First name: ROBERT
Last name: WILLIAMS
Aka: rob
Age: 42
Location: united kingdom or nigera
Phone: +2348088469717
On websites: yahoo and facebook
Report: we was chatting and he asked for my help he owes me $1500.00 he will say he loves u and he wants to marry u he will tell u his little girl is hungry and he has to send his grandmother money cause she is dieing but she already dead and he will tell u anything i fell for dont want no one else to get burnti save one person already
First name: mark
Last name: russell
Age: 54
Location: florida
Address: 2655 Nebraska Ave Palm Harbor,Fl
On websites: Connecting
Report: Ask me to send him a cell phone. Then he couldn't get money from his account wanted me to send him money, I called the bank he claimed to have money at they had no record of him.
First name: capt bruce
Last name: ferris
Age: 52 fake
Location: he says texas
Address: unknown he says tel aviv-jaffa,israel plano texas military base
Email: and chat yahoo messenger
On websites: unknown yahoo
Report: wanting to send request for leave and to pay proccesing fee and give my id and bank details to this poor capt has had his idenity stollen it odvious by the spelling that he is not american i first met this scum on ayi face book he is still in contact and dosnt know im a wake up to him please stop this rat from getting to anybody else please inform me of results thank u ph aus 0418185320
First name: sam
Last name: neil
Aka: jon
Age: 60
Location: , nigeria, arlington va
On websites: seniors people, facebook,yahoo
Report: romance scam that started supposedly arlington va. 8 days ago. alleged daughter yahoo messenger me today wanting 3500.00 for surgery for sam he had been mugged and beated. is an alleged engineer and their to design power plant. she even sent x-ray pic of fractured tibia fibula, that i found online first x ray entry.
First name: conwell
Last name: long
Aka: florence
Age: 51
Location: alabama
On websites:
Report: he scams women for money.
First name: Dan
Last name: Angels
Aka: Daniel Angels
Age: 40
Location: London, Georgia , Nigeria
On websites: Mingle2
Report: He started with long love letters and he ended up with asking me for money after an accident occurred on work field in Nigeria where he was working with 100 persons skilled and locals. one of his workers died in that accident and my fellow started raised funds in order to help the young family of the decaesed!
First name: Jean
Last name: Arthur
Aka: Jean Mark Arthur
Age: 52
Location: Accra, Ghana; Monrovia, California; Syracruse, New York
Address: 315 washington St accra medina Ghana
Phone: 011-233-245449955, 315-308-8638
On websites:, plentyofish, yahoo
Report: Scammed me out of $8000 after 5 months of getting to know me...He's French/Scottish, widowed with a 15 year old son, a civil engineer and international consultant...did work n Togo and states his money, $13,000,000 from the work performed is being held in the Intenational Commercial Bank of Ghana because he tried to transfer too much to the United States. Says need to get a Certificate of Affidavit from the Minister of Finance of Ghana, but when I called and talked to the Minister of Finance he stated there is no such certificate. Jean States need $14,888 to pay for it before can return to the states and refuses to leave with out his money. He is super good friends with a guy named Pastor Mark Edward, and Philip Andrew and receives packages through Alex Amoo. The bank manager he is working with is Abu M. Kofi, Operation's Manager at ICB Ghana and the lawyer is Dr. Charles Kurankye who works for Oakhouse Law Firm, but I couldn't confirm his affliation with the firm. And why would a lawyer have a public health degree. Jean Arthur is very good at what he does...SCAMMING
First name: Ruddock
Last name: Dawson
Aka: a military commander
Age: unknown (he said 56 years old)
Location: Iraq, Afgahnistan, Ghana, US military near Washington,USA
Address: c/o Vincent Ansah, Barnes Road, PO Box 91, Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233279930764, Vincent Ansah(Diplomat) 1-327-606-8207
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: met on site Plenty of Fish. He contacted me first. He asked for money to get out of the military and the war & Iraq, and to transport some parcels out of that country, then wanted money for medical when he was supposedly injured in Ghana. Then I knew because it was one excuse after another why he never arrived and wanting more and more money. I lost $40,000 to this scammer. I have Western Union receipts. Corresponded from May 2010 to Feb. 2011 before I realized what had happened. I was physically and mentally ill, under Drs care, at the time this was going on and felt bullied by this Mr. Dawson and Mr. Ansah, who were demanding that I help him. I have several photos of the supposed military individual. I am 60 years old and I am financially ruined.
First name: rasak
Last name: abubakargoes
Age: 40s
Location: accura ghana
Report: really bad about making u think hes in love with you and then asks for money. he is a big time scammer and is from ghana he is one of the romance scammers.ive delt with him before.
First name: Aaron
Last name: Ramos
Age: about 48
Location: Sudan- Nigeria
Email: and on facebook as Aaron Ramos
Report: He tried to potray himself as an Army Captain on a special assignment first Sudan mored right away to Nigeria. I looked up and there with message on facebook from that day on he was pushing it. I was supprised to hear him say he was calling me on his cell phone from a special assignment the military assign him to in Nigeria 2 days before bombing at the police station. I checked it and it was evident it happened.All the girls on his page are working with him. He friend one from my page to make sur he is able to get back in contact with me. HE has enough of my information to know I have a blackberry touch that means my information is no longer secure.