Scam report about Kent Weaver


First name:  Kent
Last name:  Weaver
Age:  44
Location:  Bagdad
Phone:  952-653-6568
On websites: Facebook. Instagram
Report:  Poses as military. Photos stolen with name weaver on name tag. I researched the company patches and talked to a contact at National Guard in Oregon and confirmed photis were 10 yrs old and on a deployment. States his mom takes care of son, but she is a missionary in the US. She needs new iPhone. Son needs play station for birthday. He needs Amazon cards for phine minutes. He claims he is a Special agent for the Army in Bagdad and does the US dirty work.Claims he was born in Alabama, but raised in UK until 17 yrs old. Father and sister killed in crash in UK. Has an British accent, soft voice. Makes excuses for video chat.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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