Scam report about Eric Dill


First name:  Eric
Last name:  Dill
Age:  58
Location:  Middletown NJ
Phone:  +1 (724) 209-4911 724-209-4790
On websites:
Report:  I met this man in August 2018 on our time. He says he was a petroleum geologist and lived in Middletown NJ. He said his father was Norwegian and his mother was American. He grew up in Norway but he and his mother left when his father had a massive heart attack. He says he went to school in Glasgow to learn petroleum engineering. He says his wife Cheryl died in 2012 of cancer and he has a daughter who lives with her maternal grandmother in California. After a few weeks he said he had to go to work - never met him -and he went in September 2018 to the Gulf of Mexico on an oil rig. He communicated via viber. He first asked for gift cards then money. He needed money for his daughters birthday then he needed money to come home. In December 2018 he told me he was home but could not see me because his company hasn?t released his funds. I was very angry and he said he had to go back to the oil rig right after the holidays. I was breaking up with him and then my brother got stage four pancreatic cancer in January. My life was turned upside down and Eric became my emotional support during toms illness. Tom died on September 27, 2019. During this time, Eric suggested we open a business - we opened an llc, I had sent him money until I didn?t have anymore then I took out two loans for the business. After that other people started to send money and Eric told me he had to purchase bitcoin to do business. I would buy the bitcoin then transfer to an account he sent me. End of October the bank contacted me and said the funds we received were stolen. I ended my relationship with Eric after he didn?t show up for Christmas 2019. I found out the photos he sent have been used multiple times in different scams. I?m trying to report him on as many of these websites as I can

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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