Scam report about Matthias Schreiber


First name:  Matthias
Last name:  Schreiber
Aka:  Ias
Age:  27
Location:  Germany
Phone:  4917661315858, 4915786645120
On websites:  Linked IN
Report:  He goes to different social media, not for dating, such as linked in, for learning languages, mostly facebook, instagram, among others where he looks mostly for latina girls. He has multiple relationships online with different girls in the ages from 18 to 26. He claims to be working in his own project and being self employed. He gets temporary jobs that he quits or he gets fired, he lives with his parents and from social help. He invites the girls to Germany to his house where he make the girls work as slaves for his parents. He always look foreighner girls that dont speak German, claiming that he doesnt like german language. He will do anything to win the girls trust and if the girl goes to germany he will make her work as slave for his mother and for him. There are verbal and even physical agressions from his parents. Being the father the most agressive and dangerous. The girl is not allowed to go out, go to school, learn the language, shes forced to get jobs for cleaning and they supervised every communication from the girl. He spends hours on in the internet, he?s done this for years and he will try to manipulate the girl to do what he wants even from her own country, llike video chats, nude pics and so on. Be careful with this person.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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