First name: Joshua
Last name: Connor
Aka: joshuacornor
Age: 50
Location: Oklahoma and west Africa
Phone: (405) 757-4614
On websites: badoo
Report: Has repeatedly tried to get me to deposit checks into my account and wire him money through western union or money gram
First name: Bill
Last name: Blankenship
Aka: Stronghearttt10
Age: 52
Location: conyers, GA, & Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: Just talked with him in the last 3 days. Something didnt sound human about his messages. Am very happy to get in touch with you. Thanks for giving me the chance to get to know you.Well i will take this opportunity to tell you more about me..My full name is Bill Blankenship, am 52 years of age . I started Children start 6 and later on continued from Calvary Baptist Church Schools. I was very playful at school and it affected my academic works. My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field of the army and later worked with the UN. I lost my parents when i was young and my Godfather took care of me since then , i hate to talk about this because it makes me sad every time i think about it. Like i told you! I am an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG) and now working with the UN. I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad of 216 men here on the peace keeping mission. I am a non commission officer and I work in the junior management of the military I was once married to a beautiful woman but unfortunately she died of an accident with my son like i told you. I loved my late wife with all my heart and soul, and thank God that am still alive today because i almost went crazy. I couldn't stand the pains because of the love i had for her. I have no sisters or brothers, i feel empty in this world. I am now looking for the one whisk to my heart,a woman who will love me for me and not for what i have..I am looking for true love to spend the rest of my life with. Hope things will change from one stage to another. I like you and you are very beautiful as well. Am seeking for a woman that will be there for me and i will be there for her too. There is a smile of love, and there is a smile of Deceit, and there is a smile of smiles, in which these two smile meet, a smile is ever the most bright and beautiful with a tear upon it. What is the dawn without the dew? The tear is rendered by the smile precious above the smile itself. This is a little about me and will be looking forward to hear more about you too in return..Take care Sweetie Bill
First name: Murad
Last name: Hassan Ahmad
Age: 48
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Phone: 447937435785, 447624080398
On websites: Facebook
Report: He smpthered me with sweet word and promises and promised to come on early December 2013. Said he's investing to buy houses and was transferring his $820,000 vis an agent. Then finally he said he has arrived in Kuching, Sarawak and was seeing his agent to take his money before coming to see me. But he said he has a problem like not enough money to pay for he legal fees and asked me to come up with 2200MYR. But then I realised that this is a scam and I told him off.
First name: captain patrick
Last name: m walsh
Age: dont know
Location: accra ghana
On websites: yahoo skype
Report: He says he is captain patrick m walsh a us diplomat in kabul afghanistan,, he is a romance scammer ,I have been talking to him for 4months and paid money to him,which has been sent to ghana,I now know he has taken this man,s identity off internet for his scam.
First name: YA
Last name: HUANG
Age: 41
Location: Chengdu-Sichuan CHINA
Report: This person is making out he is a widower and from russia living in china claims he needs help with saving his house and then needs help with airfare to get out of china he has done this too many women including myself and he never turns up or you never hear from him again he has photos and i believe they are not his also i spoke with him for over 15months this guy is good at his scamming
First name: Ron Ronald
Last name: Jeffries
Age: 42
Location: afganastan, kabul, nth carolina, malaysia
Phone: +61 16-915 4243
On websites: facebook
Report: He found me on a dating site Zoosk and then face book, then later chatted on yahoo messenger, I am still in contact, as he is at a airport coming to me as he says he is, I have been asked to send money which I did through the military and nato to get him out of afganastan and now in Malaysia paid a custom officer for the taxes that he needed to pay to get to me, he says he has been detained until he gets a custom clearance certificate and pay it, I presume he is still there,
First name: Joseph muggins
Last name: Andrea
Age: 46
Location: Mt gambier, Australia and Lagos
Address: 16 gilmore cl, mt gambier and 121 acme dr, lagos state
Phone: 002347045930628 and 0061384004330
On websites: Uniform dating
Report: Met on dating website, went to Lagos due to sick mother, had wallet stolen and requested money. Whilst there allegedly found out late father had $6.5m deposited in fund and requested money for solicitor whose name is not registered and phone calls unanswered. Document also appears fake. Contacted uniform dating they have removed him fro 03.12.2013 as a scammer
First name: Reynolds
Last name: Samuel
Age: 48
Location: New York, New Mexico
Phone: +1 646-504-5192
On websites: Facebook, Yahoo Messenger
Report: Made contact with me about 1 month ago on Facebook, saying that my smile caught his eye and asked to be friends. After exchanging a few inboxes he asked me to add him on yahoo messenger and to exchange emails. The first few emails he told me that his wife passed 5 years ago from cancer and he had 2 children a girl Sue 10 and a boy DJ 8-6. He also said he was half german/half australian. He also said he was an engineer working over in the USA and travels back to australia as often as he could to see his children. We talked thru emails and messenger and then he asked me to buy him an apple mac to finish a project so he could be back in australia for xmas. I then realised something was wrong and found a picture of him on here. He sent me numerous emails declaring his undying love and affection. He also sent me pics of him with his children and his children sleeping. When i broke the communications between us he became really irrate. I could go in on forever about this guy... i really do feel sorry for the women he cons next and i feel deeply sorry for the poor man and children whose photos he used.
First name: Jeremy
Last name: Petry Ford
Aka: Mark Doven
Age: 56
Location: Lake Dallas, TX, USA; Takoradi, Ghana; Accra, Ghana
Phone: 1-940-268-4708
On websites:
Report: Mark approached me on Christian Mingle stating that he was divorced and looking for a wife and new mother for his daughter. He said he was going to work an oil rig in Ghana and had to give most of his money to his nanny and needed some money for living expenses. I foolishly believed him and wired him the money in care of Norbert Nortey; once in the amount of $400 and the other in the amount of $500. He recently told me he was going to have some goods shipped to me and I got suspicious and started doing some deeper digging. I found this site and found the picture of he and his daughter - both of whom I had seen live on webcam.
First name: victor
Last name: james
Age: 38
Location: nigeria
Address: ile ife osun state nigeria 23401
Phone: 2348188014300
Email: victorpeace12
On websites: Waplog
Report: Hi i am here to let you know that, i found this person in that website and then we start talking about our supposed life and then in couple days his tell me that his getting trouble tell me that if i love u i have to help him with money cuz someone broke his car but am not believe in that history i feel is something wrong and i do a many questions and his told me please babe help me i will be ur husband and i said not is something wrong and his tell me one and other have to help when yhe problems coming anf i think that is a fake history and nothing is true is a fake history so be careful with that gay his now active on Waplog
First name: John
Last name: George
Age: 58
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Facebook
Report: States is a widow and lives in Austin Texas and is a civil engineer flying to London England for a contract joonce there needs money for daughter due to injuries, then for her surgery then loses his wallet and credit cards needs money for the hotel and flight home pictures that he post was stolen from model Scott Wagner from Colorado
First name: Raphael
Last name: Maartens
Age: 46
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 002348149193104
Report: he contacted me on facebook and we start chatting. after a while he said that he had feelings for me end that he was in Nigeria for the legancy of his father. After a while he started asking for money because he had to pay a lot.
First name: Micheal
Last name: Fox
Age: 49
Location: Houston, Texas USA
Address: Read bay
Phone: 2563330131
Email: dont know
On websites: Facebook
Report: he sends beautiful love poems, he is a widower and single father to a son Jack. Is very persistent. Trying to get you to send money under a variety of pretexts. Calling your children and are very believable in the beginning.
First name: James
Last name: Shawn
Aka: Lft Shawn James
Age: 56
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: (657) 224-0736
On websites:
Report: The day after I joined James Shawn requested to instant chat with me. As soon as I accepted, he immediately wanted to go to yahoo messenger to chat. He wanted my email so he could send pictures of himself to me. He told me that he has been in the army for the past 25 years and that he has been stationed at Camp Eggers for the past five years. He said that he lost his wife in a plane accident five years ago and that he has a 22 year old daughter Marie who is currently living in Germany. He wanted me to send him an iphone so we could hear each others voices. He wanted me to sign up for a t-mobile plan. He told me to write to his diplomat - so I could get Jerry's exact location because the package will be shipped to him first and he is not in Kabul. He gave me his address so that way diplomatjerry would know who I was talking about. James gave me the following address: Lft Shawn James Kabul, Afghanistan APO AE 09356 Camp Eggers. I sent an email to
First name: johnny
Last name: hoyt nix
Aka: healme58
Age: 55
Location: afghanistan and nigeria and usa
On websites: meetic
Report: our contact initiate on meetic by a flash and a visit on the site by him and it did last for about 2 weeks on his meetic profile, he was looking for a woman between 45 and 75, said speaking french and italian when he did ont. and pretended it was a mistake from meetic After a few days, he asked me to send 1200 dollars to Brian mille in Manila in order to open a secured phone line (I had to fill out a for), I refused we continued exchanging mails and he was sent to Nigeria where he got ill and ask me to send him 500 dollars because he did not have health insurance there I told him that it was very strange to ask me for money all the time and haven't heard from him anymore how can I send you the pictures, the mails and the form i've received, i am in Switzerland and don't know how to proceed to prove what I am saying
First name: Obando
Last name: Frank
Age: 64
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Facebook
Report: He requested me as a friend on Facebook, right away started saying he loved me, that he had a 5 year old daughter, originally resided in Texas, he is a widow, his little girl needs a mommy, that he is appr. 63 years old. that he wants to come and live with me. Just recently he came into a lot of money, like $400,000 and wants to send it to me. I am still going a long with it, I know he will ask me for money soon. I asked where he is based and he gave me the ID of 090209-M-2550C-01411 which is the ID of Scott Moore.
First name: Charles Lewis
Last name: Lee
Age: unknown
Location: Lisburn Island UK
On websites: Face Book
Report: On October,. 5th I became a request from Ellis Traxton, he wanted to be a friend. We had two chats, he did not ask for money, but I recognized him at your site as Charles Lewis Lee.
First name: danny
Last name: lawrence
Aka: george morgan
Age: 54
Location: UK/nigeria
On websites: christian mingle
Report: This individual said he was an IDC working in the north sea in the UK. He introduced himself as George Morgan with a 10 year old son named chris in boarding school in nigeria. He was always begging for money. I sent him quite a bit over the past 18 months. He passes himself off as a Godly Christian man who wants to find the right person and is quick to profess his love for you. He has a very thick accent and is difficult to understand on the phone. He claims to be american originally from houston and moved to sacramento 7 years ago. He loves to write poetry and is always writing about angels. He says he grew up in belgium with his missionary mother; his father was an architect and that his wife Theresa died 7 years ago from breast cancer. He claims that he has no close relatives, its just he and his son. He denies being a scamner, says his identity was compromised.
First name: major mark
Last name: pedersen ( fake soldier)
Aka: kelvin pedersen,harris pedersen,daniel brad,john poter,jpscott pedersen,kelvin marthins,james pedersen,sgt williams,jack ray pedersen,smith royce,paul warner,kelvin charles,craig adams,jeff pedersen,theodore loone, jeff pedersen,johnston leo,peter c
Age: 50
Location: afgastan, lago, nigeria,
Address: major in military officer
On websites: facebook,oasis, badoo,loveafair,pof,romanc/dating scams list,fish meet fish,i lovefish,.jeff pederse
Report: i would like reort this fake soldier is one fake soldier is scamming me for money and gave me fake documents.he wants me to pay him $1000 to get out of the war from lago ,nigeria.he was caughted by cia police yesterday being a fake soldier.but he reckons he foundout 8 australian officers in the army was caught.they are all the same fake soldier.mark pedersen is been wanted for so long as he been reported on romance and that how come i found out he real name.he was telling me he be here on monday,9th of december to marry me.but a woman got intouch with me on facebook warning me all aboout mark pedersen.he thinks he is a real soldier.he captain name is captain allen and general thomas of the secret intellience please do something about this fake soldier as he his sexual abusing me oon my messenger, and going to threaten if i dont hand over the money tomorrow.he knows my home address in queensland,australia.he knows my bank details and my home mobil number.i found him on waplog dating service.he is scamming 3000 women on dating services.please help me as im scared for my life now.
First name: David
Last name: palmer
Age: 48
Location: nigeria/afrghanistan
Email: palmer.david42@yahoo,cim and also palmerdavid47@hotmail
On websites: yahoo.immessenger
Report: He claims to be with the US army He has scammed me out of 20,000.He says hes divorced with a 13 year old son.He needs money to get home,for medicine,things for his son and hes coming here to marry me.What a joke all he wanted was the money..But I feel so stupid for falling for this...
First name: David J.
Last name: Miller
Age: 48
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States
On websites: Skype
Report: He is currently on skype under the name of William Robert Minton. Ladies, you need to be aware of this please. He is very busy. Trying to hook him at this stage, as I think he forgot whom he introduced himself to me many months ago. I did report him at a previous stage to this website, but never got any reply though.
First name: Carlos
Last name: Moss
Aka: Patrice Bleas, Jean-Yves Pasquier, Frederic Lavaud
Age: 49-54
Location: Angleterre, La France, USA, Allemagne, Cote d'ivoire
On websites: WEBCONNEXIONS.COM, facebook
Report: Hello. I took a translation engine because I speak French only. I have a great deal of information has to give you concernat Carlos Moss. I knew him(it) in May, 2012 and he still writes me under so many different names When I met him(it) it was on a siste match. Com He was called Martin Lecointre, in brief he took me a lot of money and I want to help the other women has to be wary of him, He is everywhere In England, Ivory Coast, France, Germany, the United States etc. (see also the site WEBCONNEXIONS) site of meeting he is everywhere on this sit with various names, naturelmement I informed the abuse of this man about this site I would like to know if JULIE the other lady in Canada is going to denounce(cancel) him(it) to the Center Anti-Fraude of Canada because I am going to make him(it), it is a monster this man, he is a fine fox believe in me!
First name: moses
Last name: matta
Age: 51
Location: kabul afghanistan
On websites: yahoo messenger facebook
Report: has tried every way to get money from me I keep telling him I don't have nothing, sons surgery, cell phone states he lost it 4 days ago, needs help getting gold shipped over from Ghana, now money so he can take an emergency leave to prove to me he is real.
First name: Jade
Last name: Wisekal
Age: 40
Location: Afganistan
Email: None
On websites: Facebook
Report: He wanted my email to send me forms to fill out to get a leave.I blocked him yesterday no he didn't post
First name: Antonio
Last name: Gattuso
Aka: Luca Moretti
Age: 47
Location: Chicago, Dubai
Phone: + 971 56 720 9481
Email: antoniogattuso232@yahoo.coma
On websites: Facebook
Report: Sweet talker gives you a story of how he is stuck in Dubai. Beware
First name: Nathaniel
Last name: Wright
Age: 42
Location: Lincoln, NE
On websites:
Report: Contacted a little over 2 weeks ago by this guy. Claimed to be from my area. Gave me a phone number with the right area code, but not for the right city. Of course, he then had to travel out of the country to be with his ill father. He sent me pictures of
First name: donnie
Last name: winstone
Age: 51
Location: accra ghana
Email: david
On websites: top face
Report: this person donnie winstone is calling his name lt david lawson who is in the us army in basra please can he be stop from hurting anybody else all so his saying he has little boy called chris who is ill in java after being hit by a car which not true this rat,s going hurt somebody else if he,s not caught there,s alot i could say about this man the fbi should be looking for him but nothing be don,e too top stop from doing again
First name: Miller
Last name: Duncan
Age: 48
Location: Florida America
On websites: Skype
Report: Miller contacted me through skype....Miller was with me for quite a few months & I have his mail saved also....I was gutted when I saw him on this site...His angle at trying to get money from me was he was an American soldier stationed in Afghanistan...He got close to a boy whom he wanted to adopt but he needed a partner for this...then the money scam...needed because the Army would not allow him access to his account & of course he would pay me back. If you would like to see his mail I can send this to you also...thanks again for listening. Gianetta
First name: Leonardo
Last name: Orlando
Age: 51
Location: Auckland New Zealand
On websites: Facebook
Report: Leo contacted me through Facebook...when I asked him how he found my profile he said he had just joined up & FB suggested me as friend for him....It went from there...after a period of time he told me he works in diamonds & gold. Next he is going to Egypt to purchase these products & would you know it he then gets lumbered with taxes from the shipping co before he can ship his goods...He asks me to help him...started off as $1600...then after refusing he came down in price considerably...I did not send him any money ...but I don't want anyone else to get sucked in by this man.....he is very convincing.. I have saved all our conversations....& photos......I looked for men under his name in Auckland area & there was another one that sounded very much like his profile....widowed /same name and I wondered if he was using different photos...I attempted to contact this other Leonardo & sent him a friend request...but I got no answer so it made me very suspicious. I hope that this is enough for you to go on at the moment.....I did send an email to your address with all the conversations & pics...but I can do it again if need be....Thanks for listening
First name: Daniel
Last name: Obregon
Aka: unknownDanny
Age: 58
Location: Dallas Texas
On websites: Zoosk Cupid
Report: Tries to scam money from women. Claims he is on business trip to Egypt and has a friend send a fraudulent check to a woman to cash and send him the money.