Scam report about Christopher Donovan


First name:  Christopher
Last name:  Donovan
Age:  59
Location:  USA
Address:  527 N Sandusky street, Bellevue, Ohio 44811
On websites:  Words with friends and google hangouts
Report:  Met this guy on words with friends he messaged just random chats told me his D.o.b was 01/02/1961, he as 2 sons just random chat, he then asked to go on google hangout, just random chats then he said could I do him a favour keep an eye on his bitcoin account as he was travelling to Mardin in Turkey on business for 6 weeks. Once he supposedly arrived it was could I get him an $100 amazon card and scratch code and give him as he had forgotten to get one for his WiFi yet he was chatting on internet to me, I said no he got nasty and said I didn?t care and that he loved me so why wouldn?t I help him. Then he ignored me for afew days then again started being nice calling me his wife ?? then after afew days he asked again saying he had an important meeting and needed a privilege card, again I told him no, again he got annoyed saying I didn?t care, ignore for afew days then asked if I could find a bitcoin atm as he needed to transfer some funds to his mate in the US, alarm bells started ringing, I had even more doubts and a bad feeling so asked him why he wanted me to withdraw funds in England and then transfer to US, that it would be easier for him to get his mate to sort it over there but he said he didn?t trust his mate, that he only trusted me, I told him no I wouldn?t do that as it was stealing in my eyes as it was taking funds from others account. Again he got annoyed saying I was nasty and wicked, heartless and that I didn?t care about him. Today topped it off when again he asked for money to ring his son in the US and again I said no he even promises to double the return and again got nasty when I said no, I have all the messages, pics and bitcoin screen shots, if any further information is required

Status of report:  is still without proof

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