First name: Dave
Last name: Grunal
Age: 63
Location: Jacksonville, Fl & Westerville, OH
Phone: 206 317-4672
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: Met this guy on Plenty of Fish website and started communicating with him. Says he is a Aircraft Mechanic and he had to go to Texas for 2 weeks for a job. After several conversations with me he says he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Stated I was the only one for him and that he has left the dating site because of me. I noticed this morning that not only is he still on the site searching he is now a upgraded member. He talked about honesty, commitment and loyalty in a relationship. I emailed him and told him not to ever contact me again that he was like all the rest.. I have blocked his number. I have a lot of email correspondence from him as well as pictures. I do believe this guy is a scammer and if we had talked longer it was only a matter of time before he asked for financial help. He claims to be a widow for many years however there is a Facebook page of this exact man and he is shown with a woman who is possibly his wife. The picture is dated Sept. 30, 2019. I believe the actual Dave Grunal on Facebook has had his pictures stolen.
First name: Antonie
Last name: Grytsenko
Age: 52
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg Russia, Dubai
Phone: 510-731-6852
On websites: Google Hangout
Report: Antonie met me on a game called Words With Friends 2. He convinced me to go onto Hangouts where he told me he was going to work on an oil rig and was a geologist. He claimed to do bitcoin as a side gig. He built a websight to draw people to his bitcoin business and claimed that someone hacked his websight and stole a lot of money from it. He was in Russia at the time and they took his passport. He can not leave until he pays his debt off. He claims to have 2 children ages 15 and 18, Melissa and Andre back in Florida. He relentlessly asks me to help him by wiring him money. I made the mistake of helping him a bit, but the US postal investigations contacted me in regards to some money I had helped him with and he was linked up with a big internet scammer that was going down. Antonie is still contacting me for money, so I know he did not go down with this scammer ring of people from Nigeria.
First name: GREG
Last name: MORGAN
Age: 56
Location: JAPAN
Report: He introduced himself as a military doctor, an orthopedic surgeon. He sent me a passport document that I determined was fake. He asked for money on several occasions so he could get out of the military base. He first stated that he was in Kabul, then in Syria, and now as he is in Japan. He claimed to have a 14-year-old son who was housed in a private St. Stephan's school in Rome. He also gave me his email address. He wrote exclusively on the hangout, and used a picture of Spanish actor Julio Alonso. On one occasion he accidentally called me via a hangout, and it could be heard that he was of African descent
First name: John
Last name: Brittner
Age: 63
Location: Missoula, Montana
Phone: 1-385-800-4773
On websites: Match
Report: On or about 8/23/20 I was intercepted on Match by this man John Brittner. In his first few conversations on Match, he was not getting his story straight but I kept up to see if he would rectify....well, he didn't but kept going. We exchanged emails and have been doing so since about 8/26/20. He seemed okay to that point. Then he started writing all these
First name: Ivan
Last name: Woods
Age: 58
Location: Australia, Sidney
Phone: 312-809-7166
Report: Ivan Woods is a scammer of money! Was emailing and texting with him for approximately 4 weeks, the Month of August. He said he was Australia and would be home the 24th. The last test message he sent was asking for 2,000.00 for some fuel for his project! That ended my relationship.
First name: Edward
Last name: Martin
Age: 62
Location: Turkey, Glendale Az, New Hampshire
Phone: 6232238933
On websites:
Report: I met him on plenty of fish. He began calling and said he was preparing for a possible project ( He claimed to be an architect and landscapre designer). He gave me his landing page and he was on linked in. Then he said he got the project and the client wanted to whisk himto Turkey for the job. He said he owns a house in Glendale Az. He emailed and called every day sent flowers and a teddy bear. Then on July 5th he claimed he was robbed and had to run for his life but 2 people in the car werebadly injured and he needed money to help thenm get an intricate surgery. Then he needed a cell phone so he could do his work and it was his birthday. He said he called his offshore bank and puta freeze on his account and so even he could not get in to the account He tried to get me to accept money into my account and then transfer it to him. Then he said the Turkish IRS wanted $43000 and until he paid it he could not leave the country. He said he got the amount whittled down to $4000 euros and please help him come home. I sent the Apple I phone and the $4000 euros and he said he is a free man. He told me he was scheduled to board a plane and come home to meet me. One last push to get more money 3 hours before boarding the plane he called and said he owed the place he had been staying $400 euros or he coudnt board the plane so I sent that. All the time he was telling me he had lots of money in the off shore bank and when he got home he would pay me back and more. He also told me to pich him up at the airport at 1 am and he was a no show of course.
First name: Thomas
Last name: Svedsen Polsen
Age: 46
Location: New York City
Phone: WhatsApp+16316368309
Report: Working in Yemen as an anesthesiologist for UNHCR My wife died of cancer. My son Roy is going to a boarding school in New York at the age of five.Because of the coronavirus, the nanny and the father of the wife are in charge of the son. But the real swindler lives in Ghana.He admitted to the fraud and video-called me several times, and I was able to take a picture of him.
First name: Conner
Age: 43
Location: Kabul Afghanistan & Houston, Texas USA
Phone: +1 607 286 3320
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he is using a Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Number: +1 607 286 3320 (e.g. Skype or Google Voice) Original carrier: Verizon New York Inc. (607) is a New York (NY) area code Major cities: Binghamton, Elmira, Ithaca, Cortland, Johnson City, Endicott, Corning. I met him on a Dating Site call and he lives in Houston Texas USA but at moment now he is deployed overseas to Kabul Afghanistan, as a US Special Forces Military Soldier. He is a widower with one daughter. He also told me he is originally from Italy. This is what he wrote to me in WhatsApp online
First name: Allan or Allen
Last name: Marten
Age: 44
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 415-888-0655
On websites: Whatsapp, Instagram,
Report: Starting talking to Allen aka Marten online last year. He asked for money. I said no and he disappeared. Contacted me last month and we resumed chatting via WhatsApp. He asked me for $200 per month or $50 per week to continue his internet services. Claims to be E-8 in Army on a mission. I said no to sending him money.He then used my phone number to attempt to set up profiles with Wayne and BLK. He had access codes sent to my phone. I refused to give him the access codes. His tone really changed. He threatened to send indiscrete photos of me plus photos of my kids that I sent to him last year if I didnt send him $50. He threatened to send them to local newspapers and local tv stations plus my contacts. He claims to be from Los Angeles with 2 kids: Jason and Emily. He also said he was originally from Germany and came to US when he was 19. Also that he was a widower of 3 years. His voice recording on WhatsApp didn't sound like a native German speaker. After refusing his request for money, his messages became very scary.
First name: Paved
Last name: Alberto
Aka: Alexander Smed
Age: 62
Location: Italien
On websites: Instagram
Report: He contact me on instagram want us to be friends he was in Africa to take care of his mom's coffee business. It was worth a lot of money. His mom has died so he has to get married so he could have his heritage. He get mad when I told him I couldn't help him with that, he told me we need to get married on the paper. He told me I just want money from him but I never asked him about any money, beg him to explain wgst he mean but he didnt. Then he get sick and was in a hospital he needs money for food and medical becuase his card doesent works. I didn't send him any money have report him to Instagram.
First name: Shore
Last name: BAILEY
Aka: Shore_Bailey
Age: 46
Location: Spain
On websites: Instagram
Report: UN doctor scam. Claims to be an orthopedic doctor with foot/ankle specialty living in Spain. Single. One son age 7 named Richie.
First name: Braun
Last name: Strowman
Aka: Davis pulisic
Age: 38
Location: Afganistan
Phone: +1 (667) 401-2684
On websites: Hinge dating app
Report: Matched with this one on the dating app hinge, calls himself Braun Strowman. Soon moved conversation to whatsapp and disappeared from Hinge, we wrote on and off for about 3 weeks. He stated that he was an US army man stationed in Afganistan, but soon off to Syria on a dangerous mission. Being romantic he wanted to send a package, that soon after got optained by customs in turkey and needed to be paid 1000? to be released. Payments was to go via moneygram to: First name :Fatih Surname: Polat City : Istanbul Country: Turkey? He uses +1 (667) 401-2684 on whatsapp and provides pictures from this instagram account He produces parcel recipts and passport photos which are clearly falsified documents when closely inspected. And also mail with +447520660353??. Got really agressive when i forwarded him this site and blocked him - Resumed contact from - I told him to sod off
First name: Francesco Matteo
Last name: Luca
Age: 63
Location: Jacksonville, FL, Palm Coast FL
Phone: 984 208-0746
On websites: Plenty of Fish Google Hangouts
Report: This guy sent me a message on Plenty of Fish dating site on Sept. 7th stating he wanted to get to know me. After several conversations we moved to Google Hangouts. Says he is working on a contract with Shell and will be working in the Gulf of Mexico for about 3 months. After several conversations and text I happened to ask if we would see each other before he left and immediately did not get a response. I asked him again if he lived in Jacksonville there was no reason we could not see each other face to face. It was then that he told me he lived in Palm Coast which is a hour away from me. I knew then he was a scammer although he had not asked for money at this point. I told him I did not appreciate being lied to and it's best we not continue with communications. I told him not to contact me again and I blocked his number on my phone and on Google Hangouts. I am almost positive this guy is a scammer. The pictures he sent to me look so familiar but I can't figure out the name he's used in the past.
First name: Michael
Last name: Lutherson
Age: app.53
Location: Phoenix (Arizona), New Jersey, UK
Phone: +1 201-308-2277
On websites: Tinder
Report: Met this man on Tinder end of July 2020, then switched over very soon to Whattsapp. He told me is originally from UK but for a quick job in Phoenix (Arizona) before planning to go back to New Jersey i a few weeks time. Originally from UK, divorced with 2 children (10+12) who still live in UK with former friends who care about them. His work is to sell cars. I asked him to send me the website and also pics from him in Phoenix. What I got were pics from palms and cacti, no website cause would not be allowed...He called me on video for 1 minute, then another time for app. 2 minutes. Today I found pics from Zoran Vitanov and I am sure he uses his pics.
First name: Henry
Last name: Wood
Age: 40
Location: Maryland Heights Missouri USA
Phone: +1 703 493 1875? & +1 703 213 5231
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a American man who lives in Miami Florida USA, as a Owner and CEO of Cutting Edge Innovative. This scammer says to me in WhatsApp online that he lives in United States as a Contractor in real estate developers.
First name: Eric
Last name: Clinton
Age: 55
Location: Miami
Report: Eric Clinton. Lives in Miami. 50s age group. One son. Widower. Well taken me in for mug. Was on his last contract. Heading for France. Oil company.. Promised to come over to UK. See me. Witn promise of future. Then it's arranged to go awY. 3vdays before he arrives. Its now pirates are in sea. Can you get me money to get my ticket. To fly him out.. Then he's week away. If in danger of pirates call Coast guaud or navy for help. I asked name of ship and. Ordinance. Silence.. I should have looked photo up sooner. Looked on Im.ageing of photo. And his names not Eric clinton But many other names. David samadi. On lindekin With 4 other names. Stupid me for thinking he be comeing. Booking trip for 2 weeks. I go on my own. As I no get money bk now. I just feel gullible believing bim
First name: David
Last name: Jonas
Age: 65
Location: USA, Canada
Address: 4145 Carson Drive SE Salem OR 97317
Phone: +1(347)899-9972; +11(613)604-5676;+1 (650)695-6681
On websites: Zoosk
Report: Got to know David on a dating site Zoosk. I don't remember who contacted who first. But he pretty soon made me feel comfortable conversing with him. Started calling me babe, sweetheart, dear. w Started calling me his wife and telling me that he wanted to grow old with me. According to his info on the site he live 30 miles away from me and on the day or before the day when we wanted to meet he informed me that he won the contract and he going to an old rig in Canada in Ontario. He said that he would be calling me every day and will be back in 2-3 weeks. It was in September 2019 and allegedly is still there. First he needed a drill, then something else and he was asking me for money. Of course, I was supposed to buy him gift cards in Walmart because he needed to call me and couldn't. Then he was telling me that the chef refuses to feed him because he doesn't have money. When I was out of money he disappeared. The numbers he was using were no longer in service, The romance lasted for about a year and I sent him about $60-$70K that I actually don't have. He also had some electronics sent to my address and asked me to send it to the addresses provided on postal labels. I didn't pay for electronics but the explanation he gave me was that he was buying electronics for some company that provided money for him. He got very nervous and concerned when I received a letter from the Postal Inspector warning me that I might be scammed by Nigerian scammers. I showed this letter to him and confronted him. Nooooooo!!! was his response. Soon after that he called me and told that he lied to me. I wondered what in particular he was lying about. He told me that his contract is much bigger than 2 million as he told me before but $4.5 million. I said: And what? What does it supposed to mean? I didn't solicit his confession. All I cared about was him too return my money as he promised. That was why I kept my communication with him since up to the last moment I didn't think that he was a scammer and the pictures he used might be stolen. There were a lot of warning signs and each time I confronted him he eventually would come up with an explanation, not right away, but after some time. He was getting angrier and angrier at me because I was not sending him any money. He didn't even try to hide his anger. And after this confession he disappeared.
First name: JOHNSON
Last name: KELLY
Age: 61
First name: Tim
Last name: Jayden
Aka: James Russo, Or Shai, Donald Wyane
Age: 51
Location: USA
Phone: +1 (412) 347-4155
On websites: Linkedin
Report: He contanted me on Linkedin under the name Tim Jayden. I found him on this page under the name Donald Wyane and James Russo. Also on Facebook are his photos under the name Or Shai. I don't know if he's a scammer, but he confessed his love for me after about three days of communication. When asked if he knew any of the names under which he is here on this site, he said no. Be careful.
First name: Adam
Last name: Wilson
Age: 51
Location: Germany
On websites: Face book
Report: He found me on face book on a recipe site wanted to be my friend ! Another stupid scammer !!!
First name: Giovanni
Last name: Conte Ricco
Age: 62
Location: Palermo, Italy Tacoma, WA Canary Wharf UK
Phone: 601-227-4478, 44-7520-632428, 44-7520633776,
Email: giovanniricco75@hotmail,com
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: I was contacted by this individual on 7/20 through Plenty of Fish. I have always had my foot in the 'I'm not 100% sure about him
First name: Lucas
Last name: Cole
Aka: Lucas Cole
Age: 56
Location: New York USA & Wellington New Zealand
Phone: +1 516 588 1375 & +1 510 722 6016
On websites:, WhatsApp & Telegram
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a Brazilian man who lives in Sao Paulo Brazil, as a former Brazilian Air Force Pilot, Engineer, AEB Astronaut and Author. This scammer said to me in WhatsApp online that he lives in New York USA, as a Consultant Engineer and a Contractor.
First name: Ralf
Age: 58
Location: North Carolina
Phone: 919-583-7968
On websites: Pof
Report: Met on pof says he?s an engineer
First name: Maxwell
Last name: Lutz Austin
Age: 63
Location: Miami, Fl
Phone: 6162029307
On websites: Plenty of Fish, Linked In, Twitter
Report: i have been communicating with him for 6 months, mostly text messages. He has sent several videos and many
First name: Michael
Age: 62
Location: Brunswick GA
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: I was sent a message from this guy on Plenty of Fish wanting to talk and get to know me. The pictures on his POF profile are the exact pictures of the same guy who contacted me about a year and a half ago but he says in the profile that he was new to the site. Back when he first made contact with me he was a sweet talker and eventually wanted me to loan him 20,000.00 for a overseas project he was on. Obliviously he doesn't remember me when he sent the message. I have blocked him because I know what will happen next. This guy is at it again. I don't have the last name he is using now or the contact information. Only the information/profile and pictures used from Plenty of Fish but I definitely know he's a scammer. You never forget these faces. I can furnish the profile info that he is using along with the pictures
First name: Hassim
Last name: Idris
Aka: Abubakar Zaliatu
Age: 43
Location: Scotland UK & Pennsylvania Mining District, Nevada USA
Phone: +44 7459 529789
On websites:, WhatsApp & Skype
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and I check out he's UK Phone Number: +44 7459 529789 in Skype and I end up with a Skype Profile of a lady call Abubakar Zaliatu from Great Britain. The profile photo is well known on the internet as a Dating Scammer
First name: Nana Eric
Last name: Adjei
Aka: Francis Owen
Age: 38
Location: Ghana
Phone: +233243649295
On websites: instagram
Report: i met a man online last year. First he used a picture of another man. Then he had shown himself to be true very quickly. We've been talking on video chat for quite a while now. He comes from Ghana and lives there very comfortably. He would like to visit me here in Germany. To do this, however, he needs money. Which I should send to him. So that he can apply for his exit application and a visa. I'm not sure if he's a scammer after all. And doesn't mean it honestly with me. Maybe it is his game to show himself very quickly and then to play false love with the women in order to get money? Here is some of his personal information. Maybe he looks familiar to you or other women have already fallen for him. Name: Nana Eric Adjei 42 Robert Street, Accra, Ghana Email: Mobile number: +233243649295 Instagram: Please don't tell him that I asked about him here.
First name: Mark
Last name: Walter
Age: 60
Location: New York and Germany
On websites: Facebook
Report: He contacted me on face thu a recipe site old grammas recipes . He is a typical stupid scammer wanting to know everything about me has a 11 year old daughter works on a oil rig in Germany . He also states he is German . Says he loves me after one day of speaking with me via hangouts ! Have pictures of this person and has not asked for money yet but sure he will if I am still around !
First name: Alan
Last name: White
Age: 50
Location: Brooklyn NY
Phone: 17863869408
On websites: Crosspaths
Report: I began talking with Alan two weeks ago. Claims to be 50 yrs old, lives in Brooklyn, NY had two daughters and 3 stepsisters that he is responsible for since his dad died. Also says his wife was killed two yrs ago in an auto crash. He was driving the car. After two days, began claiming he loved me and on day three, asked me to marry him. He began sending me videos of himself with his daughters doing different activities and I began noticing that the man in the videos did not sound like the man I was speaking with.
First name: Victor
Last name: Badie
Aka: Pharoahe of egypt, vic, veek dr victor
Age: 61
Location: shoubra cairo egypt
Phone: +20 122 880 4422
On websites: facebook
Report: This man contacted me on facebook and instantly demaned camera. he was persitant about going on camera so i agree. when i went on camera he ask me for 1000 egyption pounds. i refused and he blocked me. He is a real doctor and works at nasser genral hospital in cairo egypt. and i screen shot his face from camera.