for some of the phrases in this other man's emails. And, up they popped. So, he's a scammer too. The webpage proved that without a shadow of a doubt - showing his same job and city and 'lines'. I have felt suspicious of him because he seemed to be leading me down a path that he doesn't have money. Talking about how it's been hard to find contracts here and that he couldn't afford to send his daughter to school. So, I was already losing interest. But again, my naive self shared way too much!!! Ugh! How do we keep going after these experiences. If it sounds too good to be true,.... Anyway, we've exchanged several emails, but it hasn't gotten to the point of asking to meet (though he has geared towards that), and he hasn't asked for money yet (which I never ever would do anyway bc I don't have any!)
First name: Otto
Last name: Timothy
Aka: Leui Rafael according to your website
Age: 51 (I think)
Location: California, Greece, Corona NY
On websites: ZOOSK seems to have taken profile down
Report: I met this man on Zoosk. He messaged me on Zoosk, and asked to exchange messages via email. I used an email I created specifically for dating. He started emailing me on November 1st. Over the course of the past 9 days, he has sent me emails expressing more and more feelings and love. I am new to dating again and I am a very open person so I shared a lot about myself. I have been skeptical of his emails and how deeply he seems to have fallen. I noticed that he removed his profile from Zoosk and I convinced myself that it was because he seriously wanted to see where things would go with us. He told me that he wanted to see me, that he was on a business trip in Malaysia. Well, I have been suspicious of his 'deep' feelings about love, life, and me. I even asked him if he was getting these things from a book. He was responding to questions I asked though, so I thought he was a real person. Then I googled something he wrote in his last email
First name: Ethan
Last name: Colton
Age: 35-38
Location: Toronto Ontatio or London England
Phone: 447012975170
On websites: book of matches
Report: Lavalife canada - profile name MAVETHAN Email - Phone: 447012975170 Residence - East York Toronto Canada, travel to London England for a contract job Profession: Physical therapist - worked as a contractor at private clinic for trillium health Asks for $1500 to help him to finish the project his working on in England is on book of matches with many different profiles- charming smile, nick4455, coolethan Some IP addresses used,,,,, (another anti scam website stated that this IP addresses come from a blackberry in Nigeria) Sample emails Ethan Colton To Me Oct 3 Hi, hope you having a good day? I have exhausted my options sourcing for the funds to get this completed,I never meant to ask you which am sorry I did. I had no where else to go , all I needed was to get this completed get paid and go home. However, my action seem to have got you so upset you had to send that email, you gave me your love, you trusted me enoough to do that, I suggested that you help me get this solved, suddenly everything seems like an illusion, a game, and the love is gone, what happened to risking it all for love?? You seem to have pretty much concluded on everything, I don't need the money from you sorry suggested that to you, had no where/one else to go to. The way you reacted to that doesn't suggest to me the kind of person I want to be with, one who turns their back on you when all you need is their support and to remain brave. Sep 2 Hi >>>, hope you are having a great labour day out there. Not sure i'm a match to your long emails( which I enjoy reading over and over not thinking I'll have to reply. sweet,funny would best describe the emails likewise the writer Relieved I don't have to worry about a thing from your Lava profile, had me worried back there. I never really quite read through your profile, but I thought you were pretty and funny and enjoyed mailing you while you are asleep Answers Think the pictures answered the sibling and family question, we are pretty close and closer after dad left over 10 years ago and mum having treatment for cancer, think those situations have made us stronger together. Am British American, dad is from Birmingham, England.Mum is American,grew up in London, moved to T.O with mum after the divorce. My Relationship ended summer last year, we were together for 3 years, thought I had finally found the one, we had our differences and we grew apart towards the end. Afterwards thought I give relationship a break for a while and am ready to start over again this time with someone that we share the same interests, can understand each other, be there for each other, thought I give it a go with online dating not quite sure most people there understood me, got a lot of sex and weird offers, had to take down the profile and focus on what the job . But you are different from the lots, something special and different about you( charm,suave, Hombre encantador Religion is important to me,raised a catholic myself, went to catholic schools in England, go to church every now and then. Am not doing enough on that end i must say, Do have a great day, Ethan Ethan Colton To Me
First name: Greg
Last name: Taylor
Age: 60
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 234 810 544 4933
On websites: Facebook
Report: Just awful man and scammer ...should be in jail
First name: charles donard
Last name: torres
Age: 45
Location: manchester,uk
Phone: +448446602983/+447594364868
On websites: badoo
Report: This person is genuine scammer.we started met in badoo by April and ending September he sent me fake documents that made me believe to him.he took 1,700 us$ for many reason.he promised to pay me back when he come to my country and we are planning to get married.after he got the money he just disappeard.
First name: Steve
Age: 53
Location: afhganistan
Email: na
Report: This person is trying to contact me now as Steve with the same cell phone 8722166126. Beware/
First name: Brian
Last name: Forman
Age: 55
Location: New York
On websites: Facebook
Report: Was chatting with me and made me uncomfortable with the attention. I checked around and found him on this site. I told him then blocked him.
First name: Steve
Last name: Wayne
Age: 59-62
Location: Accra, Ghana
Address: KT 324 Kotobaabi Street, Accra, Ghana
Phone: 233209883266
On websites: Zoosk, Yahoo messenger, Skype
Report: We met on Zoosk stating Christian, semi-retired, widower with one son living in Richmond, VA. He says working with his passion promoting a gallery of jewelry and artwork. He soon was called to UK to produce documents to customs for his merchandise which was mistakenly sent to Accra, Ghana where the documents and all money resourses stolen. I provided him with thousands of dollars and a phone with a number. When finally I felt it was over and he was coming home, he was involved in a car accident ended up at the teaching hospital in intensive care where he states he still is. I have lost everything because of him... my job, my money, my life. What kind of man does this to women?
First name: Jeffrey
Last name: Rhodes
Age: 49
Location: Everett, WA USA
On websites: eharmony
Report: A special thank you to Colleen for this report.......I'm only about one week into this, so nothing is lost. Nothing lost financially, nothing lost emotionally. I assumed instantly that it was too good to be true, but there is always hope. I have tried e-harmony in the hopes that some of these men would be somewhat sincere. Ya, right! I simply just want to find the joys that life has to offer, and share it with a special man. I find it interesting how someone like this makes the claim that he is intolerant of games. I would be interested to see what label he puts on this, but not so interested that I will continue any sort of contact.
First name: Anthoney
Last name: mckellips
Aka: Tony
Age: 42
Location: PA, Over seas (Militiry)
On websites:
Report: has sent me the same email that appears on your web site
First name: Fred
Last name: Mark
Age: 47
Location: Burlington, New Jersey, EEUU
Report: He want money to get out of The Txad
First name: John
Last name: Gomes
Age: 62
Location: Reno, Nevada
On websites:
Report: John Gomes contacted me on Match and said he was a widow he had lost his wife to colon cancer and he lives in Reno Nv and is willing to relocate to anywhere he finds love, well I researched his profile and found what he had said was true but none of the e-mail he had sent to me were posted on Match just to my private e-mail account on Cox, well when I went back and checked him out on Match again his account couldn't be found. I received another e-mail from him so I checked him out again on Match and found him to be another man not the same one, so I will be contacting Math today to let them know he was using someone else's name but different profile aka( I also blocked him from contacting me again on my email and sent the email to Cox as spam. I hope I've taken care of this as I've gone in an changed all my passwords to my accounts. I didn't give him a chance to ask for any money, I researched him first and found him to be suspicious, the contact only lasted 2 days, and I typed the name and email is search and found your sight and him on it.
First name: James
Last name: Klose
Age: 57
Location: Llandaff, Cardiff
Phone: 07452055542
On websites:
Report: I met this man on and he got me to open a Yahoo account. Told me he lived in Cardiff but had won a contract to refurbish an oil rig in Dubai so would be out there for a month. He told me had to order more machinery and had used all his money and needed ?3k for the shipping costs. I immediately became suspicious and googled part of his thoughts letter he sent me and it came up in full. as a scam. I called his mobile phone and it had a UK ring tone. I did not send any money. The Autobiography e mail he sent me also came up on your site under another name with exactly the same life story....He was brought up as a Roman catholic, went to mass and sat in the same pews every week. He wanted to become a priest, etc,etc. As soon as I opened the Yahoo account his profile disappeared off
First name: Desmond
Last name: Seed
Age: 51
Location: bf
Email: d.seed@ayhoe. com
On websites: facebook
Report: He looks for his women on facebook, he writes you letters and after 1 week he wants to have your emailadress and after 2 weeks your telephonenumber. He tells you many thing about himself, he has lost his wife and has a daughter. I had e strange feeling from the start and did not give him my email or telephonenumber. I was contacted by an other woman who had received the same letters as i did.. I blocked him from mynFB page.
First name: George
Last name: Hugh
Age: 46
Location: unitedKingdom
Address: wesbley brent-united kingdom
On websites: facebook
Report: he try to get 4000 off of me he lies about every thing he on facebook.he shouldn't be allow on facebook.