Scam report about Simone Lombardi


First name:  Simone
Last name:  Lombardi
Age:  57
Location:  Fort Lauderdale, USA and Huyton in Merseyside UK
Address:  Tarbuck Road
On websites:  POF
Report:  Initially contacted me on Pof in May 2019. Soon switched to Hangout. Said he lived in Huyton, near Liverpool but had just taken on a contract and was working on a ship for a few months as an engineer. It wasn?t long before he was asking me to send him 1 k as his daughter needed money and his bank accounts had been frozen. I refused and he stopped talking to me. A month went by and he contacted me again, he had missed our contact and was in love with me etc... he then again asked me for money to repay the woman that he?d initially borrowed from. The latest scam was to ask me to be the beneficiary of his wages as his bank account was frozen. He wanted me to take 400k. I said it had tax implications and that he should have his own account in this country. I asked him how he?d bought the house in Huyton and he said he?d bought it with bitcoins. He then said he?d opened his own account to receive the wage but needed the transfer fee of ?1000. I refused to send it him and he was begging me to send it saying he had plans for us etc... I requested a copy of his passport and he sent me one eventually. It has obviously been overtyped and the image isn?t great. It also only lasts 5 years.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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