First name: Nicolas
Last name: Gonzalez
Age: unknown
Location: Bolton Manchester UK
Phone: +447035993348
On websites: Facebook
Report: This person wrote to me on FB on the 10 March, he was also in contact with two other women. I am now in contact with them and both the ladys told me that he asked for money and one of the ladys sent him 1350 Euros and he contacts her daily and asks for more . But we found a photo of him at which is not the same as on FB. Thank you
First name: rapheal
Last name: joe
Age: about 50
Location: nigeria
Address: mail to bello western union logos nigeria from out of s,c,
Email: lucky.rapheal
On websites: face book
Report: rapheal joe is without a nigerian scammer i have spoke with him myself he also left a mesg. on my face book site has been reported to the western union he has been scamming my 72 year old mother enlaw im not sure who frank collins he and rapheal work together frank collin is also on face book i have searched this thourghly without a dought they are nigerian scammers also have western union recipts. for money being tranfered. im worried about my mother enlaw he has her home address also. this is no fake report ..thank you
First name: james eric
Last name: lee
Age: 39
Location: cadana/ accra ghana
Phone: 011233244982620
On websites: ericloveyouall ericloveyouall@blackplanet .com
Report: mr lee i have know for one year now and was in ghana with his son and called me for help because he said he couldnt get money out his bank and i did talk with his son brain so that part true but eric has ask and scammed me out of abt 5000 doolars saying his son was sick and even had a hosptail call to confirm but i know hes a scammer i have been told by several poeple and now he just ask me to send a mrs bright someo money in africa this man need to be stop and investacated not only because of him but because he has a son that im sure could use some help i also got a phone call from a mr bright saying they were going to sale his son because eric owed money and he payed them back after returiong to cadana were he lives so he says if not for the scammer it needs to be invescated for the child sake he has called me nemural time talking abt hes hungry
First name: Ishmeal
Last name: Fynniberl
Aka: Ish
Age: 24
Location: Ghana, Ablekuma Accra
Report: He scammed of $12000
First name: Frank
Last name: Wright
Age: 62
Location: Accura, Ghana
Address: Po Box 10
On websites:
Report: This man will write and send pictures of himself supposedly and a huge home etc. in Boyce Va. He will claim he is retired from AT&T. He is lonely his wife died and he will declare undying love and when he thinks he has you hooked he will claim he is coming to visit you but first he must go to Ghana to fill his wife's last request that he visit the orphanage etc. He then gets stranded supposedly and his cards wont work and he asks for 500 to finish paying for his ticket so he can get to you. Don't believe a word of it he is living in Ghana and operating from there. He writes well except occasionally you notice his broken english come thru. I doubt this man has ever been stateside. Beware of him. He may use a different name but this is how he operateds.
First name: Nick
Last name: McHeart
Age: 51?
Location: South Africa and Ghana
Report: This man has set up accounts with Fedex in my name, and used my name for God knows whar else, while of course professing his love for me.
First name: Micheal
Last name: Davies
Aka: william rosso
Age: 47
Location: Cutoff, Louisiana
On websites: BeNaughty
Report: Details he advised to me: Widow. Has 6yr old son Paul. His wife Valentina died in crash 6yrs ago. He works as consultant private mining company. Lives in UK. Wanted me to collect checks of clients here in NZ and put into my acct to cash and send to him.
First name: Mark
Last name: Jones
Age: 47
Location: Rome, Italy? Sound Beach, NY ?
On websites:
Report: Mark A. Jones contacted me in May on True. We started emailing and then I did not hear from him for a week. Then this week he contacted me to try to retrieve a trunk box with $650,000 in it. He said this is money from his dead father and from a house he sold. He claims to have met a woman from Benin and that he went over there. She tried to take his money so he put it with a security insurance company there. He claims to be in a hotel in Rome, Italy and he needs the money to leave Italy. He said he would use the money to buy a plane ticket and fly here to meet me. He requested that I contact this company to have the money sent to me.
First name: Ibrahim
Last name: Kone
Aka: Justin Wolfty
Age: 48-53 ( gives different birth dates) , Birthday 20
Location: Kuala Lumpur, but on internet says from London, Liverpool, Leeds
Phone: +447031897585, +60166098043
On websites: Badoo,
Report: African man in Kuala Lumpur, on dating sites under Justin Wolfty and apparently other names, photo placed of white man, gives different professions: banker, financial auditor, gemstone has a son, who lived with his mother until her recent death. Known to other women , big money scammer and involved in money laundering ( huge amounts of money). Must have been active since early last year as I found comments on Spanish site reporting him as a dating scammer.
First name: Joseph
Last name: Ferris
Age: 50
Location: Nigeria, Lagos
Email: /
On websites: facebook
Report: This man is operating under many names on the dating sites, be carefull and he uses pictiures of the army soldier named Ferris. I was scamed by him for 4500 euro. So please stop him!!!! Honey, It sound so interesting to know more about you.Hoping this will lead us to grow old along with each other. We had a good foundation, I am impressed. Thanks for your message, it gives me hope that that we can be a good team if we get to know more of each other.I am back to U.S to submit my report, I hope that the vacation will be granted because I just got a Signal of the vacation request in my base, I will have to fill and sign the document within 24hours to acknowledge that you are my fiancA©e. Please keep me posted with response from the U.S Army I decided to take my time to write out this message to you, so you will know more about me.... hmm I live in U.S right at this moment,in the beautiful city of Mesa,Arizona where I had been for so long since the divorced between my Mother and my Daddy,Really before my Dad passed away, we were living peacefully together, but I am presently on an official peace keeping mission in Darfur War Region, let me quickly phrase out this that my Dad and my mother were father was in the Marine Military,My mother is a retired teacher.They both met on a trip down to Paris from U.S in 60s and were friends till they were finally able to find true love which had led them together to have given birth to me. hmm they are good Christians, just like my Mother would say to me,that if my Daddy wasn't a christian, she wouldn't have agree to marry him when he proposed to her. I am not religious because of my career won't give me time.we all were living peaceful before my Daddy divorced my Mom due to some sort of things i don't know if i should tell you here because i don't know you yet, so please don't worry about it, I am only trying to be cautious of who i am dealing with, maybe when I know you enough alright? anyway to make it short, my Daddy and i lived alone in Lehigh acres, FL after the divorced between him and my Mother. so Mom couldn't stand it living in the city anymore, she packed her stuffs and then went back to her state(Arizona) to live on her own right there. Unfortunately,I lost my father on the line of duty,I was 10years old then, he was on the sea as a marine sergeant Major when he was fell by the bullet from Jamaican Militant.His death made me to join U.S Army because he was given a befitting burial and all his benefits was converted to me as a beneficiary, which will make me to get more benefits after I retire from my present job. It was so painful to recall this memory. at last I have no other choice than to go back to live with my Mother in Mesa as I felt I needed someone around to help me through life difficulties before I can carry on myself you know what I Mom and i live together in an apartment here. I am the only child of my parents.honestly she is very nice, kind, caring and loving Mother anyone would pray to have. she treats me like every good Mother would treat their beloved son. I have spent 25 good years in the Military,got rapid promotion due to my dedication to my work.I have been to some countries, mostly to lead the troops to War front, peace keeping mission and aid relief mission in Haiti.I am planning ahead for my future as I am looking forward to meet the right woman(I got you now), so I can make my final decision to tender my resignation letter after me and my woman have joint discussion, in order to enjoy my new relationship and build a strong family. I had a relationship in the past but never lasted.... also lost my wife to car accident few years back,when our only son was 2years old, he is 5 years old now, living with my cousin(Mary Balls,U.K). I must tell you I am looking for in a soul mate, someone I could call my own, a woman in whom I could invest my love, time, good deeds,seriousness,faithfuless and all I got because I have a large heart. I know out there lies someone who has the nature of God inside of her, someone who would be ready to give 100% of herself of course I am not getting any younger as my age increases by year.I am 6'0 in height .. I do not smoke but have no problem with somkers,I drink socially. just looking for the rightful one now.Also this is the quality I seek in a woman,one who will be dedicated to being my wife, loyal, faithful and honest. one who knows what it means to being in love, one who is very affectionate, simple, easy going, fun to be with, caring, very sincere, very romantic, giving nature, tolerant,home loving, hard-working, reliable, sensual, with a sense of humor. one who will be a good wife with family orientation!You got all good characters, I am ready to spend the rest of my life with you.Our chat few hours ago has brought me to a conclusion that you are the best I have ever got. Turn ons: affection in public, hand-holding, hugs and unselfconscious physical contact. Sitting opposite my