First name: Roger Knight
Last name: Benson
Age: 53
Location: Sofia Bulgaria & London UK
Phone: +44 20 3389 6700
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man call Roger Knight Benson that I met in he is originally from Sofia Bulgaria but now lives in London UK, as a IT Consultant & Investment Expert. He told me in my dating profile that he was a Engineer what a liar! He is a widower with no children
First name: Sokrates
Last name: Wilson
Aka: Wilson
Age: 52
Location: Liverpool, UK
Phone: +447588748910
On websites: Tinder
Report: He contacted me on Tinder and he was searching for love, real love. He been asking God for a woman
First name: Shawn
Last name: Anderson
Age: 42
Location: USA Newark NJ
Phone: 8768896140, 8765789666
Report: This person scammed me out about $17,000 over the last year. He did this by promising me A Mercedes car and $50 mil. I kept believing things and promises to me for the last year, but now I am finally done with him. All of his phone numbers came from Jamaica. So, I should have known better.
First name: Ahmad
Age: 42
Location: England Birmingham
On websites: Muzmatch
Report: The same old history: engineer from Fiji, living in UK, divorced with a daughter living with his mother. Working aboard to a shipping company and now on his way ro Australia. Can not call or do facetime due the security restrictions. Bad English written for someone who lives in UK. When I said him I knew he was a scammer started insulting and blocked me.
First name: Nick
Aka: Extremely Fabulous
Age: 66
Location: USA Jacksonville FL
Phone: 856-315-2674
On websites: Zoosk
Report: After contact he wanted to get off the imputed he was using and wanted me to text him at the number he gave
First name: Richard
Last name: Baldwin
Age: 56
Location: Seattle WA, (Countries) Lebeanon, Dubai
On websites: Meet Up
Report: Richard initiated contact through the web site Meet Up. We talked for about one month.I grew suspicious when he wouldn't take a picture of the oil rig he claimed to be working on in Lebanon.He requested 5450.00 for a package that was to be shipped to my address. He said the money was for clearance charges into the U.S. He didn't get any money because I wouldn't do it and blocked all his calls and uninstalled the viber app.
First name: George
Last name: Bunting
Age: 34
Location: America USA, Melbourne Australia & London UK
Phone: +44 7459 786575
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and in he's Dating Profile call Twoo it says he lives in London UK but he actually lives in Melbourne Australia but at moment now he is in USA on lock down. He also told me he is a Australian Citizen and he was once married to Australian woman but they got divorced three years ago. He works for Lockheed Martin Cooperation they service airplanes
First name: Steven
Last name: Giovanni
Age: 49
Location: Canberra Australia
Phone: +1 619 940 5981
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and in he's dating profile call Twoo it says he lives in Canberra Australia but he is using a Non-Fixed USA VoIP Phone Number: +1 619 940 5981 (e.g. Skype or Google Voice) This scammer said to me in WhatsApp online that he works as a Oil Servicing Engineer. He is single with no children
First name: Bobby
Last name: Scott
Aka: Mark scott
Age: 54
Location: Nigeria, Canada, Nevada
Phone: +1 (731) 388-9072, +1 (715) 539-6538, +1 (678) 379-9656
On websites: Plenty of fish
Report: Ask for money right off. Said he cares fir me and wants to take good care of ms and wants to grow old together. I told him know. He then begged for money so his son Age 16 and daughter She 14 can have a hot meal and his medical bill costing 10,000.00. I told him no. He got mad and said few choice bad names and hated me he doesn?t even know me to hate me. I told him to stop texting me or I was going to block him. He said he was sorry. I did not accept his apology. He then asked for 2,000.00 to pay for an airline ticket so his brottwr could come to Reno from Texas. I told him no and blocked his number.
First name: Fred
Last name: Marco
Age: 41
Location: New York, New York USA, Turkey & Taipei Taiwan
Phone: +1 503 206 0835
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a Dutch gay man call Marco who lives in Rotterdam Netherlands, as a Engineer. This scammer said to me in WhatsApp online that he lives in New York USA but at moment now he is working offshore Oil & Gas Company in Turkey as a Mechanical Engineer. He is divorced with no children.