Scam report about Hans Eddie


First name:  Hans
Last name:  Eddie
Age:  55
Location:  Germany
Report:  So I had a male friend that I have known for many years! I have not met him, only talk and text in Skype. He is a German citizen and is called Hans Eddie, he had when we met a company in Stockholm! This is sold out now, and he lives in Germany again! But when this happened he lived in Sweden! He asked me if I could help him. The reason was that he had to go to his Daughter in Germany. He needed her support. Therefore, she was involved in a custody dispute about her two children and the financial of their marriage! (Hans Eddie still had many of his customers from Sweden.) These customers were not Swedish residents, but had other citizenship. The help he wanted from me was to ask his companion also from Germany, even though he was in Sweden! He would place orders on Mobile Phones for Hans Eddie's customers from Swedish Company! My help consisted in the company ordering Mobile Phones which were discounted and last released model. Then these would be sent to me. I just had to paste on the shipping bills (which came by mail to me) and post them to Hans Eddies Company in Accra Ghana! One day got a letter from Posten that was from Telenor! Opened it and saw an invoice! That applies to the purchase and subscription of Mobile Phones in Telenor! Called Hans Eddie, but only answering machine! But in the evening, his daughter called me. His Eddie had become acutely ill when he was in the shower! He fainted in the shower, and his daughter had no contact with him! His Eddie was picked up by Ambulance! The emergency took an X-ray on the chest and head! They saw that he had a large bleeding in his stomach! His emergency was operated for 5 hours. I had contact with the daughter who told her that her father was in a coma after the surgery. The doctors couldn't say the end of Hans Eddie because it was a major intervention! I felt that I could not report Police to Hans Eddie when he was so ill, I had to, I felt, waiting for him to wake out of the coma. I have never received a payment note at any time, That's why I paid the invoices that came from several different companies. Where the same mistake had been committed, that I was the owner of Phones! I waited and waited for Hans Eddie to wake up ur coma! His Eddie's Doctor said he was better off with all the values ??and would probably wake up soon! He did, but the Doctors had to make another one Operation for Hans had blood left in the abdomen! But after the second surgery, it became the same condition again! Hans Eddie also came in a coma after this operation! I had then paid several invoices and also took out new loans for all the Telephone Invoices that came! And that my little Pension was not enough to pay my own expenses such as rent, electricity. Fors, mm. Then I no longer had a buffer to remove! So then I took more loans that would cover everything I couldn't pay! As I now did not have money for all the bills! I understood that this could not continue! I made the decision to file a Police Report on Hans Eddie to stop all invoices that came! Police report 190110. After a few months the conversation came from Hans Eddie! He was discharged from the Hospital, but still sick! He couldn't remove me as the owner of the phones. (Can't remember why) or he said why but I have no memory of it! At this time, I was depressed and had panic anxiety! This disease I have had from and to, and eat a medicine against this many years ago! I felt very bad, just slept a few hours every night! Started with sleeping pills that the doctor wrote, but it did not help! I was awake almost all nights! His Eddie persuaded me to invest in Gold! He wanted to help me and I believed in him. He had an acquaintance who would help me on site in Accra Ghana! For the gold I would pay off all the debt on all the phones! I took out new loans and sent down money to Hans Eddie's friend. Hans Eddie urged me to invest big! So I had my old age secured! Even more loans! My kids then started to see that I was feeling bad, and with their help, and with long discussions, I told everything! About Mobile Phones, About Invoices, About Hans Eddie and About the Gold! I felt so bad, had to run to the toilet several times and vomited when I told everything to the children. My children came almost every day (I have three children). Talked to me and explained that I had been tricked! I felt so bad when we talked and again I had to run and vomit! I got such anxiety when I told and at the same time began to realize what I had done! They did not give up but came several days each week and talked and said I was exposed to Fraud! I was both sad and angry! On myself and on Hans Eddie! It took a long time and many discussions before I found out that I had been founded by Hans Eddie! Probably Hans had never been sick, probably not his daughter who called me! Probably there was no friend who could help me invest in Gold! All of this went up for me, more and more every time my kids were here and we discussed this! That I had been exploited and deceived! AThe invoices continued to come on Mobiles and on all loans I took! The kids initially helped me to contact Mobile and Loan companies and got deferred when they told me about! But it took me a long time to regain my strength and most Mortgage Companies went ahead with His line to Kronofogde, Debt collection and District Court! I have pay Invoiches and Gold for over 470.000:- Swed Crowns and in USD 48 350,95 USD ! I never get any Gold! Hans daughter text me on Skype and tell me that Hans have passed away! That I think it was a lye! As all Eddie have say or text me! I slowly got better week after week! So I was able to update Mobile companies and Mortgage Companies Debt collection and the 190910 I fully understand that I have been exposed to Fraud by Hans Eddie!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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