First name: Georg
Last name: Williams
Aka: Dirk Sabastian, Henry Morgan, Henry Morgan
Age: 58
Location: ghana, U.K.
On websites: be2, facebook
Report: I got contacted by this man through a contact servise at the beginning of year 2014, said he was living in U.K.Introdused himself as Dirk Sabastian 58 years old, wife died of cancer 11 years ago, no children. Went to Ghana to buy diamonds in the beginning of feb. has money problems and wants me to send money. Says he has never been as much in love as what he is with me, can't live without me, wants to spend the rest of his life with me,e.t.c. Speaks with an African, South American accent, shows his face while talking on Skype, writes poorly English, does not answer many questions, more busy talking about love.TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL TIMES. Can also hear a child in the background when talking from Ghana.
First name: Alexanda
Last name: Finn
Aka: Charles Preston
Age: 56
Location: USA, Oakland
Phone: +12134162425,+14065451990
On websites: Facebook
Report: His story from private Facebook messages: Its good to always be happy because i just noticed your smile and it cut my eyes as i was on facebook here Yes i live at United States of America but am a citizen of Switzerland but i have been living in United States for over 12 years now and also lived at London,and Zurich but am still looking for a good and nice country to settle down and live a happy life. Well i came across your profile as i was searching for one of my workers who go deported from United States,i lost her contact,so as i was typing her name,yours appeared too because she bears the same name with you. Well i am 56 years old and i have only one child and her name is Sharon,she is 22 years old and she studies medicine in school because she wants to be a medical doctor in future m opening a new art gallery here at Oakland maybe in 2 months time but they have already started working at the site And i love art works too so so much and you? No i dont have a partner,am widowed and this was 5 years ago,i was ones a married man but i lost my late wife,through cancer of the lungs because she smokes so badly and she only had 6 months to live I and my daughter was watching my wife and her mother,counting days and nights,waiting for when she will be gone and finally when it was told,God took her away from us 5 years ago So every since then,i have been all alone,taking care of my daughter all to myself but we have a family maid at home My daughter lives at boarding school but she comes home ones in every 2 weeks to spend weekend with me and go back to school All the way,day and night,am always lonely,and i hate myself for that because its not good to be lonely at this age There was a time i use to go to work at 7:00 am in the morning do you know why? Because of Loneliness My formal neighbor,her children likes me and my daughter so much and they use our house,like their second home,sometimes,they sleep over because we all felt like family but when they moved to Philadelphia last year,everything changed yes i have 2 dogs,one for me and the other is for my daughter We bought it as a gift for each other on our way back from Miami last year My daughter likes pets,they day she lives for school her dog wants to go with her,but the maid will not allow her,Their names are Buffy and Bedsy Buffy is color white and Bedsy brown and white too My birthday is also coming on April 22nd,last year i celebrated it all alone because my daughter travelled to London to visit my relations there but this year,we will celebrate it together,i plan on taking her to Miami beach,so we can spend time all alone to ourselves.
First name: chris
Last name: jackson
Age: 50
Location: syria (says he is in Toronto Canada)
On websites: skype
Report: Says he is in Syria, is a dentist, went to Stamford and a few other universities in the US. Has a 14 yr old son who is in military school in the UK. The wife was killed in a plane crash. He is now in Syria working as a medical doctor under contract for the government but is returning to Toronto Canada when his contract is up. He was using all these romantic paragraphs during out conversations, I happened to plug one of them into Google search and sure enough he has copied all of them off other websites...took him off my Skype.
First name: James
Last name: Muller
Age: 52
Location: San Antonio/Nigera/Kenya
Phone: 210-900-2574
On websites: AYI
Report: Posing as Draymond on AYI site age 48. This is an African guy pretending to be white. Want to use Yahoo Messenger and will email you on your email account. He uses Keep records to review later for accuracy. Sent pictures of him and his daughter on the beach and several others as a white guy. He almost immediately asked for money. Said he is special forces and was deployed to Kenya. I checked with someone I know in the Army and they said the rank didn't match the person I described. Also said he was caught spying and they beat up and he needed money to get out. When that didn't work he asked if I would open a Frost account so he could send money to me or if I trusted him with my information. After this went on a little while I finally told him I needed either face time with him or needed to speak with him by phone. He didn't want to do either said he didn't have the ability to do a web chat but could view me on his end. After I insisted he called briefly trying to disguise his voice and immediately I knew he was posing as a different person. He really isn't all that smooth if you really listen to the conversation ladies. If it sound stupid it probably is. Don't be fooled. Always ask for face time and even to meet at a neutral location. Never go with email alone. Be smart.
First name: David
Last name: Miller
Aka: Eric
Age: 49
Location: Afghanistan, Kabul
On websites: Target
Report: He contacted me looking for a serious relationship I had decide to check on this person because he didn't sound to normal and the picture matches with the one he had send me.
First name: justin
Last name: miller
Age: 41
Location: west africa nigeria
Phone: 203-491-0446
On websites: zoosk
Report: I found a report on him in this site with the name Steve before this one. He said he was in Africa and after selling his late father company he Will return, we started to talk via email and then texting, I a report on him in this site, he said he was looking for a soulmate and that he felt it was me, send me beautiful love email about four of them, he sign stay blessed
First name: Audie
Last name: Ogden
Age: 58
Location: Biloxi, MS. Grand Bay, AL. Slidell, LA. Vittsburg, MS. Montplier, Ohio
Email: oaudie or Audie Ogden
On websites: Christain Mingle, POF, meetme, Zoosk, match,
Report: I have spoke to 56 other women in the past 4 days and my heart bleeds for them. He is a wanted man in the state of Ohio, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, and Ms., for theft, bad checks, prohibited acts pawnbroker, and failure to appear in all states plus felony charges in the 4th, 5th and 6th degree. He has scammed a lot of these women for 100's, 1000's & 10,000.00's dollars!!!! So far I have spoke to wife number 8. Yes I dated him but was very fortunate that I found out this info before he could take from me!!! He is homeless, has no vehicle and preys on women to take care of him and they let him use there car to go to work out of town (NO WORK) and all he does is go to visit other women from what ever sight he uses at the time, to set up his new victim.
First name: Anton
Last name: Ferdinanad
Age: 57
Location: Clarinda, Australia
On websites: Dating for Seniors
Report: He claimed he is self employed on his profile. In one of his e-mails, he specified he is a Civil Engineer with an MBA in project management. He also had, according to him a Diploma in Architecture specialized in Industrial Design, very impressive attainment. His nationality is, according to him, Germany, yes this is the information he gave me but he is working in Perth, Australia. His wife died and had been lonely and looking for a partner. I specifically told him I was not into looking for a relationship but I was just offering him my condolences. Although I am new to dating on line out of curiosity, I have been very careful about being duped into giving a stranger my money. I am a very happy single enjoying life to the fullest and a scammer will find it difficult to convince me otherwise that he is starving and has no money to buy food. I would rather give my hard earned money to the food bank that is in my community. After two weeks exchanging e-mails to each other, he professed I was the woman he was looking for and wanted me to commit to him to start a long distance relationship. My response to him was, let's with a web cam so I could see the person that I was going to have a long distance relationship but he was very reluctant to agree with this terms. he said we had to continue talking through Yahoo IM and if everything fits in the right places, a meeting was inevitable. I told him no cam no chat and I haven't heard from him since. I have encountered another three of his kind so far which I will be providing their names so others will be alerted.
First name: Mark Raymond
Last name: Bello
Aka: Raymond MacBello
Age: 54
Location: Nigeria
Address: Austin, Texas
Phone: 512 765 5074
On websites: Facebook;
Report: I no longer have E Mails he sent me as I have already deleted them. There is an E Mail under the name of Raymond Mark sent to a girl in U S that is exactly word for word of one he sent me. I am sorry but I have already deleted all E Mails from him. We have been E Mailing since 7/13. I no longer am falling for his crap--he asked me for $13,000 to help him fix his crane on the oil rig in Nigeria--needless to say, I did not send it. He now wants me to accept money that is owed him and send it on to Nigeria by wire transfer. I refused to do this also. I really don't know why he continues to text me as he knows I am not going to do any of this. He really needs to be stopped before someone else gets hurt. I think this is the same person as you have listed as Raymond Mark. I have no way to send you a letter or picture as I just have an I Pad and I don't care about the free month. I just want you to have his name so he can be stopped.
First name: Andrew
Last name: Becker
Aka: Andy Becker
Age: 45
Location: Hawk Point MO, USA
Address: PO Box 12
Phone: 636 338 4440
On websites: Second Life, hi5, Yahoo, Facebook
Report: He has accounts on social media but the many accounts he has is in Second Life. he goes by inportguy Resident, and EricStar134 Resident . He find women and tell you a sob story that he has riches, looking for a woman to share his life with, uses his 1 son to talk to you, asking can you be by Mom. He says he will be up to move you down to be with him, meet his mom and has a ring waiting for you, he comes from a Southern family and claims he was in the military had decorative honors and has disabilities, is getting a house built for you and you will have a great life and he will pay for everything but can you send him pics and little things first. It will drag on for 1- 2 years till you find out you and 8 other women have been played.
First name: Roland
Last name: Romney
Aka: Isacc Essuman
Age: 57
Location: Ghana
Address: 4th Norta St Coffee Shop, Labone, Accra-Ghana
Phone: 0546789503
Report: I have all the information he sent to me all the forms, ring pictures, lawyer papers, all bogus. Letters he wrote to me. Inspector general paperwork and official documents signed by Steve Felllenagn (?) other phone numbers +233574374829 fax: +233302780536 email address I sent him money once and that was it. He even sent me flowers from 480-649-5504
First name: James
Last name: Will
Aka: Michael Wilson
Age: 46
Location: Bakersfield California
On websites:
Report: On Mar 8, 2014, at 10:27 PM, james will wrote: hello how are you doing? i feel happy reading from you each time i see your mail and again i want to say big thank you for wanting us to keep the communication going. As i have told you that i will take my time to tell you more about my self when am a bit settled here in UK...Let me do some introduction of myself, I am Italian/Australian, Dad (Italian) Mom (Australian). I am the only child of my parents. I grew up in the Beautiful city of Australia some say it's the City of 'Love'. And also i spent some of my youth growing up in New South Wales (Australia). I attended the University there, were i obtained a Degree in (Biochemical engineering) and a Master?s degree in (Environmental Science). I have my own Business which am the Managing Director, my Firm is an Environmental based which specializes in Keeping the Environment clean and safe, our major work is based in cleaning up oil spills in the oil rigs, our clients are large oil companies, like Shell, Chevron, Texaco and Elf, we have experienced expertise to deal with any spill related issues. My firm also run Local environmental Services for states and local communities, such as insect and pest control and related issues. I recently got a contract with Chevron Oil Company to clean up an oil Spill in the Trans Ocean in London which i told you am in UK for, it?s nice to be back to work after 3 years of absence raising my daughter. I am a professional at work and a good dad at home, my daughter says 'am the best daddy in the world':). Since my wife passed on, i have not worked, i have dedicated the past 3 years in raising my daughter to be a wonderful person. For me, family comes first, her mom would do the same thing for her if i was not around anymore, I am a single dad now, been for 3 years now. I lost her mom to a Car accident 3 years ago in Padova. After her mom's passing, life in Padova (Padua) did not remain the same, finally we decided to move on with life, my best friend Jimmy advised that i move to the US, to have a new life and start all over, we thought about it and decided it?s a good thing. We are very happy with life now and I am ready to try to date again now, with the right woman and fall in love again. My daughter (Anna) is a very sweet and special girl, she speaks 3 languages frequently, (English, French) Her English is not really very good, but she?s doing real good now, am proud of her, she makes all A's in maths and arithmetical related subjects. Do have a wonderful time and God bless you....hoping to hear from you soon
First name: John
Last name: Roddy
Age: 40
Location: Dublin Ireland
Phone: 353899525665
On websites: Skype, senior dating, Facebook, vivastreet, craigslist, badoo, Bebo, wayn, hookup, every single dati
Report: John Roddy from Dublin Ireland is a verified blackmail/Romance scammer with a criminal history in his?country. You can find him by doing a google search of his current phone number 353899525665 on google. It took me 6 months to find this out. I did not want anyone to fall victim to his scam.? He targets men and women of all ages worldwide. He is 5'11, black hair, hazel eyes, regular build, cleans windows and is on public welfare. Lures and then robs his local victims according to him.
First name: Onyeka osita
Last name: Dibua
Aka: Lawrence dibua, onix, osita onyeka, onyekachukwu dimma
Age: 28
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Address: Awka, anambra state, Nigeria
On websites: Face book
Report: I met onyeka online in September 2011, on facebok. We became good friends, then lovers. Onyeka begged me to come to my country but he cudnt raise the money. I have so far gotten 3 visas for onyeka, everytime he is about to get his docs finalized, it's always something or the other. Yet, repeatedly, he request money, he is not working, just stay at friends house he said. Over the two and half years I knew him, life has always been a roller coaster cos he lies about every single thing. Now I was introduced to his sister, Doris o. Dibua, when she sent me a message accepting me to the family as he agreed and so the finally approved that he was going to come to. My country and we will get married. All is hunky Doris, until I get this message from a woman claim Ed to be be his wife, Chidimma Vivian Harrison, aka Chidimma akafor, Chidimma, Harrison, and a number of othe rallies. I swear if I have to put all the incidences down, this gonna be a real big I will tell you the ending...I reported onyeka as a scammer last year when I realized that's all he wanted from me was money. Notwithstanding that, he still begged me cos he wants to prove he ain't no scammer...well, once agin, onyeka is back in my life, stupid ass me...he is begging me for $1900 usd to get his new passport etched so he finally gonna go me to me. On the eve of me sending him the money, I got this message from his wife Chidimma, she said that you are a big fool, that they all lied, sister, mother, father, never one to none of them, it's fake people...I men two and half years! All this onyeka is denying, and so is his sister. Even his father, an ex top cop in Nigerian, have the nerves to lie to me. The parents, Lawrence and Josephine dibua, the brother , nnamdi, chinedu and chijoke dibua, all said their brother was so devoted and in love, yet he lives I. Lagos with his wife and only swindling me for money. I can provide you with all details even his bank account number. This scammer has to be stopped as you cannot go into people and mess up their lives like that.
First name: james
Last name: freed
Aka: Richard Colins Bill Hamphrey jeffrey walter
Age: 49-55
Location: Dallas, Brisbane Australia,
Phone: 2146008796
On websites: pof zoosk facebook
Report: I was contacted thru POF in early Feb.
First name: stephen
Last name: sami
Aka: stephen sami casper
Age: 48
Location: USA
Phone: +13236389588
On websites:
Report: I just want to know if he is a scammer or not, he wanted me 2 be his business partner. it looks like 2 good 2 be true. so i just need ur help 2 find out
First name: Calvin
Last name: Dean
Age: 58
Location: kabul afghanistan
Email: calvin. dean95@yahoo or
Report: Yes, I started asking me to send money to him
First name: Michael
Last name: Carroll
Aka: Leo, Daniel Reid
Age: 46
Location: London UK
On websites:
Report: He has new name under Scott Anderson and Profile Pictures to submit of him. He has sent me his info via my bogus email address.
First name: Louis
Last name: Percival
Age: 45
Location: United kingdom
Address: unknown#25 guinness road transford park manchester cityM,71SD United kingdom
Phone: unknown+447624054623
Email: Louis Prcival@
On websites:
Report: I meet him in a dating site. & after that, he ssk me to go off in that dating site. & we chat on his while i am using my gmail. Then, after how many days, he told me. He wants to buy a condo unit here. In philippines. He wants me to go out & find a condo unit. For us. For him & for me & for her mother. Who wil come with him. For a vacation. & wants to talk about our marriege. He want me to find a condo unit with 3 bedrooms. One bedrom, he said for our guest. After that, he ask my bank account number, my valid i d's he ask me to send to him by email. For he will send me money for the condo. Knowing that he s a scammers, i send him my bsnk aacount number. My 3 id's. Valid i d's & all the requirements for the condo unit. Because her other wants to see the documents to be submiied. After sending all the documents he ask me to send my photos to him. As her mother want to see me. Then after this, he send me photos of a suitcase which a lot of money inside. & he give me the password to open it. When arrived here in my place. Thru
First name: Dennis
Last name: Osten
Aka: Marten Lauris,Craig Hatten,Richard Ranbebe,Roderick Hakan
Age: between 48 and 52
Location: Ghana Accra, UK Fulhan, SA Pretoria
Phone: 2348160232379
On websites: facebook
Report: I am already a free member as of yesterday, my story is that in the time between telling my pre vious stoiry and now, dennis change his profile picture as well as Marten but both profiles are still the same info, I save the pictures before I messages them, saked if they ever think of the heartach they cause! I was block from both if their facebook! Where can I send the images to protected other women! Dennis is really good in what he do, he was never abusive towards me, but hope you find him and put him where he should be, in jail.
First name: Gregory
Last name: Bergmann
Age: 53
Location: Johannesburg South Africa
Address: Gauteng Zip Code 2001
Phone: 2819949157, 7206630317
On websites:
Report: oh this guy is crazy....he started by telling me about his all sounded so romantic and real. I was late to respond to him, then when I finally did he jumped in. He plays on your weakness and definitely tells you what he thinks you want to hear. This guy was telling me he loved me very soon and we had never met. Then he sends me this grand Valentines Day gift, and I was like WOW. Then I let my guard down. I was supposed have picked him and his son up from the airport March 2nd, I had the itinerary and everything. Then I get an email from him on Feb. 27th that he had an accident at work and 4 men were badly hurt and taken to the hospital and 1 was dead. I cried and cried. So the trip home was postponed. We continued to talk and communicate via email and text, and then he asks for money ($2,000) for the family of the deceased. At first I tell him I can't, but then he tells me that he will pay me back when he gets to Houston So I decide ok. I call a bank and they are like, NO 99% they are sure it is a scam. I decide to google his phone number and that is how I found he was already reported on this site. WOW!
First name: richard
Last name: noah
Age: 59
Location: VA
Address: 5723 Woodbine Ct
Phone: 540-693-6768
On websites: unknow
Report: He contacted me through Christian mingle.
First name: Kyle
Last name: Arthur
Age: 53
Location: Dallas, Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: 913 912 3577, 613 917 6468, 011 27 74 296 7127,
On websites:
Report: Just after Thanksgiving I was contacted by a lady that said she was a friend of Kyle's and that he had saw my picture and wanted to see if we could talk. We did, he quickly started sending me beautiful poems and telling me very soon after that that he was in love with me. He said that he had to make a trip to Africa for work. After awhile he contacted me and said that was a bad accident on the job site. He said that he worked on a large off shore drill rig and there was an explosion. He went on to say that One man had been killed and two were hurt very bad. Due this he said that the job was going to take much longer than he thought and that he needed money for some type of equipment. At the same time I had to make a trip to see family and he kept telling me not to say anything to them about his problems. Once I got home he then said unless he got $10,000 - $50,000 he would be in breech on contract and he would lose the contract. He knew I was selling my home and kept asking me for at lest $10,000. Once I did sell the pressure got very heavy from him. At one point I did tell him I would send the $10,000 he gave me the account information and told me what to say if ask why I was sending it. He wanted me to tell them it was for my sister who needed help. That plan fell through he then wanted me to send a money gram in two different people's name. This is a very slick guy and has a way of talking you into doing almost anything.
First name: thomas
Last name: jamrosik
Age: 32
Location: France
On websites:
Report: This guy, use his charming for seduce woman in internet. After ask you pictures XXX and put your images on internet. Wants money. He could be use like a hook his son. He is a kid with 6 years beware!! Usa alias: thomas jamrosik, julien hourdequin, julek plaska, jamrosik julek
First name: Sam
Last name: Neill
Age: 60
Location: Cherokee,
On websites:
Report: I met him on Match. He stated emailing and had me go to another site. Next, he says in in Malaysia doing construction on a major bridge. It appears that as he writes he is using a translator. His grammar and use of verbs and pronouns are very different than his profile. He indicates now that he is ready to return in one message a couple of weeks and the next four weeks. He doesn't answer questions but says he has a 20 year old son who he spends weekends with; however, he had a picture of a little boy about 4 or 5 who is suppose to be the grandson. He said he loved the beach and talked about Knoxville,TN in reference to the beach. Since I once lived there, I know that you can't get to the beach in less than 6 1/2 hours from Knoxville. He has mixed his messages with the use of daughter rather than son on one email. He asks a lot of questions including if I am financially stable. I have reported him to match and he isn't showing up used the name of heartofjonesvill. He didn't write for a couple of days when I really questioned him. He can't tell me his construction company's name, or anything specific about Cherokee, NC. I have been there as well. He hasn't asked for money yet but I confident that someway down the road it would come up. He used the story of his wife died and the grandmother raised him and she was Germany so his language wasn't as good as most would be.
First name: Donovan
Last name: Fredrick
Aka: Fredrick Donovan
Age: 53
Location: Duncan, BC, Canada and Cranbrook, BC, Canada and Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: 905349102603
On websites: and
Report: This guy claims to live in Duncan, BC, Canada, then he says that he is working in Cranbrook, BC., Canada, then he had to travel to Istanbul, Turkey to work on a yacht that he had repaired in Canada that was still leaking. He then says that the owner of the yacht won't pay for his ticket back to Canada and he only has $700 US...he wants to borrow $1,300 US to get a ticket home. He becomes very aggressive and mean-spirited when called out....supplied a fake passport which he got off of the internet.
First name: Carlos
Last name: Pilor
Age: 46
Location: from Italy but works in Baghdad
On websites: Facebook
Report: So a close friend of mine told me about this guy Carlos on her Facebook who kept sending her messages. Initially she ignored them but because she's a lonely person and (I'll say this honestly), she never gets attention from guys really, she started corresponding with him. He told her his wife died in a car accident, he has a daughter at boarding school (10 years old) and that he was an orthopedic surgeon working in Baghdad. He wasted no time in telling her he loved her and wanted to marry her. Even calling her
First name: Richard
Last name: Ray
Age: 56
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Match
Report: He wanted me to give my address so that somebody could bring me 1.5 million he received for a job in Afghanistan... He had a daughter named Joan... His wife died 4 years ago He wanted to move to Denmark when he retired ... I did not fall for any of a mail that he got home safely And the language was very bad...
First name: edgar
Last name: sey
Age: 65
Location: Ghana
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: This man is asking for money. He says he is in London now but not sure. I have been in contact with him for a while now and he is getting aggressive because I don't do what he asked.
First name: Michael
Last name: Barbero
Age: 51
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
Phone: 2532546793
On websites: Facebook, IM's
Report: Romances, then asks for money to be sent to Europe courier in only three days! Says to keep package for him, he'll be back in Virginia in end of March. Claims separated on Facebook, but widowed in letters. Says he has young daughter at home and two married daughter's.