First name: Jeffrey
Last name: Scot
Age: 35
On websites: What app , Facebook
Report: He ask for money and then blackmails you with Posting your picture if you don?t give him money
First name: Gonzales
Last name: Lutz
Age: 46
Location: Austin, TX; Dallas, TX; Grand Island, Nebraska
Phone: 347-956-8670
On websites: Hinge dating site
First name: Michael
Last name: Worth
Aka: Only known as Michael, His last name could James or that could be his middle name
Age: 43
Location: Lancaster Texas
On websites: Instagram, LinkedIn
Report: He is live on Instagram. He was on Facebook as Michael James but that has disappeared now, I did try to message him on Facebook messenger but he never replied, only asking if we had been messaging on Instagram. He wants to chat to see where this might lead in time. Told me he has one Son of 8, has a brother married, his son lives with his Auntie, his wife died in a car accident, lost his sister & both his parents are dead too, not sure how they died, he works for KBS Construction Company. He has sent photos in the chat on Instagram that isn?t on his main page, I have suggested about video calling which he said not now maybe soon. I said I won?t carry on without 1 video call he said look let?s chat see where this goes, his Instagram is set to private, not many posts about 12, he hasn?t asked for money or anything bad yet? I would please like to know if he is real or not. Thank you
First name: David
Last name: Anderson
Age: 75
Location: Ottowa Ontorio, Canada
Phone: 604-343-9214
On websites: Was on FB, but he removed himself
Report: Meet David on dating site in February 2020. After a few emails, he told me he was in Venezuela on a year contract with an oil company. Job was through May. Mentioned he was a millionaire, but he had used all his funds to pay for equipment and his men. Had money in his bank in Greece, but it was frozen because he was out of the country. The Venezuela government had put his contract money in the Venezuela Bank, was unable to take it out until he paid the government a certain amount of money. In the meantime he kept sending text and emails expressing his love for me. He used me to buy pro max i phones and send to anonymous people in the US. All in all with several other things like asking for cash and various different things. Probably took me for over$45,000.00
First name: James
Last name: Lucas
Age: 57
Location: Staten Island, NY USA
Phone: 917-336-8107
Report: He wrote to me on Our Time and said that he really liked me and wanted to get to know me better. I was concerned of the distance on how we could meet but he wasn't. He said distance didn't matter if you love someone. He wanted to write on What's app and gave me his number. We wrote but when he sent me pictures of himself and I told him that they looked like a model, he got annoyed. He told me I had to trust him or it wouldn't work. He had an attitude and was snippy at times. He told me I could ask him any questions but when I asked certain questions, he got angry. When I asked him to video chat, he said I don't have that. I said,
First name: TONY
Last name: BOWELL
Age: 55
Location: AFRICAN
First name: Aaron
Age: 52
Location: America USA
Phone: +1 305 912 3671
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: I met this man call Aaron on a Dating Site call and he gave me a Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Number: +1 305 912 3671 (e.g. Skype or Google Voice) Original carrier: Clec, Llc - Fl. I gave him my phone number last year on Twoo Dating Site and it took him March this year to send me a message on WhatsApp online on 12th March 2020. He sent me a message on 23rd March 2020 on WhatsApp online which was bizarre it said. I have feeling it was a scam.
First name: Kent
Last name: Harbert
Age: 51
Location: Scotland
On websites: Tinder
Report: This guy is using imagines of Italian model Peppe Di Giorgio. He claims he is originally from Minsk Belarus but he has been in Texas USA for more than 20 years. He currently works in an Oil Platform in Scotland (UK). He tries to make a romantic relationship. He is fake. Be careful of this profile picture.
First name: Carlocio
Last name: REDY Hernandez
Age: 48
Location: Belgique Bruxelles
Phone: 04801583
On websites: Tinder
Report: I want to know something about the person so I put this information that I want
First name: Michael Hopper
Last name: Wilson
Age: 49
Location: Los Angeles, CA; Tulsa, OK; Fort Mead, MD; Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: 19097358891
On websites: Twitter
Report: Michael Hopper Wilson What a piece of work this dude is. (I noticed that his Twitter username is @WilsonA60177476