Scam report about steven depue


First name:  steven
Last name:  depue
Age:  62
Location:  Omaha,Nbraska, and now Boston
Phone:  3518881472
On websites:  tinder
Report:  this about steven depue he is a wonderful scammer and will get your heart to be careful he was in Omaha Nebraska working on some pipeline I am not sure something about digging pipe he was only in Omaha one day and then he went back to Boston then he would come back to Nebraska in April and then we could meet we talked about a week and a half all of a sudden he needed a 500 dollar Sophia card I never heard of it well that was the end I called him every dirty word in the book gave him nothing and then he did the same to me I blocked him never heard from him again. ladies, please give him nothing do not get caught up in his crap, please

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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