First name: Leon
Last name: Theron
Aka: or Leui Rafael
Age: 49
Location: San Jose CA
On websites: deleted profile Par Perfeito or
Report: I found this person profile on Pigbusters as been Timo Ambrus from Malaysia. His Story is always the same, he already used the name Manuel, Leui Rafael, Leon Theron What a day yesterday. Experienced giving food bags to homeless in front of a shelter and had a conversation with them, Anyway thank you very much for the note, I do appreciate it and i am willing to know you more good and better. I'm big believer in what is worth doing at all is worth doing well and wouldn't spend a second of my time on anything that doesnt interest me.. I say what needs to be said and don't stew up on things
First name: John
Last name: Green
Aka: John / Peter
Age: 49 / 6 years old
Location: Reston Virginia
Phone: +2348112252101
On websites:
Report: i met this guy online via and he was sending email to me each day. at first i was so excited but still i don't know what to do... it's so good to be true... and i suspected him because he was telling me that he has a son who's in africa... same scenario... so i ask my friend to check this guy then i found out that this guy is a real scammers...good thing i found your website before it's too late...
First name: Rob
Last name: Frank
Age: 47
Location: Ireland Dublin
Phone: +447873699250
On websites: fb
Report: Is it ture??? Former one with exactly the same ... I know? But i was not just money making I am sure he ... He really is a liar? I almost like him ... I can't believe?I'm so said know that?
First name: Alexander Eric
Last name: Monti
Age: 47
Location: Afghanistan Kabul
On websites: Badoo
Report: Now he is in Kabul were he is Sgt. Monti. m I have meet him on Badoo. It's a dating side. Now he will come to Denmark, and I shall paid all the fees, so he can come to visit me. He cut staid whit me as long as he will. I meet him in januray 2014. We have been together on facebook and gmail. Stay a way from him.
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: john mills
Age: 60
Location: Butler USA
On websites: SKYPE
Report: Using yhoo messenger and skype. Says he is an Admiral onboard a submarine outside Syria on peacekeeping mission.
First name: Fredrik
Last name: Normann
Aka: Fredrick Norman
Age: 46
Location: Norway
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: I was unable to send 20K so he sent me so long letter and then showed active or available on Yahoo messenger during normal day hours. He also included another picture ..
First name: John
Last name: Ashley
Age: 47
Location: Malaysia,sarawak,punang
Email: and,
On websites:
Report: person who called himself John Ashley , Who was willling to convert and become muslim so as we can marry . He asked me to switched off my Muslima profile so that we can start to know each other. at first he was like normal people when they start to know each other but later on he told me he loved me and he said he is living in malaysia at the moment as he is working as project manager for couple of months and soon he will be returning to United Kingdon to marry. He started to communicating after few weeks later. at first i suspected something. this person didnt sound as scottish as he had african accent and then i asked him why his accent didnt sound scottish then he replied that he was raised norway. H ealso introduced me to his mom , his mom also sounded nigerian but still i was convinced that he was genuine person.Recently he called me and he said he lost his wallet and he was so sad . and i felt sorry so i send him some money ?250 at first he asked me 500 but i suspect him so i reluctantly gave him for that amount using western union. Few days later he told me he is finishing his contract and he will be coming home soon. on the day he was finishing his contract he told me he needs to pay tax bill before his funds could be released , that was when i realised that this person is trying to conned me. please .If your members are being contacted by a mobile with a +4470 +4475 or a +6010 or +6013 prefix, it is probably scammer. These are the prefixes used by scammers in the UK and Malaysia at the moment. And these scammers work in teams. My scammer is still using number +6014 771 3775 Remember: I never thought that one day someone can do that to me.
First name: james
Last name: earl
Aka: Miljal, Miljal678
Age: 48
Location: Finland, Espoo
On websites:
Report: While browsing your site I found a familiar face that has contacted me on by sending a message. His username on match is miljal678 and signed his message with Miljal. His photo in the profile is the exact same as James Earl?s photo. I haven?t answered his message at all.
First name: Jeffery
Last name: Hubbard
Aka: Jeff
Age: 49 or 43
Location: Finland Aanekoivisto, Turkey Northern Cyprus, Australia Adeleide or Melbourne
Phone: +905338225840
On websites:
Report: He initiated the contact by mail on We corresponed for 4 weeks of which the first week on and 3 weeks by email. I wondered why he sometimes wrote so bad english for an australian, but thought he just were so busy writing. There were also some gaps in his story and he tried to avoid answering my direct questions. Sometimes it seemed as he did not understand everything I wrote. The photos of his daughter and her grandmother bothered me too because the woman on the photo was too young in comparison to his story. When he called me he didn?t sound australian at all, but more like an african. Finally he requested money in order to pay off his workmen. He told about a construction site on Northern Cyprus where he was the constructor. The job would be finnished in the end of the week, but now his workmen refused to finnish up the work because they had not been payed in a while. He would pay me back straight when the job was finnished and he would get the money for the finnished contract. He said he needed 5000EUR altogether and that he had only 3000 and wanted me to send him the missing 2000EUR. Then I got sure about him beeing a scammer so I just sent one message where i said I dont have the money. He then offered to fax me the page from his passport. He tried to call and text me and sent email after that but I did not answer anymore. The same night his profile texts were changed and the pictures on the daite-site were deleted. In the altered profile he had grown shorter and younger and the hair had changed from white to brown etc. I reported the profile to but they have not deleted it yet.
First name: jan
Last name: morris
Age: unknown
Location: nigeria, south carolina
On websites:
Report: This person has attracted my elderly mother and now is requesting money to be sent to a capital one bank account so he can pay off his retirement dues, retire and fly to texas to be with my mother. She is committed to meeting him and not being lonely anymore. He inadvertently sent the same letter destined for another woman and my mother just said
First name: James
Last name: Underwood
Age: 38
Location: Afghanistan, Kabul
Phone: 1-321-285-6051
On websites: Zoosk
Report: James introduced himself to me on zoosk, but immediately noticed a problem As per usual he wanted to meet and marry ASAP - red flag! Plus he speaks Broken English a bit, he can't take pics where he's at Because of security, right( I was trying to catch him in a lie) won't give out his physical Address, or any other info besides he's a sgt and has a little boy who is supposedly 4-5 His wife died in car crash years ago but won't say what year. Or her name. It's all very odd and huge red flag are telling me to Just get rid of him but not before asking me for plane fare to Fly home and see his boy and mom( btw mom didn't have a name just 2 different pics) Plus he was suppose to be coming home in a month but suddenly chgd to being sent to my state and being Stationed here at one of our bases.
First name: terry
Last name: andersiso
Age: 56
Location: winnipeg manitoba canada
Phone: unknown204-809-8491
On websites:
Report: He said he tried match (user name 1 month and it was ending, so I should send him my email address. I didn't have a good feeling, but I threw caution to the wind. He emailed me with his real name and the first thing I did was google his name, and the scammer profile came up..I thought maybe a mistake, but SAME email I wrote to're a scammer. I will send info to the police to follow up. YUK He did not ask me for money..I cut the communication once I saw the report he was a scammer.Thank goodness for the web site. Thanks! The only photo I know of is the one on the web site
First name: fabio
Last name: pablo
Age: 50
Location: Hawaii, USA
On websites: zoosk
Report: Sending dreamy scenarios, widowed, personal pictures, life of homes in Europe (no mention of Hawaii home), Celine Dion video, emails that seem to be drafted (lengthy and little answers to questions)
First name: Christopher
Last name: Smith
Aka: John Morrison
Age: 52
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: He introduced himself as John Morrison and is in Kabul on a peace keeping mission. He said he is retiring soon and has a son studying in Ghana specializing in golds and diamonds named Michael.
First name: George
Last name: Summer
Aka: Heinrich Jake, Frank Meadow der Zweite
Age: 51
Location: New York, USA
Phone: +44701113 5511 +233276890534
Email:; ; skype:frank.m101 + heinrich.9
On websites: Topface
Report: He contacted me on Topface. As I checked him up on different anti-scam sites and found him there under different names I did not continue the contact with him.
First name: Basten
Last name: Boadu
Aka: Richard Robertson
Age: 53
Location: Accra Ghana Miami Florida
Phone: 00447024019761
On websites: facebook and skype
Report: This guy made friend with me on facebook.Then moving to skype.He said he came from Miami Florida with two kids,his wife died 6 years ago by accident.Now he was working in oil platform in the middle of the sea in UK. His kids with nanny was travelling to Ghana.He asked me to send birthday gifts to kids.And kids also talked to me on phone.Then they gave me urgent situation like daughter was admitted in hospital,stucked in airport... I didnt realize he is a scammer.I lost my money. He was using skype name : richard.robertson301 Phone number in UK : 00447024019761 and kids in Ghana : 00233544065007
First name: lewis
Last name: britz kartel
Aka: gen steve bruno
Age: 54
Location: africia
On websites:
Report: This man tried to scam me out of 2000.00 dollars. tried to sweet talk me said he was a general and in afghanistan working on the peace mission.. what a crock. he tries to use a 15 yr old boy to get money out of woman i don't think is even a son.. ladies watch out for this man he is real good and can be convincing. thank god for this site. i found his about 2 pic;s on here of him and he also has a facebook page with the same user name. this man contacted me on skype and then insisted i don't use my skype anymore.he asked for money none stop. it started about 2 weeks after starting to chat with him. he would aske for 2500.00 and then 2000.00 told me who to send it to and were. his english isn't very good. that was the first glue especially when he told me about all the schooling he was suppose to of had. big scammer.. watch out..
First name: George
Last name: Lott
Age: 53
Location: Canada?
On websites: Taged
Report: Her is the e-mail I've got from him: move on in life because clinging to the painful past will surely drag me down. I would like to be very open with you from the start because it means a lot to me, there are some few restrictions with the work I do for living but being open with you is the best. I deal in Excavator Bulldozer Loader Backhoe Loader Light Towers,Portable Light Rigid Frame Trucks which i work with companies in Europe and Japan as well, I really do a lot of traveling due to my work and its quiet interesting.I hope you know how such a job entails so please don't worry much if I don't disclose much to you. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and a law degree, both from the University of California. Just a brief story about Job, I started my agency career as an analyst tracking international energy issues and subsequently worked for 14 years as an analyst and manager in Eastern Asia. I also has served as a Presidential briefer, as chief of the staff that produces the President?s Daily Brief and as an executive assistant to the DCI George J. Tenet. From 2003 until 2006 back home. I will hold it here and I promise to continue when we get to know each other the more. My hobbies and interests include music (jazz, pop, classical , opera, old rock and soul), movies, reading, traveling, quiet moments, romantic times, seeing the sunset, nature, rain, and all the simple things in life. I miss the quite moments with a loved one: laughing, talking, listening, touching, affection, physical closeness, warmth and support. I am a good listener and am a dedicated partner and believe successful relationships are based on developing and nurturing respect for each other. Both parties need to work hard to deserve and earn that respect. I also enjoy playing golf, playing tennis and swimming. An honest, understanding and loving lady is all am after in life now. I am not giving up though and who knows maybe in time I will meet someone with whom wants a meaningful, serious, intense relationship of love, devotion and loyalty forever from the day the commitment is made. I own three houses,1 in Hamburg . I hope much has been said about myself and I would love to know a little more about you. Do you have an Instant messenger like aim installed on your PC? If yes, then we can have a word or two online in your free time today. My son helped me set one up last 2 months, children of today might not even know how to write and post a letter because of emailing ... ha ha ha. I'm talking much and and in other not to get boring , i will send it all here .. In the interim if you wish to communicate with me further then feel free and ask me any question because that is the best way to know each other better .. Take care and hoping to hear from you soon. Enjoy your day with much care. Best Wishes George Lottxx P.S Install instant messenger so we can chat ok.. like yahoo or skype..
First name: Jacob
Last name: Coleman
Aka: Jake
Age: 61
Location: Syria but claims home is cardiff by the sea
On websites: OK cup
Report: Professes lost both wife and mother in 2004 and lost father when he was 18. Dual citizenship with England and US as his mother was English his father American. In Syria for the past 3 months then coming home to Cardiff by the Sea, CA to retire seeking marriage and has 17 year old son named Vin short for Vincent. Professes he is a MP1 Army Officer with a PHD for 44 years. Will not send you picture unless you give him your email address. Very good write up about himself on OKCupid and emails with great thought. Wants you to use Skype but for some reason his camera isn't working. After 10 days confesses love for you then asked for $2300 to help get his luggage sent to you as it would not pass customs...really!!
First name: ziduane
Aka: lil' hoda
Age: 23
Location: new york,usa
Phone: 1-518-506-1426
On websites: facebook,,,,whatsapp,,,skype
Report: He approached me in a group on Facebook called friends with benefits..,at first he was wanting pictures of me naked and then to Skype him and pose naked..he was being very nice and said nice things...we started talking on whatsapp...he jeot telling me he wanted to come and visit me...but he couldn't afford the trip.wanted me to get him a ticket..wanted to be sure there was no stops on the way from new York to Michigan..he says he is a dish washer in a restaraunt in new York...says he lives with his family...a brother..mother..father...he says his parents r I' gives to school in new York...says he is from Baghdad,Iraq...says he is living in new York as a refugee...showed me a copy of his work schedule..his English is poor...likes to call me honey...uses the word babe too. Says he pays 700.00$ in rent and supports his entire family on dishwashers
First name: Rich
Last name: Richardson
Aka: Peter or Nick Richardson
Age: 47
Location: Marietta or Gainesville GA
Phone: 678 965. 0071
On websites:
Report: Said he was an Austrailian Navy jet fighter pilot here in Dobbins AFB Marietta GA. Said he was writing a book about his combat experiences. Said he was looking for true love and the women on the website who contact him just want sex. Told me he needed me to get money to his sister she had some of the money but it had to be to the publisher before he got back from his trip so it could go to print as scheduled. Emailed me the book cover. Of course he was madly in love with me. Tall dark and handsome. We talked texted chatted. He was very attentive loving caring. Said his wife died from cancer and he had 18 year old daughter who lived with his mom in Australia. We were supposed to ronde onus for Easter when he came back fromHouston. But he needed this loan for just now he would pay me back.
First name: Chris
Last name: Richards
Age: 53
Location: Cleveland
Phone: 6154109899
On websites: Facebook
Report: He just telling me about son...Bryan being in boarding school in much he love me ...he was over seas for his job at Exxon Mobil...this went on for about 3 weeks an then he started in on me wanting me to send 450 dollars to his son boarding school for a field trip.....I started researching because I felt something was wrong with I found out about him being a scammer an brought it to his attention ....made him mad an I never heard from him again.....
First name: Brent Elkins
Last name: Winchester
Aka: Brent Winchester
Age: 54
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 315-316-1441;631-865-2339; 011233202556261
On websites:;
Report: We have talked online and by yahoo messenger (with cam) for about 5 months. He has not asked me for any money, yet but he is leading up to it very quickly now as he says he is
First name: Marcus
Last name: Schlesinger
Aka: Gentletouch
Age: 49
Location: Geneva
On websites: Millionare Match
Report: This man claimed to be half swiss/half german but cannot read or write German. He claims he has a son Keith and gave a postal address in Geneva in a villa area. He says he is a widow and has a god mother in Paris. Skype ID is marcusschlesinger75 He pretends to be an oil dealer going to Dubai then get rob and his shipment is stuck in Dubai and needs very urgently money and get stuck and his son very sick in the hospital and asked for 7500 Euros to be sent to the following details: Emmalnuel Ojeleye account no 1014365943201Swift code EBILAEAD Deira City Dubai UAE Bank Name is Emirates NBD He stalks day and night just to make sure he gets his money and in desperate help as his oil shipment is stuck and he is in a hurry to see his sick son in the hospital and to visit me. Unbeleivable love love love mails each day and even letter from his god mother Catherine which I beleive it is him as the same way of writing. I found him in the same site under another name and with same photos with age 56 from Bavaria. I called him per skype and he sounds like a black man speaking english only but excuse his accent and he lied he has no camera per skype to show me his face. He is very persuasive so watch out ladies!!!!
First name: Harold
Last name: Shawn
Aka: Morris
Age: 47
Location: Reston, Virgina, USA
On websites: Brazil Cupid
Report: This man send me this message; Ola querida, Eu sou Sr. Harold SHAWN MORRIS Acabei de ler o seu perfil e eu realmente gosto dele, por favor, podemos ser amigos? voce pode por favor me envie o seu endereco de e-mail privado para que eu possa escrever-lhe e dizer mais sobre mim mesmo. Meu e-mail e, eu tambem ira enviar as minhas fotos para o seu e-mail. Obrigado e espero aqui de voce em breve Hello dear, I am Mr HAROLD SHAWN MORRIS I just read your profile and I really like it, please can we be friends? can you please send me your private email address so that I can write you and tell you more about myself. My email is, i will also send my pictures to your email. Thanks and hope to here from you soon Morris April 8, 2014 2:55 PM
First name: Jack
Last name: Reed
Aka: Michael Pierre
Age: 43
Location: London, UK
Address: UB4 0HF
Phone: +44 7700 3094 48
On websites: Yahoo., Skype
Report: Ladies, be careful with his sweet talk... I was noticed when he posted his son pictures and I kew that he is scammer .. I am glad that I can share this in here . I met him on FB request as a friend, but when I took a look on his son pictures, it remind me the actor Zachary Gordon, who played A Diary f Wimpy Kid... that's ' stupid of him to post that picture ... Later on he communicate with me via Skype using his uniform as a engineering at oil companies.. but his photo edit so badlly... I even can recognize him using Photoshop...
First name: JAMES
Last name: MCNEILL
Age: 42
On websites: skype
Report: this man is single has son is field engneer in mediterranean sea
First name: david
Last name: elkayam
Age: 59
Location: lagos
Address: 2465 Lake whatcom blvd Bellingham, Washington USA
Phone: 3204335397
On websites: AYI (are you interested)
Report: This person as reported by Jane told me of the same story. He has a contract in cairo egypt with egyptian electricity holdings Last February . An engineer. Then lost his tools stolen by taxi driver in cairo. Able to finish work but need to pay tax of 30k so his pay can be transferred to his account. Asked help from me, already calling me honey and my wife, to raise 10k as his daughter has already sent him 20k. Even mentioned t g at his pay of3m is deposited to Flanders bank in cairo Egypt. Website for this bank is the phone number on this site is from New York. Then gave me a number to call the bank +201123272560. He also gave me username an password for his account in this bank. I was able to access the alleged account and all the info about him and his daughter as next of kin was there. Home address as stated. He has become more sophisticated and really upset that I don't help him. I checked list of banks in egypt no such bank. Picture he sent me looks different from one in the site now.
First name: Charles
Last name: Presten
Aka: Michael Johnson
Age: 61
Location: London, Barcelona, Syria
Address: Willesden, London unknown
On websites: POF, facebook
Report: Also has a facebook account in the name of Alexanda Finn, from Zurich but living in Oakland, Cslifornia
First name: Richard
Last name: Conners
Age: 41
Location: USA, Medford, OR
On websites: How about We
Report: This man got me to email him and was trying to get me to drive up to meet him at his home in the Applegate Valley, 12 miles east of Meford. He sent me photos of a boat and a house, which he downloaded from the Internet. After using the Google image search tool, I was able to find out every image he sent me was from the Internet.