Scam report about Johnson Milband


First name:  Johnson
Last name:  Milband
Aka:  Desmond
Age:  49
Location:  California USA, Kurdish Border Kurdistan, Turkey, Syria & Bruni, Brunei
On websites:, Hangouts & Kik Messenger App
Report:  He lives in California USA, as a US Navy Seals but at moment now he is deployed overseas to a war zone because of the threat from Iran. He is a widower with one daughter who is three years old. He ask me to help him lend him some money for him of US$1350 for he's Daughter's Caregiver till he pays me back. He also got a Kik Messenger ID: CJN111 This what he wrote to me in Hangouts! Johnson: I need you help! Can you help me or not? I don't push you if you cannot let me know Johnson: Current in Kurdish broader between Turkey/Syria Johnson: Signal is very BAD! Johnson: I want you to please lend me some $ and help me send 1350$ to my daughter's caregiver..till pay day i will pay back to you. I want her to help me get some stuffs for my daughter. Johnson: Dear transfer here NAME: SETA .T. BSB: 807009. A/C No: 30118598. BANK NAME: CRU STATE BANK. Johnson: I'm sorry for late I told you signal is BAD here in this region. Thank you for your help. Johnson: Hello Johnson: Please send confirmation screenshot when you done dear Johnson: Hi dear Johnson: You there Johnson: Please dear it's URGENTLY NEEDED for my daughter Johnson: Thank you so much for your help dear. Johnson: I thought you can do it online through mobile or internet banking. Johnson: Ok dear Thank you Johnson: Sorry for late response..the signal here in this region is BAD Johnson: Hello dear Johnson: Do you help me got it done yesterday? Johnson: Please send me the payment slip as they said nothing was received. Johnson: Please send me the banking payment slip as they said nothing was received.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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