First name: Raphael
Last name: Maartens
Age: 46
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 002348149193104
Report: he contacted me on facebook and we start chatting. after a while he said that he had feelings for me end that he was in Nigeria for the legancy of his father. After a while he started asking for money because he had to pay a lot.
First name: Micheal
Last name: Fox
Age: 49
Location: Houston, Texas USA
Address: Read bay
Phone: 2563330131
Email: dont know
On websites: Facebook
Report: he sends beautiful love poems, he is a widower and single father to a son Jack. Is very persistent. Trying to get you to send money under a variety of pretexts. Calling your children and are very believable in the beginning.
First name: James
Last name: Shawn
Aka: Lft Shawn James
Age: 56
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: (657) 224-0736
On websites:
Report: The day after I joined James Shawn requested to instant chat with me. As soon as I accepted, he immediately wanted to go to yahoo messenger to chat. He wanted my email so he could send pictures of himself to me. He told me that he has been in the army for the past 25 years and that he has been stationed at Camp Eggers for the past five years. He said that he lost his wife in a plane accident five years ago and that he has a 22 year old daughter Marie who is currently living in Germany. He wanted me to send him an iphone so we could hear each others voices. He wanted me to sign up for a t-mobile plan. He told me to write to his diplomat - so I could get Jerry's exact location because the package will be shipped to him first and he is not in Kabul. He gave me his address so that way diplomatjerry would know who I was talking about. James gave me the following address: Lft Shawn James Kabul, Afghanistan APO AE 09356 Camp Eggers. I sent an email to
First name: johnny
Last name: hoyt nix
Aka: healme58
Age: 55
Location: afghanistan and nigeria and usa
On websites: meetic
Report: our contact initiate on meetic by a flash and a visit on the site by him and it did last for about 2 weeks on his meetic profile, he was looking for a woman between 45 and 75, said speaking french and italian when he did ont. and pretended it was a mistake from meetic After a few days, he asked me to send 1200 dollars to Brian mille in Manila in order to open a secured phone line (I had to fill out a for), I refused we continued exchanging mails and he was sent to Nigeria where he got ill and ask me to send him 500 dollars because he did not have health insurance there I told him that it was very strange to ask me for money all the time and haven't heard from him anymore how can I send you the pictures, the mails and the form i've received, i am in Switzerland and don't know how to proceed to prove what I am saying
First name: Obando
Last name: Frank
Age: 64
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Facebook
Report: He requested me as a friend on Facebook, right away started saying he loved me, that he had a 5 year old daughter, originally resided in Texas, he is a widow, his little girl needs a mommy, that he is appr. 63 years old. that he wants to come and live with me. Just recently he came into a lot of money, like $400,000 and wants to send it to me. I am still going a long with it, I know he will ask me for money soon. I asked where he is based and he gave me the ID of 090209-M-2550C-01411 which is the ID of Scott Moore.
First name: Charles Lewis
Last name: Lee
Age: unknown
Location: Lisburn Island UK
On websites: Face Book
Report: On October,. 5th I became a request from Ellis Traxton, he wanted to be a friend. We had two chats, he did not ask for money, but I recognized him at your site as Charles Lewis Lee.
First name: danny
Last name: lawrence
Aka: george morgan
Age: 54
Location: UK/nigeria
On websites: christian mingle
Report: This individual said he was an IDC working in the north sea in the UK. He introduced himself as George Morgan with a 10 year old son named chris in boarding school in nigeria. He was always begging for money. I sent him quite a bit over the past 18 months. He passes himself off as a Godly Christian man who wants to find the right person and is quick to profess his love for you. He has a very thick accent and is difficult to understand on the phone. He claims to be american originally from houston and moved to sacramento 7 years ago. He loves to write poetry and is always writing about angels. He says he grew up in belgium with his missionary mother; his father was an architect and that his wife Theresa died 7 years ago from breast cancer. He claims that he has no close relatives, its just he and his son. He denies being a scamner, says his identity was compromised.
First name: major mark
Last name: pedersen ( fake soldier)
Aka: kelvin pedersen,harris pedersen,daniel brad,john poter,jpscott pedersen,kelvin marthins,james pedersen,sgt williams,jack ray pedersen,smith royce,paul warner,kelvin charles,craig adams,jeff pedersen,theodore loone, jeff pedersen,johnston leo,peter c
Age: 50
Location: afgastan, lago, nigeria,
Address: major in military officer
On websites: facebook,oasis, badoo,loveafair,pof,romanc/dating scams list,fish meet fish,i lovefish,.jeff pederse
Report: i would like reort this fake soldier is one fake soldier is scamming me for money and gave me fake documents.he wants me to pay him $1000 to get out of the war from lago ,nigeria.he was caughted by cia police yesterday being a fake soldier.but he reckons he foundout 8 australian officers in the army was caught.they are all the same fake soldier.mark pedersen is been wanted for so long as he been reported on romance and that how come i found out he real name.he was telling me he be here on monday,9th of december to marry me.but a woman got intouch with me on facebook warning me all aboout mark pedersen.he thinks he is a real soldier.he captain name is captain allen and general thomas of the secret intellience please do something about this fake soldier as he his sexual abusing me oon my messenger, and going to threaten if i dont hand over the money tomorrow.he knows my home address in queensland,australia.he knows my bank details and my home mobil number.i found him on waplog dating service.he is scamming 3000 women on dating services.please help me as im scared for my life now.
First name: David
Last name: palmer
Age: 48
Location: nigeria/afrghanistan
Email: palmer.david42@yahoo,cim and also palmerdavid47@hotmail
On websites: yahoo.immessenger
Report: He claims to be with the US army He has scammed me out of 20,000.He says hes divorced with a 13 year old son.He needs money to get home,for medicine,things for his son and hes coming here to marry me.What a joke all he wanted was the money..But I feel so stupid for falling for this...
First name: David J.
Last name: Miller
Age: 48
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States
On websites: Skype
Report: He is currently on skype under the name of William Robert Minton. Ladies, you need to be aware of this please. He is very busy. Trying to hook him at this stage, as I think he forgot whom he introduced himself to me many months ago. I did report him at a previous stage to this website, but never got any reply though.
First name: Carlos
Last name: Moss
Aka: Patrice Bleas, Jean-Yves Pasquier, Frederic Lavaud
Age: 49-54
Location: Angleterre, La France, USA, Allemagne, Cote d'ivoire
On websites: WEBCONNEXIONS.COM, facebook
Report: Hello. I took a translation engine because I speak French only. I have a great deal of information has to give you concernat Carlos Moss. I knew him(it) in May, 2012 and he still writes me under so many different names When I met him(it) it was on a siste match. Com He was called Martin Lecointre, in brief he took me a lot of money and I want to help the other women has to be wary of him, He is everywhere In England, Ivory Coast, France, Germany, the United States etc. (see also the site WEBCONNEXIONS) site of meeting he is everywhere on this sit with various names, naturelmement I informed the abuse of this man about this site I would like to know if JULIE the other lady in Canada is going to denounce(cancel) him(it) to the Center Anti-Fraude of Canada because I am going to make him(it), it is a monster this man, he is a fine fox believe in me!
First name: moses
Last name: matta
Age: 51
Location: kabul afghanistan
On websites: yahoo messenger facebook
Report: has tried every way to get money from me I keep telling him I don't have nothing, sons surgery, cell phone states he lost it 4 days ago, needs help getting gold shipped over from Ghana, now money so he can take an emergency leave to prove to me he is real.
First name: Jade
Last name: Wisekal
Age: 40
Location: Afganistan
Email: None
On websites: Facebook
Report: He wanted my email to send me forms to fill out to get a leave.I blocked him yesterday no he didn't post
First name: Antonio
Last name: Gattuso
Aka: Luca Moretti
Age: 47
Location: Chicago, Dubai
Phone: + 971 56 720 9481
Email: antoniogattuso232@yahoo.coma
On websites: Facebook
Report: Sweet talker gives you a story of how he is stuck in Dubai. Beware
First name: Nathaniel
Last name: Wright
Age: 42
Location: Lincoln, NE
On websites:
Report: Contacted a little over 2 weeks ago by this guy. Claimed to be from my area. Gave me a phone number with the right area code, but not for the right city. Of course, he then had to travel out of the country to be with his ill father. He sent me pictures of
First name: donnie
Last name: winstone
Age: 51
Location: accra ghana
Email: david
On websites: top face
Report: this person donnie winstone is calling his name lt david lawson who is in the us army in basra please can he be stop from hurting anybody else all so his saying he has little boy called chris who is ill in java after being hit by a car which not true this rat,s going hurt somebody else if he,s not caught there,s alot i could say about this man the fbi should be looking for him but nothing be don,e too top stop from doing again
First name: Miller
Last name: Duncan
Age: 48
Location: Florida America
On websites: Skype
Report: Miller contacted me through skype....Miller was with me for quite a few months & I have his mail saved also....I was gutted when I saw him on this site...His angle at trying to get money from me was he was an American soldier stationed in Afghanistan...He got close to a boy whom he wanted to adopt but he needed a partner for this...then the money scam...needed because the Army would not allow him access to his account & of course he would pay me back. If you would like to see his mail I can send this to you also...thanks again for listening. Gianetta
First name: Leonardo
Last name: Orlando
Age: 51
Location: Auckland New Zealand
On websites: Facebook
Report: Leo contacted me through Facebook...when I asked him how he found my profile he said he had just joined up & FB suggested me as friend for him....It went from there...after a period of time he told me he works in diamonds & gold. Next he is going to Egypt to purchase these products & would you know it he then gets lumbered with taxes from the shipping co before he can ship his goods...He asks me to help him...started off as $1600...then after refusing he came down in price considerably...I did not send him any money ...but I don't want anyone else to get sucked in by this man.....he is very convincing.. I have saved all our conversations....& photos......I looked for men under his name in Auckland area & there was another one that sounded very much like his profile....widowed /same name and I wondered if he was using different photos...I attempted to contact this other Leonardo & sent him a friend request...but I got no answer so it made me very suspicious. I hope that this is enough for you to go on at the moment.....I did send an email to your address with all the conversations & pics...but I can do it again if need be....Thanks for listening
First name: Daniel
Last name: Obregon
Aka: unknownDanny
Age: 58
Location: Dallas Texas
On websites: Zoosk Cupid
Report: Tries to scam money from women. Claims he is on business trip to Egypt and has a friend send a fraudulent check to a woman to cash and send him the money.
First name: francis
Last name: morrison
Age: 61
Location: syria and portland oregon
On websites: yahoo messenger and skype
Report: He contacted me with a skype sms. I thought I was just talking to a lonely soldier from home and I just wanted to help. We chatted for quite a long time and then he told me that he was starting to develop feelings for me and that he wanted to come and visit me in February 2014 and discuss our future together. He said he was married before to a celebrity and model and she cheated on him so he divorced her. He had since then adopted a son who is now 16 years old and is an exchange student in a Military School in London. He also told me he couldn't receive parcels or letters, for security reasons. I thought that a bit funny. Then he started asking favours. He asked me to please send his son a small amount of money and then he would pay me back once he returned to the States. I told him I don't have money and I couldn't help him and he got very angry and questioned our love. Luckily I had read about scammers and straight away red flags went up. He also made a lot of spelling mistakes when he wrote to me. I told him I thought he was a scammer and he didn't answer me. I cut all ties with him straight away. I thought I could just warn other women he may contact. I was in contact with him for only a week. He said he was doing peacekeeping missions in Syria.
First name: jones
Last name: hanold
Age: 32
Location: london
On websites: yahoo messanger
Report: i met this guy, jones hanold through online dating okcupid. he claimed that he was born in florida but currently residing in uk, london. He claimed that he owned a gold jewelry company production which passed down by his father. After a few chats, he started to express love to me by all means. He used all the romantics words while chatting with me. Without any doubt, i became trusting him more and more. After he confirmed that i was 100 percent trusting him, he started to tell me that he has decided to establish a company in singapore, he wanted to come down and see me immediately. He told me that he had booked a thai airway to singapore which it will stop by in bangkok. He even emailed me the evidence like flight itinerary and the hotel details by convincing me that he was actually planning for this. However, he called me on the day when he stopped by in bangkok before he board to the flight to singapore. He told me that he had pay an large amount of money for bangkok immigration due to he brought 90 millions pounds cheque. He was asking me to pay the rest of the payment in thai bhat. Without any doubt, i made the first transferred via money gram (which he asked to), subsequently, i made the second transferred when he claimed that he needed the money to purchase yellow card for declaration of that amount of money that he carried. When he asked for the third time, i was alarmed and think that this might be a scam. In turn, i questioned him more bu asking why the immigration person asking so much of money, he still can gave me all sort of reasons by saying this and that which i could not recall. After confirming this is a scam ( i started to google the exmaples of online scammer), i called him and told him that i want to stop this now, and i want my money back. He replied me that we were done and he will transfer me all the money that i given in total SGD 8500.00 once he go back to london which i never think that he will. He asked me for my bank account details so that he could transfer the money back to me. I said no, and told him to transfer the money through money gram instead. He replied yes and told me not to call him anymore.
First name: Brian
Last name: Miller
Aka: Sergeant Brian Miller
Age: 48
Location: Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: romance scam. He says he and his sister came from Austria with their mother. His father passed when they were very young, he was raised by his mother. He was raised in Kentucky, from there he went to college in Colorado to become a chemical engineer. He went into the USMC for four years then went to the Army and has been a career Officer ever since.
First name: paul
Last name: greening
Aka: ujames greening,dempsey greening lopez,capt. dempsey greening lopez,sgt. dempsey Langham lopezJames greening,greening james
Age: ?
Location: greenwood Indiana,Greenwood,Mississippi,Kabul,Afghanistan
On websites: facebook,dating site
Report: My friends daughter put a profile on a dating site but removed it without contact ing anyone,then a friend request appeared to her on facebook. She has been im with this guy who says he is in the army. He asked for money for pills for his poor sick mother she sent 150.00 then lots of im between them and he needs another 350.00 for his mother. She western unioned the money both times and used a question to id the reciever whose name was Maria lopez in indiana. Now he is asking for 800.00 to come home on leave. I have told her not to do it and finally have her believing me that he is a fraud probably from Nigeria or West Africa. If you need any more info. just ask.Please help me to help my friend!!!
First name: nick
Last name: dewayne
Age: 42
Location: nigeria
On websites: badoo. zookx, indeed
First name: Francis
Last name: Logan
Age: 55
Location: Kabul
On websites: Facebook and Skype
Report: I know he is scammer verified by Pig Busters but I report him here as well....he contacted me through FB and later on Skype ..I have blocked him.....I am just trying to do my best and get these rats....have self. Been scammed....thanks
First name: William
Last name: Seeman
Aka: David richardson
Age: 53
Location: Red bluff, Ca
Phone: 530-746-0184
Email: and williseeman136@yahoo.comq
On websites: Match, yahoo
Report: Dating scam Also I have found he used name David Richardson and Eldon Kenneth Kelley
First name: antonio
Last name: clarkson
Aka: bradley nolan
Age: 45
Location: us military,posted in pakistan
On websites: yahoo.menssenger
First name: Donald
Last name: Harrison
Age: 51
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
On websites:
Report: I met Donald Harrison through I thought he was a good guy. At first I didn't want to fall in love, but he was so handsome and I fell in love with him. Then he went for his brother's wedding in New Zealand. There his car was stolen/high-jacked, I'm not sure. At first I thought it was only high-jack, but then he said he drives with his car (apparently taken with). He was paying for his brother's wedding, and now he didn't had any money. He took some money from the loan sharks in New Zealand and told me they took his passport for security. I sent him money to buy some food as his brother already left for honeymoon, and there was nothing in the house. He pressured me for more money, but I really didn't had much, but then he was in an accident ... in hospital and needed some operation. They needed more money to operate and give him medical treatment. I really didn't had any more money. I have a small business and used that money to send to him, although I really needed it myself. But he promised to pay it all back. I sent everything I could and even took a loan so he could be back home in South Africa. He even tried to force me to pawn my stuff in the house. That I didn't do at all. We would get married when he returns ... silly I know. He then some time long after that let me know threw Face Book that his phone was stolen in hospital and need some more money to get some food and perhaps a phone (can you believe this, to get a phone ... rather get back home ... his manager is working on outstanding debts owing to him. His Face Book profile was so blocked that only myself could see what I posted, and I cannot see anything anybody else is posting or even himself. I saw a few people liking my posts, and even tried to contact one of them but I was brushed off. So the second time I saw somebody liking a post, I just left it. Then I send him a message also through Face Book after another time he contacted me and told me that his manager will pay me some money when collected if I can only send him some money. I told him I don't have anything left, and that he left me in debt and that he is on Face Book with a mobile connection (as it is clearly marked on messages
First name: Lewis
Last name: Albert
Age: 65
Location: Los Angeles,California
Phone: 19518471987
On websites: not sure,maybe
Report: I recieve a strange email
First name: james
Last name: walton
Aka: jim
Age: caldarone
Location: nigeria
Phone: 2348139423700
On websites: facebook
Report: trying to get money... claims he luvs u very much... sweet talker... claims he is no part of a scam plz send money to get him here to be with u....