First name: Eseoasa franklyn (as Alessandro powell)
Last name: Ozo
Aka: Alex, alexander, alessandro/ Doctor Ozo
Age: 41-42
Location: Nigeria,lagos
Address: 101 MM way
Email: alessandro or . live
On websites: yahoo
Report: alessandro ,single parent,with little girl named lilly. went to buy material in Nigeria. got robbed, wanted 650.00. still on face book but its really eseaosa Ozo
First name: Robert
Last name: Hagan
Age: 53
Location: Dakota City , Iowa
Phone: 2348132873979-disconnected
On websites:
Report: This scammer claims to be a Christian who is self-employed as a crude oil contractor. He tried to get information from me about where I live, that he needed money to get out of Nigeria where he had been
First name: Robert
Last name: Deane
Age: 45
Location: silver spring maryland USA / coventry UK
Phone: 07827964048/07045700792
Email: /
On websites: and facebook
Report: really need everyone to made aware of this i think he will change his name though so need to add photos
First name: godwin
Last name: cyril
Aka: ben petersen
Age: 30 to 50's
Location: ikjea lagos nigeria
On websites: Yahoo and dating sites
Report: first he needed money for his son then he was coming to me and needed money now he is sending packages and wants me to send them to him. i have the merchandise here not going to send it and i am not answering his calls or emails