Scam report about SIXTUS SUNDAY NWOGU


First name:  SIXTUS SUNDAY
Last name:  NWOGU
Age:  27
Location:  ACCRA GHANA
Phone:  233230732230
Email:  nature
On websites:  Facebook, Linkedin jobs, Instagram, Twitter
Report:  He scams women, romance them, take people money, put up fake things, fraud money transfers, pretend he loves and cares about you, and he really don't, he takes your money, he promises you the world, he promises you a property where he lives, he says he is from Ghana but he is really from Nigera pulling a scam with his friends, don't have no job, he is living in Ghana with someone or off someone. He says he don't have no children or wife but that is a lie, He told me he was coming into large sums of money into my bank account and money came, he wanted my social security number to get a apple credit card. all lies he told. He is scammer. Watch out. He claims he lost his phone and he didn't and he gets his friends to help him. and pretend they are his family. He even hired someone to try and fix his passport and lied to me , Watch out..He claim he knows all these people all over. Lies.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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