Scam report about William B. Caldwell, IV


First name:  William B.
Last name:  Caldwell, IV
Aka:  David
Age:  66
Location:  Columbus, GA; California; Afghanistan
On websites:  Twitter
Report:  William B. Caldwell, IV President of Georgia Military Academy @William_BCaldIV - Twitter username This dude is a real joke. His bio says he's president of the Georgia Military Academy, Columbus, Georgia, and he starts the the conversation by saying he saw my tweet and decided to say Hi. He said his name is David and he's from California. I got a screenshot of that quickly! He asked a lot of questions, and then he said this to me: ?You are a brave and a strong woman, and women like you are not easy to come across, I am still married, but it's just a pretending marriage, because I had to keep my family safe and not get into public affairs, my wife was a good woman, still a good woman, but she was been disrespectful after we had our last child, she changed, and I guess because it's because I was sent to Afghanistan, but I really admire her strength all this years of us been together, but she's just a green snake under the green grass, but I am still with her because of the children.? First he is William B. Caldwell, IV; then he is David from California; and finally he has been sent to Afghanistan. He has a friend with a business flier that \he wants to share with me. It's about gold, diamonds, oil, and gas. But then he goes into how he is trying to hide money from his wife because of his upcoming divorce. He asked me which banks I use. I have two. He wanted to know the credit limit for each of them. He wanted me to set up online access to both my checking accounts and give him the access to them. I don't fall off turnip trucks. I asked him for the online access to his account so I can withdraw the $2 mil for each of my two accounts. He's still sitting there with his jaw dropped open.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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