First name: dixon
Last name: lambeth
Age: 51
Location: USA
Address: 433 Wolf Hill Road,Great Neck,N.York USA
Phone: 00447818021707,00447771011486,hp +12673329115
On websites: yes
Report: I met him on Twoo dating site he contacted me first the relationship is coming to one year this year in May ,we still in contact until now the only thing is that when we first met he will contact me everyday campared to now hardly sometime two weeks once because I refuse to sent money to him that he needs for some bussiness purposes. The strange events that occured that would make me suspect him to be a scammer is he will requested big amount of money for the beginning when I said I dont have that much he will reduce it to very low as long as I agreed to give. The money requested for lawyer fees and stop order for ICC clearence and FOC to prove that the money that will credited into my account will not be use to sponsor terrorism and drug dealing and the amount is 6000 British pound which I dont pay I only paid for lawyer fees around USD 3,000.00 I cannot reveal detail here content of agreement the contract that I signed worried if this is gunuine I might be sued because its already stated in the contract I cannot reveal anything about the contract. The money spent about USD 3,000.00 as for now and only one time and he keeps on asking the remaining which need to be clear and a lot of money. I am the payer and Dixon Lambeth is the recipient he settled with lawyer i still insisted not to settle the rest because i dont have that much of money just to confirm this dixon is not scammer otherwise I will go ahead with our bussiness dealing.
First name: Richard
Last name: Trites
Age: 55
Location: North ridge, California
Phone: 818-527-2053
On websites: Meet Me
Report: Richard contacted me through a dating site and within a short time attempted to get me to send money to him through MoneyGram and Western Union. He wanted the money sent to an individual in Nigeria. When he realized that I didn't have the money to do this he got other women to send me the money and the asked me to forward it to the individual claiming the this person is one of his suppliers.
First name: Mirko
Last name: Giovanni
Age: 50
Location: Scranton Pa
Phone: 484-272-5997
On websites: google and facebook
Report: this man speaks with a thick italian accent, dob 2/1/1964. he states that he is a widower of 5 years. He has 2 daughters, Pamela and Kaila, if you can believe him. he does have pictures of the 3 of them. at the beginning he would call and text all the time. with promises to love you for ever. and wanting marriage and a mom for his girls. after 3 weeks, he started asking for money. first only $300.00 and would get upset with me if i did not give it to him, stating that i did not love him. then he wanted me to get him several thousands dollars worth of computers and air pads and cell phones, claiming that his funds were froze. when i refused he got more angry. then he would forgive me. then he would call a few days later asking for a $6,000.00 loan.
First name: Evans, or Ferguson
Last name: Ferguson, Evans
Age: 57 or older
Location: Nordic norway Michigan
Phone: norway 4745562320 malaysia 60176192951
On websites: Facebook posted in the ff
Report: I have learn him in fb,we sending message each day i got a message he is a Spam from fb i dont know how he got a new account of fb. his name in old account in fb is Evans Ferguson. The new account his name Ferguson Evans. He has a project in malaysia and he ask me too much money amount of 6000 euro. i did not send him the money, he start insulting me and i block him. i think his letter is still in the fb date 21.02.2014. he make believe that he marry me.make an engaged in the fb. please stop this person.he will continue doing this to another woman.
First name: Harry
Last name: Franklin
Age: 53
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Phone: 832 713 6023 - 832 225 2538
On websites: no
Report: this man states he is from Dickinson Texas but went to do a job in Lagos Africa to do a contract job for a company called Petrofac in Houston but got stuck there and needs money to come back i helped him once but keeps asking for more will not give his address where he lives.
First name: Engel
Last name: kappel
Age: unknown
Location: seoul korea
On websites: yes
Report: this man states his name is Engel kappel also seen on other sites his name as Edmund lopez states he is a seargent in Seoul Korea
First name: Anthony
Last name: McKellips
Age: 43
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: 859-951-6325
On websites: eharmony
Report: Received several messages from Anthony and he as describing love and trust and we had just exchanged emails. Too over the top for a start of a potential relationship. The e mail exchange was over two weeks time. He never asked for money.
First name: Richard
Last name: Robert
Aka: Richard or Rob
Age: 54
Location: Park La Brea, Ca/San Diego, CA/Cape Town, S. Africa
Address: 84 On Main, Parklands. Cape Town 7441. South Africa Phone: 078-428-6485
Phone: 619-719-5849/619-500-8545/011-27-78-428-6485/011-27-71-058-4748
On websites:
Report: Richard Robert originally contacted me from website. Richard has taken down his profile, but I did manage to download before he did. Richard stated he was in New York for the holidays with his daughter Samantha age 20 and a college student in the UK. Suddenly he was being whisked away to Cape Town, S. Africa due to an unfinished abandoned road project near the FIFO Soccer field. Within days he was robbed of all legal documents, phone, laptop, IPad and needed replacements to continue working on a $6 million dollar project that should last 4-6weeks. He continually contacts me through email asking for money as he has not been able to secure his finances from South Africa. Yelling at me on the phone to send technology items, I agreed to send an IPad and phone valued at $1,700 including shipping. A great learning experience for a newly divorced woman, but it made me wiser. Richard calls without leaving a message, and yells at me when I do answer the call. I googled a portion of his first contact letter and bingo?Up came the letter from Kevin, only difference was the dollar figure of the project.
First name: LEROY
Last name: PETRY
Age: 34
On websites: yahoo messenger,skype
Report: sgt leroy petry contacted thru skype,we have been chatting for over 12 mths,he said that he needed help getting a trunk out of afghanistan , where he was based, it was to be sent to ghana,the amount is huge and always monthly ,now i hear from him about once a week , still asking for money
First name: david
Last name: beltrano
Age: 52-56
Location: accra
Phone: 708-680-7722, 215-693-4647, 386-256-0209
On websites:
Report: he scammed me for about $300,000.00, I was a fool I thought he loved me and was working in accra, then coming home to marry me. I guess it was my fault for sending the money but, I thought it was real even though everyone told me, I just wanted to believe. I hope the will just help others not fall for the same thing I fell for
First name: Thomas
Last name: Bruno
Age: 60
Location: Roanoke, Virginia
Phone: 2347065887827 or 1-8284920098 or 440-941-5730
On websites: connecting
Report: He is supposed to be a Contractor building Log House in Nigeria, and he now he need money to pay the Custom to have his merchandise. SCAMMERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS
First name: jason
Last name: grose
Age: 53
Location: aghaganistan
On websites: zorpia
Report: we been chatting for a month already.he told me he send painting.and he put a money inside the package.i refuses.according to him he send the package thru the red cross officer.the package went tru london to a company name globe express srevices.a certain mr.shaun volpe send me a email about the packagethe email add he use is globeexpressservice according to him he is the diplomat corrierr agent assigned in london a series of email i received and asking to pay an amount of950pounds for the registration of a package.and want to send the payment thru money gram and it is on his name.start on that i doubted already.i didnt give any money.i forwarded all the email i received to mr.jason.he told me he will return any amount i pay for the package bec.he is worried about the package..i found that this jason grose has 3 facebook account and all the pic he send to me is on there.
First name: Loren
Last name: Hoffman
Age: 12/4
Location: South Africa
Phone: 277-322-16971
On websites:,
Report: I was contacted by this man last Sept on His profile indicated he lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. We chatted for a few weeks, then he told me he was going to Capetown on a project. He has since scammed money from me. His gmail IP address is 2a00:1450:400c:c00::231
First name: Christopher
Last name: Dawid
Aka: Julianna dawid
Age: 38
Location: Texas,London uk
Phone: 447418478404
On websites: Do not know
Report: Shemale scammer,he poses as a woman and stole her Photos I do not know who she is, I can send a photo of The woman I would like to know who she is it might be The scammers wife he has a woman working with him She called me and talked to me
First name: Mark
Last name: Freda
Age: 53
Location: Dubai
On websites: Zoosk
Report: This man asked me to send him 8000 dollars to help him to cash his 2 million dollars check.
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: LTG James Terry
Age: 2 December 1957
Location: Wiesbaden Germany
Phone: 12848454628
Report: He contacted me on Skype and then we switched over to Yahoo Messenger, have been chatting and mailing for nearly 9 months. He told me he was divorced from his wife. He also requested me to send money the first time to a bank account in Turkey the same I saw on one of the letters to a lady in Germany. Then he promised never to ask for money again. Then he wanted money because he wants to retire from the USA Army. That I was to send to to bank accounts in the USA, one apparently his secretary and now he requested another amount of money because his wife was making trouble. He is pestering me for this money. But luckily I found this page because I could not believe him anymore. He even posted photos of the real General over his photo.
First name: jack
Last name: redd
Age: 54
Location: london,sweden
On websites: facebook
Report: contactied me on Facebook,very smooth,until he began asking for money.Then i found him here.I blocked him amediatly
First name: Henderson
Last name: Murphy
Age: Approx46
Location: Long beach California
Email: Nil
On websites: Facebook
Report: He will be posting his FB with a quite good looking man pic with. 2 daughters. He will say his wife slept with his best friend before and after marriage and he has been divorce for 3 years and now looking for true love. He will start courting you and send you love message thru FB and he even show you his cam but only in the office. He say he is oil gas engineers and want to invest in Dubai. Then he will arrange to visit you. Agent had arrange flight but he will even give u flight no from Long Beach. US airways express. Then he tells you when he will arrive . On the day he will call u and say he has arrive and sound happy but then he say he need to take his luggage. Then he say the name of airport which you can't recognise where Sabah International airport. He will also say he is bring lots of money like 1.3 million for his business in Dubai. Then he call again and say his bag was stop by custom and ask u to help talk to the custom and help him get out from there because he is so tired he is dying. Then he say he has given your phone to custome and she will call you. After that the custome called and say this man doesn't want to let them scan the bags if you want to release this man you have to pay by bank in money to a account then they won't scan the bags and let him have the bags. There is no such things in Malaysia that custom will call you and ask for money to be bank in. Then this man will tell you he don't have credit a card and he has no money with him at all. There is no such things a man with such experience traveling do not bring any money with him and have no credit card. With all this information I do home you women read this especially women in her 40s to 50 s who is not marry. This scammer has no heart they do not care they just want the money. Luckily I had friends so tell me to lay off because is a scam case.
First name: Anthony Lester
Last name: Morgan
Aka: captmorganad
Age: 35
Location: west virginia, usa
On websites: okcupid
Report: Well..... he started so nice and gentle, he was a dreamy guy, but then he started to ask me money, i can send the conversations with him, you can see that i follow the game, till he notice that i wasnt that stupid, so he desapeared and erased his profile from ok cupid
First name: Jimmy
Last name: Kaylor
Aka: walter harrington, kelvin williams, rolland alvin, larry wells, bryan, peter pal, steven mark, raymond smith, billy casey, wood mike, john anold
Age: between 45-54
Location: Ghana
Phone: 1 901 296 0230
On websites: match,facebook,badoo, and a lot more
Report: You will see a full thread of the scammer using this person's pictures on The thread is all the pictures etc...
First name: frank
Last name: powells
Aka: frank daley
Age: 51-52
Location: austrailia
On websites: yes
Report: I met him on as frank powells he wanted me to be his next of kin he wanted me to pay 1400.00. well he showed up on facebook under the name frank daley. same pics that's on things escalated pretty fast. he said he lived in channelview texas. he wanted me to be his wife.this man won't leave me alone. he called all day yesterday demanding I give him money. he said oh I love you.
First name: Victor
Last name: M
Age: 48
Location: UK, Edinborough
On websites: hi5
First name: general david
Last name: petraeus
Age: 61
Location: kabul afganistan,new york,usa
On websites: skype
Report: we met at the skype.Request friend.ship.Apply photos and videos general david petraeus po half of requested transfer boxes to me.Love big,he will live here with me for life.Send documentsUN.Po sending barrister Sanford Watson was to bring boxes diplomat named Jonathan Baily.Talk that everithing is legal.Ale 16000GBP say fees demanded that kabul does not have access to the account i borrowed bank 4500eur but it was little.I send i other4500eur.Did not come nothing then said he comes to christmas,come apparently was operated on the heart again request 1200 dolars to charge hospital.ale i already do not believe.Im writing that i vilt no many erased the photos and blocked skype.Obtain from me 9000 eur.
First name: chris
Last name: brooke
Age: 57
Phone: unknown+60163748352
On websites: skype facebook yahoo
Report: Say he is from Tasmanien but live in england now, Work for a contract in Malaysia there he vave build a shopping centre, He been in a car accident and need hospital help. Say he dont can reach his contractmoney before he can pay tax on his money.
First name: Richard
Last name: Ramero
Age: 49
Location: USA Indianapolis IN
On websites: Chemistry
Report: He will also send photos of him and a young boy he says is his son.
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Age: 55
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: BBPeopleMeett
Report: He introduced himself to me last night as a Sargent First Class in the Army. He has been in Afghanistan for 2 years and has 3 months remaining before he can retire. His son Lucas is living with a nanny in Africa since his wife died 5 years ago after a long battle of cancer. His parents died 3 years ago. There were many red flags and I baited him as much as possible. His math was a little off. He has been in the Army for 25 years, is 55 years old and was 20 when he joined. He talked a lot about church and God, trust and integrity. Last night when we were on Yahoo Messenger, he told me Church Service was 8 pm today and he was on duty at midnight tonight. When asked today when he had to work it was 1 am, but at 2 am his time, he came back online to talk to me. He was supposed to spend most of his day today on messenger with his son. That didn't happen because he was very attentive to me. He cooked dinner for himself....that didn't fit. Of course, not everyone has a stove....that is what he told me when I asked. Too many red flags. I googled his name and then his son's. There was a picture of the same person in the picture I received last night. Once I found that, I deleted him from my messenger and am finished with him.
First name: Welch
Last name: Campbell
Age: 47
Location: Millersville,Maryland 21108
Address: 1175 Gold finch lane
On websites: Hi5,Badoo
Report: He is working with a David Dombrow, he has been in Nigeria,Maryland,Saudi Arabia. Major scam he scammed me for over 20,000. And he got me for 900.00.
First name: eddie
Last name: Stuart
Aka: Jeffery Richards
Age: 51
Location: nigeria
Phone: 13122059443
Email: jefferyrichards85@yahoo,com
On websites:
Report: He is not who he says he is just looking for money. and romance, he is a big lairer
First name: Cliff
Last name: Malloy
Aka: Larry Jones
Age: 48
Location: Accra, Ghana
Address: 164 East Legon Road, Accra Ghana
Phone: 011233268064082
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man here meet me on this Website
First name: Richy
Last name: Romero
Aka: Brian
Age: 48
Location: Janesville, WI
Phone: 3235948451
On websites: eharmony
Report: Too good to be true. Had only been chatting with him for a couple weeks and he wanted me to go with him to Spain on a business trip in a couple months. He was very willing and encouraged me to video chat with him to prove that he was who he said he was...being the same guy in the photos he sent and the same guy pictured in the profile. This was after I said I need some proof he was not a scammer. I did not video chat with him. He was very willing to come and meet me in person. He just needed to know where and when. I was also given the story about his 9-year-old son living in UK but nothing about him being sick or ill. He talks a lot about working for Turner Construction and SEARs in the engineering field. He also stated that he had his own company, consulting at one point, knightings247. He sends pictures from I finally received an email from eharmony stating that his profile activity was suspicious. I did some more checking and found him already listed on this site.