Scam report about Roy Shields


First name:  Roy
Last name:  Shields
Age:  56
Location:  Kabul
Address:  5316 Garden Cove Rd
Phone:  8508147909
On websites:  POF
Report:  Roy has been contacting me since September telling me he was retiring from the army then when he was suppose to leave he then got hurt, he asked me to send a PS remote and a game for the kids there i did it took almost 3 months to get there, then he had to have money to get his security box with all his belongs and wanted money i send a 100 visa girt card. now he is out of the hospital and retired but still on base because he needs this box and he won't leave there until the money is set to this man. who first was in the states now isn't and now delivering the package. always a different story. he is sending me a check to cash and then wire to this guy. i saw that he was on here and i confronted him with that. he made up a bullshit story. and he will only go on google hangouts. i have never talked to him on the phone, he did a video but there was no sound.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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