Scam report about Casper Young


First name:  Casper
Last name:  Young
Age:  27
Phone:  + 17193684339, + 17208993882, + 17193538010, + 17095234622, + 13034222222
Report:  I was defrauded by an American Internet scam on May 6, 2019. The American foreigner lied that he had sent foreign parcels and sent cash and gifts. He asked me to pay a lot of parcel expenses. I have paid 10000 yuan. I sincerely ask Interpol to help recover the amount of the cheated. Thank you. Fake US foreigner contact wechat: WhatsApp + 17193684339, + 17208993882, + 17193538010, + 17095234622, + 13034222222, casperluv101, casperluv102, email: false name: Casper young The name of the fake package company is swift courier service company, and the email address is The name of the paid bank is Guangfa bank, account name, Yang Chaoping, Account number, 621462212100520930 false More pictures and information can be sent to me by email. Please give me an email address to send conveniently. Thank you. Please give me some help, thank you! Contact: Miss Luo 13928281921

Status of report:  is still without proof

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