First name: William
Last name: Flowers
Aka: Hillary, Cliff Ganza, Robert Caluc, Rupkothar Alo, Mattias Becker, Fraser Peter, Douglas Fraser, Frederik Bram Fraser, David Elvis Smith, Kendrick William, Damian Luis Hall, Anderson Kelvin, Jesse Ryan, David Williams, Alex Mark , Mucrus, Sean Pace, Brian Jacob, Craig Heinz, John Payne, Jim Newman, Wells Eriks, Wells Eriks, Roland Foutch, Chris Shawn, James Amos, Kenderick, Gary Martins, David Michael, Robert Moore, France James, William Adonis Davis, James Paul, Mathew George, James Parker, Thomas Hector, Benson David, Steve Roy Hussien, Donald Phillip Williams
Age: 60
Location: North Carolina, USA; Kandahar, Afghanistan; Los Angeles, California, USA; Dallas, Texas, USA; Gent, Belgium; Nigeria; New York, USA; Badakhshan, Afghanistan; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Singapore; London, UK; Dortmund Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany; Woodbridge, USA; Turkey, Miami, USA; Glenwood, Canada
Phone: 2348085957323, 15165220632, 17244912428, 2349018339568, 447451288185, 447537130516, 233505629258, 5128594074, 14848087578
On websites: Dateolicious, Spinchat, Zorpia, Twoo
Report: Information used in romance scams.
First name: Alex
Last name: Mark
Age: 48
Location: London UK
Phone: +44 7537 130516
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: I met this man call Alex Mark on a Dating Site call, and he lives in London UK, as a Building Contractor. He is single with one daughter.
First name: Geoffrey
Last name: Britton
Aka: Britton James, Mason Vasquez, Mason Edwards, Jackson Botham, Lucas Higginbotham, Robert Semonite, Greg Semonite, Francois Good, Rodger Good, Petr Pavel, Michael Scotty, Aldo Curtis, Dwerk Demsey, Williams Mark
Age: 59
Location: Los Angeles, California, Houston, USA; Bruges, Belgium; Sokolov, Czech Republic; Sunnyslope, USA; Long Beach, USA; Texas, USA
Phone: 19292491309, 13862420119
Report: Information used in romance scams.
First name: Martin
Last name: Murphy
Aka: Thomas
Age: 61
Location: Ghana
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: This man poses as Marin Murphy, but he lives in Ghana and his first name is Thomas.
First name: Frank
Age: 51
Location: Amherst, MA
On websites: tagged
Report: Military scammer
First name: Chandler
Last name: Willson
Aka: Mark, Bank, Rahm Sam, Roderick Bedford, Joel, Ryandy, Benson David, Demsey Scotts, Ryan m Anderson, Dicksonw, Paul Anthony, Britton James, Franklin Cray, Wilson Cole, Larry, Mosley Michae, Brad King, James Zhang, Mike, James Argyris, George Thomas, Christopher Wayne, Larry Kailimai, Bruse, Murphy, Zach, lenny Reyes, Mark Williams
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Report: Information used in romance scams.
First name: Maxwell
Last name: Smithson
Aka: Ron Deweese, Bright Kevin, Kelvin Kalfman, Steve, Richard Kalf, Hanks Sinks, Daniel Chris, David, Nicholas Erdiles, Careyette, Murphy Williams, Derek Ballard, James Patric Baker, Mark Zoltan, Mark Zilbert, Christian Hopkins, Shawn Lee, Phillip Austin, Mark Aphane, TRISTAN LOIC, Bryan Russel, JAMESMILLS, James Miller, Adrian Hudson, Donald Rafael Kiser, Mark Williams, Justin Ronald, Call Jackson, Roodyer, william Morrison, David Beauguard, Alex, Donaldv, Anthony Ericson, David Richard
Age: 60
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Phone: 14259478857, 12014318961, 19857907368
On websites: Linkedin
Report: Information used in romance scams.
First name: Shane
Last name: Witcher
Age: 57
Location: Carmel, IN
Phone: 3528750066
On websites: Facebook, Twitter
Report: Shane Witcher initiated contact around September 1, 2020. Started asking for money within 48 hours. Many things he wanted it for but mainly for emergency leave to come home to marry me. I have copies papers that were sent and the addresses There is so much more. I still talk with him under aliases. His phone centers in Carmel, IN I need to get them all I have many he is own
First name: Justin
Last name: Ronald
Age: 42
Location: Houma Louisiana USA, St Louis, Missouri USA & Beriut Lebanon
Phone: +1 985 790 7368
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he's Twoo dating profile it says he lives in St Louis, Missouri USA not Houma Louisiana USA. This scammer told me in WhatsApp online that he lives in Houma Louisiana USA but at moment now he is deployed overseas to Beriut Lebanon, as a Lieutenant in US Navy. He is divorced with one daughter Karina who lives with her mother at home.
First name: Nathan
Last name: Ham
Age: 44
Location: Yemen
Address: 11030 W COBB AVE
Phone: 4148174264
Report: States that he is serving our country in Yemen, but is from Georgia, U.S. Told some story about some attack to his troop 'this morning'.
First name: Harry
Last name: Redknapp
Aka: Ivan Pavlov Petrovitch, Richdan, Chang West, Akpobi West, Allen Frank, John Hopper, Wilson Timothy, Richy Ryan, Thomas Werner, Tom Deanernsting
Age: 57
Location: Bristol, Connecticut, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Singapore; Iraq; Santa Susana, USA; Carrollton, TX, USA; Berlin, Germany
Phone: 3106977248, 3237635735, 3153206119, 16788120064
Report: Information used in romance scams.
First name: Maurice
Last name: Morgan
Age: 32
Location: Germany, Sweeden
On websites: Instagram
Report: He claimed to have fallen in love with me & was sending me a package. But i have to pay for shipping. He sent me a name to send the money too.
First name: Frank
Age: 46
Location: Dublin city, Ireland
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer
First name: Kendrick
Last name: William
Aka: Stephen Markaaron , David Elvis Smith, JasonJackson, Jesse, Bruse, Jeffery Camello
Age: 55
Location: Toronto, USA; New York, USA; Miami, USA; Colorado, USA; New York Buffalo, USA; Manchester, UK; Washington, USA
Phone: 2349018339568, 17244912428
Report: Information used in romance scams.
First name: Scott
Last name: Jeffrey
Aka: Davidson, Mattie, Daniel grey, Deluca, Albert Mihalkovic , Wells Erik, Frank Edward, Harris Athens, Michael Roy, David Mark, Franklin Cray, Damien Greyson, Ricardo Williams, Louis Cally, Franklin Scott, Kim Raylan, Jesse, Donald Dembowski, Tony Walker, Steve, Fernando_Chris, Gomez, Jason Kaufman, Steve Mroova, Dave Johnson, Kelvin, Brian Games
Age: 56
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Report: Information used in romance scams.
First name: Denny
Last name: Webb
Age: 68
Location: Florida, U.S.
Phone: 424 444-0623
Report: I found this guy on a site for the internet. I do not know the name of the site. He had 3 photos of himself. One with him sitting by a pool. One is just a picture of himself. Says that he was in the service. And a medical professional. I did not do a lot with this guy because I thought that he was a scammer. He says the he works in Florida and is a scuba diver but I guess he is from Abancia in L.A.
First name: Lucien
Age: 48
Location: Brest (France), Germany
Phone: 0033756920119
On websites: Tinder
Report: Met this man on Tinder 2 days ago...text as usual...found him today with stolen pictures from TV man from Hungaria
First name: Philip
Last name: Schmidt
Age: 56
Location: Happy Valley, Oregon
Phone: 5039661666
On websites: Zoosk
Report: ?Philip? connected with me via Zoosk. I am a widow and it states he was as well. Conversation flowed and he asked if we could text via phones so I provided my number. We began texting several times per day. The details he provided were so authentic. He claimed to be born and raised in Germany and lived here in Happy Valley, Oregon for twelve years and that his wife died from breast cancer two years ago. He said he and his only daughter had not spoken in six months because she was with a ?tweeker?. His grandson lived with his God parents and Phillip said he had grandson on weekends. He said he was an engineer. He sent many pictures...nothing graphic but even one of he and his grandson. He wanted to meet but I said no. We finally decided to talk. He suddenly had to go to London for a possible new contract. He even sent copies of his itinerary. He called to say goodnight after he packed. He had a very thick accent but I couldn?t make out if it was German. He then called in the next morning he was to fly to London and said goodbye. He said he would text via KIK because it was less expensive and he had me set up a kik account which I did. Little warning bells were going off. So now that I had a last name and pictures I decided to do some research. I know I am lucky to have found out he is on your sight and I didn?t lose any money but lost something else and that is my trust of men in a dating site and humanity doesn?t look as appealing as it once did.
First name: Frank
Aka: Alex Morton
Age: 47
Location: kansas, Panama and Meza Arizona
On websites: tagged, Face Book
Report: Military scammer: Now i am presently stationed in Afghanistan for peace keeping
First name: Frank
Last name: Robinson
Age: 54
Location: Duluth, GA
On websites: tagged
Report: Typical scam from his messages: age is just a number - do you have an I.D with yahoo? lets chat over there - i have all the time for you in the world for you, i am looking at having something really serious with you - can you do me a favor by not talking to other men and focus on me - if i request you to close your account on tagged to avoid distraction from other men, would you do that? - i need a woman that is down to earth, lovely, understanding have the fear of God
First name: Frank
Age: 49
Location: glasgow,united kingdom, Netherlands
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer who ssent me a friend request on tagged ? iamge stolen from former director of the UN agency
First name: Frank
Age: 56
Location: Lille, France
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer
First name: Jens
Last name: Seidel
Age: 66
Location: Bari Italie, Cyprus, cuba
Address: Francesco43,70124 Bari Italie
Phone: +32460217709
On websites: Whatsapp,hangout Instagram
Report: I have already reporter HIM in June It is a man,nog a woman Ihave more pictures
First name: caroll
Last name: builder
Aka: carl
Age: 52
Location: crystal lake
Phone: 815-524-8409/909-572-1564
On websites: match
Report: Contacted me on match .com. Started texting on Dec 11,2020. Told me had to go to Turkey right away for business but did not want to leave me because he was so in love with me. He told me he was and engineer and also a trader. Wanted me to pick up money from the Western Union and send it to him in bitcoins. So i figured out he was a scammer so I began to play along with him. Then he wanted me to split the air fair from Turkey so he could come and see me. I got out of that. He then told me his cell phone broke to get one for him and send it to this address in Houston they would make sure he got it... it is a Nigera shipping company.
First name: Jerry
Last name: Wang
Aka: Fernando Chris, Gomez, Eddward, Daniel Matteo, Ghassan, David, David Clem, David Lambert, Wesly David, DANIEL, Hing, Blatter Rick, Stanley George, David Tino, Jim, Rodrigo Gimenez, Michael Sherman, Dawnson Morgan, William Coopers, Greta Aina, Hank David Williamson, Daniel Lee, Kim ChangDodson, Shanghai-Huangpu Bezirk, Frank, Jason Ray, Ron, Wesley David, Daniel, Chris Butler, Micheal J, Jorge Maurel
Age: 57
Location: Santa Ana, New York, USA; Lancaster, CA, USA; Sydney, Australia; Las Vegas, USA; Los Angeles, USA; London, United Kingdom; Taiwan; Alabama, USA; Nigeria; Dresden, Germany; Hialeah, FL, USA; Texas, USA; New York City, NY, USA; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 13234172927?, 233265066118, 16474842801, 16822928424, 7865889582, 233553053705, 233554460921, 447925318755, 09035601638, 6822928424
Email:,,,,,,,,,,, KAS08P@GMAIL.COM,, wechat@arry0231,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
On websites: Easy Date Club, Love Planet, Xing, Talk Gator, Tagged, Tinder
Report: Information used in romance scams.
First name: Ricardo
Last name: Pellerin
Age: 53
Location: Cote Ivory:Abidjan, San Pedro
Address: Saint kouyago BP13, Rue de La Nawa
Phone: +334909043242
On websites: whataap Facebook
Report: This is big international group scammers very dangerous,I cooperation with(Brigade Anti -Criminale in San Pedro and Abidjan)andI am asking for help in finding man who are scammers. maybe I find people who know the faces of these people, maybe at this moment are talking, chatting or contact at this point. The case is heavily investigated by the police from Cote d'Ivory and the prosecutor's office and due to interests of the investigation, certain data cannot be disclosed. I need help from your web.
First name: Peter
Last name: Schoomaker
Age: 74
Location: New York, NY, and Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: 631 980-0494
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: Goes by the name of Peter Schoomaker. Claims to be working on contract with NATO and is currently in Kabul, Afghanistan. Romances you, and then asks for your help in securing 50kilos of gold bars he purchased in Amsterdam. He needs help getting them to the US.
First name: Larry
Last name: Collins
Aka: Frank Andrew, Micheal, Rogers Smith, James Roberto, Ernest Clinton, Alex
Age: 56
Location: North Carolina, USA; New York, NY, USA; Manchester, United Kingdom; Rochester NY, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Nigeria
Report: Information used in romance scams.
First name: Alex
Last name: Roberto
Age: 67
Location: UK, Dubai
Phone: +1 (267) 223-5922, +44 7451 281886
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: He is one of a group of scammers on Plenty of Fish. He uses the exact same script as Giovanni Ricco who is already listed on your site as a male scammer with at least two fake photos. Someone named Bridget posted all her emails from Giovanni Ricco on your site. Alex Roberto uses the same exact emails. Like Giovanni, he seems to have ties to the UK and Dubai. Just like Giovanni, he claims his mother died. He needs money for the funeral. He then wants you to send your address so he can put you on his contract in Dubai.
First name: Patrick
Age: 50
Location: Scotland, US, Munich
On websites: Tinder
Report: Met this man on Tinder this morning...always the same story...he is from Scotland, just moved to Munich (Germany) 2 months agon, petroleum engineer, widower with 1 child. I asked him where in Munich he lives...I am sure he is fake!