First name: Alan
Last name: Gray
Age: 55
Location: Birmingham, AL; Germany, North Sea
Report: Alan Gray Twitter - @alangra43718836 Alan Gray is from Birmingham, Alabama, a widower of 6 years, and has a son, Wayne, age 14. Alan is currently on an oil rig in the North Sea, north of Germany. Wayne is in school in Berlin. When he completes his contract with the oil company in three months, he wants to relocate and start a business. And, all of a sudden, we were in love! He drinks hot tea, not coffee. Uh-oh! His son is in the hospital. He was hit by a moving vehicle. The doctor, Dr. Mikey Joe, messaged me in Google Hangout that the boy has been hospitalized for 8 weeks, instead of the three weeks he'd told Alan. The doctor said that as soon as the hospital bill is paid, the boy can be released and return to school. He had suffered a broken leg. He hospital bill is $30,000. Alan either would not or could not produce a copy of the bill, the admission papers (to establish the date of admission), contact information for anyone at the school, or contact information for the hospital or doctor. He pleaded with me to send the hospital $30,000 but never gave the information for where to send it. I got tired of talking to him. He's a scammer, and a dumb one at that! Between the time he and I first began talking, his Twitter account had been temporarily restricted. I copied and pasted proof of his scamming attempt from Google Hangout into the Twitter DM so that Twitter could see what he was up to. Then I reported the conversation to Twitter. I'm looking to see that account suspended, not just restricted.
First name: Shaun
Last name: Travis
Age: 50
Location: Texas
On websites: Fitbit
Report: We have talked for few weeks, he works as ingeneer dril oil, he needs money to finish his job in Turkey. When I asked him the name of his company he sent me a picture of ID card with the name of company who doesn't exist anymore. Don't want to do a video to prove me who he is
First name: Phillip
Last name: Morgan
Aka: Dan mcd
Age: 56
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 4696076748
On websites: Pof
Report: Met him on pof text and talk to on phone for 13 months he adk for i tune cards and amazon cards i sent him money thru bitcoin he is a scammer and lied about everything said he own his business morgan construction said he was in colombia on job he is stranded there
First name: Christopher
Last name: Smith
Aka: Bruce Halsey
Age: 54
Location: Damascus,Syria
On websites: Tagged
Report: I met Christopher Smith posing a Bruce Halsey on tagged in March of this year,he wanted us to talk We started talking on hangouts.We started talking ,he said he was a captain in the U.S. army,was born and grew in San Diego and lives in Texas.Then he said he was on mission in Syria and will be retiring soon ,even sent me a pic of his id.I was asked to help himwith his letter for leave which I did.Then he asked for money for a liberty stamp,I told him I couldn't because I don't have any.I'm currently in the U.S. doing eye treatment.The email address he gave for the letter to request leave This man claims to be widowed and has a grown daughter and two grandkids.I received emails from a McKennery and the supposedly first colonel name is Brian Mario ,but he kept spelling it wrong as in brain.That got my attention .Anyway his wanted 200 itunes for his ipad next ,which I didn't do and the last request was for a sim card.My only regret is that I didn't find this site sooner.I have all pictures and emails and his text messages.
First name: Kolarov
Last name: Vladimir
Age: 50
Location: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Phone: +60 167292256
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: He is a Russian Citizen but at moment now he is working with Petronas Oil in Malaysia, as a Independent Contractor. He specialize in pipeline installation and oil platform services. He is a widower with one daughter who is fifteen years old. He's wife died in a car crash!! He stole pictures off a Russian man who lives in Moscow Russia, as a Economist and a Politician He is also a Catholic too!
First name: Raymond
Last name: Normand
Aka: Specail Man
Age: 29
Location: Kabul Afghanistan, Texas USA & Austins Ferry, Tasmania Australia
On websites: & Hangouts
Report: He lives in USA as a US Army soldier but at moment now he is in Afghanistan on a mission. (Overseas Deployment)
First name: Joey
Last name: Reese
Aka: James Jones; Kondo Precious
Age: 30
Location: Bgram Base, Afghanistan; Aflao, Ghana
Address: P.O. BOX 144
Phone: 0559778557
On websites: Grindr, Instagram
Report: The scammer wrote me on the gay app Grindr. At least, he said he is in Florida, then he revealed that he is a deployed US Air Force personnel currently in Afghanistan. We chatted for around a week, he told me many things about himself (all lies/untrue now I realise...), about how his parents and only sister all died. Then he said he is all alone and looking to find a lifelong partner after he finishes his tour of duty. One day, he sent me a picture of a broken phone, and claimed that he broke it while on patrol. He asked if I could send him a phone and some clothes (toothbrush, candy etc). He said that the package could be sent to a retired diplomat called James Jones, and gave me an email to write to him. James Jones just happened to be in Ghana, of all places in the world, delivering care packages... Of course, it is all a scam. And what is worse is that they are playing on the vulnerabilities and sympathies of service personnel who are serving their country, who may really need care and support. These kind of people are real criminals, and hope karma comes to bite them.
First name: Kyle
Last name: Hemsworth
Age: 40
Location: Melbourne Australia & Abuja Nigeria
On websites: & Hangouts
Report: He lives in Melbourne Australia as a Engineer but at moment now he is working in Nigeria for three months on a Oil Rig Construction! He said to me in Hangout that he submitted a job proposal earlier this year with the Oil Rig Construction! He is single, never married with no children!! He stole the pictures off a American man who lives in Tampa, Florida USA, as a US Army soldier!
First name: Luke
Last name: Sand
Age: 38
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne England UK
Phone: +44 7746164302
On websites:
Report: He lives in Newcastle upon Tyne in England UK, as a Engineer for a private business in UK. He is divorced with no children. He was born in October 11, 1980 in Newcastle upon Tyne England as a British Citizen but he's father is British and he's mother is French!! As for he's siblings he's got one sister and one brother!
First name: John
Last name: Terry
Age: 44
Location: Bucharest Romania & London UK
Phone: +44 7562130783
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: He is originally from Romania but he now lives in London UK, as a Ship Captain. He is separated from he's wife due to her cheating!!