First name: Paul
Age: 54
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer
First name: William
Last name: Larsson
Aka: Renew
Age: 53
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Address: 4243 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 046709256198
On websites:
Report: Hi a perfect match with RENEW 95% on This was 27/07/19. We sent a few messages, then he asked to chat via email as his subscription was going to expire. 03/07/19 I did, then he sent me long lovely emails about himself, Swedish, divorced, christian, spiritual, engineer, business owner for LARS renewable energy company, and he was working Melbourne Australia staying permanently, well traveled around world for work. Said he was an only child, parents passed away, dad and mum Swedish, although his mother was living in Sydney Australia when parents met. Sounding like the love of my life. He asked me for photos which I did and told him about my personal circumstances. We then progressed. He called me DEAR a lot. He was planning to meet me in QLD 20/07/19, but today 14/07/19 my sister did research and found his profile on this website. So I'm in comms with him, and he does not know I am now reporting him. I'm now worried all my photos and info will be used to lure other poor persons like myself. He uses the WHATSAPP phone number which you have to download an APP, because he says he has to keep in contact with Swedish business.
First name: Harvel
Last name: Abel
Age: 59
Location: arizona,georgia, south africa
On websites: pof plenty of fish dating site
Report: Harvel able is 59 has a daughter wanted me to buy her an iTunes card I said no he does not take no for an answer it is the same stuff boring he has documents to make millions he wanted me to give him an account to put his money I said no I have not heard since that is good
First name: Richard
Last name: Steven
Age: 57
Location: Afghanistan Manhattan, New York
Phone: +15092151279
On websites:
Report: Person, claims to be a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army asks for money for certificate for a contract, reverts to name-calling when informed no even though prior speaks of his undying love.
First name: Willian
Last name: Reaves
Age: 60
Location: Houston
Phone: 18327912259
On websites: looks
Report: Good morning Heidi, How are you doing this morning hope you had a restful night, I woke up this morning and you where the first on my mind and it made me smile and I can tell you that I havent felt like this in years and am so happy its happening now. I have a very busy day ahead at work with the project am busy with which is the renovation of a clients 10bedroom house, I have been working on this project for the past 7months and its almost done as my estimated date for completion will be the 16th of July. More about me I was married for 29years until the eventuality that took my late wife away, It was really a very terrible time for both me and my son but am happy its all in the past now and we both have moved on, I want to connect with someone that has the similar interests and aspirations. Life lessons helped me discover what I need in a relationship. Activities and common interests are huge in finding that soul mate. If you aren't willing to spend time together then why would you be with that person, how one relates with another individual is how a special bond develops. If the persons can't cry together as well as laugh together then there really isn't a bond. It is hard for a woman to date today because there are so many who give us all a bad name and women find it hard to trust us. That will not be an issue with me. I am not like any of the other man. I am very unique in my thinking and out look on life. I am an out of the box thinker. I imagine you are as well. I always see the good side of everything and have a hard time seeing the bad in anything. I own my company, my son and Mum both are in Ireland in her hometown. I have been designing beautiful home for the past 31 years and i must say its been a wonderful experience you can look up my companys website to have an idea of my work it is Am really interested in seeing where this goes as you seem to be one of a kind and any man will be lucky to have you. Do enjoy your day and I look forward to your email also please send me your number so I can give you a call to put a voice behind our emails. Hugs, Willian P.S. I have discontinued my membership with zoosk and I am hoping something will work out between us as I am a one man one woman kind of a man
First name: Murphy
Age: 58
On websites:
Report: Matched me on Tinder. After a photo search on the net I found out that he is using pictures of an Architect
First name: Jason Patrick
Last name: Jones
Age: 48
Location: Sydney Australia
On websites:
Report: I met this man call Jason Patrick Jones on a Dating Site call He lives in Sydney Australia, as a Civil Engineer.
First name: Ramsey
Last name: Miller
Age: 50
Location: Lima, Ohio, Sacramento
Phone: 4194226576, 9164540099
On websites: Match
Report: Typical male scammer Asks for money after few days of talking to you Says he loves you after few hours of talking to you.
First name: Christopher
Last name: Armstrong
Aka: Paul Otano
Age: 55
Location: Dublin, California
On websites: Mingle2
Report: I met Senior Sergeant Paul Otano on Mingle2 on June 18, 2019. He agreed to buy my Lenovo Yoga 700 laptop in its original box that I had listed for $400 on Facebook Marketplace. He said it would be perfect for his son who lived in Minnesota. He insisted on paying $500 to cover shipping costs. He sent me his location in Dublin, California where he said he was a Recruiter/Instructor for the US Army. He said he would put the money directly into my bank account. He did not. I then received an e-mail from PayPal business saying he had deposited $500 and if they received notice the the item was shipped the funds would be released. I shopped the laptop via US post (have receipt) to his uncle's wife, Sandra Stevens, 43 6th Street SW, Eyota, MN 55934. The money was never released to my PayPal. Paul said he would speak to his bank, he would deliver the money the following Monday. He then e-mailed me that his son did not like the laptop so it would be mailed back to me. It was not. He blocked me on Google Hangouts
First name: jason
Last name: stewart
Age: 60
Location: Australia Sydney
Address: Richmond
Phone: +1(856)278-9392
On websites: whatsapp
Report: I met Jason on mingle2..very quickly had me onto whatsapp...supposed to live in Sydney (Richmond) but had just decided to have a last contract in Gulf of Mexico. He is an engineer(petroleum) I think.Anyway I checked him out & his photos matched with Jorge Maurel on instagram. I queried this & got a elaborate story about him being incognito in real life & given new name by FBI. But still posts to instagram under Jorge flags all up over this!!! Anyway thought I would see where this was going & 3 weeks into our chats ( he also phoned a lot) a machine on the rig broke down ...a worker hurt etc. Anyway he has the machine fixed only to have it catch fire the following week. Now he is in serious financial not covering it all..asks friends to help..then asks this stage I had known him for a month & never met face to face. I declined saying financial hardship...& he just gets nastier & nastier until I block & report him. I suspect could be Nigerian...don't know but a very nasty piece of work.