First name: david
Last name: rossi
Aka: frank rossi , frank jason rossi
Age: 46 or 47
Location: los angeles, palermo
On websites: meetup singapore 40s sites
Report: David Rossi contacted through meet up Singapore 40's site. He emailed me letters which were exactly like those I saw reported under Frank Rossi on your site. However the photo was different. We chatted on Yahoo messenger for 2-3hrs every night. He writes good English and it's quite a charmer. When I saw the report here, I stopped contacting him and he did not email me further. I am thankful for not being cheated by a scammer due to your website. He is also reported under meet up. It seems he was operating 2 years ago and recently appeared on meet up.
First name: Harris Tanner
Last name: Pennington
Age: 53
Location: Logos, Nigeria
Phone: +23408130299876
On websites: Face book Tag,
Report: He contacted me through Tag Singles website...was talking to him for about two months...then started asking me for money..Asked for money about 5 times told me he wanted to come home...I said no way. I did not have it.I I knew enough that the Army pays for their own...Dropped me like a hot potatoe.
First name: Ethan
Last name: Ethington
Age: 53
Location: Herndon, VA
Phone: 571-250-6933
On websites: e-harmony (but was terminataed)
Report: I was initially contacted by this person identified
First name: Frank Henry
Last name: Hoffman
Aka: Frank Hfh
Age: 34
Location: South Africa cape town
Address: 225/2 voortrekker road Bellville south Africa western cape town 7530
Phone: +27611283029
On websites: Facebook date sites military us
Report: I found this man on a date I message him first we have known each other since October I have proof of him asking me for money I gave him
First name: Steve
Last name: Kessler
Age: 47
Location: London, UK Aberdeen, UK, Dubai UAE
Phone: +44 1753208452
On websites:
Report: Initial contact made via dating website. He made initial contact on 04/03/14 and sent first email with photos attached on 06/03/14. Emails were sent daily and provided lots of details of his past. Claimed to be French/South African engineer working in middle east. Gave previous employer as Vitoil but was now self-employed trying to set-up business venture in Dubai. He was a widower with a 29 year old surgeon daughter who still lived in Durban, South Africa. Relocated to UK from South Africa in 1999 after death of his wife. On 08/03/14 informed me he was leaving for Dubai on business for 2 weeks. On 14/03/14 requested I set up Yahoo IM account so contact would be easier while he was away. Over next few weeks contact escalated with daily emails, IM and provided phone number to contact him. He deleted profile on Deal was taking longer than expected as didn't have funds required to close. On 24/03/14 via IM he asked if I could send him money. I told him at this point I thought he was a scammer and only reason why he was contacting me. I then ignored all communication over the next few days. He was persistent and adamantly denied that was what he wanted. On 28/03/14 we started to communicate on IM again. Although he never directly asked me for money again he said his situation was becoming more desperate by the day and was unable to even afford food to feed himself. We continued to communicate daily and eventually agreed to meet in Dubai as I had visited several times before and it was looking like he would be staying for several more weeks until his deal was finalised. We made plans to meet in Dubai on 27/04/14 but he never showed up at the airport. The address he provided in Dubai was incomplete so was unable to locate. I remained in Dubai for 4 days but received no communication from him. On 03/05/14 he sent generic message making no reference to reason why he had failed to meet me. On 04/05/14 he communicated that he had been robbed and beaten which was why he didn't show up. Since then he has persisted to try and contact me via text, IM and email. I have not responded to any of these communications.
First name: Larry
Last name: Douglas
Aka: Angelo; Mrwilliams2014
Age: 55
Location: Manasass
On websites: larrydouglas@larrydo11781493
Report: I like so many of the other women, met Larry on one of the Date sites (DateHookup.) We had been chatting on line for a few week: and was planning on meeting for the first time. He then sent me an email that he had to go out of the country to Greece for a contract work that he had been waiting for. That this assignment would have he out of the country for 16 weeks and said how much he loved me and wanted me to wait for him. He wanted us to start chatting on Skype while he was away. We had talked for awhile and then the favors started happening. He stated that he was from Italy, but lived in the Virginia area for several years. That his wife had died 6 years ago and that he had a daughter that was going to school in Italy,where he was from. Since his assignment was near the sea he was unable to send his daughter any money. I did not send any money, but regret that I did send her a cell phone.But regretted doing so right after I did it, luckily it's being held up in customs.The red flags started going off, but he kept saying trust me. I told him he sounded more like a scammer, then a lover. He acted like he couldn't belive that I would think that (Angelo) would be a scammer. Then he kept repeating how much he loved me. Yet we had never met. Then the final flag was raised when he stated that he had run into a problem with his contract, and needed my assistance, (money) to by the supplies he needed to finish the job:and then he would be able to finish this job and come home with a lot of money. That he wanted us to spend the rest of our life together. I too want this person to go straight to HELL!
First name: Raymond
Last name: Agapito
Aka: Walter Cliff
Age: 53
Location: UK, Bristol
On websites: Facebook
Report: Said he work for Maersk Line and are Chieff enginer on the ship. He wrote many lovely mails, an call by phone. Said he was born in Berlin.
First name: Alessandro
Last name: Macellaro
Aka: Al
Age: 61
Location: Atlanta Georgia New York
Address: 4 Old Wagon Lane Old Westbury NY
Phone: 11568-1046
On websites: Zoosk
Report: Alessandro will contact you through dating agency.. He will send you emails ask for your phone number, send documentation saying he has won a contract in Kenya road construction... Then he will start to ask for cash to help pay the taxes... Yes I fell for it and would like to stop him conning someone else..
First name: Brian
Last name: Serrano
Aka: Richard Romero
Age: 49
Location: Fl, CA, UK
Phone: 323594-8451
On websites: Chemistry
Report: Please beware...this man says all the right things a woman wants to hear and then asked you for money!! He claims to be a structural and civil engeneer who worked for Turner Construction and is currently self employed overseeing project. He claims he is a widow who's fiancee died of child birth complications. He also claims to have gotten his master's degree in UK where he also has a 9 year old son who was taken away at birth after his mother died. He tells you everything you want to hear and that he is in love with you and then claims to go to UK to furnish his product. He then states after a few days that his accounts were frozen and broken into and asked you for money!!!!! He even skype with me twice...he was very convincing!!! He claims the woman on this site accusing him of a scam did so out of revenge after he would not meet her at a hotel for sex. Although, she has the same story just different name!!
First name: peteru
Last name: spencer
Age: 51
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
Phone: 9402383452
On websites: Facebook and yahoo
Report: This man tells me he us colonel in the US army in Kabul Afghanistan. He tells me when he goes on patrol. He tells me that he is in California with two chiefs from the army. He tells me where he has served. He tells me he is widowed. With 2 children that his mommas sister takes care of them one who is 4 years old and the other one is 10 years old. He tells me he don't give a Fk about me and to go to hell. He is very rude as well as I am rude to because I believe it to be a scam. He tells me that he is very disappointed in me on the phone. He tells me that he is from California but his father is from south African but this man talks with a African accent but in his picture he looks white from Beverly hills California
First name: Michael
Last name: Thomas
Aka: Jacky Torrnace (real name?)
Age: 47
Location: Canada (Relocated to UK)
On websites:
Report: I'm so glad I write things down and keep the papers!!! He contacted me on and said he was in the british army in the medical unit as a doctor. (He even sent me 3 photos - one in a gray suit on your site and one in a white lab coat). His profile says he is divorced 2 years ago. Claims his wife cheated on him TWICE. He said he has a 17 year old son named Shaun that lives in the UK. He said he was born in Canada, but relocated to UK after his dad died. Says he owns a home and car in the UK and claims to be
First name: Jerry
Last name: Kent
Aka: Christoper C
Age: 51
Location: Visakhapatom India
On websites:
First name: Alex
Last name: Shane
Age: 57
Location: Salem NH
On websites:
Report: He initiated contact - wanted to communicate via email right away. Found his email on Facebook with a different picture than the one on Could not find his name anywhere else on the net or located in NH. I did find however that much of what he states in the email below is extremely similar to this one: and this sentence matches completely: Once again its a pleasure meeting you on and thanks for taking the time to write me back via my private email. I will tell you more about myself after I read from you again. States in one email that he goes to church...thus would receive his in depth email after church. This is what that email said: Good Evening ****, Thank you so much for writing me, It was very nice reading your email again and I like the way you express your self. Let me tell you more about myself so we can both learn about each other on a common ground of understanding. I am new to online dating. Someone who got married to the woman he met on told me about the site and I decided to give it a try, because nothing is impossible until you have tried and it did not work. I am Widower with a son, he schools in England. I was not the only child to my late parents I had a sister whom we lost when she was 11 yrs old, apart from far relatives back in Ireland, both of my parents are Irish but I was raised in Egar ( Hungary ). I have just one best friend, we schooled together and were like brothers, we used to work together in England also, but he now resides in Indonesia, he is working there now, we relocated at about the same time but he decided to go to Indonesia while I came to NH, You may ask how and what brought me to the states. I actually came to the united states 5 years ago from England to work for a firm that closed up 8 months after my arrival, but I stayed back and decided to continue business and since then I have not been back to England fully, hereby making the states my permanent base. I am ready to go into a serious relationship here in the states since its now my base. I have been a widower for 5 years now and since then I have not had the courage of starting a relationship again because the death of my wife really rocked my world, I am a one woman man and never imagined I will be a victim of a tragic experience, at first I thought it was harsh that my wife died and left me but then again I thought God knows best. I work very hard just to take my mind of relationship but when I turned 57,I realized that I needed a partner to grow old with me. My work is complicated, Am a freelance Architectural Engineer, I have been in the business for 10 years now, Went freelancing 5 years ago, I use to partner with a friend. Working alone is challenging but great also for me because it allows me utilize my own ideas very well, not that I don't like collective Ideas but I don't like to be sidelined and that happens when you work for someone. I love traveling a lot , especially traveling for fun, in the future I will travel a lot with my partner. I am ready to build a relationship. I am ready to try again and I hope we get along,know more about each other and we see how it goes,I promise you that it will be worth trying, I am a fun loving man and I am experience enough to treat my woman right, I happen to know so much about relationship and am ready to input it in a relationship I find myself, I am looking for someone to love and get back love in return, someone that I will grow old with, someone to share my dreams with me. I am ready to go on and on about me but I don't want to bore you with too many email but I have a lot more to share in my next email, so feel free to ask me anything. Once again its a pleasure meeting you on and thanks for taking the time to write me back via my private email. Have a wonderful day ahead. Hugs, Alex
First name: charfi
Last name: trabelsi
Age: 32
Location: Paris
Phone: 0033645489761
Email: charfi/
On websites: facebook
Report: charfi trabelsi is an tunesian man without papers and he 's looking for womans to ask them to marry for the papers ,so lady's wachting for these men,he is only interest in your money ,and to send it to his family in tunesie
First name: mark
Last name: david
Aka: fred cooper
Age: 48
Location: dallas texas
Phone: 630-489-9130, 774-383-0653, +4470 2401 4542
On websites: Facebook
Report: I met Fred on Facebook, he claims to be an engineer with a contract worth 480.000 once the job is completed in Scotland on an oil rig, He produce pictures and documents. He said he is originally from Dallas Texas. However he lost is wallet and needs $10.000 to able to purchase chemicals so that he can come back to the states and meet me and my family.
First name: Steve
Last name: Douglas
Age: 49
Location: Kingston 19, Jamaica
Email: none
On websites: and
Report: Steve Douglas 26 Happy Grove Road Kingston 19 Jamaica phone (876) 899-5865 and (876) 632-2397 tried to defraud me by demanding I send him two western union each $850 USD on Thursday May 17, 2014 and $850 Saturday May 19, 2014. for him to get his recording studio equipment. Dating Site Scammer! I told him Never lie to people to get their money, life's savings, and other valuables from them. Not only is this an illegal thing to do, it's a really low and despicable a way to behave. He called me all kinds of deplorable names and tried to emotionally damage me. BEWARE OF THIS FRAUD. DO NOT SEND HIM MONEY he is a LIAR!
First name: Wagner
Last name: James
Aka: Lucas
Age: 45
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Our time
Report: I talked to him for about one month. He claimed to be army stationed in Afghanistan . He would retiring in about two months. Said he had a daughter that is 13, her name was Naomi . He ask me for $6,500, to pay customs for some jewelry he was shipping home , and of course to me. I didn't give him a dime. He wanted me to cancel the web site I had been on. I'm sure He didn't want another scammer to get me first. He is a very smooth talker. Beware of him.
First name: Frank
Last name: Deluca
Age: 49
Location: Philadelphia ,Pa, USA ; Edinburgh , Scotland , UK
Phone: 484-275-0280; 011-44-7457-542259
On websites:
Report: He contacted me on We corresponded for 3 months. He said he had to travel for a business deal to Scotland. When in Scotland he said he could not finish his deal without paying a barrister. He asked me to send money to Mr. T S D C Sousa, Frank Luca, Natacha Abdul Latif, and Tania Soraia Deceita Sousa. He first asked for me to send it all at once. Then he asked that I send it to two different people via Western Union. He also asked for a bank draft. The amounts were $1644.00, $1540.95 and $6500.00. He then asked for a $100.00 Walmart card for his daughter. I later got an email from a woman who told me he had scammed her and me. She had the same phone number and the letters were exactly alike.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: James
Age: 53
Location: kubal afghanstein
Address: Orlando Florida
Phone: never had one
On websites: was on Twoo and Zorpia. com
Report: he claims that he is in the US Army and was coming home and has a son named Alex
First name: Godfrey
Last name: Paul
Age: 52
Location: Liverpool ,UK
Phone: +4470359594419 ---+2348102872633
Email: godfrey
On websites: Tagged
Report: I search for the name of Godfrey Paul But I didn't find instead i see his picture with different name as Robert Taylor. he claim that he working in a oil company in delta state now.He claim that he has adaughther and birthday is coming this May 2,2014. He let me spoke toher daughter and she ask for a gift of cellphone and if can be send in form of money.I doubted already because the face of the girl is not on her age.and seldom i see this godfrey on cam if he appear on cam by flushing only and saying the network is bad.
First name: Ronald
Last name: corvino
Age: fifty
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Facebook, yahoo mail. Skype
Report: He is a very active scammer. He is a soldier in Afghanistan and need money for his son
First name: Daniel
Last name: sTORM
Age: 60
Location: Ghana
On websites:
Report: He said he in London but found out he is in Ghana. He kept asking me to do stuff for him but not for money directly. When I found out he was in Ghana I ended contact
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Age: unknown
Location: Afganistan
Email: none given
On websites: facebook
Report: This man is scammer
First name: harris
Last name: moore
Age: 39
Location: lageo Nigeria
Address: 10 Church Street
Phone: 1-540-384-1553
On websites: yes
Report: Scammer asking women for money
First name: chris
Last name: richards
Age: 53
Location: south carolina
Phone: 8642809918
On websites: plenty of fish
Report: He initiated contact, told me he was in love with me n to remove myself from Pof website.he stated he was a geologist n worked for Exxon Mobil, said something went wrong while drilling, n needed money to fix the drilling machine, this way he could come back to the states to me. Yeah, out for this one cause he is ....smooth!
First name: Brain
Last name: Serrano
Age: 49
Location: Palm Harbor, FL
Phone: (323)594-8451
Email: knightings247@textnow
On websites: Chemistry
Report: Beware of this guy he is a sweet talker, tells you everything you want to hear then comes after your money. Claimed he is a structural and civil engineer who worked for turner construction and now is self employed. Claimed is widowed and has a 9 year old son who lives in the UK but will be coming this summer to live with him. He claimed to fly out to UK suddenly to finish a project and then claimed his accounts from Asia were broken into and frozen and had no way back to the USA. Claims the other woman saying he's a scammer on this site is only reporting him because he refused to meet her at a hotel for sex and yet she has the same story. He even skyped with me from UK. Same story different name.
First name: Paul
Last name: James
Aka: Goes by
Age: 50
Location: U.S.A.: Manning, SC, Campbellsville, KY
Phone: 515-650-2720
On websites: Match.Com
Report: Match.Com profile user name: Funforgetmenot00 , 50 yrs old, manning, SC Picture used:(does not match photos sent on yahoo) Wants to Chat on Match, then asks for you to go to yahoo to chat (since it is faster) email is : Traced IP to Ghana Africa Then wants to text since he is in Afghanistan and has to patrol Phone no used for texting: 515-650-2720 goes to a landline/cell in DesMoines, IA Called the number it goes to voice mail Provider is Verizon Paul James (goes by James) claims to be in the US Army and retiring in 3 months after 26 years. Sends a picture with patch : First Sergeant Claims that he has a 15 year old son
First name: Alan or James
Last name: James
Aka: Alan James Alan
Age: 51
Location: Franklin Square, New York, Kabul Afghanistan
On websites: Tagged
Report: This guy who is supposedly named Alan James or James Alan, claims to be working with the UN Peacekeeping based in Kabul, Afghanistan. He said he will be turning 51 this year and that his wife died 5 years ago and has a step daughter. He has been in contact with me for 2 weeks now, and recently started confessing his love and how he wants to have a future with me and be united as one family. My daughter started to feel fishy about this man, as I have been scammed in the past and she started searching on sites for scammers and here she finds pictures of the guy claiming to be someone else. His grammar sounded okay on the website tagged however when emailing and on Skype it started getting all weird and my daughter thought it wasn't right. He would always talked about finding a woman who would accept him and all these other things, also saying how he loved me and we would become a family. While chatting on Skype he said to give him some time before he showed himself online (webcam) as he was working in the
First name: Tom
Last name: Graney
Age: 55
Location: Ohio, England
Phone: 937-612-2369
On websites: Big
Report: I met him on as he replied to my profile. Seemed very nice as we emailed through the site at first and then emailed via personal emails. He was very much wanting to correspond via personal email or text. Gave me his phone number and asked that I text him. Said he was a widower of 5 years and that he had two teenage daughters who lived in his home in Ohio with the maid and that he was finishing an engineering job in England. He got very cozy very quickly calling me Baby and saying that we were destined for marriage. We did text back and forth. Some of his emails are identical to emails on this site sent to Andrea. My final red flag was when he said he was having a bad day and that his daughters needed $500 urgently and he was out of cash. He then asked if I could help. I told him I didn't have the money. I texted him that I was on to him and that I filed a report on him and I also did tell Big
First name: dennis
Last name: bills
Aka: may be known as prince a or prince ajay and lawrrence walker
Age: 50-60
Location: ghuana aka va or washignton dc
Phone: all i know of the number is 206 and last four digits is 7077
On websites: okcupid
Report: This person is a scammer. He claims his name is dennis bills and that he lives in va. In his photos he is pictured as a brown hair brown eyed bussiness man. He claims he runs a gold business and is rich. He says he has a son lawrence walker and a business partner prince ajayor prince a. He is a liaHe has been cpntacting women from okcupid and other sites. First thing he dpes is send nice flowers. Then he will start saying ur his wife. Then he will want your bank innformation and ask you to let him set up a account. He will have u buy a green dot gold card. And he will ask u to send him money out of ur own pocket. He will keep contacting u no matter how hard u try to get rid off this guy. He is a scammer ladies so if u are online talking to anyone do not release any information. And be safe. Scammers are everywhere over these free dating sites. Stay alert