Scam report about Michael Scott


First name:  Michael
Last name:  Scott
Age:  44
Location:  Netherlands
On websites:  Lovoo
Report:  I was on a dating site. He gived me emediatly his e-mail. But I saw many pictures of a innocent man Joshua Mark Porter. I told him you are a scammer because I lost all my money to a man how calls himself Darren Rosendahl Porter. Together with the xinglingbank. So when a bank is involved it has go alright. But first I pay to the bank 6000 Euro Than it was my account.Than we need a lawyer. To get married. But I can't find anything about the lawyer. Barrister Sierra Gabon. I have to pay again 6000 Euro. Then a friend made a fight with the lawyer but I already paid 5000 Euro. So the last 1000 euro I had to pay to the FBI. When I had paid it I should get my money. But no it has to go with the postal. 10000 Euro. I have no money anymore and I have to go in dept restructuring. Terrible But I want to no if the bank xinglingbank is a real bank. I still have to pay 700 euro and than I get my money. But I am afraid that they all are scammers and that Darren Porter himself now the name Michael Scott gif. Niw l have to pay for him 520 euro MSA money. I can't and I won't but he loves me. But I do not now how he really is.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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