First name: patrick
Last name: williams
Age: 40
Location: abia state africa
Phone: 0112348124921611
On websites: facebook
Report: I've been contacted on facebook by a nigerian scanner. Sent emails to me then started chatting with me on yahoo messenger. Also texted me from an international number. Then I called him on that number and confronted him. He still talked to me. Said he lives in Africa now but email ip addresses came mostly from sunnyvale California and some from new York and one from proxy server in Brazil. He asked me for money. I said no. Still getting texts from him once in a while. Said he needed money for internet because it was going off. So now he won't send me any emails. His email was and name is Patrick Williams.
First name: Brain
Last name: White
Age: 45 yrs.Old
Location: 10Kajode St.Ikeja State. Lagos Country.Negeria.
Address: unknown23401
Phone: 2347087592542
Email: Brain.white 50
Report: pls be careful with this person he is one of the scammer in negeria.He alwaycarefulls ask money to one of the chatmate . he used many names like for ex. MATT DECARO,KELVIN LORD,SIMON,ERIC SIMON,DAVID BRAIN WHITEE AND JEFF THOMAS PLS. To all woman in the world be carefll and dont trust with this kind of person
First name: eric
Last name: murphy
Age: 57
Location: Texas.USA/London.UK
On websites:
Report: I have heard that this man is a scammer and would like him checked out please
First name: Nacir
Last name: Nasr
Age: born on 24. 09. 1982
Location: Tunisia Hammamet, Hotel Bel Azur Talassa
Phone: (8)1021623070888
On websites:
Report: He works in a hotel. He is deceiving elderly women, offers a massage. She writes sms about love , communicates in Skype. He says that he loves and wants to marry. Says he's the colonel. He says that he lost his job. Very primitive type.Requests to send him money through bank transfers.Wants to get a first mobile phone, then laptop, then a car.
First name: tony
Last name: williams
Age: 51
Location: usa
On websites: yes
Report: hes scammes women out of money by telling the he loves then and wants to marry then i no of a least 2 women he has done his to and threats with black mail a very nasty littel man that need to be stopped thank you
First name: frank
Last name: mcdonalds
Aka: usa
Age: 56
Location: modesto ca
Address: 1108lexington
On websites:
Report: he scams women for money,he tells them all kind of sob stories to get money from them.
First name: marcus
Last name: johan
Aka: marcus jo , marcus johnson
Age: 44, dob 24.7.66
Location: leeds, usa,france,spain,
Phone: 07538654935
On websites: said he was with widowdating, but i was not on that site?
Report: will tell you he is an engineer(technical) widow for 3yrs, 9yrold son called roland, has a company in lodi, california called grange engineering pipeling,(false web site)son at school in usa, american father, french monther, grandmother in france, lost both parents in car accident when he was 2, left him very rich, but will not tell you that to start with, speaks and sends emails in spanish and french, says he is visiting son, but cant see him, then goes to new york for flight back to uk and then robbed in taxi,will want you to lend money to change details on flight, will send photos and flight document by emails but they are false,used uk mobile and nigerian number both false,will tell you he will meet you in your home town then says hes got to go overseas on business for a while, stated he owned 5bed house and had 3 dogs that he leaves with a vet while away on business.
First name: John
Last name: Morrison
Age: 59
Location: Miami, FL / Milan, Italy / Ghana
Phone: 717-623-8357
On websites:
Report: He was on - dating site. After talking on messenger 3 or 4 times he says he's in love with you. He has a 20 year old daughter in nursing school - he says he divorced his wife 8 years ago and his daughter lives with him. Sent many pictures of himself and some of his daughter. Says he resides in Miami - went to Italy because uncle died - flew to Ghana with his cousin (one way ticket)to collect 3 chests of gold his uncle left him in his will. When he got there he found that his bank had put a hold on his account because of a large withdrawal and he had to appear in person at the bank to get his account released. They don't have enough money for tickets home (cousin to Italy and him to Miami). But he says they got the gold and had it shipped to the U.S. He becomes sick and in the hospital for a couple of days, and when released says he's still so sick. Somehow he gets the ticket money, then says he needs $5,000 each before they will let him leave the country! Sends an immigration document proving this. This document is on the U.S. Embassy site in Ghana - its a fake. I thought he was being scammed, but in actuality the people he contacted in the states for money were scammed.
First name: john
Last name: freeman
Age: 46
Location: hicksville, NY
On websites:
Report: Met on match. Talked IM for about 1.5 weeks. Did not talk on phone. Did not text. Said he was from UK- moved here four months ago. He has a 14 year old son Drew. sent a pic. Wife died in car acident 7 years ago. Parents died about two years ago. Needed a change so moved to USA. Last week got a fax that he got a contract to deliver/ supply computers to a small company starting a branch in Ukraine. said he put in for the job 7 months ago. He was very happy. We couldn't meet befor he had to go too busy but he wanted to meet me as soon as he gets back to USA. So now he Went to Ukrane for work for a week or
First name: Nicolas
Last name: Gonzalez
Age: unknown
Location: Bolton Manchester UK
Phone: +447035993348
On websites: Facebook
Report: This person wrote to me on FB on the 10 March, he was also in contact with two other women. I am now in contact with them and both the ladys told me that he asked for money and one of the ladys sent him 1350 Euros and he contacts her daily and asks for more . But we found a photo of him at spokeo which is not the same as on FB. Thank you