Scam report about David Johnson


First name:  David
Last name:  Johnson
Aka:  Kevin Jose Ogor, Wayne O. Ogor
Age:  54
Location:  Chicago, IL, Kabul. Afghanistan
On websites:  Facebook, Hangouts
Report:  Oct 16, 2019 he contacted me on Facebook, Asked me to sign up for Hangouts did that 10/19/2019, quickly he fell in love started asking for money, strung him along to get information. His birthday is Oct 15th, Orthopedic Surgeon in Chicago, went to Kabul on a private contract with the United Nations, for 14 months his exit date 1/17/2020. Says he spec. in hip and knee replacements. Has a 14 yr old son Wayne, in a Private Hebrew School in Kabul. last text 11/4/2019. I had been telling him from day 1 he was a scammer. Got 2 letters from Richmond King (} United Nations Guy, Kevin kept asking for money, was to receive. 2.5 million upon exit in January I was to be his beneficiary.2 suitcases of money along with a letter from the United Nations for immunity. I just had to pay $10,850. New he was a scam from the beginning. Really wanted to believe otherwise. Never sent any money.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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