First name: Jimmy
Last name: Kaylor
Aka: walter harrington, kelvin williams, rolland alvin, larry wells, bryan, peter pal, steven mark, raymond smith, billy casey, wood mike, john anold
Age: between 45-54
Location: Ghana
Phone: 1 901 296 0230
On websites: match,facebook,badoo, and a lot more
Report: You will see a full thread of the scammer using this person's pictures on The thread is all the pictures etc...
First name: frank
Last name: powells
Aka: frank daley
Age: 51-52
Location: austrailia
On websites: yes
Report: I met him on as frank powells he wanted me to be his next of kin he wanted me to pay 1400.00. well he showed up on facebook under the name frank daley. same pics that's on things escalated pretty fast. he said he lived in channelview texas. he wanted me to be his wife.this man won't leave me alone. he called all day yesterday demanding I give him money. he said oh I love you.
First name: Victor
Last name: M
Age: 48
Location: UK, Edinborough
On websites: hi5
First name: general david
Last name: petraeus
Age: 61
Location: kabul afganistan,new york,usa
On websites: skype
Report: we met at the skype.Request friend.ship.Apply photos and videos general david petraeus po half of requested transfer boxes to me.Love big,he will live here with me for life.Send documentsUN.Po sending barrister Sanford Watson was to bring boxes diplomat named Jonathan Baily.Talk that everithing is legal.Ale 16000GBP say fees demanded that kabul does not have access to the account i borrowed bank 4500eur but it was little.I send i other4500eur.Did not come nothing then said he comes to christmas,come apparently was operated on the heart again request 1200 dolars to charge hospital.ale i already do not believe.Im writing that i vilt no many erased the photos and blocked skype.Obtain from me 9000 eur.
First name: chris
Last name: brooke
Age: 57
Phone: unknown+60163748352
On websites: skype facebook yahoo
Report: Say he is from Tasmanien but live in england now, Work for a contract in Malaysia there he vave build a shopping centre, He been in a car accident and need hospital help. Say he dont can reach his contractmoney before he can pay tax on his money.
First name: Richard
Last name: Ramero
Age: 49
Location: USA Indianapolis IN
On websites: Chemistry
Report: He will also send photos of him and a young boy he says is his son.
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Age: 55
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: BBPeopleMeett
Report: He introduced himself to me last night as a Sargent First Class in the Army. He has been in Afghanistan for 2 years and has 3 months remaining before he can retire. His son Lucas is living with a nanny in Africa since his wife died 5 years ago after a long battle of cancer. His parents died 3 years ago. There were many red flags and I baited him as much as possible. His math was a little off. He has been in the Army for 25 years, is 55 years old and was 20 when he joined. He talked a lot about church and God, trust and integrity. Last night when we were on Yahoo Messenger, he told me Church Service was 8 pm today and he was on duty at midnight tonight. When asked today when he had to work it was 1 am, but at 2 am his time, he came back online to talk to me. He was supposed to spend most of his day today on messenger with his son. That didn't happen because he was very attentive to me. He cooked dinner for himself....that didn't fit. Of course, not everyone has a stove....that is what he told me when I asked. Too many red flags. I googled his name and then his son's. There was a picture of the same person in the picture I received last night. Once I found that, I deleted him from my messenger and am finished with him.
First name: Welch
Last name: Campbell
Age: 47
Location: Millersville,Maryland 21108
Address: 1175 Gold finch lane
On websites: Hi5,Badoo
Report: He is working with a David Dombrow, he has been in Nigeria,Maryland,Saudi Arabia. Major scam he scammed me for over 20,000. And he got me for 900.00.
First name: eddie
Last name: Stuart
Aka: Jeffery Richards
Age: 51
Location: nigeria
Phone: 13122059443
Email: jefferyrichards85@yahoo,com
On websites:
Report: He is not who he says he is just looking for money. and romance, he is a big lairer
First name: Cliff
Last name: Malloy
Aka: Larry Jones
Age: 48
Location: Accra, Ghana
Address: 164 East Legon Road, Accra Ghana
Phone: 011233268064082
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man here meet me on this Website
First name: Richy
Last name: Romero
Aka: Brian
Age: 48
Location: Janesville, WI
Phone: 3235948451
On websites: eharmony
Report: Too good to be true. Had only been chatting with him for a couple weeks and he wanted me to go with him to Spain on a business trip in a couple months. He was very willing and encouraged me to video chat with him to prove that he was who he said he was...being the same guy in the photos he sent and the same guy pictured in the profile. This was after I said I need some proof he was not a scammer. I did not video chat with him. He was very willing to come and meet me in person. He just needed to know where and when. I was also given the story about his 9-year-old son living in UK but nothing about him being sick or ill. He talks a lot about working for Turner Construction and SEARs in the engineering field. He also stated that he had his own company, consulting at one point, knightings247. He sends pictures from I finally received an email from eharmony stating that his profile activity was suspicious. I did some more checking and found him already listed on this site.
First name: Klaas
Last name: Nieuland
Age: 53
Location: Madrid
Address: England and Holland
Phone: 003168895335 and +2348176546989
On websites: e-darling
Report: He contactet me by a dating site e-darling he told me he was a British Militar and after a few weeks he asked me to ask his home office for a leave and yes of course i did and i had to pay money for his leave and stupid as i was i did now is asking the bank money for a code to get acces to that account were his leave and benifits are he asked to leave the base in spain and to come to a base in holland and the home office did aprove this the get the code i have to transfere more money. In between some one contactet me and told me don't transfere more money and gave you're side to me in one of his mails is that last true??
First name: Alexandru Claudiu
Last name: Albert
Aka: Alex Catalin
Age: 23 DOB Nov 8 1990
Location: Romania Targu Mures
Address: Bolavard 1 December 1918 , # 235 apartment # 6
Phone: 0044 7474 13100
On websites: was on
Report: Very plausible , great at telling stories and modifying the truth to suit him but forgets what he says over time . Says he goes to Faculty of engineering in Targu Mures on a scholarship and struggling to pay his rent and bills . But now says he has left University and cannot find a job and cannot pay the bills and desperately wants to leave Romania . Never sends photos or ID or any proof but I am fairly sure that this is his real name and real address
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Age: 56
Location: St Lazare Canada recently from California
Phone: 8052533758
On websites:
Report: communicated for 6 weeks; just before we met he asked me for 10K; I have records of all of our communication from Skype and Yahoo messenger
First name: eric rud hannes
Last name: hannes
Age: 49
Location: UK
Phone: +447999315979, +447031852756, +905488735832
Report: Love letters calling in the middle of the night, writing me an essay about his life, about his work in a Ship ....
First name: Stephen Ekene
Last name: Palmer
Aka: Stephen Ekene Palmer
Age: 46
Location: Nigeria Lagos
Address: UK, Manchester city
Phone: +2348105339520
On websites: Facebook
Report: Good day! He has scammed my mother in Russia. Be very carefully with him. As I understood he is very dangerous. I can pay to anybody to kill him, I am serious.
First name: GREG
Last name: MEYER
Age: 56
Location: MArietta ga.,houma uae
On websites: zoosk
Report: this man approached me on zoosk persuaded me very aggressively and his daughter Shelly was at boarding school outside London but school was not for girls only.bogus He claimed jis worker was hurt in fire at estate where he was staying and lost everything needed money for food and to pay for funeral.He had more reasons for money and stupidly i accommodated him.After memorial day holiday i refused anymore.He continued to pressure me until the holidays thanksgiving & Christmas claimed to be in a uae jail, couldn't give name since in Arabic became furious when i contacted Dubai police.relationship ended .In January 13 I was contacted by Richard Lawson everything he said & did was too familiar the style of writing the phone calls sounded the same as with Greg.I believe whomever this scammer is one in the same
First name: sami
Age: 24
Location: jordan
Email: ?
On websites: whatsapp
Report: He is asking for nude pics and sex
First name: joe
Last name: gendy
Age: 21
Location: egypt
Email: ?
On websites: facebook and whatsapp
Report: Came in contact with him on Facebook in january2014. He wanted to go on Skype. Instead went on whatsapp. Wanted nude pics and sex. Said he works at clothing store...
First name: William
Last name: Morris
Aka: Day Morris
Age: 39
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: This person contacted me on Facebook, said he was 39, a colonel in the army. We have emailed back and forth for about a week, he sent me pictures and wrote long eloquent love letters. The only personal information he got from me was my address and phone number because he said he was going to send me a letter. But he sent me a picture of a fake outdated id via email tonight and it was totally photoshopped, then I found him on here and this ain't hell (Facebook page).
First name: George
Last name: Summer
Aka: Anthony
Age: 53
Location: New Zealand
Phone: 0044759193359
On websites: B2
Report: Meet on a dating site, when I got photos, decided to check out Malescammers. Com. And there he was. He said he lived in Gisbourne and travelled to Palmerston North. But all of a sudden he had to go overseas, that's when I new he wasn't real. Thanks to your site. I been saved having to thru anything with this man, he on your site under another name as well, Mark Williams.
First name: jackson
Last name: arroys
Aka: arroys jackson
Age: 46/47
Location: kabul afghanistan
Email: facebook/ arroys
On websites: facebook
Report: He had made contact with me in march 2013.... Via facebook.....we spoke for almost nine months then he changed his profile we lost contact and then finally had found eachother again.... within the fisrt three months he had asked me to send funds for him to take leave for four months here in australia with me not thinking anything was strange i had started to send funds to nigeria for his leave... as he told me he had fallen inlove with me and wanted to be with me.. he also said he had lost his wife buf whenever i mentioned her he dint want to talk about her and he had a son living wjth his mother in marylands together..... i did send funds up toabout 1300$ bht the cost of his leace was about 3400$ i recieved mail from the police abd told him about it he said i didnt need to worry because he not a scamner and that they were looking for tge real ones as they were making all soldiers look bad...we quarrelled a few tines and he tgreatened to harm himself if i left him so i continued tge contact..... but.....he found his way to another fenake and againwithin three months asking for funds for his leave bht i secreckty warned her about him then when he found oht he got angry and blocked me then unblocked me... i mentioned as a trick that i had saved 4000$ he responded instantly!!! He also knew that i was a single mum and had a reltioship of 20yrs but that didnt stop him..... i had actually fallen in love with him and was hoping this was all real guess i was wrong...... my main concern is they have personal details in nigeria and worried my identity maybe used...... please keep anonimkus for my familesvsake.... i think he is still having contact with the other feamale as he never adds friends or even have friend list wen i asked if he had anotger female he denied it and said he was only to her for funds to cone and be with me :(
First name: Fabio
Last name: Pablo
Age: 49
Location: Capetown, South Africa; New york, USA; London,UK; Paris, France
Phone: 3057073952
On websites: Zoosk, yahoo messenger
Report: Fabio contacted me first on the Zoosk site on January 13th. We started emailing back and forth for the last 18 days! I thought it was a little suspicious when he said His job in South Africa was ending and he was coming back to the states and was going to come straight to visit me. He said his plane was to get in at 6:30am and there are only 2 times that planes fly into the smaller airport that is close to my town. Plus, His emails were flowery and over the top and he started telling me he loved me. That is a little soon!! So I started investigating and checking out scams. I followed a few of the tips and when I entered some of the flowery words into a Google search it led me to your sight. The scam emails from Thomas Scott to Jodi are almost an exact word match to the ones I received from Fabio. The only thing he asked me for was to help him get an itunes card for his daughter, which I did $25. But even then something seemed strange and I paid for it with cash in case there was some way to link it to my account when they activated it. This morning when I woke up there was an email stating that he loved me so much! I sent him back an email saying he should really check his tickets out because there is NEVER a plane scheduled to land in Garden City at 6:30am. I don't think I will be hearing from him again.
First name: Christioan
Last name: Palma
Aka: Chris
Age: 57
Location: Kabul Afsganstan
Phone: 233547115617
On websites:
Report: Big romantic story about him working for UN intelligence in Kabul retiring soon, gives the impression of being very wealthy. Has grand daughter in New zealand. Next thing granddaughter has accident then he flies her to Ghana where he claims a top us military surgeon will operate, starts off wanted $15,000 than when I played him for a while and said my funds were inaccessible he went down to $2000 -30000. Before this he tried to get my confidence by asking me to receive a password for a container of gold he had sitting in Sydney ready for a buyer. This code was to come from a US military lady. I refused saying I didn't want the responsibility. Phoned, skyped and sent loads of photos of who I am not sure now. very cool very professional. I had read profiles here and initially thought he was OK
First name: Conway
Last name: OReilly
Aka: Charles
Age: 69
Location: Ghana
On websites: (reported)
Report: He initiated contact, request go to yahoo email, January 4 to Jan 20th. Used same story as Riley OConner with few minor differences. Happy to send them through.
First name: saxan
Last name: beacher
Age: 48
Location: United Kingdom
Email: Beacher Saxan ;
On websites:
Report: He is pretending to be a craft gallery owner with a 6 year old girl named Vanessa with pictures Hello dearie, I want to thank you for your emails so far.You have brought good fortunes and hope to my life,I get surprises by the good improvement I get on a daily basis since you came into my life,You are God sent to me. I truly appreciate and respect your kindness towards the growth of this relationship and for you to appreciate my kind of person. Thank you so much for the wonderful words of encouragement so far.Thank you honey for the love message's you have been sending to me and your lovely daughter Vanessa. Honey,this morning at the Gallery I received a call from an agent in West Africa that tomorrow being Tuesday 21st of January 2014 the Art and Craft Exhibition Show market shall kick off.I was so surprise and I had to immediately plan for it, Because my Gallery is almost empty. I really need to buy more Crafts in the Gallery, this is just an opportunity, I?m really making plans for a trip to Africa and I have 3weeks break to go for the trip (because I really want to rest), meanwhile the Art and Craft Exhibition shall last for 4 to 5 working days so I still have fresh 2weeks so I was thinking if it will be possible to visit you and spend time with you in your country, and then go back to my base and try to arrange my Gallery before resumption date for my customers at the office.I want you to inform me if it is possible to come visiting you this time in your country and I will have to come over with Vanessa because she is going with me to Africa.Her school is already on break and she will want to come visit you,celebrate her birthday and see her new mother.I want you to understand that I will be able to take care of any expenses during our stay and I want you to inform me where we can locate a nice and suitable hotel that is not very far from your resident of stay. Honey,I believe you are ready to meet me and you can't wait to hold me tight because I feel the same way, Honey I really want to see you,I have purchase our ticket because I will be living tonight around 10pm so that we can meet up with the exhibition date. Honey I shall await your swift response soonest.Please darling I don't want you to be nervous with this news, just be calm and be yourself. You don't have to go to the best hair stylist to make your hair or go to the best beautician to look nice for me.I will love you the way I meet you. Remember what we both care for each other,the inner beauty we share.I love you and I will forever cherish you and distance can't be a barrier if you really love me. Please reply this mail immediately so I can start making plans to visit you in your country. Vanessa is so anxious to see you.Thank God I will see you soonest. With love your husband Saxan
First name: mackain
Last name: alex
Age: 41
Location: london, south africa portugal
Address: u Everton, Doncaster, United Kingdom and london
Phone: 00447031995801 and 0027718070858
Email: mackain
On websites: skype facebook yahoo email
Report: he says he his drilling eng in the company BP and libes in london never cames on web very good english and talks with you for months until he gets the money he will say that he loves you and sends you an parcel to your destination then makes you par for the customers fees then its money after money he took allot of money from me i have fotos and banks detalis would like to know what to do
First name: ernestro
Last name: ashely
Age: 41
Location: liverpool
On websites: facebook skype
Report: he says he is working in india in shipping company MMS his son name is anthony and the child is 2 his wife died in a car accident his number is 00447024054540 he believes in god so much be carefull please
First name: Richard
Last name: Randebe
Aka: Terry smith, Roderick Hakan, Dennis Osten, Ronnie Osten
Age: 51, 53
Location: Fulham United Kingdom, Nigeria and Ghana Africa
Phone: 0112348146003171
Email: Ronnie.osten
On websites: Facebook, yahoo messenger
Report: Roderick Hakan then in England initiated conversation on Facebook We chatted for a couple of months then he asked me for money to fly his daughter to the us so we could all get together I would not do it so he cut me off. Then I saw him on yahoo messenger and we started chatting again he then gave me his phone number and said he was in ghana his name then was Dennis Osten same face different name. Again he asked me for money I said no so he cut me off again. Shortly after that he changed his name again to Ronnie Osten. And now was in Nigeria on a work site I have been chatting with him once again and today he just asked me for more money and like the other times I said no so he cut me off. I have also warned two other women when I found out their names on his Facebook account they both thanked me and now we re friends I told them he was a scammer and man was I right
First name: Richard
Last name: Plate Suffy
Aka: Capt Richard Plate
Age: 39
Location: Alabama/ Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 2347087859599/ 201 212 5588
Email: /. Alpha212units@rescue
On websites: Yahoo messenger
Report: Military Scam person poses a a Us army then deployed to Africa. Will scam you for satellite phone fee and ask you to request military leave and pay for military leave as well as air fare to fly back to USA He contacted me first thru text. His 'friend' is in contact online with someone I know and asked to be introduced to a single woman. My friend gave my cell nu and email. He contacted me by text and then thru yahoo messenger. He requested money for satellite phone and merge cry leave and air fare with the promise of paying me back once back in USA. Claims he wants to retire and live with me and marry me. Sends love poems I even talked to him on occasion thru phone calls. Asked me to send money to western union and he even has a Wells Fargo bank account under the name of Kent Moses. Started asking for more money to donate to orphanages in Africa. When I refused, he starred cursing . I search then for army dating and was led to army dating scams and realized I was scammed. Reported him to IC3.